Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 68 - and The Oriole – Royce

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Chapter 68 : and The Oriole – Royce

The sharp scythe was whistling toward Chen Rui like a poisonous snake, and the speed was even beyond imagination. Chen Rui was shocked and dodged sideways. However, even though he clearly dodged the chain, his cloak was still cut open and a b.l.o.o.d.y wound appeared on his arm with a faint burning sensation.

Before Chen Rui could react, the chain flew again. The terrible sharpness made Chen Rui dare not face it directly, so he turned over to dodge again. Sure enough, it was just like the last time that a wound appeared once again when the chain brushed past.

Mikas rotated the chain and sneered, “I forgot to tell you that the true function of my flame talent is enchantment. Even if it just brush past, you will still be subjected to the spread of the force. You have already been poisoned by my flaming chain. Your strength will slowly decline, and you will eventually die of poison. However, before that, you will have been sliced into hundreds of pieces!”

Everything else was fine, but toxins were just a p.r.o.nouns for aura in Chen Rui’s terms, so he wasn’t worried at all. It was just that the enchanted chain was indeed amazingly sharp, and it possessed some special power. In addition to the poison, the damage it caused was quite amazing, Besides, the Great Demon’s talent in weapon mastery made the chain’s damage even more powerful. The ranged attack made Chen Rui unable to get close.

Now, was no longer usable. He couldn’t find an alternative at the moment. Thus, he could only temporarily focus on dodging Mikas’ blade.

Unsure whether it was the material of the chain or the flame enhancement effect, the chain could actually extend indefinitely. The wounds on Chen Rui’s body gradually increased, but thanks to the powerful abilities of and , his combat power wasn’t much affected.

Mikas constantly attacked heavily, but he still couldn’t kill Aguile. He secretly frowned: Initially I wanted to drag for awhile and let the deadly poison of the burning chain take effect. Yet, after such a long time, Aguile is still energetic; he is completely unaffected by the toxins. It seems that I have to use my ultimate move.

Mikas had rich combat experience, and he had gradually figure out Chen Rui’s rhythm. He moved his mind, and once again he teleported and appeared in front of Chen Rui. The demonic fire that he had been deliberately condensed erupted. His power instantly rose to the extreme. He shouted, “!”

The advantage of the chain should be its long range. Now that Mikas abandoned the advantage and shortened the distance, he must have a powerful move. While Chen Rui was being carefully watching out, a strong sense of crisis flooded his mid. The scene before his eyes changed and the chain turned into a lot of huge, poisonous flame snakes opening their mouth biting toward him. Is that an illusion? Or magic?

The chain wasn’t a living thing, so he couldn’t find out anything with a.n.a.lysis.

Countless “poisonous snake” instantly swallowed Chen Rui in the middle. The cloaked figure was burned by the flame’s power and turned into ash.

The energy consumed on this attack for Mikas was also quite huge. However, the Great Demon who eliminated his enemy wasn’t happy and frowned. He looked up and saw a naked man leaping high. That was Chen Rui who escaped from the fire snakes. The only thing that was burnt just now was only the cloak.

A few shocking wounds were added to Chen Rui’s body. Fortunately, he escaped through the disappearing gap above him at the last moment. Although he was out of danger, he was so shocked that he broke out in cold sweat. Mikas’ attack was definitely not an illusion as the chain suddenly multiplied into hundreds. and might be powerful, but it didn’t mean that he was immortal. If he was actually hit directly, he would definitely die. No wonder Mikas once said “sliced you into hundreds of pieces”. It turned out that he truly had such an ultimate move.

Mikas reacted extremely fast. His demonic fire blazed; he quickly gathered his remaining power. He snorted and launched at full force toward the falling figure in the sky.

Chen Rui didn’t have any skill to teleport or fly and there wasn’t any place to support mid-air. so he could no longer escape. Facing hundreds of deadly snakes at his feet, his brain instantly became extremely calm. The power of his hands became strange, glowing faintly as if it was metallic.

Soon, Chen Rui’s falling figure had collided with hundreds of burning snakes. “Boom!” A huge force gushed out from the center of the burning snakes and spread out to more than 10 meters away. Wherever it pa.s.sed, stones and dust were flying.

Within the smoke, it could be faintly seen that hundreds of burning snake suddenly paused and sliced through at waist level. When the dust settled, the burning snakes had completely disappeared. Under the purple moonlight, two shadows were crossing on each other; one was kneeling with one leg on the ground and another was standing.

The one kneeling with one leg was Chen Rui. His back was pierced through by the sharp scythe to his right chest. The tip of the blade was constantly dripping with blood and his naked body was covered with multiple horrifying wounds of various sizes as if he was cut by thousands of knives. The other side of the scythe was held in Mikas’ hand, who was standing.

The Great Demon glanced at the chain in his hand and he looked incredulous. He seemed to want to say something, but his opened mouth could no longer make a sound. Soon, the dark chain broke into two from the center; it was as smooth as it was sliced by a sharp blade. At the same time, with the Mikas’ brows as the axis, from his head to his groin, a straight line of wound appeared and huge amount of blood gus.h.i.+ng out. His body was divided into two and fell to the ground.

Chen Rui reached out his left hand and grabbed the short handle of the scythe at his back. The moment that he grabbed it tightly, his body trembled painfully and he clenched his teeth to endure it. His left hand forcefully pulled out the sharp edge penetrated into his body. His blood splashed around as he was gasping for air.

This battle with Mikas was the most dangerous battle in Chen Rui’s life. When he rushed into the attack range of the just now, although he relied on his keen sense to dodge, he still received countless cuts. If it wasn’t for his instinctive reaction that he avoided Mikas’ fatal blow, he would be the one fallen to the ground now.

, Mikas was killed with that new skill. The damage of was way more powerful than expected, slicing Mikas and the chain in two. Although only cost 20 auras per usage, that was just additional consumption. It actually consumed Star Power. He felt that consumed lesser Star Power than it, at least he didn’t have the feeling of being instantly emptied out.

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Chen Rui’s injuries were extremely serious this time, especially his right chest. His lung was penetrated and the blood was flowing out endlessly. Fortunately, he had the two major pa.s.sive abilities, and . Otherwise, he would have been sliced into pieces when he was going head-on against the . He exchanged a Healing Potion and drank it to clot the blood, then took out a new cloak and put it on.

“I don’t understand what you just said?” Chen Rui’s heart was pumping hard. He thought of his newly-acquired skills. Suddenly, he had an idea.

“I don’t know what method you used to change your scent. Not only your strength increased tremendously, but your original human scent has also disappeared.” Royce looked at Chen Rui with an interested look. “If it wasn’t for me to witness you killing Mikas, I would never believe the human who looks powerless and timid actually hides such considerable strength.”

As he said, the Great Demon looked like he was pondering, “Based on this, in the previous Sky Battle, Alan’s loss was not surprising as you also likely to have the beast taming ability…”

Chen Rui was secretly shocked. Royce’s intelligence was really extraordinary. A bellicose man like Arux was absolutely incomparable. Chen Rui immediately said, “I don’t need to explain. It’s okay if you want to see my face. However, you have to accept my challenge just like Arux did.”

“Really? Then please satisfy my curiosity.” Royce stared at the eyes behind the mask and said with a smile, “Besides, you don’t seem to have any other choice now.”

Chen Rui used his newly acquired skill, , then he took off his mask and lifted the cloak of his head. Royce looked at it carefully and frowned. He wasn’t familiar with this face, and it looked ordinary. It was just the eyes that were bright.

Royce said with a deep voice, “Are you… part of the royal family? The ultimate move that killed Mikas just now was some kind of extraordinary talent?”

Chen Rui wanted Royce to think in that direction badly, so he nodded. Suddenly, he heard Royce laughing, “You thought I’ll be deceived so easily? You wear a mask every time you appear, so you must be wanting to hide your true ident.i.ty. For you to remove it so easily, I’m almost certain that this is not your true face. Not to mention that I just saw your true face during the battle just now! I am different from Arux; I have no interest in the so-called challenge.”

Chen Rui’s heart sunk. It seemed that Royce was definitely not someone easy to deal with.

Sure enough, the Great Demon’s laughter became creepy, “Also, you actually drank black potions at the beginning. I am not an idiot like Mikas who doesn’t use the brain. Does that mean that Master Aldas truly advances to the grand master level? The secrets that you’re hiding are really not little. Actually, it is very simple to solve these mysteries… Can’t I just capture you and slowly interrogate?”

As the laughter stopped, that man had already appeared before Chen Rui. That wasn’t teleportation, but his own speed. That speed was at least 3 times faster than Mikas after using demonic fire!

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