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Chapter 565 - The Meeting of Elder Families

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Chapter 565: The Meeting of Elder Families

2 days later, astonis.h.i.+ng news circulated in the streets. The Demon Realm’s top veteran mechanic master Fonsaq, who had been missing for many years, suddenly appeared in the Fallen Angel Capital and joined the Fallen Angel Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation!

Fonsaq was the top leather master of the Demon Realm. He was once the top person of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation. He won the admiration of the entire mechanics industry. Later, he gave up his long position to the newly joined duo-specialized mechanic master, Nate. Nate was known as the top mechanic master of the Demon Realm, but the reason for this t.i.tle was that he was duo-specialized in metal and leather, so he won the first place with the rule of masters contest. In terms of crafting leather alone, he was inferior to Fonsaq.

After Fonsaq gave up his position as the chairman, he devoted himself to researching, but he died suddenly more than 10 years ago. Countless mechanics felt that it was a pity. However, in the past 2 years, a major event in the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s mechanics world had caused a sensation in the Demon Realm.

A teenager named Richard with a talent of mutated magic eyes joined the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation and became Nate’s apprentice. However, this Richard was Fonsaq’s apprentice, and he sacrificed himself to expose Nate’s true face to everyone.

Fonsaq was actually persecuted by Nate and fled the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire because Nate wanted to devour his skills with evil sorcery! After Fonsaq’s “death”, some geniuses died or disappeared inexplicably, all of them were harmed by Nate!

This aroused the anger of all the mechanics of the Demon Realm. Nate, whose reputation was ruined, was nearly killed by a group beating in the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation. The b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s Lord Raizen ordered the removal of Nate from all positions and imprisoned him. Fonsaq was finally vindicated.

This incident showed that Fonsaq did not die. The people originally thought he would return to the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire, but they did not expect him to actually join the Fallen Angel Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation!

The Mechanic a.s.sociation of the Fallen Angel Empire was weaker than the other 2 empires. Firstly, there was no such background as the ancient magic tower and the Book Collection Hall which caused a large loss of talent. Secondly, there were no top masters such as Anderson and Nate. Thirdly, the old president Riconk was once a teacher of Crown Prince Grimm. Not only did he not get the strong support of the ruler, but he also suffered from Obsidian’s suspicion and suppression from time to time.

Now that Obsidian was dethroned, Crown Prince Grimm’s daughter, Shea, became empress. With the addition of top-notch masters like Fonsaq at this time, it was a boost of confidence for the mechanics of the Fallen Angel Empire. Even the mechanics at the bottom level were inexplicably excited.

Fonsaq did not come alone, but he also brought a mysterious friend with him. This mysterious man wore a cloak which faintly showed his old face. He was a master of metal proficiency, named Simon, whose realm was not below Fonsaq. He also had considerable attainments in accessories proficiency. The 2 top masters were leather master and metal master respectively, and they only took 1 day to convince all the masters with absolute strength. If the mechanics world of the Dark Shadow Empire or the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire hadn’t had this effect, it was because the mechanics world of the Fallen Angel Empire had gradually declined over the years. The partic.i.p.ation of the top masters was nothing short of a timely help.

Although the Alchemist a.s.sociation was a public organization of the 3 major empires, the president of this empire was determined by the royal family. Riconk had previously requested to resign as the president several times because of his old age. However, because he was highly respected and was the pillar of the Mechanic a.s.sociation, Obsidian was also afraid that the Fallen Angel Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation, which was originally sluggish, would plummet, so he had not been approved. With the arrival of Fonsaq, Riconk once again asked for resignation from the new Empress Shea, and he finally got the permission. Master Fonsaq, who was recommended by Riconk, naturally became the new president of the Fallen Angel Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation.

In fact, the process was not as simple as the result. There were still some obstacles in the middle. However, with the help of Shea, Riconk, and others, the obstacles were resolved 1 by 1. Fonsaq succeeded in becoming the president and the high rank consultant of the palace at the same time. The former president, Riconk’s high rank consultant of the palace’s position remained unchanged. With Fonsaq’s reputation and Riconk’s prestige, coupled with Shea’s large amount of material support to fund the a.s.sociation, the Fallen Angel Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation quickly settled down, After the “change of personnel”, it became 1 of the strong supporters of the new Empress Shea.

Fonsaq’s rapid succession to the chairman of the Mechanic a.s.sociation was clear to the people with ulterior motives. This was a good move for Shea. With Fonsaq, the worth of the Mechanic a.s.sociation would be increased gradually. There might not be any special effects in a short period of time, but it was a very important boost in the long run.

Fonsaq’s re-emergence in the Fallen Angel Empire caused a sensation in the mechanics world. There were different opinions for a while. The most reasonable one was that Fonsaq hid in the Dark Moon after being persecuted by Nate, and he got the help from Crown Prince Grimm and Shea.

The Mechanic a.s.sociation was just a small action, but it was enough to show that the newly enthroned Her Majesty Empress had already begun to act. For a time, eyes from all directions were fixed on the palace. Some were vigilant, defensive and frightened. Most of them were fence sitters observing the situation.

The Fallen Angel Capital, elder families, Boll Family.

The heads of the elder families and elders were gathering together for a meeting.

“Don’t you want to say something, Patriarch Redotan?” The Leif Family’s elder, who was in the early stage of the Demon Overlord, Lunters asked with a sneer.

Redotan, the patriarch of the Toro Family, slightly smiled and did not answer.

“Patriarch Redotan has nothing to say, right?” Mishan Family’s patriarch, Angley, also showed hostility. Mishan Family’s elder, peak stage of the Demon Overlord, Barroco, was transferred from the capital to Tekula Fortress by Shea. The recent acts of the new empress made the usually sensitive Angley feel anxious instinctively. He didn’t know when the Dark Shadow Empire would end the d.a.m.n military operation so that Baroco could rush back to the capital as soon as possible.

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Lunters said without giving face, “When Obsidian was in power, the Toro Family married the regent’s daughter and had all the power they wanted. Now that Obsidian was dethroned and Empress Shea took over, the Toro Family immediately handed over the secret intelligence department to the Dark Demon which is under the command of the empress. You become the first person in the elder family to support Her Majesty Shea. Redotan, did you sacrifice the benefit of the entire family for your children? Or do you think you can get all the power again by supporting the empress? I think it is necessary for the Toro Family to re-elect a new patriarch who is truly competent.”

Angley sneered, “Everyone, it seems that it is necessary to let that Ms. Lilu retract those wild ideas. Those stores will receive special ‘entertainment’.”

Lunters pondered, “There is no need to make a fuss. The capital is not the Dark Moon. The economic structure is already very fixed. Whether it is the Princess Retail Store or the hot pot restaurant, it is just a slightly famous store. Those novelties are not difficult to imitate. After reaching a certain level, the popularity will drop. The capital has its own rules. With the people below, a mere Princess Retail Store can’t stir up a wave.”

“Okay! That’s all for today’s meeting.” The highest elder, Stiller of the Boll Family, stood up. “I had contact with Her Majesty in the Dark Moon. Her Majesty is a bold ruler who is unwilling to be restricted by others. The Dark Moon’s military affairs are completely controlled by her, but we have also seen the prosperity and power of the Dark Moon. The defeat of Prince Obsidian is the best example. At present, the strength of the secret intelligence department is completely in the hands of Her Majesty, and the Mechanic a.s.sociation is also a long-term strategy. No matter what interests or purposes it is for, I suggest that we should be more cautious in our actions and not be too aggressive.”

The elder families currently had 3 kinds of forces. The radicals led by Angelie were deeply rooted in their self-reliance. They advocated restricting Shea in every aspect, forcing the empress to adopt a compromising att.i.tude toward the elder families like Obsidian. The second type was neutral like Stiller which also had a considerable portion. The third type was the Toro Family which supported the empress, and there was only 1 family at present.

At the end of the meeting, Stiller watched everyone leave and stopped her old friend Cowen who had left last. The 2 were called the 2 big elders. Both were the veteran Demon Overlords who fought in battles together. They had a close relations.h.i.+p.

Stiller didn’t beat around the bushes. She just sighed, “I didn’t expect you to make a decision so quickly.”

Old Cowen was silent for a moment, and he replied, “I have no choice.”

“Is it because of Loray’s son?” Stiller frowned, “I can understand, but if it’s just that, the Toro Family still has a choice.”

“No, there is no other choice.” Old Cowen shook his head meaningfully as he turned and left, leaving Stiller standing still with shock in her eyes.

TL: Will Stiller who had fought in the capital crusade be the 2nd to support Shea?

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