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Chapter 679 - Harvest

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Chapter 679: Harvest

The old man in the silver robe was Vantis who rushed back from the Light Divinity Temple. He happened to run into Chen Rui’s [Star Explosion].

In the Divinity Seal Summit area, Vantis’ strength could be buffed to SS level. He launched his tyrannical power hundreds of meters away and actually made ‘[Star Explosion]’ directly ‘extinguish’.

Although it was only a few seconds from the appearance of the golden light to the extinguishment of the light, what happened was far more than that. The guardian knights and the light knights in the distance might not see clearly, but Pusmeer, Eudora and the other 4 understood that the enemy immediately gave up his attack, activated a kind of ’magic’ similar to the s.p.a.ce door, and wanted to escape when he saw Vantis coming. Vantis’ thunderous and powerful blow was about to hit him, but for some reason, everyone had an illusion at the same time as if the flow of time had suddenly slowed down. After returning to normal in the blink of an eye, ‘Richard’ was gone. Only a dimming light gate was left.

Although there were bloodstains on the ground, it was certain that the enemy was only injured and not dead.

Vantis reacted quickly, reaching out to grab the light door that hadn’t completely disappeared. With his power, even if the opponent had escaped into the s.p.a.ce door, he could chase or destroy the teleportation. However, the hand that contained the kingdom-level power actually pa.s.sed through the light gate as if it were just an illusion. As a result, the 7 people watched the light gate disappear from sight. Not only ‘Richard’ disappeared, but also the 3 Snow Dallet Trees! This enemy infiltrated the Holy Light Mountain in disguise, exposed his ident.i.ty and fought against the 6 leaders of the church, escaped in the hands of His Holiness Pope Glorious, and also destroyed (taken away) the only 3 Snow Dallet Trees. What an unprecedented shame!

More and more Light Knights and Guardian Knights have discovered the disappearance of the 3 holy trees, and there was a commotion. 1 of the most important symbols of the Holy Light Mountain, the sacred trees with the light flowers are gone!

The faces of Vantis and the 2 archbishops were the most unsightly because the 3 giant leaders knew in their hearts that the Snow Dallet Tree was not only a symbol. Moreover, it was a holy item of mysterious power that condensed from faith. In addition to its own magical effect, the Snow Dallet Flower was also an indispensable material for the [Body of Light Blessing] transformation ceremony!

Now that the Snow Dallet Tree disappeared (According to the attributes of the Snow Dallet Tree, it was likely to be automatically destroyed), it would take at least tens of thousands of years to regenerate, not including the time of growth. This meant that the Holy Light Mountain would not have more people with [Body of Light Blessing] for tens of thousands of years, and there would be no more people with [Body of Light Glory].

[Body of Light Blessing] was the basic and necessary condition to become the 3 archangels’ holy apprentice, and [Body of Light Glory] was even more important. It was related to the succession of the pope, the highest controller of the entire church!

This was a terrifying event that was enough to make the Holy Light Mountain fall in half!

Vantis had a sullen face and pointed at the blood on the ground. The bloodstain floated up, turned into a dark red bead and fell into his hand. He also released a sound-proof barrier, preventing the Light Knight and Guardian Knights from hearing the sound inside the barrier.

“This time the nature of the matter is extremely serious. We must minimize the external effects caused by it immediately. Pusmeer, immediately create 3 images of the Snow Dallet Tree.” Vantis was indeed the highest leader of the church. A decision was made immediately. “Parsali, you and the 3 cardinals are responsible for presiding over this Divinity Temple Knight conferring ceremony and handling the aftermath… As for the invading enemy, we must use the strongest means to sanction him. We must not allow similar things to happen again!”

Holy Lady Eudora spoke, “His Holiness Vantis, will this matter be related to the Black Death Follower? They first used external activities to attract our attention and transferred the main force of the Tribunal, but their real purpose was to wreak havoc deep in the temple?”

“It’s possible.” Vantis showed his thoughtful expression, “Parsali, after the Divinity Temple Knight conferring is completed, you personally lead the team and dispatch the main force of Glorious Knight to the headquarters. I will send envoys to each empire’s capital and ask each empire to dispatch military a.s.sistance. We will do our best to eliminate the Black Death Followers!”


“Eudora, Sir Isyorul should be waking up soon. You must tell the truth about it and give this blood bead to him. With Sir Yvesrul’s divine eyesight, no matter what the form ‘Richard’ changes, there is nowhere to escape. I will use the pope’s order to dispatch the 12 holy apprentices to hunt down this enemy. If necessary, we may have to ask Sir Isyorul to act in person.”


After a while, the Light Knights and the Guardian Knights were surprised to find that the 3 Snow Dallet Trees had gradually recovered their original appearance. Vantis’ voice sounded, “Loyal and brave knights, this time the dark cultist sneaked into the mountains and wanted to destroy the holy trees, but thanks to the blessing of Light G.o.d, the holy trees are safe and sound. It is undeniable that due to our negligence, the black hands of the cultist almost tarnished the sacredness of the Holy Light Mountain. This is an unforgivable mistake. This shame can only be washed away with the blood of the cultist!”

No doubt, with the ‘recovery’ of the holy trees and Vantis’ pa.s.sionate encouragement, the Light Knights were motivated and cheered in unison. Vantis smiled contentedly, but he couldn’t conceal the haze in his eyes.

Vantis was not the most depressed. When Holy Lady Eudora hurried back to the Holy Blessing Hall, the first thing she received was the news that Eliza had a mental disorder while Miranda was seriously injured and unconscious. Her heart sank suddenly, and she rushed toward the Hall of Flame with the last trace of luck. A moment later, the entire Hall of Flame shook and was echoing with extremely furious screams.

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At the same time, a remote place in the Yang Shao Empire, the Garden City.

The Snow Dallet- S-level plant (light element). The Star Conferring Platform’s star position requirement is reduced by 30%, the effect is increased by 30%, and the faith crystal generation in the kingdom is increased by 30% every day.

Remarks: The Snow Dallet Tree leaf can cancel all poisons below S level. Each reduction required 10 faith crystals to regenerate. It will take 3 days to regenerate.

The Snow Dallet Flower can greatly enhance the light element training effect, dispel all light element curses, and use it with related materials to have a small chance of inducing light-element physique mutation. 100 faith crystals were needed for each reduction of 1 flower to regenerate. It will take 30 days to regenerate.

Chen Rui’s first reaction was: What a treasure!

I initially obtained the Snow Dallet just to cancel Isabella’s [Light Annihilation Seal]. I didn’t expect this ‘S-level plant’ to have such an excellent function!

The Star Conferring Platform’s star position requirement was reduced by 30%, and the effect was increased by 30%, which was a very powerful function. For example, if he wanted to confer Athena the Star General t.i.tle, then with the special effect of the Snow Dallet, the faith crystal consumed by the star conferring would be reduced by 30%, and Athena’s S- power effect of the ‘Star General’ would be 30% stronger than the ordinary power of the early stage Demon Overlord. More importantly, the Snow Dallet was definitely not the only faith plant. If more faith plants were obtained, the effect of the buff would increase.

The role of the Snow Dallet Flower was the most important. No doubt it could cancel all light element spells. Moreover, Chen Rui could feel that as the master of the Star Conferring Platform, he could pluck the Snow Dallet Flower at his will without worrying about the previous ‘G.o.d’s seal’ restrictions. The detoxification function of leaves was the icing on the cake.

The harvest this time was quite bountiful. In addition to the Snow Dallet, there were the phoenix egg and the fire source power in the s.p.a.ce ring as well as the faith power that was beyond imagination in quant.i.ty and quality. Nonetheless, the consequences were definitely not trivial. It was equivalent to a slap in the face of the sir that had always been in a high position in the Holy Light Mountain, and Vantis would never let him go.

Chen Rui didn’t care about the Holy Church’s revenge. Besides, the human world was so big that the church couldn’t find him at all. The only thing that was needed at present was the time to convert the devoured faith power into faith crystals. As long as the faith crystals reached 1 million, he could directly use the [Star Gate] to return to the Demon Realm!

TL: The church seems to have a way to track him, and they seem to be sending the most powerful person for it…

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