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Chapter 512 - Empty City

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Chapter 512: Empty City

The next morning, Chen Rui appeared at the White Armor Hotel in the White Feather Estate.

“Sir Fako,” the waiter at the hotel saluted him respectfully, “The person sent by sir lord is waiting for sir in the room.”

“Oh?” Chen Rui’s heart moved, and he walked straight to the room.

In the room, a man dressed as a servant was waiting.

Chen Rui noticed the information displayed by the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes]. He raised his brows slightly and closed the door first. Before the man could speak, he bowed and said, “I’m really sorry for actually making sir lord wait for a long time..”

The man didn’t expect that his disguise would be exposed so quickly. An odd expression flashed across his eyes, and his face changed quickly to restore his appearance, “Sir Fako has good eyesight! My visit is abrupt. I made a fool of myself.”

“Sir lord is too serious. It is my honor to have sir to visit me personally.” Chen Rui secretly thought that he was lucky. Originally, he wanted to find an excuse to look for Sicali, but he unexpectedly took the initiative to come personally.

This Sicali was the protagonist of the secret room’s X-rated SM movie last night, but strictly speaking, this “Sicali” was originally a member of the believers. Due to the power of the Wheel of Hera, he was transformed into a clone of the main body, Sicali. He had no blood relations.h.i.+p with Palando which was worthy of the SM name indeed.

Sicali sat down and said with a smile, “Sir Fako is in high spirits. You seem to be in a good mood.”

——Of course, I’m in high spirits. I had a good time with my beloved little charming girl last night, and I also enjoyed a special service in a different way. Because I was a little excited, the little maid was holding her hips and kept screaming. There was another round of pity and love and stormy rain. The little fairy below had experienced a few climaxes before we hugged together and slept.

Let alone the benefits of [Dual Training], the love between man and woman is normal. Besides, we are even a young couple who like each other. When it comes to s.e.x, there should not be selfishness. Mutual pleasure and satisfaction are the most important factors. As for matters like moral values, wait for me to put on the clothes and reset it.

“How can I be comparable to sir lord. Sir seems to be truly vigorous.” Chen Rui smiled slightly. The protagonist of the movie has an acquired taste. Whip, wax, torture equipment, and so on. Who is more ferocious than sir?

Sicali naturally didn’t know what Chen Rui was thinking. After a few courteous greetings, Sicali said, “Sir Fako is a discerning person, so I won’t go around in circles. I came here today in disguise to confirm 1 matter.”

Chen Rui knew that the show’s main point was coming, so he didn’t talk any more nonsense. He was all ears.

“Sir Fako said yesterday that you can satisfy any of my wishes. I don’t know how credible this sentence is? I came here with sincerity, hoping to hear the truest answer.”

Chen Rui was secretly delighted. If he hadn’t witnessed the X-rated blockbuster last night, especially the dialogue between the 2 Sicalis, he would have doubted about the sudden visit of the “sir lord” today. Now that he understood the mystery of the Wheel of Hera, he had a plan in his mind.

There was a saying called trying everything in desperate situations. This Sicali should be a clone that was about to be swallowed. Since it was a matter of life and death, he was naturally difficult to calm down. It could be seen from the conversations in the meeting yesterday, not to mention the hysterical tyranny and venting in the secret room.

Chen Rui was still smiling, “Paying and rewarding are often equal. It depends on how much sir lord can pay. For example… even if the sir wants to have a lifespan of tens of thousands of years, it is not a problem. As long as you can afford a sufficient price, you can impress a giant dragon to sign a symbiotic contract with you.”

If this sentence was heard by Master Poison Dragon, he would definitely be remorseful that he was sold at a low price back then.

Sicali nodded noncommittally, “It’s not that I don’t believe in sir’s ability, but facts are more convincing than empty talk. What do you think?”

Chen Rui asked calmly, “Yes, I just don’t know what kind of ‘fact’ does sir need? After this fact is confirmed, what kind of answer will sir give me?”

Sicali said solemnly, “To be honest, sir, I have a very urgent thing to ask for your help, but before that, I need sir to prove your ability!”

This time, Chen Rui did not beat around the bushes again, “Sir, please say.”

“There have been some accidents in the Loeb Mine in the Cold Mist Swamp east of the White Feather Estate. I want to trouble the sir to solve it. If sir can solve this problem within 10 days, I will not only pay a satisfying price, but this will also be the beginning of our true cooperation.”

Chen Rui was not sure whether this matter was related to the Wheel of Hera. Now the Dark Moon was fighting fiercely. Although they won a small victory at the Moonlight Fortress, it was mostly due to Obsidian’s underestimation of enemies. In the next battle, the pressure on the Moonlight Fortress would definitely be greater. With the existing defense and military strength, it was impossible to stop the fierce attack of a million troops, so he must speed up his plans as soon as possible.

However, Chen Rui believed that there was not much time left for this “Sicali”. Even if the Loeb Mine was only a test, as long as this was completed, he would definitely become Sicali’s life-saving straw and touch the biggest secret of the White Feather Estate.

“Okay! Sir, please provide the detailed information on Loeb Mine.”

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The other party’s non-hesitant reply pleased Sicali. He took out a ring, “The information is in the ring. Due to some special circ.u.mstances, the lord’s mansion is not suitable for us to meet. If sir completes the task, you can take this ring to the arena battle ball merchandise store to find the owner, Tracy. She will arrange everything.”

The defenders of the fortress didn’t seem to notice the [Dark Sky], and did not respond until the black mist gradually dispersed. This time, it was actually just a test. When the second [Dark Sky] activated, 3 elite legions, led by the new deputy commander Pallor, had already sneaked past under the cover of the mist.

The Demon Realm did not have 36 Stratagems, but many things were interlinked. This trick did have the essence of the underhand way. Pallor patiently ordered the army to move slowly with the dark mist. Until they approached the fortress, they shouted loudly and attacked the fortress. At the same time, the 2 legions in the air also quickly dispatched.

Strangely, the Moonlight Fortress still did not respond as if it was an empty city.

That was right, it was really an empty city.

“The Dark Moon defending soldiers have all evacuated from the fortress?” Obsidian frowned. A heavy blow that he planned carefully seemed to be futile, but no matter what, the fortress was finally taken down.

Josh was the first to say, “Your Highness’s raid strategy is indeed wise, but the enemy is quite cunning. Knowing that they can no longer resist the power of our army, they chose to escape.”

The lords also expressed their compliments one after another, saying that at least 1 victory had been achieved and the Moonlight Fortress had been taken.

The front scout reported, “Your Highness, the enemy is currently fleeing in a hurry. General Pallor requested to pursue them and conquer Town Dico in one fell swoop!”

Obsidian’s eyes lit up and the lords all agreed. Only Gerant, who had been relieved of his position as deputy commander, spoke up, “Your Highness, the Dark Moon is tricky. I’m afraid there might be traps if we chase rashly. We must be cautious.”

“Your Highness, what General Gerant said makes sense,” Josh said, “However, the terrain of Town Dico is different from the Moonlight Fortress. The front is mainly mountainous. As long as there is cooperation from the air legion, we can see through the enemy even if there is an ambush along the way. There is an open field behind Town Dico, which connects straight to Town Leith. The field is the most ideal terrain for our army to unleash their ability. If we occupy Town Dico, then Town Leith is at our fingertips. This is just my personal opinion. The decision lies in Your Highness.”

Josh’s a.n.a.lysis strengthened Obsidian’s confidence, and he nodded, “Order Pallor to pursue the retreating army and take down Town Dico, the Dragon Rider Legion to return, and the Flying Cloud Legion to a.s.sist in the pursuit. In addition to the 2 dragons during the day, the Dark Moon’s Demon Overlords should also include the traitors, Krobelus and Vanim. Lagraross, Stiller, both of you help out Pallor. Even if the opponent’s sent out all Demon Overlords, we can still match them. With our military strength, it is not difficult to settle the defeated army of the Dark Moon and the defending soldiers of Town Dico.”

Everyone praised the regent’s wisdom. Gerant was about to persuade him again, but Obsidian glared at him coldly. Gerant sighed and stopped speaking.

What kind of traps were waiting for the coalition army? What was Chen Rui plan to deal with the Wheel of Hera?

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