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Chapter 584 - The Destination! Dead Sea

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Chapter 584: The Destination! Dead Sea

Chen Rui came to the sheriff’s house at the Dark Moon Estate through the [Teleportation Portal] of the Rainbow Valley. As soon as he came out, he happened to run into Roman and Dodo in the courtyard.

Dodo transformed into Paglio’s look to pour wine to Roman as a waitress. It seemed that Roman had been bullied by Master Poison Dragon recently. He wanted to redeem some pitiful self-esteem by using Dodo’s ability to transform.

“Master Roman, please drink wine.” Dodo very cooperatively offered a gla.s.s of wine with both hands respectfully.

Roman took a sip and deliberately spat it out, “Why does this wine taste a little sour? Didn’t I ask you to add fructose liquid!”

Dodo rolled his eyes and took the gla.s.s of wine as if he was tasting it carefully, but he drank it all and nodded pretentiously, “It’s a bit sour indeed. I’ll add more fructose liquid for master.”

“You stained my cup! Change another one! Cunning slime! Uh, no, it’s Paglio, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Roman seemed to be full of resentment, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d poison dragon, you were also hooking up with those 2 beauties last time. In the end, you betrayed me and brought Delia to the scene! As a result, I was grounded by Delia for 7 days!”

“This is too sour, this is too sweet…” While Master Roman cursed, the slime responsibly tasted the wine on the side. Each “tasting” was a full gla.s.s.

“Dodo! Hurry up!”

The slime s.h.i.+vered, grabbed a gla.s.s and handed it over.

Roman was just picking faults to vent previously, but this time he was too lazy to talk about it. He took the wine and drank it, then he took the meat that Dodo handed over. Finally, his resentment was relieved by a little- It’s good that the slime is here. Otherwise, I will be at the bottom of the society. I can’t even find someone to oppress.

Master Roman hiccuped and couldn’t help being stunned when he happened to see the master, Chen Rui, approaching. Dodo reacted faster than him. He immediately changed back to his original shape of the onion and bounced over. He uttered flattering words like a fountain without stagnation. It should be the result of practice during this period of time.

Chen Rui was not in the mood to play with Dodo, so he threw a few fruits to him and walked straight to Roman.

“Hey, isn’t this our sir leader? By the way, I should call you Royal Highness Prince Consort.” Roman grinned while teasing, “Is there any more of that aromatic millet wine? Paglio and I have finished drinking the last few bottles.”

“How many bottles?” Chen Rui was taken aback, and he said, “There are dozens of wine barrels in those magic bottles! It only took a few days? Are you two water tanks? “

“That wine is so delicious. I drank it all in one breath with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d poison dragon and got drunk for 2 days.” Roman said with a cheeky smile, “Leader, who are we following? What’s the big deal of a few bottles of wine to our leader? Just give a few hundred bottles.”

Another hundred bottles? Even the Princess Villa can go bankrupt again! Chen Rui said a sentence harshly, “Who is your leader, I don’t know you! I still have urgent matters, so I’ll go ahead.”

“Don’t!” Roman grabbed him, “Master Leader, I apologize, okay? Just a few bottles! Just… for the sake of Madam Aunt?”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d still dares to say!” Chen Rui grabbed this guy by the s.h.i.+rt, “It’s all because of you; you divulged all my secrets to Isabella!”

“You have to pay it back sooner or later. This is what leader said before.” Roman said with a guilty conscience, “Anyway, Madam Aunt will know it sooner or later.

“a.s.shole, you obviously betrayed me…”

“My aunt is a good woman. She has suffered a lot over the years. Leader, please take care of her in the future.” Roman patted Chen Rui’s shoulder earnestly, and the next sentence was revealed, “10 bottles of wine. I will tell you everything I know about her. Whether you can become my Sir Uncle depends on your own ability…Ouch!”

Before he finished speaking, Chen Rui knocked Student Nephew’s head heavily. Roman looked at the future Sir Uncle with a grievance.

“I’m coming back this time for Isabella.” Speaking of this, Chen Rui’s relaxed mood of fighting with his partner suddenly changed to solemnity, “She has only 2 months to live.”

“What?” Roman was shocked. This time he was not pretending, but he was really horrified. He gritted his teeth and said, “What is going on?”

“Don’t you know all of them?” Chen Rui wanted to mock this guy a few words, but apparently, he was not in this mood now. Roman was the son of Isabella’s elder brother. When Isabella was “dying”, she also asked him to tell Roman about the whereabouts of the Breeze Shadow Boots, so Chen Rui didn’t hide it and told Roman everything.

Roman’s face darkened as he listened. He no longer had the usual laughter. He lamented, “It turns out that Breeze Shadow Boots was lost 200 years ago. Madam Aunt has suffered more these years than I know. I only know a fragment of what happened back then, but my father didn’t blame her. Before dying, he told me to find my aunt to tell her that relatives are always relatives.”

This is the real relative. Chen Rui nodded. Isabella does have an elder brother who loves her, “Have you said this to her?”

“Yes, she ended up throwing me to the underground Trevante ruins which is the cave of the evil eye. If it wasn’t for you, I would have become a lunatic even if I didn’t die…” Roman scratched his head, “I just know that Madam Aunt’s real purpose is to make me stronger. Without this kind of trial between life and death, I would not be able to reach the Demon Emperor level so quickly. Madam Aunt is actually… a very empathetic woman, but her way is a bit special. Delia is the Leviathan Royal Family and the biggest enemy of our Belphegor Royal Family. Even back then, my father couldn’t accept her ident.i.ty. Meanwhile, my aunty only said to me: If you love her, then hold on. If you are a man, shoulder it.”

Chen Rui took a deep breath. That’s right, if you love her, then hold on. This is Isabella. As a man, I have to shoulder it and not let her suffer the same kind of harm in the past.

“I received news from Tim some time ago that Earth Elemental King Moore is going to the Dead Sea and will arrive at the Dark Moon first. I ask for his help to see if he can dispel or delay the [Light Annihilation Seal]. You ask Delia to use the power of the Dark Demon to find the humans who stayed in the Demon Realm for training. If even Moore can’t help me, I have no choice but to go to the human world! This is the last hope to save Isabella.”

“Okay!” Roman nodded hastily, and he suddenly realized something, “Hey, how do you know so many things about Madam Aunt? For her, you are even willing to…”

“Let me tell you,” Chen Rui showed a rare ease on his face as he patted Roman’s shoulder lightly, “I will surely become your Sir Uncle.”

In Roman’s stunned gaze, Chen Rui walked out and just waved without looking back.

“d.a.m.n, am I really going to be leader’s junior in the future?” Master Roman muttered to himself with a weird face, and he suddenly screamed, “Wine! You haven’t given me the wine yet!”

Soon after Chen Rui walked out of the house, he contacted Tim’s wife, Lysa. Currently, the Dark Shadow Empire was gathering the army in Town Leia and waiting in Walan Fortress. Guradam had led the undead army into the fortress. Lysa was traveling with Earth Elemental King this time in order to transport a new batch of aromatic millet wine to the Dark Moon and also to take a look at her son in the Saiful Family.

Although Lysa was a medusa, the mother’s honor increased as her son’s position rose. Furthermore, she was the tribe chief of the medusa tribe, so she became Tim’s legitimate wife without any dispute. With the help of Chen Rui, Lysa’s strength had reached the Great Demon King which was far better than Tim. The poor Moon Shadow Legion sir legion commander still did not dare to take a second wife. Lysa once proposed to choose the second wife for him from the medusas, but the legion commander righteously rejected it.

Earth Elemental King Moore had recovered to the peak stage of the Demon Overlord level with the help of the Fertile Yuan Soil. He had also successfully advanced a large number of elite earth elementals including several Demon Emperor levels. Their overall strength had greatly increased.

Chen Rui waited for Lysa and Earth Elemental King Moore in the western suburb. The medusa warriors made great achievements in Obsidian’s crusade. Lysa was a celebrity of the Dark Moon, so there was no need to conceal herself. Earth Elemental King covered himself with a cloak to avoid unnecessary trouble. Fortunately, Moore’s height was similar to ordinary demons, so he didn’t look strange on the surface.

“Moore, my friend, welcome.” Chen Rui made an elemental courtesy to Earth Elemental King, “I just happen to need your help.”

Moore saluted back, “It’s nice to meet you. Likewise, I’m very glad to help you, my friend, Chen Rui.”

Chen Rui smiled, “Let’s go back to the city to talk.”

“Master, this is the newly brewed millet wine, please have a look.” Lysa bowed and handed 2 special magic vessels to Chen Rui which contained a large amount of aromatic millet wine.

“Lysa, how is the distilling and brewing method experiment that I brought to you some time ago?”

What Chen Rui mentioned was the brewing method of the white wine. He just vaguely remembered that white wine was the distilled wine and was not clear about the rest, so the medusas needed to experiment.

Lysa replied respectfully, “Kasha and Kesha are in charge of this matter. They are currently undergoing experiments and have made considerable progress. Please rest a.s.sured, master.”

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“Very well, Lysa, there is 1 more thing to tell you. I have conquered a large medusa tribe in the White Feather Estate. There are thousands of tribes people. The queen is called Lanliza. She has reached the Demon Emperor level. In the future, I want the 2 tribes to be combined into 1, sharing the Fountain of Vitality. Lanliza will be the tribe chief in charge of guarding and battles. You will be the deputy tribe chief who will a.s.sist Tim and responsible for the wine brewing work, what do you think?”

Chen Rui heard that he was right and asked, “Moore, can you think of a way to dispel the [Light Annihilation Seal]?”

Moore pondered for a moment and said, “This kind of curse seal is very stubborn, and it is now on the verge of exploding. If it is forcibly dispelled, it will also annihilate this lady’s soul. If you can’t remove the source of the curse seal by normal means now, there are only 2 methods. First, use the power of the supreme light element to reversely clear the curse mark, and second, use the purer dark element’s essence power to devour the curse mark. Only the Light Elemental King and the Dark Elemental King can use these 2 methods. Relatively speaking. Obviously, finding the Dark Elemental King is the most practical way.”

Chen Rui frowned and said, “I told you that I had an enmity with the Dark Elemental King and killed a Demon Emperor elite dark elemental when I was in the Blue Lava Estate. I’m afraid it’s harder to get the Dark Elemental King’s help. More importantly, I don’t know where the Dark Elemental King is, and Isabella has only the last 2 months left.”

“In my inherited memory, the location of the Dark Elemental King should be the place with the strongest dark elements in the north. However, if I didn’t guess it wrongly, he is likely to be at where I’m going this time.”

“You mean… the Dead Sea?” Chen Rui was instantly high-spirited.

“Yes.” Moore nodded slightly, “This involves some things between the Elemental Kings. As for your enmity… I’ll think of a solution at that time.”

Chen Rui didn’t ask too much after hearing that it was the secret between the kings, “Okay! I’ll go to the Dead Sea with you! It’s just that the Dead Sea is very far away, and Isabella only has 2 months left, I’m afraid she can’t hold on for so long.”

“Don’t worry, maybe I have a way. Is the origin soil of that piece of Fertile Yuan Soil still there?”

Moore gave the origin soil of the Fertile Yuan Soil to Chen Rui last time. It could bring plants back to life, double the output, and continue regenerating. It was currently in the Star Garden of the Super System.

Chen Rui s.h.i.+fted his mind and immediately took out the Fertile Yuan Soil. Earth Elemental King took the Fertile Yuan Soil and praised, “Your power is very magical. I feel that Fertile Yuan Soil’s power has become more and more refined. It just happens to be able to exert a better effect. By the way, I also need a place full of earth elements; the richer the better.”

Zola, who had been silent, spoke up, “Come with me.”

The 4 of them came to an independently separated garden. The light in the eyes of Earth Elemental King flashed, “It’s astonis.h.i.+ng. The power of the earth elements here is about to catch up with the Earth Realm.”

As he said, a cloud of earth-yellow light appeared in Moore’s palm. Zola’s spectacles and her purple eyes were dazzling as she saw the power of the purest earth element.

The Fertile Yuan Soil shone with colorful rays of light, and the veins stretched out around Moore as the center. The Fertile Yuan Soil gradually disappeared. There was a small tree glowing with colorful rays on the ground. The entire garden was s.h.i.+ning with the magnificent colorful light.

“This Fertile Yuan Realm is not stable enough. I need 3 days to shape it thoroughly. If your woman stays here for up to 3 hours a day from now on, it can effectively suppress the onset time and effectiveness of the [Light Annihilation Seal].” Moore calculated and said, “Although the power of the Fertile Yuan Soil is miraculous, the earth element is not the right treatment. It can only extend her life by half a year at most which is a total of 9 months. Then it should be enough to go to the Dead Sea.”

“I will leave everything to you, Moore.” Chen Rui was overjoyed, “3 days later, I will go to the Dead Sea with you!”

Moore nodded and walked a few steps. He suddenly stopped when he came in front of Zola’s. A strange light in his eyes happened to meet Zola’s bright purple eyes.

Chen Rui suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a little abnormal. In the blink of an eye, the yellow light between both of them suddenly flourished. Moore and Zola actually made a move at the same time.

Chen Rui was taken aback. It is the first time that Zola and Moore met. Their conversation did not exceed 2 sentences, and they actually fought.

A cl.u.s.ter of yellow mist containing amazing magic power was in a stalemate between both of them, but the power did not leak at all. Chen Rui and Isabella just felt the powerful power in it, yet their body did not have the slightest fluctuation or effect. It could be seen that both of them had precise control of power.

The mist continued to twist and transform, and it gradually moved toward Zola. Zola frowned and made a m.u.f.fled sound. There was a blue glow in the mist which burst fiercely, then it disappeared without a trace.

TL: Zola who is close to the Demon Supremo actually loses? Or did she? What were they fighting with exactly? Element power?

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