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Chapter 684 - Armor Of Faith]

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Chapter 684: [Armor Of Faith]

“Furious? Looks like he’s not as powerful as expected.” Colina’s laughter seemed happier. In fact, she didn’t underestimate him at all- This enemy can escape the watch of His Holiness Pope Glorious and also 2 major archbishops, Paladin Captain as well as 3 major cardinals. Although he is prepared, his strength is evident, especially his ability to escape.

The Holy Apprentices were different from archbishop and cardinal; they were the strongest guardians of the church who specialized in combat. If the Light Knights were low level fighters, the Divinity Temple Knight and Tribunal were intermediate level fighters, then the holy apprentice was a high level fighter. No matter if it was combat power or combat experience, they were top-notch. They each had their own talents. Only top figures such as Paladin Captain Parsali and Chief Judge Seus could be compared with them.

With 4 holy apprentices, Colina had absolute confidence to kill or capture this cunning enemy. All she needed to do was to infuriate the other party. One’s judgment would definitely be affected by anger. Furthermore, her territory power just now was about to reach the end. In order to prevent the enemy from detecting it, she deliberately killed 2 boys to s.h.i.+ft his attention. Now that she had completed the construction of the entire area, plus the enclosed enchantment activated in the plaza, there should be no concern of the enemy’s activating special ‘talent’ to escape. This was a successful strategy.

As for the 2 little boys, as Murev said, they were just 2 ants. It was a great honor to be able to sacrifice for the glory of G.o.d.

At this moment, an extremely dangerous premonition suddenly emerged from Colina’s mind. At the same time, Murev’s voice sounded, “Colina! Be careful!”

Colina was already prepared to defend. After feeling the danger, her reaction was extremely fast. Countless overlapping mirrors appeared around her instantly, and she seemed to be distorted by the refraction of multiple mirrors. Almost in the blink of an eye, a figure appeared in front of her in an instant, and a terrifying explosion hit the mirror that appeared in front of Colina. After a tremor, the mirror remained motionless, and there was nothing unusual around it. But a huge pillar in the distance burst open.

This kind of mirror surface seemed to have the wonderful s.p.a.ce power of ‘diverting’. It could actually transfer attacks to anywhere within the area.

The figure’s attack still did not stop. On the contrary, it was even more intense. There were traces of destruction by terrifying power in various places near the plaza. If it were not protected by an enclosed enchantment, it was possible that the entire building complex of the Hall of Light would have collapsed.

“It’s useless, this is a s.p.a.ce barrier, you can’t break it…” As soon as she said it, a crack appeared on the innermost mirror.

Colina’s expression changed drastically. Immediately afterward, a large number of cracks appeared on several mirrors at the same time as if it was contagious. When the cracks spread from the inside to the outermost layer, all the mirrors shattered with Colina in it.

Colina’s sorrowful shout came from a distance, this kind of s.p.a.ce talent was indeed unpredictable. But judging from the shout, even the real body that was transferred by the s.p.a.ce power had suffered serious damage.

Chen Rui was about to chase Colina, but he paused abruptly and flew backward. The ground suddenly collapsed wtih a staggering destructive power. At this time, a whistling wind sounded, and a large bronze metal arm appeared at the location where Chen Rui was just now. Chen Rui’s attack on Colina was completed in split seconds. Murev only had time to remind her. Now, he naturally couldn’t sit back and watch him continued chasing his companion.

Before Murev continued attacking, a sharp qi suddenly burst into the air from the figure that lost its balance in the air. This sharp qi was extremely harsh. Even at such a distance, one could still feel the sharpness of a blade.

Murev’s copper arm blocked in front of him. Sparks splashed in all directions, but there was a faint bloodstain on the side of the cheekbones on his left cheek. Murev’s pupils contracted. He no longer dared to underestimate the opponent. His physical defense was the strongest among the 12 holy apprentices. Normal Saint Powerhouse’s attacks and even weapons couldn’t cause damage to him at all, and this enemy made him bleed with a long-range attack!

Before Chen Rui landed on the ground, he felt the surrounding air suddenly become scorching as if he was in a volcanic cave. A ferocious fire snake with a hook on its head struck the blind spot on his back swiftly. Chen Rui had just launched a slash toward Murev, so he hadn’t regained his momentum yet. The opponent’s vision could be described as quite sinister as he launched an attack from this angle at this time.

In an instant, the fire snake had penetrated Chen Rui’s body, but only a phantom had been penetrated. Chen Rui’s real body instantly fell on the ground, and the fire snake came after him again. Its attacking angles and moves were all very tricky. It was April. The spear in her hand was like a real snake that could actually bend freely, making the attack more strange and unpredictable. In addition, it also contained powerful flame power. Although he used teleportation to avoid the previous blow, the clothes on Chen Rui’s back still had a black hole.

April and Colina always had disagreements, but since the enemy was present now, dealing with the ‘Black Death Follower’ naturally was the first priority. She unleashed all her power. Chen Rui avoided a series of swift attacks. He drew waves of water ripples with the sword in his hand, the flames on April’s spear suddenly became dimmed, and her figure continued to recede.

“Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+” Several air-tearing sounds flew over and stopped Chen Rui who was chasing April. Chen Rui’s Northsea Sword drew a circle of mysterious water patterns, and all the flying projectiles stuck to the sword. Those were actually buzzing poker cards.

Chen Rui frowned slightly. As his wrist flicked, the poker cards flew out. The cards exploded as soon as it was thrown out. Fortunately, Chen Rui’s figure appeared in the distance in an instant. He did not attack, just staring at Clark in front of him coldly.

April and Murev had also recovered from the attacks just now. They did not dare to attack rashly, and cautiously maintained the triangle encirclement. In the distance, Colina didn’t dare to come closer. Her cloak was already in tatters, her gaze was frightened and resentful, and there were several bloodstains on her white face; all of which were caused by the shattering of the s.p.a.ce mirror. She initially thought she had estimated the enemy well enough, but she actually still underestimated him. If it weren’t for her unique s.p.a.ce talent, she would be a dead corpse now.

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In just a short period of time, whether it was Colina, Murev or April, they all suffered a loss in Chen Rui’s hands. Now, no one dared to despise this enemy, even if it was 4 vs 1.

The 4 voices sounded in sequence.

“Cancer Holy Apprentice Murev.”

“Aquarius Holy Apprentice Colena.”

“Capricorn Holy Apprentice Clark.”

“Scorpio Holy Apprentice April.”

At the same time, the night sky suddenly became brighter as countless criss-crossed lights appeared around the square. The scene began to change rapidly, becoming an independent s.p.a.ce. Except for the ground and sky, there were only interlaced lights.

These lights were not decorative objects. Not only could they use the power of s.p.a.ce to divert attacks as before, but they could also divide the s.p.a.ce.

“This is a battle cage with a territory power structure which repels all the power of external s.p.a.ce. Unless you have kingdom-level power, you cannot activate any escape talent or magic.” Colina’s voice sounded, but she was not in sight. Her figure seemed to have been integrated with the battle cage.

In front of Chen Rui were 3 holy apprentices wearing the [Armor of Faith]. Cancer Holy Apprentice Murev waved his golden arm and rushed toward Chen Rui, shouting, “Accept the sanctions of the light! Evil cultist!”

TL: In terms of [Armor of Faith], Chen Rui’s transformation buff works on all attributes; but it’s still a 4 vs 1, can Chen Rui deal with their ‘teamwork’?

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