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Chapter 534 - Smack Talk King

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Chapter 534: Smack Talk King

Seeing the shock of the 2 guardians of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, Chen Rui had an idea. He added, “Now you should understand why Regent Obsidian forced the Lord of Midnight Sun’s descendants to the Dark Moon!”

This sentence was undoubtedly another breaking news. Oliver and Cowen glanced at each other, and they saw the shock in each other’s eyes at the same time.

“Regent Obsidian exiled Grimm, the son of Lord of Midnight Sun, to the Dark Moon” and “Obsidian knowing that the descendants of the Midnight Sun can get the approval of the Sword of Fallen Angel, so he deliberately exiled Crown Prince” were 2 completely different concepts. The point was that Obsidian himself could not be recognized by the Sword of Fallen Angel.

The struggle and alternation of power within the royal family were never unusual for an empire. Many forces would accept this rise and fall, but the significance of the successor being recognized by the artifact was completely different.

The artifact was a symbol of the empire, and it was also the treasure to protect the empire. The will of the artifact represented the rise and fall of the entire empire, and the ruler of the empire must be recognized by the artifact. This was not only the tradition of the Demon Realm, but it was also a prerequisite for the struggle between the rulers of the empire. Obsidian could not match the 2 emperors Catherine and Raizen not only because of strength, but the recognition of the artifact was also a very critical factor.

Due to this, Obsidian had always used the regent t.i.tle. He was unable to officially ascend to the throne of the emperor. Therefore, people such as General George had enough reasons to question and oppose Obsidian publicly.

Listening to “Aguile” now, it turns out that Obsidian ignored the will of the artifact in order to seize power. He exiled Crown Prince Grimm and severely suppressed him because he was unable to obtain the recognition of the artifact. This is no longer a problem of ordinary power alternation. It is related to the future of the entire empire, which is equivalent to Obsidian deceiving the entire empire.

“The empire’s elder means supreme glory, but at the same time, it also has a more important responsibility than glory which is to go all out to protect the artifact! Guard the empire! I don’t know… how many elder families and elders today remember the original intention that they vowed with their lives?”

Chen Rui was no longer a rookie who knew nothing about the 3 empires. Seeing the hesitation in the hearts of the 2 elders, he took advantage of the situation and spouted a sentence that stood on the high moral ground.

Oliver and Cowen were silent at the same time. 5 minutes had already pa.s.sed, but both of them seemed to have forgotten this time limit. Neither of them had any intention of making a move. In fact, after seeing the reaction of the artifact, their fighting and killing intent as the guardians had been shaken away. The only thing they were thinking about now was how to digest and deal with this matter. This was not only related to the artifact, but it was also related to the destiny of the entire family, royal family, and empire.

They could have questioned that the artifact recognized more than 1 person, but the fact was that since the Lord of Midnight Sun fell 300 years ago, Shea was the first person to cause the Sword of Fallen Angel to react, and the only one. This undoubtedly proved the true owners.h.i.+p of the artifact. It was actually equivalent to proving who was the “destined ruler” of the Fallen Angel Empire.

“We have the right to treat it as just an ordinary sword. Perhaps the recognition of a sword does not mean anything. I understand that the elder family has its own interests. However, the premise of this interest is the interests of the Fallen Angel Empire as a whole! Both of you are experienced powerhouses. You should be clear that the Fallen Angel Empire is now in economic recession and weak in military. Regent Obsidian only cares about his own selfish desires, acc.u.mulating money from the inside, suppressing non-conformists, and not hesitating to violate the will of the artifact. He bowed and sc.r.a.ped to the outsiders in exchange for the so-called peace, putting life and death in the hands of others! Is this still the strongest Fallen Angel Empire in the Demon Realm 300 years ago? If this continues, it’s only a matter of time before the entire empire is destroyed! Can the royal family or the elder families retain the so-called honor and benefits?”

Oliver and Cowen looked at each other. They could answer this question with their eyes closed, but they couldn’t answer it now. Those empires that perished were the best example. The once glorious royal family or families ended up being driven to extinction, disappearance or becoming a va.s.sal under a greater empire. How would there be any benefits and dignity?

After a long time, Cowen blurted out, “If the overall situation is considered, why doesn’t Princess Shea agree to the regent’s proposal…”

“What a joke! When the Dark Shadow Empire was in turmoil, why didn’t Empress Catherine surrender to those rebellious royal camps for the ‘overall situation’? In that case, will there be the Dark Shadow Empire today?” Chen Rui did not hide his contempt as he sneered and said, “The ruler recognized by the artifact is a true ruler, not a decoration or a va.s.sal! How can the true ruler succ.u.mb to the shameful traitor? Why did Obsidian attack the Dark Moon with such shameless reasons? Because Princess Shea is the real owner of the artifact! She is the true hope for the prosperity of the Fallen Angel Empire!”

Without waiting for the 2 to refute, Chen Rui immediately cited the facts, “She led the people of the Dark Moon, and in less than 10 years, the Dark Moon, which had been declining for 400 years, became the most powerful and prosperous estate in the whole Demon Realm! This was still under the sanctions of Obsidian by various means! Can Obsidian do it? He has ruled the empire for 300 years, and what did he do? Use the so-called fundraising to defraud the lords of money? Tribute to the 2 empires in exchange for lingering peace? Go against the will of the artifact to deceive the entire empire? Use shameful excuses to kill the true owner of the artifact and the empire?”

Both the peak stages of the Demon Overlord elders were extremely powerful, but faced with a series of strongly worded smack talks, they simply couldn’t deal with it. Oliver barely resisted, “Sir’s eloquence is far sharper than your strength”, and he never said anything again.

Chen Rui unceremoniously accepted this “praise”. As a technical geek that rules across the internet forum and immersed in ACG for more than 10 years, how can I be weak in smack talks when I am already weak physically?

For a long time, Cowen calmed down and said, “I can’t deny the facts you said, but an empire is not as simple as an estate.”

“I understand, and I also understand that even if both of you agree in your hearts, you can’t express anything for the benefit of the empire and your own family. After all, this is a world that makes sense with fists. I don’t need you to express anything. I can also not take away the Sword of Fallen Angel today…”

Oliver frowned, “Then what do you want?”

“I just sincerely hope that the royal family and the elder families will keep their vitality. Don’t sacrifice for Obsidian’s personal gain, not only for the benefit of the empire, but also for yourself.”

This sentence was very sincere. Oliver and Cowen exchanged a glance and said, “You answer a question truthfully first. If both of us join forces to launch an attack now, will you be able to escape?”

Chen Rui pondered for a moment and nodded firmly.

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This was not bragging. With the [Royal Star Transformation], [Demonic Flies Transformation], [Star Gate] and the Demon s.h.i.+eld, he could even take away the Sword of Fallen Angel if he was extremely lucky. However, there were 2 peak stages of the Demon Overlord opponents, so the latter had very little hope. Furthermore, exposing the G.o.d-Eating Mask and Demon s.h.i.+eld would also cause more trouble.

“I’m a member of the royal family. If it is just a matter of a person and a sword, I will not hesitate to fulfill the guardian vows that I have made, but what we want to guard is not only an artifact, but more importantly, the entire empire.”

Old Cowen sighed, “Yes, but as the guy just said, can people like Obsidian represent the entire empire?”

“Power.” Oliver was silent for a while, then he gave the answer, “The war against the Dark Moon this time may be a battle that determines the destiny of the entire empire. If Princess Royal really represents the will of the artifact, then…”

“Hearing you say this, I suddenly felt that it is not a shame that our family’s Vanim sided with the Dark Moon. The Demon Realm has an ancient saying: One should not put all eggs in a basket.”

“Old friend, are you not afraid of me spreading this sentence?” Oliver smiled slightly, “In fact, I also have a hunch now that this seemingly sure-win crusade will bring a lot of suspense. Maybe… incredible things will happen, just like the miracle that just appeared before our eyes just now…”

8 points. Chen Rui, who returned to the hotel, gave a score for his performance today. Although I did not get the Sword of Fallen Angel, it is not a delusion to come back with even more interests if I’m lucky.

The Super System, which played a key role, is indeed an incredible treasure. The storage warehouse function alone is outrageously convenient. It’s a pity that I haven’t been free, otherwise I want to calm down and experience the mystery of the Super System deeply so that there will be no more function failures caused by the cut off of the spirit power.

“The night banquet of the capital is about to begin…” Chen Rui, who was closing his eyes to rest, opened his eyes. He took out a magic timer, and he looked up at the stars in the night sky outside the window. A beautiful blonde in white dress appeared in his heart, “Did you see it? My Princess Royal Highness.”

Town Leith of the Dark Moon Estate, outside the military central tent.

The blonde woman looked up at the dazzling starry sky, and a faint longing appeared in her usually indifferent purple eyes.

Hmmm, what is that bet? Doesn’t make sense to me at all… What mystery did he discover that could allow him to steal the artifact?

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