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Chapter 665 - The Black Death Follower and the Scapegoat

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Chapter 665: The Black Death Follower and the Scapegoat

3 days later, Chen Rui and Paul left the Dragon Bright Capital, Yerodisha, together.

In contrast to their high-profile arrival, it could be described as a minimal escort this time. Both of them set off at night. Nevertheless, Yerodisha’s nightlife was very lively. There were still many people seeing Paul along the way, so it was inevitable that there would be discussions.

Although the voice of the discussion was smaller and the horse speed of the 2 was faster, with Paul’s ear power, he still heard clearly. He could not help but look more gloomy as he tightened the grip of the rein in his hand.

The 2 pa.s.sed the interrogation of the inner city and the outer city. After leaving the city, Paul lashed his mount desperately and rushed all the way as if to vent his anger. It was not until the suburbs that his speed gradually slowed down.

“Sir Paul!” Chen Rui showed a strenuous appearance as he followed from behind on a horse.

Paul’s breathing was a little heavy, and his knuckles had turned white, “Richard, am I a loser?”

“Life cannot be smooth sailing. Losers, various setbacks and difficulties will become part of our lives, but as long as we don’t give up hope, we will defeat any setbacks. The true winners will stand up from countless setbacks and failures. To be able to stand up is to achieve at least half of the success already. If we give up now, then we will never succeed.”

Chen Rui urged his mount to go alongside Paul as he smiled, “At least, sir has already half-succeeded.”

Paul adjusted his breath and felt his fighting spirit burned up again. He nodded, “I’m fortunate to have a subordinate like you and a true friend like a mentor and helpful friend. I regret not listening to your advice previously… Don’t worry, this time I will really stand up to become the Divinity Temple Knight! At that time, we will return to Yerodisha upright! I will also help you fulfill your wis.h.!.+”

“I’m relieved.” Chen Rui said, “I believe sir will not let me down.”

Paul didn’t know the true meaning of this sentence. He continued to ride his horse forward.He had returned to his normal speed this time. Chen Rui glanced back at the brightly lit ‘sparkling gem’ behind him, suppressing the inexplicable sadness in his heart——After this departure, I shouldn’t be back again.

Whether it is ‘home’, ‘father’, or those blue eyes, I’m just a pa.s.serby after all. I’m Chen Rui, and I don’t belong here.

“Go!” Chen Rui turned his head, flicked the rein and followed Paul’s figure.

The 2 of them returned to Dragon Tooth City using the same route this time because in the Hall of Light in the Dragon Tooth City, there was a one-way [Teleportation Portal] that led directly to the White Cliff.

[Teleportation Portal] was similar to [Teleportation Array] whereby both used the principle of water element magic, the number of transmissions was affected by magic power and energy, and they had corresponding restrictions. This one-way [Teleportation Portal] could only be entered but not exited, and it was not open to the public; it could only be used with special permission.

Although the Dragon Tooth City was at the border of the Dragon Bright Empire, it was far larger than the Garden City and even the Yang Shao Capital. The faith power was extremely strong. In fact, the Dragon Bright Capital, Yerodisha, did not set up any Hall of Light. Chen Rui had already guessed a bit from Lex the Great’s reshuffle through the duel.

“Divine right of kings” was a universal method for the deification of the human monarch system. The power to proclaim the king was given by G.o.d and had natural rationality. Any disobedience or even rebellion was a blasphemy against G.o.d. However, the Light Divinity Temple was a special inst.i.tution that represented the highest theocracy. The perceived coordinated monarchy and theocracy had actually always been a conflict that couldn’t be resolved.

This conflict was particularly prominent in the 2 holy empires. Whether it was the Dragon Bright Empire or the Blue Glory Empire, they needed the name of G.o.d to consolidate their rule and reinforce their power; on the other hand, this could support a regime or overturn it. At the same time, the kings felt deeply afraid of the theocracy that could override the monarchy, and even regarded it as the greatest threat. They either openly or secretly used means to suppress it.

The pages of the history of the human world were flipped chapter after chapter in the development of this contradiction. The exact time of the Light Divinity Temple’s appearance was no longer able to be determined. A noteworthy matter was that the Divinity Temple had always stood firm over the years regardless of the empire’s rise and fall.

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Pastor Adola of the Dragon Tooth City’s Hall of Light was Paul’s acquaintance. Hearing the news of Paul’s arrival, he personally greeted him at the gate.

After Adola left, Chen Rui looked curious and asked, “Sir Paul, what exactly is the Black Death Follower?”

“The Black Death Follower are the believers in a secret church. This church advocates for darkness and destruction. The believers are extremely fanatical. They created the b.l.o.o.d.y case of ma.s.sacring the lives in 10 cities in order to offer sacrifices to the Evil G.o.d 20,000 years ago, which shocked the whole human world. Although they were jointly eliminated by the Holy Church and the empires, they were never completely eliminated. Instead, they turned to the dark side and acted more secretly. They are 1 of the most feared enemies of the Holy Church and must be eradicated. However, this church has disappeared in recent years for some unknown reasons.”

Ma.s.sacre sacrifice? Chen Rui had a faintly familiar feeling. He had an idea and asked, “Since this secret church has disappeared, what signs can tell the ident.i.ty of these believers? Is it black magic? Pastor Mana and I encountered a sneak attack by the using black magic in a forest previously.”

“It’s not black magic.” Paul pondered for a moment, and he whispered, “This is an internal secret of the church. I can tell you, but you must keep it a secret. The Black Death Followers have become the most feared enemies of the Holy Church because they have the power of blaspheming faith which can transform the light faith into destruction and evil power.”

Chen Rui felt that his heartbeat raced. He sensed something wrong when he heard Adola mention the route of “Town Gudam to the Garden City and then to the Yang Shao Capital” of the Black Death Follower. He was finally sure now – The ‘culprit’ was not the Black Death Follower, but Shura!

This was actually Chen Rui’s spontaneous plan because [Cloning] had a wonderful connection with the original body. Even if he was a long distance away, he could still transform the faith crystal. When Chen Rui followed Paul to leave the Yang Shao Capital, he left Shura, the clone, there. The goal was the faith power of the Hall of Light in the capital. It was only a few days ago that Chen Rui retrieved him back after Shura was ‘full’.

He didn’t expect to be spotted by the Holy Church so quickly. Fortunately, Shura did not follow Chen Rui all the time. Instead, he acted separately in the Yang Shao Capital. Otherwise, if the route of stealing faith was exactly the same as ‘Richard’’s route, he would inevitably be suspected. What was more fortunate was that the Black Death Follower actually existed in the human world, becoming the scapegoat for Shura and Richard.

Now that the abnormality of the faith power has been noticed by the Holy Church, the investigation is in the limelight, and I am going to go to the Holy Church’s base, I should keep Shura from showing up for the time being.

I will go to the White Cliff tomorrow. Chen Rui secretly squeezed his fist. I must get the Snow Dallet Flower on this trip!

TL: Can’t he get faith power from the believers of the Black Death Follower too, hmm?

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