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Chapter 700 - Could Only Battle

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Chapter 700: Could Only Battle

Chen Rui’s mind turned. Before entering the [Star Gate], he did something. His body burst out with a strong light. Several light b.a.l.l.s with strong destructive breath shot toward Finoia and Mich.e.l.le at the same time.

Murder the witness! Mich.e.l.le could hardly believe her eyes. This trusted friend actually showed such a hideous true face!

After his ident.i.ty was exposed, he killed the witnesses before leaving to avoid leaving clues… At least, it seemed so on the surface.

It was just like Chen Rui immediately dismissed himself as having anything to do with the mountain hobbits when he met the elf empress.

A few seconds before Chen Rui launched the [Aurora Shot], Finoia heard the reminder in his mind and a trace of understanding pa.s.sed through his eyes. With a furious shout, the water-like magic waves appeared in front of him, spreading out to wrap everyone. At the same time, sharp blue lights were emitted from his hands as he fought back toward Chen Rui.

However, unexpected things happened. Whether it was Chen Rui’s attack, or Finoia’s protection and counterattack, they were all refracted by several beams of light projected from the air. They did not reach the destination, but were ‘refracted’ to the distance.

This phenomenon was similar to the s.p.a.ce barrier, the protective move of Aquarius Holy Apprentice Colina that Chen Rui encountered. The difference was that the refraction of the light beam was continuous. Every time it was refracted, its power was greatly weakened. Chen Rui’s [Aurora Shot] only refracted 4 times before it disappeared without a trace, as did the counterattack of the elf grand master, but the power of this light beam was 100 times stronger than Colina’s s.p.a.ce barrier!

Chen Rui was taken aback and he walked toward the [Star Gate] without hesitation. This step was taken, but the position of his body was strangely retreating instead of advancing. He was farther away from the [Star Gate]. This was true whether he moved forward or backward. After a few steps, he was tens of meters away from the [Star Gate]. Chen Rui’s pupils contracted, and he could already sense it. This is by no means a simple 20 meters, but countless part.i.tioned s.p.a.ces.

Chen Rui immediately used a teleportation in an attempt to cross the s.p.a.ce, but after the teleportation, he found that he was still in the same place. He unwillingly activated the [Star Gate] again, but he was still unable to enter as before. The closer the distance was, the wider the distance pulled apart.

Chen Rui’s heart sank. The biggest trump card, [Star Gate], which enables escape at any time, is actually suppressed by such a method!

A gloomy voice in the sky sounded through everyone’s ears, “Pulos, if it was a race war, I would come directly to the center of the Silver Moon Celestial Capital, not in such a place! I came here just to hunt down a cultist who committed a serious crime!”

The deep voice had a touch of arrogance, “This is the Jade Forest Sea of Moonlight G.o.ddess, not the Holy Light Mountain! Not only did you break the enchantment without authorization, but you also attacked the mechanics grand master and little princess of the elf tribe which has seriously violated the dignity of the elf tribe. If you still don’t leave, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Pulos! Put away those pretentious words! If the Jade Forest Sea insists on protecting this felon, then it must be really ready for war!”

The deep voice sneered coldly, “Exaggeration! This little guy is the so-called felon? He can actually cause a war between the Holy Light Mountain and the elf tribe?”

“Do you know what he did? He sneaked into the Holy Light Mountain and destroyed 3 Snow Dallet Trees!” Isyorul’s voice sounded colder, “Now, Pulos, are you sure you want to stop me?

The people below were shocked; even Landbis could not help but take a breath. What are the holy trees of the Holy Light Mountain? Not only is it a sign of faith, but it also involves many secrets related to miracles. In terms of status, it is almost equivalent to the elf tribe’s Tree of Nature. It is unexpected that ‘Richard’ actually caused such a big issue. He completely destroyed the 3 holy trees!

The elf’s super powerhouse, Pulos, was silent. Only after a long while did he ask, “It’s just this human?”

This question had already expressed the att.i.tude of the elf tribe.

The att.i.tude of the elf tribe’s super powerhouse to stay out of the incident was expected by Chen Rui. He didn’t want to hurt his friends anyway. What he really didn’t foresee was the failure of the [Star Gate]. Losing this escape trump card was tantamount to a desperate battle.

“Yes, this guy is good at changing appearance and escaping. Even the holy apprentices are deceived, so I had to activate power to break the enchantment and directly imprison this area. As for the rest, they are just victims who are being deceived.” Isyorul immediately answered. As the light flickered, everyone else was moved out and appeared in the distance except for Chen Rui in the light beam area.

This move made Pulos determined, “Then the elf tribe will not intervene in this matter again, but the Holy Light Mountain must compensate for the destruction of the enchantment in the future.”

“Okay!” Isyorul’s figure appeared in front of Chen Rui. This was a handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue-gray robe with a book under his arm, looking like a polite scholar.

Race: Human (Mutated).

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: SS.

Physique: SS, power: SS, spirit: SS, speed: SS.

[a.n.a.lysis]: Fire attribute, s.p.a.ce ability.

Degree of danger: Extremely dangerous!

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The strength of SS! Fully kingdomized level! Wait… His race is ‘human’? Not ‘angel’? Chen Rui recalled that Capricorn Holy Apprentice Clark once said that Isyorul was a 4-winged angel, so he couldn’t help but wonder.

Now that there was no way to retreat, he could only battle.

“This is your answer?” Isyorul was startled, then he laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke. The surrounding s.p.a.ce actually shook slightly under the laughter.

The ‘spectators’ in the distance, especially the teachers and students of Starlight College, couldn’t help but secretly ridicule someone’s boastfulness when they heard Chen Rui’s remark. Even if ‘Richard’ really reaches the peak stage of Saint, there is an insurmountable gap between Saint level and Demi-G.o.d level. It is just like a Saint powerhouse facing an ordinary Master or Warrior who can be easily obliterated.

Isyorul’s smile froze suddenly because he sensed that Chen Rui’s soaring momentum had far exceeded his expectations, and it was still rising as if some terrifying power was brewing. This actually gave him a kind of dangerous feeling.

Soon after, Isyorul saw the light; everyone saw the light.

The vigorous blue light seemed to burst out with countless brilliance. The entire forest was illuminated at this moment, and even the nearby Silver Moon Celestial Capital felt this s.h.i.+ning brilliance.

The bright light gradually converged into the figure. Before everyone could see the specific image, the figure suddenly moved.

In an instant, everyone had an illusion that a meteor was flying toward Isyorul.

The naked eye could no longer keep up with the specific movements of the meteor; they could only feel the burst of brilliance. After a violent tremor of sight, everyone could finally see the situation inside.

Isyorul stepped back about 50 meters. The contempt on his face was replaced by seriousness. There were 2 terrifying drag marks on the ground, and the dazzling figure appeared on Isyorul’s original position, raising his fist wrapped in armor.

At this time, whether it was elf, human or the hobbit, all spectators almost simultaneously held their breaths. The angel is actually punched back by him!

Is this a Saint’s power? Many people reacted immediately, especially Landbis, with incredible light flas.h.i.+ng in her beautiful eyes: ‘Richard’ is… a Demi-G.o.d powerhouse!

TL: How far is Chen Rui’s strength from the Demi-G.o.d powerhouse? Will he try the skill that he hasn’t used before?

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