Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 659 - Unexpected Hatred

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Chapter 659: Unexpected Hatred

The t.i.tan slowly got up. With a furious shout, it shot a bolt of lightning toward Chen Rui. The t.i.tan’s long-range attack method was different from the magic cast by the magicians. They were more like manifesting the power of the elements and throwing it out as javelin.

This lightning contained scorching heat and high pressure which was enough to melt the metal in an instant. The speed of the t.i.tan’s throw was quite remarkable. It was several times more powerful than the previous strike against the Light Knight.

The lightning suddenly stopped. This was a 7 meters long ‘javelin’ surrounded by dozens of powerful lightning snakes. There was a palm not far in front of the ‘javelin’. It was the power of this palm that blocked the lightning from going 1 step further.

Chen Rui could feel that kind of raging power. When his open 5 fingers suddenly clutched, the ‘javelin’ shook slightly and disappeared with a ‘boom’.

The t.i.tan’s strongest [Thunder] talent attack was actually crushed by a hand! Lawrence, whose legs were destroyed by the afterwave of the [Thunder] just now, couldn’t believe his eyes. He finally understood why even a person like Samuel would bow to his knees— ‘Richard’ is definitely the real Saint powerhouse who has most probably reached the peak stage of Saint! Such a top powerhouse hides his strength and humbles himself to become a Reserve Light Knight. Even Samuel, the second son of the Dragon Bright Empire’s Kemplot Family, is a subordinate of this person. There is definitely a terrifying scheme in it!

Chen Rui did not give the t.i.tan a second chance to launch [Thunder]. He appeared in front of the t.i.tan and punched its chest. Compared to the huge body, his fist could only be described as ‘insignificant’, but this ‘little’ punch blasted a horrifying momentum. The t.i.tan’s metal breastplate showed a dent. Wave-like impactful power penetrated the armor and spread out in t.i.tan’s body, destroying his every resistance.

The t.i.tan let out a painful roar. Its huge body was knocked back, leaving a dent on the ground again. It was unable to stand up for a while.

Lawrence smiled wryly. Too powerful! This kind of power can rival the strongest Paladin Captain Parsali of the White Cliff! With this kind of powerhouse intervening, it’s impossible to complete the mission ordered by Eliza this time. We must try to escape and pa.s.s this important news to Ms. Eliza!

The strength of this t.i.tan had almost reached Demon Overlord. Power and physique were both A+, spirit power was A; only the speed was relatively slow, B+. With Chen Rui’s strength, it was not difficult to kill the opponent, but he did not kill the opponent because the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes]’s ‘race’ column actually stated: t.i.tan (Alchemy beings)!

Chen Rui first came into contact with alchemy beings in the Loeb Mine of the Demon Realm’s White Feather Estate, then he experienced an unforgettable ‘dream’ and became the master of the ruins of the ancient alchemy civilization and the alchemy beings. The lamp spirits had now become the strongest imperial guards of the Fallen Angel Empire, guarding the safety of Shea. In the memory of the ancient alchemy civilization obtained by Chen Rui, there were no such alchemy beings as the t.i.tan. Is it related to the ancient alchemy civilization or is there an ancient alchemy civilization inheritor like me on the Storm Island?

Lawrence had already propped up his body with his hands and moved back secretly. Chen Rui suddenly frowned and looked at Lawrence’s side. Lawrence suddenly felt the sky darkening. Before he could react, his entire body had been trampled into flesh by a huge foot.

Another t.i.tan!

This t.i.tan was burlier than the one defeated by Chen Rui. It wore a helmet on its head. Its pale silver skin glowed in light green with bright golden eyes. The strength was S which was the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord!

Judging from the tremors on the ground, more than 1 t.i.tan is approaching the basin.

“Samuel, take them away!” Chen Rui shouted to Samuel, “Ina, you lead the way and wait for me on the s.h.i.+p!”

Samuel has already reacted. Staying here will only become a burden to His Highness. He quickly carried Joanna on his back and followed Ina.

The t.i.tan of the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord was about to attack Samuel and others who were running away, but Chen Rui’s figure instantly appeared in front and launched a dazzling white light ball.

This light ball was 5 meters in diameter and was an amplified version of [Aurora Shot]. The t.i.tan noticed the powerful destructive power contained in it, so it immediately gave up the intention of attacking Samuel and others and made a defensive posture.

The moment the t.i.tan touched the [Aurora Shot], it trembled with a strenuous expression on his face. Its feet involuntarily took 2 steps back. The heavy footsteps sounded like a giant drum beating, and the rhythm became more and more rapid. After retreating for nearly 200 meters, the light ball gradually disappeared. The armor on the t.i.tan’s body was deformed due to the huge pressure. The silver liquid resembling blood overflowed from its mouth and nose.

The t.i.tan’s physique and power were probably higher than Chen Rui’s. It seemed that the t.i.tan race really had the physical power comparable to the dragons. Of course, Chen Rui deliberately held back the power of this [Aurora Shot]. Before clarifying the relations.h.i.+p between the t.i.tans and the ancient alchemy civilization, he didn’t want to cause excessive hatred from the t.i.tans.

The pale golden eyes of the t.i.tan who was knocked off glowed fiercely. Chen Rui felt the surrounding airflow begin to spin uncontrollably; it was full of violent power. In the blink of an eye, he had been wrapped in a black storm with a terrifying momentum. Obviously, this was a t.i.tan with the [Storm] talent which was also known as the storm t.i.tan.

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The storm continued to rotate at a high speed with lightning flas.h.i.+ng inside. The flying sand and rocks in this area made it almost impossible to see. After a long time, it gradually stopped. The t.i.tan’s golden eyes suddenly showed horror. A figure appeared safely in the gradually calming sand. The blue s.h.i.+eld around his body gradually disappeared as if it was just a refres.h.i.+ng breeze that had just been blowing.

“Boom!” Storm t.i.tan’s fist made a hole on the hill, but Chen Rui had moved behind the t.i.tan instantaneously before the fist arrived. He used the [Aura Blade] to slash horizontally. The storm t.i.tan only had time to turn sideways, barely avoiding the vitals. The armor on its back suddenly showed a several meters long blade mark, flowing out silver ‘blood’.

Storm t.i.tan cried out with agony. A hurricane whirled around his body at a high speed. Chen Rui had already teleported 100 meters away. Before he could launch a second attack, he immediately sensed that a golden lightning whistled from behind.

Chen Rui’s hand flashed with light. and he drew waves of soft ripples. When the golden lightning encountered these ‘ripples’, it was directed at the black hurricane 100 meters away.

When the golden light in the black hurricane flourished, the lightning and thunder stopped abruptly. Only the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground was heard. After the dust dissipated, the storm t.i.tan had fallen to the ground. Its body was constantly convulsing in the golden arc. Although it was not dead, it obviously lost its combat power.

The pale golden-skinned t.i.tan was furious. As it was about to launch another attack, Chen Rui’s figure soared into the sky. Subsequently, all the t.i.tans felt their body becoming heavier by dozens of times in an instant at the same time. They stood unsteadily and fell down.


[Gravity] had greater damage to the heavier enemy. This was the only magic Chen Rui possessed. It was derived from the element blessing of the Earth Elemental King. Combined with his S++ spirit power, it made the t.i.tans fall to the ground.

Perhaps due to the call of the companion’s roar, huge bodies appeared 1 after another in the distance. Chen Rui couldn’t help but shudder. Whether in the Demon Realm or the human world, Demon Emperor and Demon Overlord powerhouses are very rare. In the t.i.tans’ lair on Storm Island that we plunged into now, the weakest t.i.tan is also of Demon Emperor level. I don’t know if there is anything more terrifying.

Calculating the time, Samuels and the rest should have arrived on the Devil’s Snare s.h.i.+p. Chen Rui did not want to fight, so he activated the [Light Boom] to turn into a ray of light and disappear in the sky quickly.

If he stayed at this time, then he would be able to see that among the t.i.tans coming from behind, there was also the existence of a special human form. These mysterious human forms traveled by floating. They were about 2 meters high. Their lower body was like a whirlwind-like airflow which faintly revealed electric sparks.

TL: Can they leave this Storm Island? The ancient alchemy civilization of the Demon Realm seems to be their sworn enemies or some sort, maybe he will have to face another Demi-G.o.d again…

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