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Chapter 668 - Summon

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Chapter 668: Summon

Eliza smiled cheerfully when he saw him being interested, “Don’t worry, I will do my best to help you.”

Chen Rui showed a hesitant expression, “But I…”

“I said that as long as your special abilities can be recognized by my teacher, ident.i.ty is definitely not a problem.” Eliza sighed, “If you don’t even have the courage, then forget it. Otherwise, all my effort will go to waste.”

“No, just now you… said she is sinister and vicious?”

Eliza shook her head decisively, “You heard it wrong. Miranda is my senior, I’m not talking about her, but another sinister enemy. I almost died in the hands of that enemy.”

“It turned out to be like this.” Chen Rui hesitated for a moment, and he seemed to finally make up his mind, “Ms. Eliza, can you tell me something about the Holy Light Mountain? Including… Ms. Miranda’s situation.”

“Of course.” Eliza said with a smile, “I’m very glad to be able to repay your life-saving grace with this method of combining the best of both worlds, dear Sir Richard.

Chen Rui’s eyes brightened as he nodded repeatedly.

Chen Rui and Eliza walked around the city for a while and returned to the Silver Villa. The booklet that he brought back made Paul quite satisfied, and Paul praised him greatly.

“Sir Paul… I have something to tell you.”

Paul shuddered suddenly when he saw Chen Rui hesitating, “Richard, can we wait until the selection of Divinity Temple Knight is over?”

Chen Rui was taken aback, “Why? At that time, I’m afraid it’s too late. This matter is very important to me.”

Paul’s expression was a bit distorted, and he stepped back subconsciously. “Before you say this, listen to me first. I know that some experiences have caused a great impact on your life. I can understand some things. We have shared weal and woe just like brothers and siblings, but my relations.h.i.+p is limited to this… Uhm, I really don’t suit you.”

Chen Rui’s face became ? dumbfounded again. I finally understand why Paul shuddered. It’s just like Eliza’s misunderstanding! d.a.m.n! Blame that d.a.m.n elf story!

Chen Rui resisted the urge to pinch Paul to death and told him about ‘admiring’ Miranda. Paul breathed a sigh of relief as he listened. (Chen Rui: d.a.m.n! It’s like relieving a heavy burden!)

“Sir Paul, what do you think I should do?” Chen Rui lowered his head, “I know it’s daydreaming, but when I first saw Ms. Miranda, I felt that she is completely different from those human women. My heart raced uncontrollably. I don’t know what I should do. Should I do as Ms. Eliza said? That’s why I want to seek your advice.”

“Eliza asked you to pursue Miranda?” Paul frowned. It seemed like he sensed the conspiracy.

“Yes, Ms. Eliza said that in return for my previous life-saving grace, she will introduce me to Her Holiness Holy Lady.”

Paul quickly thought about the gains and losses, and he didn’t remind Chen Rui of anything. Instead, he nodded, “Since it’s Eliza’s intent and you are really interested in Miranda, then just do it. I understand your feeling of love at first sight.”

“Thank you, sir!” Chen Rui exclaimed, “By the way, I want to know something related to the Holy Light Mountain in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes at that time, I wonder if sir can tell me?”

“No problem.” Paul really did not doubt him and said.

The 3 main peaks of the Holy Light Mountain had 3 halls respectively. Namely the Divinity Seal Hall of Pope Vantis, the Star Summit of Archbishop Pusmeer, and the Holy Blessing Hall of Holy Lady Eudora.

Generally speaking, these 3 halls represented the power of the entire Holy Church, collectively referred to as the Light Divinity Temple, but they were not yet the real Light Divinity Temple.

The real Light Divinity Temple was located on the top of the Holy Light Mountain and was said to be a sacred place connected to the will of G.o.d. Only the pope and the 2 archbishops were eligible to enter. Light G.o.d would deliver its will or show miracles through the Light Divinity Temple, and sometimes send angels to come. There was no doubt about this because the residents of the Holy Light City had witnessed miracles more than once.

The Snowy Summit Stage where the Snow Dallet Flower was located was at the Divinity Seal Summit which was near the Divinity Seal Hall. The Snow Dallet Flower was also known as the Holy Flower. It was bred by the purest light faith and possessed the magical and powerful light power. It was said that it could a.s.similate all evil power. The Holy Light Mountain had only 3 trees in the Snowy Summit Stage which was extremely rare. As 1 of the symbols of the Holy Light Mountain, the Divinity Temple Knight conferring had been held under the Snow Dallet Tree over the years.

In fact, Chen Rui had received some relevant news from Eliza before. The reason for coming to Paul was mainly to be cautious. What Paul said was similar to what Eliza said, and it was more comprehensive. So I’m sure that the Snow Dallet Flower is at the Snowy Summit Stage east of the Divinity Seal Summit.

In addition to the mysterious 3 Archangels, I don’t know whether the Holy Light Mountain has other powerhouses beyond the Demon Overlord level. The existing Demon Overlord powerhouse alone is not easy to handle. There is probably only 1 chance to steal the Snow Dallet Flower, so there is no room for mistake.

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Thinking of this, Chen Rui decided to calm down first and become more familiar with the environment and the location of the target. As soon as the selection of the Divinity Temple Knight, which attracted most people’s attention, began, he would formally make his move to succeed in one fell swoop.

Elimination matches in the first stage were carried out in various venues at the same time. Each game had its judge to decide the outcome as well as the staff responsible for recording with magic devices. Those who disagreed could appeal the chief examiner’s ruling.

The strength of the contestants was mostly B-level with a handful of A-level. Chen Rui was naturally very interested in this level of battle. Paul had good luck. After 2 days of the game, he defeated his opponent, and he drew an empty slot in the next round. This meant that he could take a half-day rest tomorrow morning. As long as he won 2 more rounds, he would be the first in the group to qualify directly.

In the evening, Eliza came and brought a message that Holy Lady Eudora summoned him.

In addition to Paul, the subordinate Chen Rui was also summoned as well.

Eliza took Chen Rui and Paul out of the Holy Light City and entered the Holy Light Mountain all the way.

The first impression of the Holy Light Mountain was the s.p.a.cious and long stairs which were all paved with valuable white fluorite. The simple style was magnificent.

What intrigued Chen Rui the most was that rich faith power which was stronger than the Holy Light City, but it was obviously not the time to beard the lion in his den, so he had to resist the temptation and move on.

As it was Chen Rui’s first time setting foot on the Holy Light Mountain, he was curious to ask some questions from time to time. Eliza answered patiently, but she did not know that he was verifying the imaginative map based on the previously obtained intel with the actual terrain 1 by 1.

The stone steps in front were divided into 3. Eliza smiled, “The left is the road to the Star Hall, the middle is the Divinity Seal Hall, and the right is the Holy Blessing Hall that we are going to. Richard, Madam Holy Lady doesn’t like long-winded people, so I won’t be able to answer your question like this later.”

“Understood, thank you Miss. I know what to do.”

Although Paul knew that Eliza had other plans for Chen Rui, he inevitably felt a kind of dejectedness when he heard Eliza taking care of and instructing his lowly subordinate like this. Of course, such a feeling was only hidden in his heart.

As Chen Rui got closer to the Holy Family Hall, he felt a more intense feeling in his heart. It seemed that every breath he took was within a special sensing – Kingdom power!

Chen Rui subconsciously raised his head and saw a quaint hall in the distance. There was a huge white statue in front of the hall with 6 pairs of wings behind it. The whole hall exuded a rich and incomparable faith power which was even more than the way up the mountain; 100 times richer!

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