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Chapter 689 - Poachers

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Chapter 689: Poachers

The second after Chen Rui clamped the arrow, the second arrow arrived again, followed by the third one – they all aimed at the vital point of his throat. When Chen Rui clamped the third arrow, a change occurred. The third arrow between the fingers suddenly turned into powder and disappeared. At the same time, a sharp qi hit his eyes. The arrow actually appeared on his head incredibly.

Although Chen Rui was surprised, his hand was not slow. He instantly caught an arrow that was shot toward his left eye, but the arrow suddenly exploded. At the same time, 2 more arrows came. 1 arrow drew an arc, bypa.s.sing the arm, and targeted the heart directly. Another arrow suddenly accelerated when it flew close, and it targeted the throat again.

The exploding magic arrow didn’t hurt Chen Rui as he instantly caught 2 other arrows. In this world, the bow and arrow attack was not as simple as imagined, especially the arrow of this level. Just like a person facing the muzzle of a gun, it was fortunate to be able to dodge like Neo in the Matrix. As for catching a bullet, it was almost impossible.

Of course, Chen Rui now had this ‘impossible’ strength. He caught all these arrows using the same hand, and he didn’t move his feet at all.

Chen Rui didn’t give the opponent a chance to continue shooting. His body suddenly disappeared. The archer knew that something was amiss and was about to retreat when he suddenly had a warning sense. He turned back and stretched his bow, aiming at the enemy who appeared out of thin air behind him.

This was a female, about 17-18 years old with dark blue hair tied behind her head. She was wearing a set of simple and tight-fitting leather armor. Her figure is b.u.mpy, but she was a little too thin with beautiful features. It was a pity that… She wore a black blindfold on her left eye. Such a beautiful lady was actually blinded with 1 eye.

What Chen Rui noticed was that her ears were a bit pointed. At this time, the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] showed in addition to the relevant information- Race: Half-elf (mutated). Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: C. Physique: C-, Strength: C-, Spirit: C, Speed: C+. [a.n.a.lysis]: Wind attribute, precise strike. The mutated talent was unknown.

Chen Rui initially thought she was an elf, but unexpectedly she was a half-elf. This was the second half-elf he had seen; the first was the apprentice of the Holy Lady, Miranda.

The reaction and archery skills of this half-elf girl were breathtaking. Especially her archery, which was even better than the Fallen Angel Empire’s Flying Cloud Legion commander, Romanty. The reason why Chen Rui took the arrow easily was because the gap of strength of the 2 sides was very different. If she had Demon Overlord level strength, perhaps Chen Rui would be injured.

Since there is a half-elf, it shouldn’t be a problem to find the elf tribe. Chen Rui immediately communicated through the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the enemy!”

“Soul language?” The surprised expression in the half-elf’s eyes was fleeting. She recovered sharply and shouted, “Human, put away your tricks! The Jade Forest Sea doesn’t welcome despicable poachers!”

Poacher? Chen Rui was taken aback, then the unicorn appeared behind him with the little phoenix on its back.

When the unicorn saw the 1-eyed half-elf girl, it immediately ran over and stood side by side with the girl while looking at Chen Rui warily. They were obviously on the same front. Ms. Duoduo ejected and landed on Chen Rui’s shoulder without showing any weakness, looking at the girl warily.

“Miss, you misunderstood.” Chen Rui saw that the other person was speaking in the common language, so he didn’t use the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] anymore, “I’m not a poacher. On the contrary, I cured the unicorn’s injury.”

With that said, Chen Rui took out an aura fruit and put it in the palm of his hand. The unicorn hesitated for a moment, then it came over. Just as it was about to open its mouth, a small red figure ejected out like lightning, taking away the aura fruit the moment the unicorn approached it. It was the little phoenix. Ms. Duoduo, who succeeded in grabbing food from the unicorn’s mouth, pecked the aura fruit on her small pointed mouth, awkwardly flas.h.i.+ng her small wings, then she flew back to her dad’s shoulder. She put down the aura fruit and pecked it quickly for a while making a triumphant sound.

Chen Rui shook his head and took out another aura fruit. Due to the previous miss, the unicorn was afraid of being s.n.a.t.c.hed by the little phoenix again. It immediately bit in its mouth and chewed. The half-elf girl was really surprised this time. This unicorn has an unyielding temperament. Even many of the elf tribe cannot approach it. I didn’t expect it to actually eat the fruits of this stranger at ease. It seems that this man is indeed not a poacher.

Thinking of this, the bow in the hands of the half-elf girl slowly lowered, but she still did not let down her vigilance, “Who are you? How did you let the unicorn…”

Chen Rui smiled slightly and was about to speak, but he suddenly frowned. Soon, the half-elf and the unicorn also sensed the abnormality, but Ms. Duoduo, who ate and drank to her satisfaction, laid on her dad’s hair in an indifferent manner.

Soon, 6 people appeared in the forest. When the unicorn saw these people, a ferocious expression suddenly appeared in its eyes, and electric sparks began to gather on its horn. Chen Rui showed an understanding expression. It turns out that these are the real poachers. The injuries suffered by the unicorn should be related to them.

These 6 people were all human who were wearing armor and holding weapons. As soon as they spotted the unicorn, Chen Rui and others, they immediately surrounded them. The leader was a fierce and ferocious man whose comprehensive strength had reached B+. The strength of the peak stage Master, and he was only 1 step away from entering Saint. He should already be considered a powerhouse among humans. 2 of the remaining people had reached B-level, and 3 were C-level. It seems that the strength of this team is indeed very remarkable. No wonder they dare to come to the Jade Forest Sea to hunt the unicorn.

“Guys, it seems that we are quite lucky. We found our prey so quickly.” The leader made a gesture, and the 6 people surrounded Chen Rui, the half-elf and the unicorn.

“Boss Paller, I told you it can’t run far.”

Paller sneered coldly, “You 2 idiots. You alarmed the unicorn so early. You let it escape from the trap before I arrived. If we can’t find it this time, I will teach you a lesson when we go back.”

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“Hehe, Boss Paller, didn’t we just find it again? Let’s catch the unicorn first.”

Ms. Duoduo spat out a mouthful of sparks and seemed to dislike the smell of these flames.

The half-elf girl looked at this scene with surprise and took a long time to react. She bowed and said, “Thank you sir for your help.”

The girl was very clear that the strength of these poachers was far above her. However, if this man can easily annihilate them, then it is easy for this person to kill me or hunt the unicorn. This kind of strength has definitely entered Saint. He is very likely to be a real Saint.

“You’re welcome. I wonder if Miss can do me a favor?”

“My name is Blanche. How can I help sir?” The half-elf girl still didn’t let go of her vigilance. What is the purpose of a human Saint powerhouse ‘infiltrating’ the Jade Forest Sea? (She didn’t know that this powerhouse actually didn’t know the way at all)

A voice came from the distant air, “Blanche! Where are you?”

Blanche was taken aback and seemed to be thinking about something quickly, then she apologized to Chen Rui. She slightly turned her head and said loudly, “Mich.e.l.le, I’m here!”

The sound swiftly approached. Chen Rui could see clearly that there was a flying horse with wings in the sky, and its body faintly glowed with silver light. This was the unique aerial mount of the elf tribe, the silver pegasus.

The silver pegasus had excellent flying ability, but the combat power was much inferior to griffon, but they had a special talent of increasing the spirit power recovery of the knight which was a very precious mount for the magic knight.

Behind the silver pegasus was a 12-13 years old girl with green curly hair, exquisite facial features and 2 pointed ears. Chen Rui’s eyes lit up. Even without using the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], he could see that this Mich.e.l.le was a real elf!

TL: Will they bring him directly to the elf tribe?

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