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Chapter 513 - Conquer Town Dico

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Chapter 513: Conquer Town Dico

The Flying Cloud Legion of the capital led by Rometty crossed the conquered Moonlight Fortress and flew in the direction of Town Dico. Pallor led the 3 legions to maintain a certain speed and formation to follow behind.

The main task of the aerial legion was to search for ambushes along the way to prevent ambushes. However, out of fear of the Dark Moon 2 giant dragons, they did not dare to rush toward Town Dico unscrupulously. Instead, they spread out the formation to search carefully and throw down the illumination light b.a.l.l.s from time to time.

Illumination light ball was a simple magic item. The light could prolong for a period of time, so it was often used in night battles. However, it could not break magic like [Dark Sky].

Although the illumination light b.a.l.l.s could detect the hiding places of the ambushes and defeated soldiers, this large-scale spread would definitely alert Town Dico of the approach of the capital army, but Pallor was not planning a sneak attack on Town Dico this time, but a frontal attack, so he didn’t care about these at all. The 3 elite legions he led were not the disorganized soldiers brought by those lords, but a well-equipped elite with real combat force.

Not only that, there were also 4 Demon Overlord powerhouses in the legion, so Pallor was confident enough to lead the 3 elite legions to conquer Town Dico, then he would directly invade Town Leith and make great contributions to the coalition army. This would prove to the regent and all the lords that Royal Highness Obsidian’s decision to remove Gerant and appoint him, Pallor. Tustan, as the deputy commander of the coalition army, was the best decision!

If the Dark Moon Estate could be taken down in one fell swoop, it would not be impossible to even eliminate Gerant and be the third general based on this battle contribution!

“General, General Rometty sent a message. No enemy ambush or defeated soldiers were found until Town Dico. The Flying Cloud Legion is currently on standby in Mountain Tu which is not far from the town.”

Hearing that there was no ambush, Pallor secretly thought that it was as he expected, and he nodded, “These cowards of the Dark Moon run fast. It seems that they have evacuated the Moonlight Fortress long ago. They should be waiting to fight in Town Dico by now. However, this time we are not doing a sneak attack, but a frontal attack instead. I can’t wait for these guys to take the battle! Pa.s.s my military order, speed up the march, and get to Mountain Tu as fast as possible!”

Soon after, the army arrived at Mountain Tu. Looking at the brightly lit Town Dico in the distance, Pallor’s long sword pointed, “Soldiers, the enemy army from the Moonlight Fortress is in the town ahead! I only have a sentence. When the sun is up, I want to be in the center of Town Dico with fellow officers, drinking wine with the enemy’s skulls!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” The soldiers raised their hands and weapons together and shouted. The elite legion was well equipped, and the armor had a special luminous imprint, so as not to accidentally hurt their own people in the low visibility environment.

Seeing that the army morale escalated, Pallor immediately ordered them to attack. The first legion and the Flying Cloud Legion quickly rushed to Town Dico.

The soldiers in the front row threw grenade-like objects to destroy and induce the protective magic circle in front. Even so, there were still many interlocking and hidden protective arrays that were activated. Amidst the sound of explosions, the waves of fire and electric sparks reflected the figures of the fallen soldiers. Nevertheless, these did not stop these elites’ firm pace at all. They quickly invaded the town.

There was a commotion in the town. The lights of many houses went out. The sky full of arrow rained down, but Town Dico was not the Moonlight Fortress. If there was no ambush along the way, the terrain of this town alone did not have much defensive advantage.

The capital’s elite soldiers who were wearing high-quality equipment were not the cannon fodder army of those lords. Although the arrows were dense, they couldn’t cause the corresponding damage when facing the defense of a strong s.h.i.+eld and armor.

The guard soldiers of Town Dico resisted desperately, but the capital elite army had an extremely powerful impact. Together with the Flying Cloud Legion in the air, the Dark Moon defending soldiers were forced to retreat eventually. Soon, the front line of defense was destroyed, and the capital army flooded into Town Dico.

At this time, a dragon roar sounded, and the few griffins that rushed in front instantly turned into flying ash. The nearby griffins were frightened and fled away in all directions. Obviously, the 2 giant dragons of the Dark Moon had been dispatched.

The foremost was the terrifying poison dragon. After scaring away the nearby griffin cavalry, a dragon breath sprayed toward the group of capital soldiers below. However, a burst of cold chill came at this moment. The flight speed of the dragon breath suddenly became slow. Itactually solidified into ice. Then, it fell to the ground and shattered. Only a dozen soldiers who were splashed by the debris were killed by the poison.

A white-haired woman with an old face appeared in the air instantly. She held a magic wand with a faint silver light in her hand and pointed to the dragon in front. A small hurricane appeared and flew toward Paglio.

This woman was none other than Stiller, the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. She was one of the strongest Demon Overlords in the elder familier. She was once the number one magician under the Lord of Midnight Sun and also the most powerful trump card in Obsidian’s hand. Stiller had observed the poison dragon’s battles during the day and casted targeted magic right away.

The hurricane was deliberately controlled to be very “pocket-sized”, but Paglio could clearly feel the powerful magic contained in it. Before the hurricane approached, the nearby airflow had been twisted and chaotic, making it difficult to fly.

If it was a blue dragon who was good at the wind element, this hurricane was nothing. It could be dissipated in one breath, but Paglio was a poison dragon. He was proficient at physical attacks and poisoning, but he was still a bit disadvantaged in the face of magic. This was also the reason he was restrained by the fairy dragon.

Paglio knew that the dragon’s body was too huge, and it was easy to become a living target in front of opponents of the magic element. With a shake of his body, he immediately transformed into a human body. He waved his fists like lightning, and the terrifying wind pressure formed by the fist force actually smashed the hurricane into half.

This method of breaking the magic with sheer power made Stiller secretly frightened, but as a veteran Demon Overlord, she did not panic. With a wand in her hand, countless crisscrossed translucent magic crystals appeared around Paglio. Judging from the twisted and refracted light around the poison dragon, it seemed to be a cage of ice layers.

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Paglio still directly attacked with the same method. The terrifying power had turned the cage into powder. However, Stiller constantly replenished and strengthened the cage with the cost of her spirit power. It was impossible to eliminate Paglio this way. Stiller’s goal was obvious that was to hold the enemy’s most powerful combat power.

“General Durui is currently sending soldiers to search separately…”

As soon as he finished talking, a house exploded violently. The soldiers who were caught off guard nearby were either killed or seriously wounded. This explosion seemed to have triggered a chain reaction. All the houses in this area exploded one after another. As the ground was shaking, broken limbs were flying around. The explosion light illuminated the horrified faces of the capital soldiers.

“All the soldiers leave the house!” Pallor roared. Even the sound condensed from the power of a Demon Emperor was still weak in the deafening explosion.

Finally, the sound of the explosion subsided. After the smoke and dust dissipated, all the buildings within a radius of several hundred meters were razed to the ground. This kind of explosion power was not what ordinary magic items could do. At least 3,000 soldiers were killed in this ma.s.sive explosion and even more were injured.

“These Dark Moon lunatics!”

Pallor gritted his teeth and cursed. He gathered the army while arranging the treatment for the wounded.

“General! Bad news!” Durui hurriedly rushed in breathlessly, “A large number of enemy troops appeared in the [Dark Sky] around the town! We…we are surrounded!”

“Surrounded? Are you sure?” Pallor was so shocked that he almost thought that he had heard it wrongly. Excluding the first legion and the Flying Cloud Legion that are pursuing the enemy, the existing second legion and third legion has 150,000 people. In this kind of terrain, at least 3 times the troops are needed to surround us.

Nearly half a million troops? How did the Dark Moon come up with so many troops?

“Undead! An army of undead!”

Not just undead, they were equipped with excellent equipment as well ?. Deputy commander in your dream ?

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