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Chapter 520 - Abyss

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Chapter 520: Abyss

After receiving Chen Rui’s affirmative answer, the voice sounded again, “The test has only one content, survive! Failure means true death.”

As soon as the voice ended, the scene changed again and turned into a huge volcanic cave.

There was boiling blood-red lava everywhere. In the terrifying high temperature, the line of sight became distorted, and the scorching air was filled with suffocating oppression.

The blazing red made Chen Rui squinted his eyes a little uncomfortably. He had an intuition that this scene did not seem to be a simple illusion. It actually felt real. Once he died here, his entire consciousness would be obliterated which was equal to real death.

What the voice said was not an exaggeration to scare people.

What was more strange was that he could sense the existence of the Super System in his body, but he couldn’t use any skills or powers. It was as if his mind was cut off by some special power. In other words, he could only use his own early stage of the Demon Emperor power.

This cave was vast with a height of hundreds of meters. Chen Rui didn’t know what dangers were waiting for him in front. He could only use his strength to resist the high temperature while stepping on the hot black rock and carefully walking forward step by step.

The temperature was getting higher and higher, and even the defense of the Demon Emperor level could hardly stand it. His body was drenched in sweat. If he stayed in this environment for a long time, his body would suffer irreversible damage.

Chen Rui’s gaze turned to the molten area not far away, and his pupils suddenly shrank. There was something floating on it.

A red flower.

The flower petals were like crystals, but they were by no means dead. Instead, it had real vitality. Blooming in this kind of magma that could melt everything, it was actually not affected by the high temperature, but it became more and more beautiful instead. More precisely, it was enchanting.

The weird charm of the red flower could cause one’s mind to be completely lost in it and unable to extricate oneself if he didn’t use the spirit power to resist.

It was not the first time that Chen Rui saw this kind of flower. When he was in a mysterious cave under the Crystal Valley, he saw the same flower before. After he used the [Star Gate] to escape the danger by chance, the flower appeared in his hands unconsciously. Later in the Mountain Seckred of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire, this flower also intrigued the Demi-G.o.d powerhouse, Satan. It was called the Flower of Abyss!

Chen Rui once asked Zola, but even the fairy dragon with a wealth of knowledge had never heard of the name Flower of Abyss. Now, the Flower of Abyss appeared in front of him again. There must be a huge hidden secret in this ancient alchemy civilization’s inheritance trial scene.

What surprised Chen Rui even more was that there was more than 1 Flower of Abyss. As he walked further, the enchanting flowers that appear in his line of sight gradually increased; 2, 3…

Chen Rui instinctively felt that he seemed to be approaching a certain goal of the trial step by step. Or he was getting closer and closer to some huge danger.

There were roars from the cave in front, and creatures that had never been seen appeared in front of him. These creatures were about the size of the imp. They had pointed claws and thin limbs. The exaggerated mouth occupied half of its face, and the 2 rows of ferocious fangs looked particularly hideous.

As the Super System skill couldn’t be used, Chen Rui could not use the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] to detect the opponent’s race or strength, but his Demon Emperor-level perception ability was still there. There were strong and weak in these monsters. The strongest was probably about the Demon King level, and the weakest also had the strength of Higher Demon. Their whole body exuded ferocious and brutal breath. They did not retreat fearfully because of Chen Rui’s Demon Emperor level strength, but they rushed over fiercely instead.

There were so many little monsters who didn’t seem to be afraid of the temperature of the magma. Besides, their jumping ability was amazing. The foremost one jumped more than 10 meters across the air. Before it touched Chen Rui, it was already crushed. Chen Rui launched a double punch combo, and none of the monsters that pounced over were spared.

The monsters behind did not fear or flinch because of the death of their companion, but they were even more fierce. At this time, the nearby Flower of Abyss burst open suddenly due to some force, and a red mist of powerful breath enveloped the surrounding little monsters.

The bodies of those little monsters began to distort and swell, turning into a st.u.r.dy monster with a height of 2 meters, a crimson body and a hideous appearance. The ferocious breath of these monsters was more intense, and their strength had also taken a qualitative leap. Many of them had even reached the level of the Great Demon King. They even have the new ability to shoot high-temperature fireb.a.l.l.s.

The pressure that Chen Rui faced suddenly increased. Previously, the monsters that could be easily smashed with a single punch could only be killed with 2 to 3 punches now, and the opponent’s counterattack was also very strong. The consecutive fireb.a.l.l.s that bombarded toward him made him feel overwhelmed.

If there were a dozen of Great Demon King level monsters, he could kill them with a breeze even without the Super System. However, there were nearly 1,000 monsters in front of him. Hundreds of them mutated into the Great Demon King. They charged toward him one after another fearlessly.

As the saying went, many ants would kill an elephant. Over time, the scars on Chen Rui, who was surrounded, began to increase. In this trial world, not only the Super System, even the original pa.s.sive attributes and equipment on his body also lost their function.

The speed of the surrounding monsters suddenly slowed down, and their attributes in all aspects were declining rapidly. Some even killed each other. It turned out that Chen Rui had activated the power of the [Autumn Territory]. All enemies in the territory would be weakened, aged, and various debuff states would be added.

After the previous battle, Chen Rui noticed that the critical point of these mutated monsters was in the head. His fists were like lightning. Everywhere the punch reached, the monsters’ heads all exploded. After clearing the surrounding enemies that were most threatening, Chen Rui punched again in the air and hit the monsters that were 5 meters away. There seemed to be some turbulent power ripples in the air. The bodies of dozens of little monsters and mutated monsters in that fan shape were torn apart at the same time.

This was not the skill of the Super System, but the overlapping power that Chen Rui had learned from the surfy sea training. Usually, it was at most contained in the direct attack of his fist, and it rarely burst out and launched in the air like today.

Generally speaking, the strength of the Demon King and Great Demon King already had the ability to release energy and launch long-range attacks such as shock waves. Chen Rui had reached the Demon Emperor level. This form of attack was surely not a problem. It was just that the skill that came with the Super System was more powerful, the power consumption was lower, and the precisive killing in the battle was greater. Therefore, he rarely used it in actual combat. It was only used as a skill training project for controlling power during training.

For these Great Demon King-level and Demon King-level enemies, the lethality of overlapping power was still quite commendable, but the power consumption was relatively greater. In this case, it became more obvious since the pa.s.sive attribute of [Astral Form] and [Damage Absorption] were lost. Chen Rui immediately changed the territory power, and the [Autumn Territory] that could weaken and debuff became a strange force field.

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The force field was full of crisscrossing strange forces, even the monsters who were not afraid of high temperatures felt an unusual searing and anxiousness. Most of their attacks were absorbed by this strange force field, then it was dissolved and converted into Chen Rui’s own power.

Chen Rui felt that the Flower of Abyss’ magnitude and effect of the buff on the horned demonic monsters was weaker than that of the previous little monsters. It seemed that the buff of the mutated had an upper limit. Even so, these few horned demonic monsters that had reached or were close to the Demon Emperor level were superior to his current state. Not only that, the other horned demonic monsters also began to use the Flower of Abyss. The monsters with soaring power flooded Chen Rui like a tide.

Chen Rui turned around and ran without hesitation. Are you kidding me? Under this disparity of strength, no tactics are useful. The best is to escape first.

The mutated elite was strong and powerful. It followed him closely. The flames and bone spurs on its shoulders suddenly ejected like a sharp arrow. Chen Rui dodged a step slower, and his left shoulder was penetrated by the bone spurs. It felt the magma-like flame scorching the tissues near his wound. His blood quickly evaporated, and even his bones almost turned to ashes at this high temperature.

The injured Chen Rui’s speed suddenly slowed down, and he suddenly turned around and punched. The 7 giant waves of surging energy hit the approaching elite demon monster. A dent punch mark appeared on its chest, knocking the demonic monster back. There was flaming juice spilling along the way, but it stood firm; it didn’t suffer fatal injuries.

This action had slowed down Chen Rui even more. He was surrounded by the pursuers in the blink of an eye. The demonic monsters were very cunning and did not directly attack. Instead, they instructed the mutated little monsters to besiege desperately. Meanwhile, theyhid at the side while waiting for the opportunity to sneak attack.

Chen Rui knew that he could only go all out now. He endured pain, pulled out the bone spur, held it in his hand as a weapon and rushed toward the group of monsters.

In the almost numb ma.s.sacre, he unleashed all his moves. Attack, defense, and dodging were almost done instinctively. The more he was at the edge of life and death, the more profound the strange feeling. If he just kept comprehending this feeling, he could truly master it. Unfortunately, Chen Rui couldn’t wait for this time because his injuries were extremely serious and his strength was on the verge of collapsing. He was about to be completely overwhelmed by the tides of monsters.

The rock wall at the top of the cave suddenly began to shake, and stalagmites continued to fall. Suddenly, with a crash, a large hole appeared.

A black figure descended rapidly from the hole, shaking the entire tunnel. This was a huge human figure of about 10 meters tall. His whole body was made of dark gold metal and his eyes emitted pale blue light. It was larger than the Asmodeus Royal Family’s [War Puppet] and looked somewhat similar to the mobile armor described in another world’s fantasy novel in Chen Rui’s memory.

The giant mecha stomped his foot, and several little monsters that could not dodge in time were suddenly stepped into meat sauce. It opened its huge palm, and a cannon appeared in the center. A golden light beam shot out, wiping out all the monsters.

Black figures came down continuously from the upper hole. They were a kind of crystal clear demonic beasts which reminded Chen Rui inexplicably of the crystal men. Then, another familiar character appeared: Lamp spirit!

A lamp spirit came to Chen Rui’s side. As she stretched out her hand, a white light shone on him, and his injury quickly began to heal.

This lamp spirit said something to Chen Rui. Unfortunately, Chen Rui had now lost the skill of the Super System, so he couldn’t understand what the lamp spirit was saying. What was certain was that these lamp spirits, crystal demonic beasts and the huge mecha were not his enemies.

Mecha ?… Was this a story of the past? What was this Abyss power?

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