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Chapter 542 - Blue Dragon

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Chapter 542: Blue Dragon

The Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion on the ground gradually approached the battle group in front. The Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion was the strongest heavy cavalry legion of the capital. Whether it was the knight or the mount, it was one of the best elites. Even Nesta’s Magic Shadow Legion was overshadowed in comparison.

Originally, the leader of the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion was General Amsty, but Amsty became a scapegoat because of the leak of the capital’s defeat, and he was executed by Obsidian. Therefore, the original Deputy General Longdo took over as the legion commander.

After witnessing the series of terrifying power of the undead legion, the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion was not eager to aid the Boulderstone Legion or launch an attack, but instead, it stopped. Under Longdo’s order, their bodies simultaneously showed a pale yellow light. Just like the charge skill of the Magic Shadow Legion, this was a group skill that relied on magic tattoos and equipment which could greatly improve the corresponding ability within the effective time.

The First Coalition Legion at the back caught up, and the s.h.i.+eld soldiers in the front row separated toward the 2 sides. A strong wave of magic emerged from the protected crowd behind. It turned out to be a 5,000-soldiers magician legion. The body of the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion soldiers flashed one after another. The pale yellow light now had red, green and other light as well. They obviously had several buffs.

The pale yellow light was the strongest [Incubus] technique of the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion. Although the buff ability was not as good as the [Magic Shadow Charge], it could distribute the various buff given by the magician to the whole army and double it. With the support of the magician legion, the power was far better than the Magic Shadow Legion. It was the most terrifying power among the capital legions.

The Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion that activated the [Incubus] state formed an arrow formation. They held up the sharp spears together, bursting out with an astonis.h.i.+ng momentum as they rushed forward.

At this time, only less than one-fifth of the heavy infantry of the Boulderstone Legion remained after the charge attack of the undead cavalry. Longbottom was very familiar with the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion, so he never retreated and approached the friendly forces, but he ordered the soldiers to delay them with all their strength. He personally took the lead despite the severe injury. He was almost killed by the lurking Demon Emperor-level vampire, but he never retreated. Now that the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion began to charge, he ordered the soldiers to disperse and retreat at full speed.

With the full buff of [Incubus], the arrow charge formation had a very powerful momentum. Coupled with the characteristics of the heavy cavalry arms, the undead cavalry was almost destroyed. The entire Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion was like an indestructible arrow. Even the sea of skeleton behind couldn’t hold on to the sharp arrow of the incubus. This kind of charging route was mainly horizontal and diagonal. If the straight line penetrated too deep, the 2 weak sides would be easily encircled by the undead.

Although the undead had many casualties, they did not have fear or morale, so they still rushed forward one after another.

The Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion charged from the left to the right in the sea of undead with unstoppable momentum. The skeletons attempting to surround the heavy cavalry were crushed to pieces. Even with the arrow shots, it was difficult to penetrate the cavalries that were in a defensive buff.

Although many of the retreating Boulderstone Legion soldiers were affected by their own cavalry because they were unable to evade, most of them had come close to the First Coalition Legion formation. They joined the formation and continued to advance forward unhurriedly.

Seeing the heavy cavalry demonstrating their momentum, Obsidian finally had a smile on his stiff face. He ordered the second and third coalition legions to prepare to set off.

The ground suddenly shook, and dozens of huge objects about 10 meters high emerged from the back of the sea of undead. They had many floors like small towers which were all made of various skeletons and equipped with wheels that could be pushed by the undead below. There were many skeletons on each floor of the skeleton tower. An extraordinary magician in a black cloak, who seemed to be the leader, was at the skeleton tower that was in the middle.

Under the order of this magician, all the skeletons on the skeleton towers started to attack. What shocked the coalition army was that it was a magic attack!

Skeleton magicians!

Isn’t the skeleton the lowest level of undead cannon fodder? How can there be a magician?

Despite the appearance of the undead cavalry and aerial legion, the coalition army was a little numb from continuous shock. However, when the Dark Moon’s undead army once again broke the conventional cognition, the soldiers of the capital still could not restrain the shock in their hearts.

Although the Dark Moon is rich, the time is too short after all. Even if there are 3 short-term legions, the special soldier types like the magician legion and goblin legion are still inferior. However, the Dark Moon not only has goblin warriors that are not inferior to the capital, they also have an incredible undead army consisting of all soldier types!

The skeleton tower seemed to have a certain kind of special power. Not only could it greatly increase the range of these magics, but the additional curse power was constantly weakening the [Incubus] buff of the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion. For the heavy cavalry, magic defense was originally a weak point. In addition to that kind of curse power, their power was suddenly reduced. Coupled with the encirclement of undead melee units, the casualties suddenly increased.

“Hahaha! Tremble, ignorant fellows! In today’s battle, my name, Guradam. Mammon, will be recorded in the history of the Demon Realm!” The magician in black cloak at the middle skeleton tower let out a loud creepy laugh.

Many well-informed soldiers in the coalition army and the Dark Moon Army were surprised. Guradam. Mammon! The most famous undead magic master 2,000 years ago. It is said that he pushed the undead magic to an unprecedented height, and it can almost be a unique school, but unfortunately he disappeared later. I didn’t expect that he would reappear in the Demon Realm 2,000 years later, and he is even siding the Dark Moon!

No wonder the Dark Moon has so many powerful undead that are unheard of!

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Obsidian’s face was even more gloomy. Why would such an outstanding character choose Shea, a weak girl instead of me, a powerful regent!

The blue dragon stopped talking immediately. A wisp of dark blue dragon breath sprayed toward the spirit dragon. The terror knight waved his hand and that vacuum force field appeared. Under the action of the force field, the swift dragon breath suddenly slowed down. However, this dragon breath not only carried thunderous breath, it also had a strong and sharp qi that slashed the force field into pieces as if countless legendary weapons. The terror knight had already used both hands to constantly fill the gap in the force field, and it finally eliminated the intangible power of the dragon breath, but the entire body of the spirit dragon was involuntarily pushed to more than 10 meters away by the enormous breath.

“Hmph! Quite powerful. It’s the first time Sir Daniel has seen the terror knight of the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord. Unfortunately, that stinky undead breath…” The blue dragon was about to talk endlessly, but it was roared ferociously by the black female dragon. The dragon dared not talk any more, then he spat out a dragon breath which was even more powerful than the previous one.

A cl.u.s.ter of green energy suddenly appeared and rushed toward the blue breath. The green energy was quickly split by the sharp qi in the blue breath, but the blue breath also slowly disappeared because of the strange mist in the green energy.

“Daniel!” A huge figure appeared in front of the spirit dragon. It was a brown giant dragon in black armor.

“Paglio! It’s really you!” The blue dragon’s vertical pupils suddenly lit up, and he said viciously, “I heard Disjaro said that the Dark Moon found a poison dragon, and I knew it was you, a timid and despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I have been looking for you for years. You’re afraid of my powerful power and disappeared for 2,000 years. It turns out that you have been hiding here! Now it happens that we can settle the old accounts back then!”

“I will hide from you? You are using your face as a b.u.t.t, huh?!” Paglio yelled, “You, a fool, want to settle the old account against me? That time when I grabbed Ranieri’s gems, you actually wanted to pick up a bargain. You deserve to be beaten!”

“I saw that Stardust Eye first!” The blue dragon roared, “Let’s not talk about this, Ranieri was killed by you, right? He and I are both of the blue dragon’s bloodline after all. If you return the Stardust Eye and hand over half of Ranieri’s treasure to me, the account back then will be cleared!”

“When you and Ranieri were fighting to death back then, why didn’t you say that you had the same bloodline of the blue dragon? I helped you kill him, so you should thank me! You even dare to ask me for benefits?” The poison dragon raised his voice, “Don’t think that I don’t know your nasty thoughts. You must be here today because you received the benefits from Diro. If we really settle the accounts back then, you will still have a sneak attack on me without hesitation!”

The voices of the 2 dragons were getting louder and louder as if they were about to use their mouths to fight each other. The sound of fighting on the entire battlefield was suppressed.

“Stop… 2 long-winded guys!” The black dragon finally couldn’t bear it, and she shouted angrily, “Forget about the d.a.m.n matters back then. What is going on with this hideous undead made with dragon bones?! If you don’t explain it clearly, we won’t let you go today!”

Black dragon, maybe she is Olypheus’ mother? That’s too much of a coincidence right? So, the might dragons will also covet on the treasure of their own kin?…

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