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Chapter 701 - [Blue Pole Star Transformation]

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Chapter 701: [Blue Pole Star Transformation]

Chen Rui was wearing dark blue armor. The dazzling light had faded, but it had dots of light like a blue gem… No, the gem was definitely not so deep and gorgeous- Stars! Only the stars had such magnificent splendor!

This full body armor was full of glorious and sacred vibe which made people involuntarily have the intent of looking up at it. Behind it was a pair of huge wings which were elegant and solemn. Isyorul’s red wings were overshadowed compared to this. It was like an ordinary-looking woman stroking her hair coquettishly in front of the peerless natural beauty.

Chen Rui felt the powerful strength surging out of his body. The realization of ‘taking oneself as a small world and integrating the real world’ was unprecedentedly clear without barriers as if every cell was active in this cyclical way. The countless small cycles throughout the body brought out a real endless power just like… the universe.

The strongest battle transformation- [Blue Pole Star Transformation]!

In addition to 1 million aura value, Chen Rui also paid 10,000 faith crystals for the [Pole Star Transformation] this time. It would take more time to collect 1 million faith crystals now.

Isyorul’s pupils shrank suddenly, and it was the first time he saw an [Armor of Faith] with this kind of temperament and power. It made this ant, who was originally only Saint’s strength, instantly soared to the point where it was almost on par with him!

People above Demon Overlord and below G.o.d were collectively referred to as Demi-G.o.d level, but those who had reached or approached this level knew that the so-called Demi-G.o.d powerhouse was actually divided into 3 levels, and there were huge differences in each level.

The first level was the kingdomized territory which was the lowest threshold to enter the Demi-G.o.d level. This level of powerhouse had completed the transition from territory to kingdom, but had no believers, so it couldn’t produce the [Armor of Faith]. Isyorul, Octopus King and Lich King of the Dead Sea belonged to the ‘kingdomized powerhouse’. The mirage had no physical ent.i.ty, and there were certain problems with its own attributes, so he was relatively weaker.

The second level was to establish a complete territory kingdom with believers and strengthen believers through faith power. Not only did the powerhouse owned a [Armor of Faith], but he could also give the [Armor of Faith] to the most pious believers. Only powerhouses at this level could be called ‘Demi-G.o.d’ in the true sense. Judging from this point, Satan of the Mountain Seckred who could bestow [Armor of Faith] to Tiffany, was at least the level of Demi-G.o.d.

The third level was called ‘Pseudo-G.o.d’. The most fundamental difference from the previous 2 levels was the condensing of the rudiment of G.o.dhood, also called Pseudo-G.o.dhood. This was the highest level of Demi-G.o.d which could touch the edge of G.o.d. Once a Pseudo-G.o.dhood trained into a real G.o.dhood, and turned the territory kingdom into a Kingdom of G.o.d, then one could become a real G.o.d.

Chen Rui made Isyorul feel amazed not by the sudden increase in strength, but by [Armor of Faith]. Having [Armor of Faith] without the strength of Demi-G.o.d means that this [Armor of Faith] was [Bestow], and a believer has such a terrifying [Armor of Faith], then the existence behind…

In the distance, 2 figures stood in the air while watching Isyorul and Chen Rui battling below.

“The origin of this little human being is not simple. Pulos, your decision is very correct. Regardless of the outcome of this battle, the elf tribe will be a bystander.”

“En, it’s a pity… that little guy advanced to the kingdom level by [Armor of Faith] on the surface, but he doesn’t have the real kingdom. So, he is still impossible to fight against Isyorul. This battle will soon have a result. “

Isyorul obviously had the same idea as the 2 figures. Although he was surprised, he still didn’t put Chen Rui in his eyes. He sneered, “Ridiculous guy, you think you can fight against a true powerhouse by just wearing a fake sh.e.l.l? The biggest difference between the kingdom level and Saint is the kingdom power. Your bluffing power is actually vulnerable!”

Chen Rui didn’t talk nonsense. He had already arrived in front of Isyorul in an instant with a punch.

“Boom.” This punch was grasped by Isyorul’s left hand, and Isyorul immediately launched a counterattack. His right hand’s punch was also blocked by Chen Rui. The 2 attacked and defended at the same time, shaking the entire forest.

Pulos in the sky pointed, and suddenly there were layers of green thorns around the woods. These thorns looked like those in Jade Sea Forest, glowing with crystal light. The thorns surrounded the 2 men’s battle, and the tremor of the woods gradually subsided. In the eyes of the elf empress and others, Chen Rui and Isyorul seemed to be much slower, and they could barely keep up with their movements.

Isyorul and Chen Rui both flew out at the same time, then they collided with each other at an incredible speed. The 2 figures kept flas.h.i.+ng. In just a few seconds, they had exchanged countless. .h.i.ts. The forest ground kept shaking. Those who watched the battle knew in their minds that if it wasn’t for the protective enchantment made by the green thorns, the aftermath of the battle between the 2 would be able to kill a peak stage Saint powerhouse.

Isyorul repulsed Chen Rui with a heavy punch, but his chest was inexplicably stuffy. This weird phenomenon had appeared several times. This was exactly the function of the new pa.s.sive attribute, [Punishment], obtained by Chen Rui in the 6-star evolution.

[Punishment] could reflect all the damage suffered. At present, Chen Rui’s Blue Pole Star Level had a 30% activation probability and could reflect 30% to 50% of the damage to the opponent.

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While Isyorul was stagnant due to the reflection, Chen Rui took advantage to slash [Aura Blade] in the air. Isyorul dodged, but a faint red mark appeared on the side of his face. He could not help being furious. This ant actually hurts me!

“Can’t move anymore? Ant! I will smash your body into thousands of pieces, then I will pull out your soul to throw it into the fire of purgatory, letting you suffer the burning pain forever!” Isyorul sneered and turned the page again, “G.o.d said that sinners will be punished by thousands swords!”

Countless translucent red blades appeared around Chen Rui. The dangerous breath emitted by these blades was 10 times more than the previous Isyorul attack. If he was. .h.i.t by all of these blades, even the Pole star armor had a strong defense, it was also hard to escape from being dismembering to death.

Chen Rui did not panic, but calmed down. The Star Power in his entire body was channeling in a special trajectory. There seemed to be an image of something rotating in his black eyes. At this time, if one used the magnifying mirror, one could see that they were stars!

When the half-elf girl saw Chen Rui in crisis, she felt her heart beating violently. Her left eye began to exude destructive breath because of the emotional turmoil. In desperation, she took off her and was about to activate her left eye when she suddenly felt a pain in the back of her neck. She suddenly lost consciousness. It was Empress Liv who knocked her out. Looking at the half-elf who had fainted on the ground, there was an expression of pity in the empress’ eyes. She shook her head and sighed: Not to mention that Blanche’s power is not enough to shake a kingdom-level powerhouse. Even if she can, I can’t let her interfere in this matter.

Without Blanche’s control, Duoduo immediately flew up, flapping her wings to rush into the battle, but she was blocked by the intangible force emanating from the emerald thorns, so she couldn’t get close.

“It’s time to end.” Pulos said in the distance.

Another voice suddenly revealed a hint of surprise, “No! The real battle… has just begun.”

In the kingdom of Isyorul, there were countless star phantasms slowly rotating in a mysterious pattern. Not only was it rotating, but it was also revolving. The center of the entire galaxy was Chen Rui, who was bound by the Judgement Book.

The star phantasms became clearer and clearer and gradually condensed into physical ent.i.ties. When Isyorul felt the powerful breath of the rule, he could no longer remain calm and blurted, “Kingdom!”

TL: All he needs is just a sparring partner. Will Duoduo also help in this battle?

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