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Chapter 609 - Clone

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Chapter 609: Clone

Adeline activated her sensing power and led Chen Rui toward the jungle. All the way, the sound of the snake rustling as she moved covered Chen Rui’s footsteps.

Thinking of her snake body, the girl inexplicably had a sense of low self-esteem, but this mentality was quickly covered by the worry about her sister. She put away her distracting thought and began to sense the whereabouts of the mirage with all her strength.

Due to her soul body physique, those illusions that could affect Demon Overlords had no effect on Adeline. Instead, she could trace the origin through this illusion and lock the trace of the mirage.

The white mist along the way became more and more dense; Chen Rui’s pace became slower and slower. Adeline also slowed down, “Sir Aguile, I feel that there are layers of soul power intertwined on all sides. My sensing power is refracted away by some special power. The real body of the mirage seems to have disappeared.”

“Oh?” Chen Rui’s breathing was a little bit short. It seemed that the “scenarios” he encountered along the way were far more dangerous and complicated than the “reality” that Adeline sensed.

“The power of the illusion, [Mirror Image]… No wonder the attacks were all defended. It turns out to be like this. It seems that this guy’s illusion is close to materialization…”

Chen Rui’s red eyes showed a strange light. Although Adeline couldn’t see it, she sensed something abnormal and asked, “Sir Aguile?”

“I just thought of something very valuable. I will crack the trick of the mirage first.” When Chen Rui raised his left hand, a cl.u.s.ter of extremely pure terrifying breath appeared in his 5 fingers and spreaded all around. Adeline felt those complex and ingenious reflection and refraction power were quickly penetrated by a kind of “aggressive” power, then they were completely destroyed without a trace.

This kind of power seemed to be stronger than when they were facing the Black Sea G.o.d. The girl was surprised, and she plucked up the courage to ask, “Sir Aguile…may I ask a question?”

“I seem to have guessed your question.” Chen Rui’s red eyes seemed to be able to see through the girl’s mind. His smile had a touch of playful expression, “No matter what I become, I will always be me. Will you be willing to be as always… and unreservedly believe in this man who can bring you hope, my Ms. Adeline?”

The last t.i.tle made the naga girl’s face blush. She gave an inaudible “En“.

Chen Rui’s red eyes flashed with evil light, and a red mark appeared on his fingertips, “Then, accept this mark. You will get the power that you did not have in the past. After that, we have to speed up. I believe it won’t take long to rescue your sister.”

The girl’s hesitation lasted only a moment before she reached out to the mark with determination.

In the horseshoe-shaped concave waters of the Hidden Misty Island, a group of dense mist was suspended on the surface of the sea. It was no different from the mist that filled the entire island, but suddenly there was a crisp sound of something cracking in the mist which sounded like the gla.s.s was shattered. The mist’s form changed in some way shortly afterward. 2 huge sh.e.l.l shapes appeared faintly, and there were 2 faintly gleaming blue lights inside.

“My 3 clones of [Demonic Mirror Territory] are destroyed in an instant! What kind of existence is that?! He obviously is weak, but he has such a pure and terrifying power. It seems to be the origin of destruction…” The mist’s resentful voice sounded, “It’s all because of the imprisonment of this d.a.m.n place. I can’t use the strongest power of the illusion kingdom at all! If only I can get the body and soul of the soul body… No! With that girl who has the soul body around, they will be able to detect my true whereabouts soon. I must transfer immediately!”

“It’s too late…”

A figure came from the mist ahead without warning. The mirage was taken aback. It quickly emitted a lot of mist and merged into the mist.

Before it could escape, it was surrounded by a terrifying force field. The mirage’s body could ignore ordinary physical attacks. However, this force field contained the origin power representing “Rule”. The mist rolled like it was electrocuted with just a touch at the edge. The place making the contact was buzzing.

“I have to say that this guy’s [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] is really useful… Uh, I should say mine.” Chen Rui and the naga girl’s figures appeared in the sky. The nearby mist seemed to have disintegrated. It disappeared quickly, leaving only the thickest mirage mist in the center.

“A big clam sh.e.l.l? It turns out that this is the appearance of the mirage. Speaking of it, this image is a bit similar to the image of a certain myth in the original world of that guy.” Chen Rui commented leisurely as if he did not take the mirage to heart at all.

“Don’t be too arrogant!” The opponent’s contempt caused the mirage to roar in anger. A silhouette flashed in the mist, and a snake figure shot out like electricity, rus.h.i.+ng straight toward Chen Rui.

“Sister!” Adeline had sensed this familiar figure which was the missing Strena.

At this time, Strena’s green eyes had turned blue. Her mind was obviously controlled by the mirage. The female naga warrior’s body was s.h.i.+ning with golden light. The 6 scimitars in her hand turned into a dazzling flame intertwined into a fierce light net that wrapped toward Chen Rui. It was an all-out attack.

Chen Rui stretched his hands, and the s.p.a.ce around his body began to twist irregularly. It contained a mysterious rhythm. One after another “cracks” began to appear in the s.p.a.ce. The light net was sucked in as soon as it approached the cracks like a mud cow disappearing as it entered the sea. An even stranger thing happened. After a while, the light net appeared again in the crack and flew toward Strena.

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Although Strena’s mind was controlled, her fighting instinct still existed. The 6 scimitars swayed into a halo at high speed, protecting her whole body. The moment the light net touched the halo, a crisp clanking sound was made at the same time. When the light dissipated, the figure of the female naga warrior was knocked back like a broken kite and plunged into the sea.

“Just the illusion talent?” After getting the affirmative answer, the mirage looked at the naga girl below. Its 2 blue lights flashed a greedy light.

Adeline had rescued Strena ash.o.r.e. Strena was attacked back by her own killing move. Her body was covered with scars of horrifying slashes. Her soul suffered a severe injury. She was still unconscious so far, but fortunately, it did not seem to be life-threatening. Adeline was helping Strena to heal the trauma when she suddenly felt that the surrounding scene changed drastically. The s.p.a.ce previously seen in the “Aguile” spiritual world actually appeared.

In the faint mist, a bright starry sky looked extremely magnificent.

A figure appeared in the starry sky. It was another Chen Rui wearing a star-like armor. When he saw the other “self”, he immediately shouted, “Shura!”

“Very good! Mirage, your talent really surprised me!” Shura’s red eyes flashed with brilliance, “Now that girl is yours. Remember our contract, before I finish this thing, you must maintain this [Illusion Kingdom].”

The mirage’s 2 blue lights glimmered as it turned into a thick mist rolling toward Adeline below.

Chen Rui yelled and instantly appeared in front of the mirage. His hand turned into a blade and cut toward his head. However, Shura’s figure appeared in front of the mirage. The knife slashed on the blue protective s.h.i.+eld. A crack appeared on the protective s.h.i.+eld, but it did not break apart. Chen Rui was about to attack when a warning sign suddenly appeared behind him. He teleported away again. His original position was. .h.i.t by 2 [Aurora Shots], and Shura was right behind him.

Once Chen Rui stood firm, a wave of stacking wave-like momentum in front of him had rushed toward his face. In the unavoidable situation, he could only forcefully resist it. His qi was shaken by the continuous momentum. If he was not familiar with the characteristics of the stacked momentum, he would be severely injured by this move.

All of a sudden, there were 3 Shuras surrounding him in a triangle shape.

“Aren’t you always feeling uneasy about me devouring the Wheel of Hera?” The 3 Shura laughed triumphantly at the same time, “I can tell you responsibly that your worries have become reality. Try the test of challenging your 3 selves. In this [Illusion Kingdom] that is separated from the Super System’s territory, you no longer have the “home advantage”. Maybe you can’t even beat 1…”

Underneath, the mist of the mirage had flown in front of Adeline. The naga girl’s dim gaze was a bit more sluggish than usual. She had no idea about the great danger that was coming. After the mirage confirmed that Adeline had no resistance, a thick mist spread, enveloping the girl.

TL: I previously thought Chen Rui was letting Shura out, but he actually lost control! Without the help of Super System, can Chen Rui fight against Shura?

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