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Chapter 551 - Accepting Surrenderers

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Chapter 551: Accepting Surrenderers

A ridiculous and intense night pa.s.sed. Early the next morning, Chen Rui appeared in front of the Dark Moon’s palace.

After Chen Rui left the Dark Moon, Dodo, who returned from the Red Spirit Estate’s war, started to work as his master’s face with ease. Under the command of Delia, he completed some simple tasks of the financial officer. The main reason no flaws were revealed was because everyone’s attention was focused on the battle between the Dark Moon Army and the capital army on the front line the other day, so a large number of merchants were evacuated. There was not much work to do.

The victory of the Dark Moon inspired everyone. Everyone knew that after the former Regent Obsidian was beheaded by the Sword of Fallen Angel, Princess Royal Shea was already the master of the Fallen Angel Empire. Moving from the Dark Moon to the capital to be enthroned as an empress was only a matter of time. The Dark Moon, as the foundation of Empress Shea’s rise, would definitely receive a lot of care and preferential treatment.

The issue of the estate’s successor also attracted equal attention. The Dark Moon was now the richest estate in the empire. If one could become the lord, the benefits were needless to say. Some promising successors were eyeing this position and making a move in front of Shea from time to time in the hope to be trusted by Her Majesty Empress in the future; the Dark Moon n.o.ble families were also paying close attention. A change of ruler would bring a change of ministers. No one wanted to lose their power and status. Meanwhile, the residents were concerned about their own livelihood. Shea’s prestige in the Dark Moon was extremely high. The Dark Moon had also gone through difficulties under her rule and ushered in the current prosperity and strength. The residents hoped that the new lord could continue the prosperity of the Dark Moon.

But for now, Shea did not go to the capital to be enthroned. She was still the lord of the Dark Moon, so this attention and moves were all done in secret. As Shea’s most trusted human financial officer, the famous internal minister of the Demon Realm would also probably be the future financial minister of the empire. During Chen Rui’s sleep, Dodo, who was acting as a subst.i.tute, received many invitations and friendly gestures. He had obviously become a popular person by virtue of Shea’s success.

The guards of the Dark Moon palace undergo major changes. In addition to the original Red Blood Legion, there were also some imperial guards brought by Obsidian from the capital. This was more of an att.i.tude that Shea had shown to the capital army that had already surrendered.

Chen Rui did not see Shea immediately as before. Instead, he waited for about an hour in the council hall before he saw the future ruler of the empire.

Shea’s face was a little tired, but her eyes were faintly dazzling. Behind her was the magician Stiller who was at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. Chen Rui could tell that Shea had now recovered from her injuries. Her Demon Overlord power was very stable now; the faintly exuded territory power was also quite solid. By right, it would take at least a few months to reach this level. Shea did not have the training ground function provided by the Super System. It was a miracle that she was able to stabilize the newly acquire realm so quickly.

In fact, these days, several Demon Overlords of the capital such as Stiller had been using their power to help her heal and realize the realm. Her Majesty Empress’ treatment was far from what the Princess Royal Highness could compare to before. In addition to enhancing the strength of the empress, the capital’s Demon Overlords did this to express their loyalty on behalf of the elder families and royal families.

“Your Highness.” Chen Rui still had to act in front of Stiller.

“Chen Rui, come and meet Madam Stiller. Dans, the top magician of the capital’s elder families.” After all, Shea hadn’t ascended the throne yet, so she used a respectful name for Stiller.

“Madam Stiller.” Chen Rui bowed to Stiller.

Stiller was also a little curious about this human who was known in the Demon Realm for his internal affairs. She nodded in return.

Shea said, “Madam Stiller, you have been working hard these days. Take a rest first.”

“Okay, Your Highness’ Demon Overlord realm is almost completely stabilized, and it will be much smoother to break through to the intermediate stage in the future. Please don’t forget to seize the moment to realize it.” Stiller knew that Chen Rui was the initial core member of the Dark Moon team, so Shea must have something to discuss with him. Therefore, she bowed slightly and left.

After Stiller left, Chen Rui was about to explain about the Sword of Fallen Angel. Shea turned her back against him and walked out, “Follow me.”

Both of them kept walking into the depths of the palace. However, it was not to go to the bedroom as someone’s wretched wish, but it was the secret prison. This time, it was not having an affair in the secret prison, but for the important prisoners inside.

There were 3 prisoners in the secret prison, Sarandi, Gerant, and Rometty.

Sarandi was a member of the Lucifer Royal Family, the peak stage of the Demon Overlord and the Lord of Midnight Sun’s only descendant apprentice. He once ambushed the Dark Moon’s Dark Demon and almost destroyed the entire intel department. He even attempted to capture Chen Rui, the human financial officer, but he was later captured by the poison dragon Paglio.

Gerant was the third general of the empire, the intermediate stage of the Demon Emperor and an excellent commander with outstanding ability promoted by Obsidian personally. It was just that Obsidian did not have the magnanimity to use him despite knowing he was talented. Gerant had been a victim of jealousy. Then, he proposed an ambush on the western part of the Dark Moon. Unfortunately, the biggest spy, Josh, divulged the news, and Gerant encountered Athena, Loki, and the taurens’ ambush which resulted in his capture.

Rometty was the legion commander of the Flying Cloud Legion at the peak stage of the Demon Emperor. He was excellent at archery and air combat. When he was following Pallor to ambush Town Dico, he chased down the Dark Moon with the First Coalition Legion. In the end, he was ambushed and captured by Krobelus.

Although Shea had the unquestionable right of succession to the empire, even if she became the empress, she would definitely encounter all kinds of resistance and difficulties. This was especially true for the issues of loyalty and the right to speak. She must establish her own team as soon as possible. These 3 people were very remarkable talents. Whether in strength, ability, or influence in the empire and the army, they were quite outstanding. If they truly surrender, they would definitely become the arms of Shea to rule the Fallen Angel Empire.

“Uncle Sarandi.” Shea came to Sarandi’s cell, “I think we can honor the gambling agreement in advance.”

Sarandi had been secretly taking care of the Dark Moon and protecting Grimm and his daughter. It was only out of the overall situation of the empire that he attacked the Dark Moon. At the beginning, he had a gambling agreement with Shea. If Shea defeated Obsidian within 10 years, Sarandi would surrender unconditionally. Otherwise, Shea would put the capital’s interests first and surrender to the capital.

“Princess Shea!” Sarandi stood up. These days, he had learned from Rometty and Gerant about the Obsidian’s crusade against the Dark Moon. Of course, he only heard about the defeats in several battles including the battle of the Moonlight Fortress, the battle of Town Dico, and Gerant’s ambush on the Walan Fortress. He did not know about the decisive battle of Leith Wilderness.

Just at this time, there was an immense chill in the secret prison.

Sarandi, Gerant and Rometty were all shocked as they looked at the sword floating in front of Shea. They blurted out in unison, “The Sword of Fallen Angel!”

All 3 of them knew that Obsidian had not been recognized by this highest artifact for 300 years. He had to try it out at the secret vault every once in a while. Now this sword that rejected Obsidian had appeared next to Shea, and it looked like it had actually recognized this granddaughter of Lord of Midnight Sun already!

Gerant reacted first and asked, “Princess Royal Highness, I want to know if Royal Highness Obsidian has lost?”

Shea nodded and said, “He has died under the sanctions of the artifact, and the capital army has surrendered.”

Gerant was shocked. As he thought of many things, stormy waves surged in his heart. If Obsidian died under the artifact, then the artifact must have reached Shea’s hands first. Then the capital is also…

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Sarandi’s eyes showed a strong expression. He finally understood the meaning of Shea’s words when she came in. His face was surprised and emotional.

“General can rest a.s.sured that Princess Shea and Prince Obsidian are different types of leaders. Even a powerless human like me can be valued and become a financial officer. General can surely unleash your talents under Princess Royal as long as you pledge loyalty. Don’t worry about the rest.”

Gerant thought of what happened to him under Obsidian in the past, and he slowly nodded. He realized that Chen Rui was giving him the opportunity to extricate himself from the awkward situation, but he did not agree. He asked, “Princess Shea, my Saber-toothed Tiger Legion still has 2,300 captives in the hands of General Athena, and the Flying Cloud Legion should have nearly 3,000 riders in captives. I would like to ask Your Majesty to release these soldiers back to me. Then, I will rush back to my Tekula Fortress with General Rometty. I wonder if it is possible for Your Highness to promise this?”

Gerant’s request was a bit too much. He wanted his most loyal 5,000 troops and Rometty, the surrendered general, back to his old base, Tekula Fortress. Even Sarandi frowned when he heard it.

Shea did not immediately refuse, but instead, she asked, “You are worried about the invasion of the Dark Shadow Empire?”

Gerant showed a hint of admiration and simply replied, “Prevention is better than cure. The closest allies are probably the most ferocious enemies.”

Shea immediately made a decision, “You and Rometty can freely recruit suitable soldiers or generals from soldiers of the capital crusade. There is no limit to the number of soldiers. The sooner you can set off, the better.”

Gerant’s gaze moved slightly, “Freely recruit? Your Highness will not appoint an a.s.sistant general to go with me?”

The so-called a.s.sistant was actually a military supervisor who monitor the army. Chen Rui smiled and shook his head at this time, “General Gerant, I think you underestimated Princess Shea’s courage and magnanimity.”

Gerant glanced at Shea with an unwavering gaze, and he nodded slightly, “Sir Chen Rui, you are right, Princess Shea and Royal Highness Obsidian are indeed different. Then, Princess Shea, I suggest you settle the Dark Moon’s matters immediately and rush to the capital as soon as possible in order to let General George return to the Warlock Fortress as soon as possible. The same is true for the Walan Fortress at the west of the Dark Moon. The Walan Fortress must reinforce their barriers and defenses.”

“I understand. I have been making such arrangements these days. As for the issue of defense, you will write a detailed proposal to me later.” Shea paused and said, “In the battle inside the capital city, General Doren and the Red Devil Legion were completely annihilated. General Gerant, I hope you can shoulder the honor and responsibility of the second general.”

Gerant took a deep breath and gave a standard military salute, “Gerant. Brian is willing to do his best for Your Majesty Shea!”

Sarandi took a deep look at Gerant, and he said to Shea, “Your Highness, you seem to trust people too easily. Haven’t you been betrayed before?”

He did not hide this sentence from Gerant and Rometty. Shea lowered her gaze slightly, “Yes.”

“But there are more people who really serve with their lives.” Chen Rui added in time. Shea didn’t look at Chen Rui, but warmth and firmness appeared in her gaze when she looked up.

“It’s just like the Lord of Midnight Sun.” Gerant added a sentence that made Sarandi and others’ eyes light up.

Now is the weakest moment of the Fallen Angel Empire, will the other empire or organization like Bloodfall seize this opportunity to cause chaos?

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