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Chapter 526 - The Real Sicali

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Chapter 526: The Real Sicali

The expression on Sicali’s face changed rapidly, and it finally recovered. Now that the other party had insight into the biggest secret, telling the truth would be the best choice, “If you destroy the Wheel of Hera, all the acc.u.mulated faith power will dissipate. The real body and the clone will be severely damaged at the same time, but they will not die. But if you kill the real body directly, we, the clones, will die together unless the clone can swallow the soul of the real body and become the real body.”

The Wheel of Hera was an ancient artifact, and what Tetenis knew was limited. Now, after listening to Sicali’s explanation, Chen Rui only knew that this was the case.

“The clone can swallow the soul of the real body?”

“The premise is that he loses the ability to resist,” Sicali smiled bitterly, “His strength is far better than us. He has a group of powerful and fearless warriors and the Wheel of Hera in hand. How can we have this opportunity?”

Chen Rui understood the commission of Sicali, the early stage of the Demon Emperor. That guy’s wild ambition is not only to get freedom and save his life, but he also wants to obtain the Wheel of Hera and become the second Sicali.

Chen Rui’s thought quickly and asked, “So, tell me, what do you want?”

“Live! Also, the exclusive control over this estate!” Sicali also thought quickly in his heart, “If I can get more, I will certainly not refuse.”

Chen Rui nodded slightly. This guy is also ambitious, but he is much more cautious. Facing the current situation, he does not hesitate to be frank about his bottom line.

“You’re more sincere than that guy.” Chen Rui’s tone became more cautious, “So I can help you. We need a lord who can control the White Feather Estate. Under normal circ.u.mstances, we will not interfere with your affairs, but when necessary, you must obey the orders and contribute your greatest strength. Therefore, this lord must be 100% loyal to us, understand?”

Sicali’s eyes flashed. 100% loyalty? Completely surrender? I can provide all the resources of the estate to the Bloodfall, even the strength of the troops, but it is a bit beyond my expected price if he wants me to completely hand over my personal fate to others.

Seeing Sicali’s hesitation, Chen Rui added faintly, “the Demon Realm has an old saying, there is no such thing as reaping without sowing. The return and the price are often equal. Don’t forget, in the current situation, my choices are more than yours.”

Sicali was shocked. The last sentence was the key point. If I refuse now, then after the other party has dealt with the real body, he can also support another person, who surrenders to him, to the upper position. It may be the licentious clone or another stranger. It may even be the real body. No matter who it is, I would definitely have no way to survive by then.

Besides me, “Fako” can choose others, and he has plenty of choices… Sicali was silent.

Chen Rui didn’t force him anymore.

He was just leaning on the sofa comfortably and calmly playing with the s.p.a.ce ring in his hands. In fact, it was actually an intangible pressure. Although he was very worried about the Dark Moon war, in this scene, Sicali was the anxious one, not “Fako”.

“I’m now restricted by the Wheel of Hera and cannot sign the master-servant contract. If you can capture the real body and let me swallow his soul, I’m willing to surrender.” Sicali hesitated for a while, “As for the Wheel of Hera, my bottom line is to destroy it.”

“You are really a smart person and very content. At least in my opinion, you are more sincere than the guy who is playing abusive games with Palando now.” Chen Rui knew that the other party was cunning and changeable, so it was impossible for him to bow down in a few words. He must speak with facts. As the saying goes, refuse to give up until all hope is gone. As long as the real body of Sicali was controlled by then, everything was easy to handle. As he said, there was more than 1 object that he could choose.

When Sicali heard the words “Palando” and “abusive game”, he was secretly horrified. He felt that all the secrets were seen through by the other party. Since entering this room, I have always felt suppressed everywhere. This Fako in front of me far exceeds my expectations in terms of strength and mentality. It seems that it is not impossible to achieve my greatest wish.

“Okay, now tell me everything you know about that real Sicali…”

3 days later, Chen Rui’s figure appeared in the Oldtown Ma.s.simo at the east of the White Feather Estate.

Town Ma.s.simo used to be a very prosperous big town. 5 years ago, a group of ferocious bandits wearing hideous masks appeared. Relying on the powerful demonic beast mounts, they came and went swiftly. They often ma.s.sacred and looted in Town Ma.s.simo, causing many deaths and injuries among the townsfolk. The suffering was unspeakable and miserable. When Lord Sicali heard the news, he was furious and personally led his army to eliminate all the 3,000 mounted bandits.

However, the mounted bandits had already caused serious damage to the living environment of Town Ma.s.simo, and the situation was not as good as before. Sicali managed to build a new town to the west of Town Ma.s.simo and let the residents move to the new town and start a stable life again. The new town was called Newtown Ma.s.simo while the deserted site was called Oldtown Ma.s.simo.

According to Sicali of the peak stage Demon Emperor, the tragedy of Town Ma.s.simo’s mounted bandits that year was actually directed by Sicali. The cause was that several hunters in the town discovered a secret in the nearby barren mountains by chance. In order to kill them, Sicali sent guards to pretend to be mounted bandits to kill all the hunters and all related family and friends who might have leaked the secret. He also sent people to sneak into the town to ask around everywhere until it was confirmed that the secret was not leaked.

As for those who were beheaded were also innocent. It had nothing to do with the real “mounted bandits”. Anyway, with Sicali’s reputation, as long as he dropped a few masks of the mounted bandits near the heads, the public would have no doubt.

After solving Town Ma.s.simo’s troubles, Sicali moved his “office location” from the White Feather City to the Oldtown Ma.s.simo. He only gave some instructions behind the scenes. Then, only the clones who had been used as subst.i.tutes had a chance to come to the main scene.

The truth of Town Ma.s.simo strengthened Chen Rui’s determination to deal with Sicali. Such a tyrannical lord with such a reputation throughout the White Feather Estate, he must have used many despicable means similar to the Town Ma.s.simo incident to deceive the public. In fact, Sicali’s real purpose of vigorously developing estates and serving the people hypocritically was only for the faith power of the Wheel of Hera.

Whether it was the peak stage Demon Emperor or the Sicali clone of the early stage Demon Emperor, they knew little about the true secrets of the Oldtown Ma.s.simo. Judging from the fact that the real Sicali abandoned the White Feather City and moved here, perhaps it was not as simple as using the Wheel of Hera for training.

The Oldtown Ma.s.simo leaned on the barren mountains. There were many terrifying legends. Since its abandonment, there was basically no figure in sight. Chen Rui wore a gray cloak to hide his true face. Chen Rui casually wandered around the abandoned site for a long time, but he found no clues. Then, he walked toward the barren mountains.

The barren mountains were the collective name of the vast unexplored barren mountains in the extreme east of the White Feather Estate. It had a very wide area where the mountains were dangerous, barren and inaccessible. There were terrifying demonic beasts in the deep forest.

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Based on the intel provided by the 2 clones, Chen Rui searched in a rocky mountain range deep in the barren mountains and finally found a cave surrounded by a protective magic circle. This should be the entrance to Sicali’s “base”.

Sicali smiled proudly. Although he was just sitting, he gave people a feeling of having to look upward, “I know what you want to ask. Your stealth and transformation techniques are very good. Unfortunately, this hall is not an ordinary place. I have noticed you since you came in. Those pillars are actually part of the Wheel of Hera. By the way, a guy told you that the name was the Wheel of Hull.”

The last sentence caused Chen Rui’s pupils to shrink suddenly. It turns out that Sicali knew everything about the clones! He knows even such small details!

So, this place is clearly a trap set long ago to “welcome” me!

Facing the bad situation, Chen Rui thought quickly. The Sicali’s clone of the early stage Demon Emperor is about to be swallowed by the real body. He is at the death’s door, so he should not betray me, the last straw of life. We are closely interdependent. Before dealing with the real body, the clone of the peak stage Demon Emperor would not do the same, so who leaked the news?

“Very confused, right?” Sicali smiled gently, “Actually, the answer is very simple. I have a good sister. That idiot thought he took control of her body and mind. I gained a lot of unknown information from her. Actually, that idiot is just a toy for her. Tell you a secret, me as her brother, is her real master.”

Master? The word made Chen Rui think of another person, a hateful enemy. In an instant, the coldness in his eyes surged, and Sicali’s smiling face became even more abominable.

“Since you have already known so much, you should understand what is your ending.” Sicali showed some regrets, “I wanted to catch a big fish, but I didn’t expect that it was just a small Demon Emperor, but you can barely be a sacrifice.”

At this time, a large group of people from outside the hall had already swarmed in. They were led by 2 Demon Emperor-level leaders. The strength of those guards were also quite extraordinary. They were all wearing st.u.r.dy armors and s.h.i.+elds. Their faces were wearing a hideous mask.

The most eye-catching was a team of magicians with about 200 people. Although the number of these magicians was not very large, the lowest strength had reached the Demon King level. The combat power of this level was no less than an empire-level magician legion. .

Sicali smiled more confidently, “I know that you are the hitman of the Bloodfall, so I won’t accept any tricks like surrender. You have only one dead end. If you don’t resist, I can grant you a quick death.”

Chen Rui’s whole body suddenly cooled down. The chill in his eyes had turned into a sudden ghastly murderous intent.

“These are the real mounted bandits that did evil in Town Ma.s.simo back then, right? I believe they have played similar roles in many other places.”

This sentiment made Sicali slightly surprised, “So what? By this time, do you still have the leisure to ask these boring questions? It’s useless to delay time. Just accept your death obediently.”

Chen Rui smiled. A furious smile. The murderous intent burst out from his body, “Yes, accept death obediently… but! You are the one who will die!”

Why is Chen Rui so triggered about the word “master”??

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