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Chapter 57 - The Up-and-Coming Princess Retail Store

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Chapter 57: The Up-and-Coming Princess Retail Store

The effect of the signboard wasn’t bad; Chen Rui gave above-average comment for that. When he got closer, he saw that the number of customers entering and leaving the store had increased significantly. Walking into the Princess Retail Store, the messy arrangement previously had been improved into a sorted and orderly display. Kaguli who was once holding a scythe to frighten people appeared in the “security room” at the back, and the front desk waiter was replaced to an imp and a succubus. With the imp’s eloquence and the succubus’s charm, they were naturally able to attract customers. It seemed that little loli truly listened to Chen Rui’s opinions.

Kaguli saw Chen Rui. She was also loyal to Shea like her brother, Kaguron. When she saw the secretary that Princess Royal trusted, naturally, there was no hostility that she showed when they first met. Instead, she nodded slightly. Chen Rui smiled at Kaguli and went up to the second floor.

Due to Alice’s ident.i.ty, Chen Rui’s idea was to let the Princess Retail Store focus mainly on high-end. The first floor’s products were relatively for lower-end consumer whereas the second floor was the luxury version of a VIP floor. Not only the products were expensive, but it also had layers of protective magic personally cast by Old Gauss. It could avoid people will evil intentions, so it made the products seemed more mysterious.

The most attractive things in the Princess Retail Store were absolutely the two types of chess. One was the princess chess. According to the customers’ needs, it was divided into the perverted version and the ordinary version. What made Chen Rui ashamed was that customers who bought the perverted version were obviously more. The second was not Peg’s Solitaire, but it was another “grand master level” work provided by Chen Rui, demon-fighting chess. The demon-fighting chess was actually just animal-fighting chess [1], but the animals were changed into demons. There a total of eight demons. The strongest was the king; the demons in the middle were relatively weaker; the weakest was the succubus, but the succubus could seduce the king in turn. Some of the rules and names were also adjusted accordingly. Since demon-fighting chess was easy to understand, and it could be played between 2 players, its popularity was much higher than the princess chess, becoming the signature product of the Princess Retail Store.

Since there was a precedent of little princess’s copyright infringement, it was just a matter of time before these things were copied. So, Chen Rui introduced the concept of branding. All items in the Princess Retail Store had a special magical logo which was also the trademark.

The princess chess and demon-fighting chess were divided into normal and luxury version according to their quality and craftsmans.h.i.+p. The normal version was affordable and cheap with the magical trademark of the Princess Retail Store on the back. The luxury version was not only superior in quality, it also had a fine craftsmans.h.i.+p, but in addition to the trademark, it also had Alice’s personal magic signature. It was considered as a limited edition; the price was obviously high.

In addition to the two types of chess, there were some other products on the second floor. As for the unhealthy books that seriously affected the mental health of young girls, they were all removed and destroyed under the little loli’s reluctance.

The most expensive products were the royal family’s “limited collection”, which was basically just the dolls, hairpins and other toys or pieces that were priced ridiculously high. However, they had all been delicately handled. It was not only accompanied by pretty packaging, but the “history” of these items was also specifically mentioned. For example, the doll was given to the crown prince, Grimm by the Lord of Midnight Sun personally, and it was later given to Alice by the crown prince…

In that way, a doll that Alice was tired of becoming a reward given by the Lord of Midnight Sun personally. Besides, no one could doubt it with Alice’s ident.i.ty.

The burr puzzle was also within them. Its ident.i.ty had also changed and became a miraculous collection given to the Lucifer Royal Family by the ancient alchemy grand master. There were only two pieces in total, and it was tagged with a sky-high price which was mainly for publicity. Of course, the more expensive the goods, the stronger the protection magic.

The Dark Moon Estate was originally a famous and bustling place, so families with strong economic power weren’t lacking. However, the gradual slump in recent years made the families turned their focus to the foreign place. Yet, the foundation acc.u.mulated over the years still existed, so there was no lack of spending power. The key was the lack of places and products for consumption.

Both Alice and Kia were on the second floor, together with 3 other female Great Demon shop a.s.sistants. Alice was sitting there with a high spirit, looking exactly like a proprietress. With her ident.i.ty, she naturally didn’t need to talk much. She just had to say something occasionally to the customer, and it would give a good effect.

Kia at the stairway was the first to notice Chen Rui. Her eyes suddenly flashed with a strange look, and it didn’t seem to be a little friendly. Although it was a fleeting glance, Chen Rui still captured that look. He felt strange in his heart: I don’t think I’ve provoked this siren lately right?

Kia’s eyes instantly changed back to being charming. She came close and whispered, “Sir Secretary, you are here.”

The ecstatic voice in Chen Rui’s ear and the strange fragrance that went into his nose immediately accelerated his secretion of testosterone. His l.u.s.t was rising; he almost embarra.s.sed himself in public.

Thinking of the seductive talent of the succubus at the arena, he suddenly understood that this siren was deliberately charming him. However, it was several times more powerful than the succubus at the arena. With his current strength, he actually had an irresistible feeling, so he quickly focused his mind. Before he could speak, he heard the little loli’s surprised voice, “Chen Rui!”

“Are you done with your stuff?” Alice hopped over, “Are you here to help at the store today?”

This little loli wants to catch a strong coolie immediately when we meet. Chen Rui quickly shook his head, “Not yet. I was too busy in the past few days. Today, I could finally take some rest, but perhaps I will continue to be busy at night. I won’t be free at least for half a month.”

“It’s like this…” The little loli looked disappointed; it looked like she had a lot of things to say. She looked at the customers looking at her side with her eyes swiveled around, “The Jade Dragonfruit in the store is almost sold out. I command you to accompany me to the blue lake to pick the fruit right now!”

Chen Rui thought of the dangerous siren that would release her charm at any time, and he knew that it could be even worse if he stayed there, so he promised it. Alice said happily, “So let’s go now!”

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“Only two of us?” Chen Rui was stunned.

“When are you going to give me my part of the earnings?” Chen Rui seemed to have a certain immunity toward little loli’s ultimate move; he directly ignored the lethality of the word “brother”.

“Talking about money hurts feelings,” The little loli’s beautiful big eyes flashed continuously?. “The brother in my heart isn’t someone so ostentatious.”

The problem is that it’s too hurtful to my wallet to talk about feelings with you… Chen Rui didn’t have Shea’s apt.i.tude, so he was a bit overwhelmed under such gaze. The little loli didn’t continue teasing him and changed the topic, “The money has been taken away by my sister. If you want, you can go to my sister. Also… my sister said, she will grant you Kia two months later.”

Shea’s promise previously was actually true, and she even told Alice!

“I’ve already told Kia, but Kia doesn’t seem willing.”

Chen Rui recalled Kia’s unfriendly gaze and the deliberate use of her seductive talent when he saw Kia just now, then he finally understood.

“Kia is truly stupid. What’s wrong with being your maidservant?” The little loli looked disappointed. She counted with her fingers while saying, “She can eat your cooking every day. When she’s bored, you can tell her stories and make something fun. When she has no money, you can pay for it…”

Chen Rui was speechless. How is that a servant? That’s more master-like than the master!

While the little loli spoke, she made the cute look again?, “Brother, why not I’ll be your maidservant?”

“Little princess, stop kidding. I’m really afraid of you, okay? Let’s hurry.” Chen Rui was shocked and urged the tri-horned rhino to run faster. Little loli seemed to realize something and followed him with her mount.

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