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Chapter 550 - Wake Up

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Chapter 550: Wake Up

Chen Rui opened his eyes in a daze, and he seemed to have a sweet dream just now.

A long and wonderful dream.

In the dream, as a male protagonist, he was surrounded by women and kept having s.e.x. He kept exchanged into different s.e.x positions which were pleasurable experiences.

At first, it was the female general, then the little maid, then another was Ms. Fake Daze. From time to time, it was replaced by someone’s madam aunty and the future Her Majesty Empress, and even the n.o.ble lady Her Majesty Empress.

This kind of crystal harem of happiness and s.e.xual blessing was simply the biggest dream of every otaku. Even if he became a Demon G.o.d, he would not give up on it.

The scene in the room gradually became clearer, then he felt soreness in his limbs. He saw a beautiful body lying on his left and right sides. Athena with short red hair lying on his chest on the left side. He could imagine that beautiful and peaceful face through her even breathing, and her slightly tanned skin exuded seductive elasticity and heat.

On the right was a purple-haired Zola. Her regular equipment had been removed. Her exquisite and perfect face was blushed. Her lying position made her cleavage look even deeper. Chen Rui swallowed seeing this. It was difficult to a.s.sociate this beautiful woman who made all men’s heartbeats accelerate with the violent person who ravaged the giant dragon.

Chen Rui recognized that this place was the Rainbow Valley’s Zola’s bedroom. The scent of l.u.s.t in the bedroom had not completely dissipated fully explained the pa.s.sionate lingering that occurred previously.

It turns out that the hugging on both sides in the dream is real! At least, Athena and Zola are real. Kia may also have a share, but the madam empress and Ms. Secret Intelligence are really a dream.

Wait! Zola and Athena? This can be regarded as a welfare day when the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day come at the same time. Ms. Fairy Dragon is generally used to enjoying alone and rarely accompanies me with other people like this. It’s the little maid who likes to join in for a threesome.

In terms of relations.h.i.+p, Zola and Athena are the closest, followed by Yini and Betty. When Zola first came to the Dark Moon, Zola almost left aggrieved. It was Athena who persuaded her to come back. The 2 are close sisters, Um… They do look alike. Both sisters have a very plump chest…

Chen Rui put his arms around his 2 beloved women. There was a strong sense of accomplishment in his heart, and this accomplishment far exceeded even the feeling of overthrowing Obsidian. He was suddenly very grateful for the crossover arranged by the s.p.a.ce-Time Administration. If he hadn’t come to this world, he would still be an ineffective and unaccomplished otaku on Earth. How could there be such a wonderful life? At the same time, he would like to thank the Demon Realm custom of s.e.xual blessings, which made otaku’s crystal harem dream come true.

It’s just that the crystal harem is not so easy to build, and it is in danger of being shattered easily at any time. It is the blessing of Demon G.o.d and Demon G.o.d’s sister that I am able to achieve the scale in the dream. As for the dozens and hundreds of legions in novels or ACG, I dare not even think about it.

In another world, it is said that Yellow Emperor’s had 3,000 concubines, which is simply being wors.h.i.+pped as a G.o.d. Even if the legend is true, it varies from person to person. Peng Zu enjoyed s.e.x until 800 years old, Yellow Emperor was ascended to G.o.d for having 3,000 concubines. But why did the NBA’s Chamberlain who had s.e.x with 20,000 people died before 70? Some people say that it was the difference between a G.o.d and a womanizer, while some people say that their faith was different…

It would be a sin to be thinking of such a “serious” thing when hugging 2 stunning and naked beauties in my arms, right? Chen Rui’s hand that was originally placed on Athena’s waist gradually moved down. The round and elastic b.u.t.tocks were so fascinating to touch. Athena was habitually in deep sleep beside him. She moved her body and didn’t wake up. Instead, Zola opened her eyes.

Chen Rui hugged Zola close and kissed her delicate cheek. Zola blushed and frowned slightly. It seemed that she was slightly hurt after being p.r.i.c.ked by the newly-grown beard, so she gently touched his mouth and lower jaw. A delicate magical power flashed past like a stream of water. The beard had disappeared. It was cleaner than the x.x.x brand razor. This was the supreme treatment that only Chen Rui could have.

“Now I have become a young pretty boy again,” Chen Rui felt the comfort on his face, and he sighed deliberately when he had received the benefit. “I wanted to look mature.”

Zola stared at him dazedly with a mischievous glance. All of a sudden, a small strange rune popped out of her fingertips. Chen Rui recognized that it was the “aging mark” of the ancient runes. Then Ms. Fairy Dragon sinisterly looked at the man’s erected body part. Chen Rui immediately shuddered and shook his head quickly, “It’s better to be young!”

Ms. Fairy Dragon dissipated the magic and showed a triumphant smile. Chen Rui’s heart was moved with this expression. He gently put down Athena’s body, leaned over, pressed against Zola’s pet.i.te body, and kissed her lips heavily.

Zola gasped lightly, responding to his kiss. Her legs clamped his mischievous hand, “Don’t simply move! Is your body fine now?”

“Hehe, of course not. Right now, I’m burning with pa.s.sion. If my Darling Zola refuses to dedicate her life to rescue me, I will be poisoned to death.” Chen Rui said with a cheeky smile on his face, then he took off his pants to fully reveal his manliness

Zola’s face became more blushed. She took a bite on his lips and pushed him down, “a.s.shole, I’m serious! Check it out quickly, is there a drop in power? We are all worried about you .”

Athena was awakened by this movement, and she leaned over, “Chen Rui, are you okay?”

“Why would I not be okay?! Now that I spent a few hours rolling on the sheets with you sisters, I still feel refreshed.” Chen Rui held the 2 women on each side. In fact, the biggest wound of his fight with Obsidian was the chest slash, but the [Soul Searing] of the Sword of Fallen Angel couldn’t harm its owner, so it was just an external wound. After Zola’s treatment and the characteristics of [Regeneration], there was no major problem now.

“You slept for 5 whole days. The power fluctuations in your body were very strange yesterday. While taking care of you, Kia and you suddenly…” Athena’s face was red. “Later she couldn’t hold it anymore and called me for help. At the end, when both Zola and I… then only you stopped.”

“Huh?” Chen Rui was a little surprised. Could it be that I was poisoned by some legendary l.u.s.t poison? I remember that the little maid seduced me first in the dream…

“In fact, Kia saw that your naughty thing was not honest when you were asleep, so she was just a little curious,” Athena tapped on the still dishonest naughty thing, then it became more dishonest. “But for some reasons, you went wild. You are actually so vigorous when you are unconscious…”

“Kia is just curious?” Chen Rui showed suspicion. He knew the temperament of the little maid very well. I’m afraid it was not as simple as “curiosity”. She most probably tried to enjoy by herself secretly, but she goes for wool and comes back shorn. As a result, she awkwardly asked her allies for help.

Chen Rui was also surprised by his own “power”. Could it be that the stronger my comprehension of the Super System, the stronger the ability to have s.e.x? I can even conquer the little charming girl in my dreams?

“That’s not the point,” Zola saw this guy’s wretched look and knew he was not thinking the right things, so he pinched him angrily. “The reason why Kia really called us here is that when you were bullying her, a lot of power flowed into her body. She was worried there would be something wrong with you. Later, Athena and I… are the same. We are all worried about you. Feel it right away, has your power been lost?”

Chen Rui realized this was the case, but his power did not weaken in the slightest, so he thought about it a little. He found out that the energy that was swallowed up to fullness in [Star Devouring] had been reduced by a small amount. Now that his compatibility with the Super System was very high, he immediately understood the reason.

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The energy consumed by [Star Devouring] would be automatically absorbed and converted by Star Conversion to strengthen him, but his current level of power had reached a bottleneck. He was in a saturated state and he could no longer absorb the power of Star Conversion, so it overflowed through the channel of [Dual Training] and input it to the person he had s.e.x with.

“Explain?” Athena bit her lip lightly, “Do you still need to explain to Princess Royal? According to Zola, she hugged you tightly in front of everyone. That scene stunned everyone on the Dark Moon side. This is the Princess Royal Highness of our estate who will not entertain any man. Soon, we will need to call her as Her Majesty Empress.”

“Such a sour tone is not like my Athena. It seems that the little charming girl, Kia has brought a bad influence to you.” Chen Rui slapped her hips, Then, when he pointed in the air, the sword suddenly appeared in the air.

Athena was stunned, “This is… the Sword of Fallen Angel! How could it be…”

“Lucifer Royal Family’s artifact has the surname Chen, just like Demon s.h.i.+eld and G.o.d-Eating Mask,” Chen Rui looked a little embarra.s.sed.

Athena was stunned, “In that case, Princess Shea… is not recognized by the artifact at all. Instead you…”

“I didn’t mean it, it was actually a misunderstanding.” Chen Rui scratched his head.

Zola was all right. Isn’t it just the 7 artifacts? My own man can create an artifact… Now it’s just a pseudo-artifact. It will not be surprising if it is a real artifact in the future. Who needs it?!

However, in Athena’s perspective, this was a big deal. Even if the Princess Royal Highness, which was the future Her Majesty Empress, got laid, it was far less serious from stealing an artifact.

The Sword of Fallen Angel was a symbol of the empire. It had to be pa.s.sed on from generation to generation. The problem was that when the artifact was in Chen Rui’s hands, it was tantamount to be bound. There was no way to return the property to the original owner. If someone knew that Shea’s “inheritance” was actually a scheme, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Athena didn’t care much, and she sat up all of a sudden, “What should we do?”

“Things will work out eventually. Don’t worry about it for now. There are more urgent matters,” Chen Rui was dizzy when Athena’s plump b.a.l.l.s swayed left and right after sitting up. He immediately clutched the ball and even reasoned in a high-sounding voice, “I will work harder during this period to promote your strength to the Demon Emperor!”

Athena was pushed down by him while her chest was being a.s.saulted. She immediately struggled. Zola on the side looked a little jealous, but she heard Chen Rui shouted, “Zola, come on, help me hold her!”

Ms. Fairy Dragon inexplicably had the excitement of “partic.i.p.ating”. She immediately held Athena down without using magic power. 2 naked beauties entangled together. The l.u.s.tful scene immediately woke up the beast inside someone.

At this moment, the voice of the little maid who had been eavesdropping outside the door for a long time sounded, “Do you want more help?”

I guess he can only marry Shea with Aguile ident.i.ty to settle the matter about the Sword of Fallen Angel? He still has more women to comfort…

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