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Chapter 594 - 3 Kings Of Darkness

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Chapter 594: 3 Kings Of Darkness

2 days later, the Devil’s Snare s.h.i.+p sailed into a sea area. Even the magic novice like Chen Rui could sense the rich element breath with his spirit power which was somewhat similar to the Earth Realm in the underground world of Mountain Xilang.

With Chen Rui’s eyesight, he could see the island in front of him exuding a dim blue mist. It really deserves the name “Dark Blue”.

The Devil’s Snare s.h.i.+p that sailed in full speed initially suddenly slowed down. Obviously, the flow of the water had changed. One after another blue silhouette rose up on the sea in front of them, walking on the magnificent sea like they were walking on flat ground.

The upper body of these figures resembled a human form. Their facial features were more delicate than the earth elementals. They also had no s.e.xual characteristics. The lower body blended in the water as if they were 1. Water-like circulating substances could be vaguely seen in their translucent body.

Water elementals!

The sea around the Devil’s Snare s.h.i.+p had frozen into ice, so it could not move anymore. It could be resolved with an icebreaker or magic thruster, but Chen Rui did not come to have a conflict with the water elementals this time.


[a.n.a.lytical Eyes] had translated the meaning of the sound of water elementals. These elementals used elemental language instead of the Demon Realm common language, so they should not be elite water elementals.

Moore walked up to the head of the s.h.i.+p slowly while exuding the breath of the king. The water elementals suddenly showed surprised expressions, and they retracted their hostility. They bowed their heads slightly to show respect.

Moore stretched out his palms and closed his eyes, seeming to initiate some kind of fluctuation. After a short while, there was a wave of twisting in the air. There was already another figure with delicate facial features. His crystal clear body showed a magnificent blue color with a faint icy breath. It was the Water Elemental King Lambost that Chen Rui had seen last time in Town Lupin.

“Welcome, Your Highness King Moore. On behalf of all the water elementals of the Deep Blue Island, I would like to extend my sincerest respect to Your Highness.” Lambost gracefully saluted. Chen Rui recognized that it was Zola’s ancient etiquette to Moore back then.

Moore saluted back in the same way, “It’s my honor, Your Highness King Lambost. Please allow me to introduce Aguile, the earth elementals’ best friend. I think you guys have already met.”

At this time Chen Rui had already changed his face, using the pseudonym “Aguile”. He bowed to Lambost.

Lambost’s thought quickly. This Aguile once received the element blessing. His relations.h.i.+p with Earth Elemental King is extraordinary, but now it seems that their friends.h.i.+p is deeper than I imagined.

Moore mentioned this person in the first sentence of the first meeting, and he specifically emphasized that Aguile is the best friend of all the earth elementals. It is by no means an affiliation, but a real reciprocal friends.h.i.+p. My decision to stop Hegel’s killing move last time in Town Lupin was indeed correct.

“Welcome, the close friend of the Earth Elemental King, Sir Aguile.” Lambost discovered that Chen Rui’s strength was the peak stage of the Demon Emperor. He was slightly surprised that he made rapid progress from the previous time. He nodded to Aguile.

“Please come with me.” As Lambost said, the water flow suddenly turned into a conveyor belt-like platform, carrying the Devil’s Snare s.h.i.+p forward.

There was a gorgeous palace in the center of Deep Blue Island made of some unknown water element crystal. It was luxurious, but more importantly, there was a special power contained in the crystal. The chair where Chen Rui was sitting alone made his body feel like he was wrapped in the gentle breath of the water element. His spirit power seemed to be nurtured. It was very comfortable.The benefits for the magicians who trained water element magic must be more than this.

The Deep Blue Palace was of the highest quality in terms of craftsmans.h.i.+p and facilities. It could be described as priceless; it was much more luxurious than the Earth Realm of the earth elementals.

“Your Highness Moore, if you don’t mind, please call me Lambost directly.” Lambost sat on the upper seat and showed a gentle smile, “It has been many years since the last element war, and it is just the first time we meet after you are reborn, but there was no need for too much politeness between the 3 Kings of Darkness.”

Moore smiled and said, “Then okay… Lambost, please call me Moore.”

“It’s a great honor, my friend.” A brownish-yellow light appeared in Lambost’s hand, “The earth imprint should also return to its original owner. I think you should have prepared for it.”

“Of course.” Moore stood up and received the brownish-yellow light. Although Chen Rui didn’t understand what the earth imprint was, he vaguely understood that the condition for accepting the imprint should be the strength of the peak stage Demon Overlord. That was why Moore waited until he absorbed the power of the Fertile Yuan Soil before coming to the Dead Sea.

After thinking about it, the beating light turned into a strange mark in Moore’s hand and submerged in the center of his forehead.

“Very well, it will only take 3 months from now. With my help, you will be able to completely absorb the imprint and completely merge with the origin.”

“Thank you.” Moore nodded, then he changed the subject, “Will the Dark Elemental King Hegel come here?”

Lambost glanced at Chen Rui with a profound gaze, “Hegel arrived at the Deep Blue Island a month ago, but he is now looking for something in the mysterious sea area. As far as I know, Hegel still has a strong hatred toward your friend which seems difficult to resolve.”

Moore once said to Chen Rui that the water elementals were suspicious and cunning. Apparently, Lambost noticed that Moore brought Chen Rui to the Deep Blue Island this time in order to deliberately make some contact with Hegel.

“Your Highness Lambost, I would also like to thank you for your help in Town Lupin last time.” Chen Rui didn’t mention about his grudge with the Dark Elemental King. He stood up and saluted, “I got a treasure under an occasional opportunity, I would like to let Your Highness take a look.”

As Chen Rui spoke, a round and dark blue bead suddenly appeared in his hand. As soon as the bead was taken out, the surrounding water elementals began to fluctuate strangely. The beads began to tremble gently and echo each other. Chen Rui had studied the blue bead for a long time and had no clue. This was the first time he saw this situation.

“Crown of Wave!” Lambost stood up emotionally, but he calmed down again and glanced at Moore.

Moore smiled confidently, “This is a gift from my friend.”

The bead flew over to him from Chen Rui’s hand. Lambost nodded slightly and took it. As soon as the bead reached the Water Elemental King’s hand, it immediately radiated an unprecedented intensity of light. In an instant, the entire Deep Blue Palace shone in magnificent blue.

Lambost placed his hands on top of his head. After a while, the light gradually disappeared. There was already a crystal clear crown on the Water Elemental King’s head. Lambost still had a gentle smile on his face, but his eyes flashed with an unconcealed light of “excitement”.

Moore looked surprised, “This kind of breath… Is it the origin fragment of the water element? No wonder I can’t even recognize the origin of this treasure.”

Lambost smiled and nodded, “The origin fragment of the water element has been lost for hundreds of thousands of years. It has finally returned to the hands of the water elementals. This time, Hegel went to the mysterious sea area to explore the whereabouts of the origin fragment of dark element. I didn’t expect that I actually got the origin fragment before him. With the power of the fragment, we should have a better chance of winning in Elemental War.”

As the Water Elemental King spoke, his gaze toward Chen Rui also changed: “Regardless of whether you know what the Crown of Wave means to me… this is an unexpected gift. Regarding Hegel, I will a.s.sist Moore to mediate. Besides, in order to express my grat.i.tude, I can promise you 1 condition.”

Chen Rui thought for a while, “I want some water source power.”

Lambost frowned slightly, “Water source power? With your strength, you can’t afford to take the power of water source power. Furthermore, you are not a magician…”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. A friend of mine needs it.”

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The Water Elemental King was silent for a moment, and he did not ask any more. There was a little blue light in his hand. It turned into a crystal blue flower and flew toward Chen Rui.

Hegel smiled cruelly, “Such a small potato can even affect the Elemental Covenant? Is your earth lump’s elemental heart flooded with water? I want to see if you, who have not integrated the element imprint, are qualified to mention the term Elemental Covenant!”

As soon as Hegel finished speaking, he waved his hands and the entire sky darkened. The entire Deep Blue Island began to be filled with gloomy and strange breath. The great dark power that descended from the sky seemed like it was going to devour everything. Moore showed a solemn expression. He stepped on the ground, and yellow light light spread around. The gloomy breath in the air had a heavy feeling.

As Hegel sneered, his figure had appeared in the air. The black gas in the sky gathered into countless tentacles that rolled toward Moore. Moore crossed his hands on his chest, and the yellow lights in the air connected into intricate layers of s.h.i.+elds. As soon as the tentacles touched the s.h.i.+eld’s power, a dull noise was heard. One could see with the naked eye that the part of the s.h.i.+eld that was touched by the black gas quickly began to decay and dissolve, but the black gas that eroded the s.h.i.+eld gradually became more and more yellow. It gradually solidified into a part of the s.h.i.+eld. The power of both sides quickly cancelled each other. It was a stalemate for a while.

The earth elementals were the best at defensive. Even if Hegel’s power was above Moore, he couldn’t break through the s.h.i.+eld’s defense in a short time. However, this was not a 2-person battle. After seeing that the tentacles were ineffective, they actually left Moore and rolled toward Chen Rui. Moore frowned. Chen Rui’s body was suddenly covered with a light membrane, blocking these tentacles.

While Moore was distracted while protecting Chen Rui, Hegel took advantage to press his hands down; the s.h.i.+eld trembled. Moore’s feet fell into the soi,l but his defense became even stronger. However, he had to protect Chen Rui. Moore, who was initially weaker, gradually fell into a disadvantage under the divided attention.

Lambost, who had promised to mediate between both parties, did not intervene. Instead, he watched the 2 kings launch their powers with interest.

At this moment, the light membrane that was tightly wrapped by the tentacles suddenly emitted a strong light. Even the pitch darkness could not overshadow this star-like light.

A red light flashed in Hegel’s eyes. The breath emitted by this light is definitely not the power of the Earth Elemental King. This light made me feel very uncomfortable. Is it the power of the light element? No! Not at all!

The blue eyes of the Water Elemental King who watched the battle showed an odd expression. He gradually retracted a cl.u.s.ter of ice crystal-like power in the palm behind him.

The dazzling starlight gradually went back into the figure with the light membrane, revealing the figure of “Aguile”. At the same time, countless stars appeared in the dark mist. Hegel felt that his power actually weakened rapidly. He couldn’t resolve it even after launching the territory power several times. He was shocked- This kind of debuff effect should be the power of the dark element. Why can it affect me, the origin of dark elements? ? Is it the real power of “Rule”?

By the way, this enemy only had Demon Emperor-level strength when he was in Town Lupin. The breath he is exuding now is actually almost approaching the peak stage of the Demon Overlord! Also, is the armor on his body…

Moore also felt surprised. There was a red light on his body which actually buffed his power to a great extent. Unless one’s magic power had reached the highest level (such as Zola), otherwise the buff or debuff magic was generally ineffective for Elemental Kings. Chen Rui was obviously not cultivating in magic, but he could activate this kind of power. This was really astonis.h.i.+ng.

Chen Rui knew that there was still a lot of distance between himself and the 3 Elemental Kings, so he immediately activated his full strength without reservation. Dozens of [Aurora Shot] were launched at Hegel. Hegel waved his hand and the dazzling light ball sank into countless black mists, making a buzzing sound before extinguis.h.i.+ng. Moore had already begun to counterattack. His yellow s.h.i.+eld turned into sharp thorns out of thin air. Eventually, Hegel couldn’t maintain his previous calmness. He turned into a plume of black smoke and landed on the ground, avoiding the sharp thorns.

The Dark Elemental King finally came face to face with Chen Rui. This small potato whom I initially used to distract Moore actually has the ability to affect the battle!

With the help of Chen Rui, Moore caught up a little from the disadvantage position. At this time, amidst the weird and heavy breath, a tender power suddenly appeared. It turned into layers of ripples which actually enveloped both Hegel and Moore at the same time.

The 2 kings simultaneously felt the immense pressure contained in the seemingly soft ripples. Blade-like long bone spurs appeared in Hegel’s wrists. He retreated while waving at high speed. The ripples split apart before they came close. Before they reintegrated, they were completely corroded by the black mist, but he had taken 7 or 8 steps back.

A sponge-like power pattern appeared in front of Moore’s body. All the ripples were absorbed by these “sponge”. The swollen “sponge” slowly recovered and disappeared in the strange twist, but Moore completely sank into the soil below the knee joints

“What are you doing! Lambost!” Hegel roared.

“My hands are just a bit itchy when watching you guys fighting.” Lambost’s calm voice sounded. “By the way, I have no objection if you said that Moore is an ‘earth lump’, but you said that his elemental heart is flooded in ‘water’.” Therefore, I have valid reasons to regard it as your discrimination and provocation against the water elementals.”

TL: It seems like the Elemental Covenant is nothing for them; they just fight without care?‍♂️… So, the true ‘me’ that Moore mentioned is him after merging with the origin? How will Chen Rui make Hegel help him?

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