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Chapter 620 - Reverse! Failed Victory

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Chapter 620: Reverse! Failed Victory

The ‘Fate Showdown’’ card table continued to s.h.i.+ne before finally fading. The hot blue light in Glorios’ eye sockets also dimmed. Even if there was no expression on the skull’s face, one could still sense the incredible shock in His Highness Lich King’s mind.

Glorios was really in disbelief. As an immortal corpse necromancer, he had not dreamed in tens of thousands of years, but right now he did feel like being in a dream as if everything he experienced just now was unrealistic, but his logic told him that these were true.

He couldn’t remember how many rounds of Death Game were played, but he only remembered that he won a total of 4 times. The resentful souls that he recaptured these 4 times were quickly won by the opponent again. It was only when there were no more chips in his hand that he woke up.

The sea of resentful souls like the sea were all unexpectedly lost to that Aguile. Shura!

Bullied. He was being bullied from the beginning to the end. Glorios even suspected that the 4 “wins” were just baits that were deliberately given by the opponent. The purpose was to make him lose inextricably and bet all-out.

The previous Farmers’ quick attack technique seemed to be just 1 of the endless strategies of ‘Aguile’. The subsequent tactics experienced afterward were unheard of, so he could not deal with it in a short time. In the end, His Highness Lich King had to shamefully imitate the opponent’s tactics.

Even so, he still couldn’t change the one-sided situation.

For example, the tower defense tactics of grabbing resources. When Glorios went to grab Chen Rui’s resources, he was severely defeated by Chen Rui’s magic towers. He only demolished 1 or 2 of the opponent’s towers after many casualties. Then, when he imitated the same tactics in the next game to build the towers, the opponent just sent a team of the lowest Demon Warrior, plus 2 Demon Magician Master wandering around; they ran away after just fighting for a short while. He shattered a defensive tower at a very small price. The cost of building these defensive towers alone would far exceed the production of the mine during this time period. This small group of people almost exhausted the resources. Before he figured out this tactic, the opponent immediately changed to a new tactic…

In the past hundreds of thousands of years, Glorios had also “played” with hundreds of opponents. Even if his level of magic cards was not the best in the Demon Realm, he was definitely 1 of the few. He never thought that he would encounter such a powerful opponent.

With the power of Glorios as a corpse necromancer, he could feel that the true age of this opponent was only in his twenties at most. However, his attainments in magic cards far exceeded his age category. Not only is his skill and tactics incredible, but he also has unimaginable combat experience like he has experienced the tempering of thousands of opponents- This is an ancient magic game which should have been lost now. Is this kid a carrier body of an ancient soul?

Lich King naturally did not expect that in another dimension with a widespread computer network, there were more than tens of thousands of such ‘super-level’ game lovers. Chen Rui’s level was just average at best compared to those people.

‘Fate Showdown’ was almost lost in the Demon Realm. Even though His Highness Lich King was an enthusiast who lived for many tens of thousands of years, the experience he had with his opponents was pitifully less compared to Chen Rui’s game experience. After Chen Rui became familiar with the attributes of soldiers and buildings, it was not surprising that Lich King was completely bullied.

When Chen Rui first encountered tactics such as one push victory or towers demolis.h.i.+ng strategy in online battles in the past, he was also bullied to death by his opponents. Sometimes he wanted to smash the monitors. Therefore, he could understand Glorios’ feelings. Of course, despite understanding, he would still bully him.

“Your Highness Glorios, I was lucky enough to win all your chips. Then, please fulfill the contract and let us enter the Tower of Destruction.”

“Don’t forget, our contract is to ‘discuss’ about entering the Tower of Destruction after winning all my chips! I didn’t say to let you in! Now let’s have a good ‘discussion’!” Glorios gritted his teeth as he said, “Let’s consider that you won the previous one. Now, let’s bet the last one! I use my soul to bet against you, you can only use your own soul! If you refuse, then I will activate all the Dark Iron Mystic Ghosts to kill you all!”

“Your Highness Glorios, let’s not go too far,” Chen Rui pondered, “Before we make the last bet, the chips that I just won should be cashed out? According to the contract, those resentful souls are all mine.”

Lich King said coldly, “I will naturally not regret it. From now on, these resentful souls will be yours. Our contract will end here!”

The light of the contract flashed, then it disappeared. Chen Rui felt that there were countless incoming senses in his spirit power which was as vast as the sea. It was the soul senses of those resentful souls.

“I want to remind you that as long as the Tower of Destruction exists, these resentful souls will never leave the Land of Hatred. Unless you can become the master of the Tower of Destruction, you will not be able to take them away.”

Glorios’ words made Chen Rui frown, but his main purpose this time was not the resentful souls. He asked, “So…Your Highness Glorios, do we need to change the game for the next final game?”

“Put away your little tricks! I have my own opinion!” Glorios said coldly, “I will bet with you in the next game, Victory Race!”

Chen Rui suddenly understood the other party’s intentions. His spirit power reached the S+ level which was equal to Glorios, but as Earth Elemental King said that day, his spirit power’s ‘quality’ aspect had not really reached the level of the peak stage Demon Overlord due to lack of understanding of the real Demon Overlord level. Compared with the real body of the Lich King who was already a kingdom powerhouse, he was far inferior in terms of use or control. This was precisely the most important factor for the Victory Race.

Chen Rui showed a thoughtful expression, and he finally spoke up, “Your Highness is a true magic card lover. You should understand that I do have some lack of advantage in the Victory Race, but I’m also a person who can afford to lose. If we are to bet, let’s be even more bold… Compared with death, the more painful thing is living death. Let’s change the bet, in addition to entering the Tower of Destruction and the resentful souls, how about putting half of our souls?”

“You mean… soul splitting?” Glorios’ eye sockets flashed 2 blue lights. “This is a pretty good idea. A life with half of its soul missing will always be incomplete whether it is power or realm even if it can barely survive. At the time of splitting, the pain is unimaginable. Are you sure you can endure the pain that life is worse than death?”

“Before the outcome is determined, everything is possible. Perhaps Your Highness will be the one enduring the pain by then.” A strange look quickly flashed past Chen Rui’s face.

Lich King laughed strangely, “I suddenly admire you a little. As a reward, regardless of whether you win or lose this round, I will let you enter the Tower of Destruction. I want to see, upon coming to the last level after all your hard work, what you will be like when facing the Dark Dragon Emperor’s inheritance which can be obtained, but you are unable to obtain it as your soul is incomplete?”

“Whether I win or lose, I can enter the Tower of Destruction?” Chen Rui’s eyes flashed with a strange light. This is really an unexpected gain.

Lich King nodded, “Of course, there is also another reward that is I will imprison half of your soul in the kingdom forever. I’ll burn and torture it with the soul devouring flames every minute and every second!”

“Okay!” Chen Rui agreed without hesitation, “Then I Aguile. Shura will sign a contract with Your Highness under the name of ‘Shura’. If I lose to Your Highness, then Shura will be split out and be imprisoned and tortured forever by Your Highness!”

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Lich King’s blue pupils were s.h.i.+ning brightly, “I can see that you seem to be very confident, which allows me to enjoy more pleasure when destroying you just like… dealing with the Dark Elemental King.”

“Hmph! I didn’t expect you still hide such a powerful spirit power.” Glorios sneered, “But no what trick you use, you cannot change the outcome of your failure.”

Chen Rui revealed a strange smile. His slightly squinted eyes glowed with a blood-red color that was not there before, “In a certain memory I have obtained, there is such a scene where the gambling party who shows the card first will surely be the loser. Today, I will break this so-called ‘convention’.”

With that said, he revealed the main card in front of him. 2 Devil King, 2 Silver Queen, and 1 Glorious Cavalry.

“Really?” Glorios also revealed his main card. Chaos camp; 3 Phantom Concubine and a pair of Demon Slave. Full house of the same camp. Judging by the current cards, Glorios had an absolute advantage.

“This is what you mean by breaking the convention?” Glorios smiled, “However, you still have the last hope. If your secondary card is a neutral card, then you can probably change the main card of the Order camp to me. If you are lucky, you can trade Cavalry for my Phantom Concubine, then we can maybe make a tie? Then, quickly reveal your secondary card.”

The secondary card in front of Chen Rui flipped over. His expression suddenly froze.

Staff – Order main card. The card pattern was valid. 2 pairs of mixed camp; a very small card pattern.

The hearts of Strena and others who were watching the poker table suddenly sank. It seemed that they lost their last hope too.

Glorios laughed, “Is it unexpected? Although your spirit power has reached the peak stage of the Demon Overlord and your attribute is very weird, don’t forget that my real strength is the kingdomized powerhouse. Even if my spirit power is limited to the peak stage of the Demon Overlord level, my skills and control are far beyond your reach. This is actually just a small trick. I have replaced the neutral card you want to reverse the situation during the compet.i.tion.”

“Half of your soul is mine.” Glorios smiled as he opened the secondary card in front of him. In an instant, everyone looked surprised.

The secondary card of Glorios is a sun!

Since his previous main card was full house of the Chaos camp, and his secondary card is Order camp, then the card pattern is invalid. He directly loses!

Even if this secondary card is just a neutral card, Glorios will also not lose, but this is an Order card! Glorios couldn’t believe his eyes. Perhaps ‘sun’ could express what he wanted to say most at this time.

“Are you satisfied with the secondary I gave you? It’s actually just a small trick.” Chen Rui’s evil laughter sounded, “For some guy, this is actually a failed victory, but for you… I can return that sentence to you. Half of your soul is mine.”

TL: I almost thought Chen Rui ‘won’, now Shura gets half of the soul of Lich King…

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