Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 504 - Departure

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Chapter 504: Departure

Only Shea and Chen Rui remained in the council hall.

“When are you leaving?”

“Zola’s teleportation portal was improved some time ago, and it will be at least tomorrow for it to restore to normal use.”

If anyone heard the dialogue, they would be surprised. At the most critical moment when the capital army is about to strike, the financial officer, one of the iconic figures of the Dark Moon, is actually going to escape?

But Shea didn’t show any odd expression. She just nodded slightly, “Be careful.”


After these two sentences, there was a moment of silence.

Chen Rui spoke several times, but Shea did not carry on the conversation. The atmosphere became a bit awkward.

Since the last birthday “attempt” incident, although “Aguile” was announced as her fiancé, due to Royal Highness’ resentment, the poor fiancé had been unable to approach her.

His benefits and treatment were not as good as before her birthday.

I am about to go. There should at least be a goodbye kiss or something… By the way, I have not tasted the cherry lips of Princess Royal Highness for a long time.

Just as Chen Rui was thinking about how to succeed, Shea suddenly made up her mind and said, “Tonight… stay.”

Chen Rui’s eyes suddenly opened wide, thinking that he had misheard it. It’s like buying a lottery ticket. I just intend to win tens of thousands of dollars initially, but unexpectedly I hit the jackpot?

Is this a strong rebound after the character hit the bottom?

Chen Rui glanced surprisingly at Princess Royal Highness who happened to be looking at him as well. Shea avoided his gaze, but a faint blush loomed on her face.

Although it was only a moment, Chen Rui had already seen what was in those purple eyes, and he walked over slowly.

When Shea felt the man approaching, her whole body stiffened a little, but she didn’t flinch.

“My dear Royal Highness. This… won’t work.”

Chen Rui’s voice made Shea stunned. She looked at him surprisingly: When did the wolf become a vegetarian?

“You should dress more s.e.xily. Your expression should be more feminine, then say seductively, ‘Please spoil your concubine tonight, sir husband.” Chen Rui said seriously, “Maybe… I will consider staying.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Shea’s expression instantly became interesting. A chilling vibe exuded all over her body as she gritted her teeth and punched toward this nasty guy.

Chen Rui caught this punch quickly. With a pull, the entire body of Princess Royal Highness fell into his arms.

“d.a.m.n it! Let me go!” Shea struggled angrily, but she was unable to break free with her strength. She immediately bit his shoulder severely.


“My hand!”

“When does the Lucifer Royal Family have a biting bloodline talent… Help!”

The sorrowful screams in the council hall faintly reached the ears of the guard in the distance. The guards who were accustomed to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it.

The struggle in the man’s arms gradually diminished, but the neat teeth marks on his body were particularly eye-catching.

“Dear Princess Royal Highness, are you still angry? I’m almost killed by your bite…”

“a.s.shole! d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The woman cursed vaguely while biting the back of his hand.

Chen Rui grinned as he enjoyed the wonderful feeling of the two plump and moist b.a.l.l.s of Princess Royal Highness squeezing on his chest, “Should I add a fool who isn’t romantic? Let me guess again, except for giving yourself to me, does my Princess Shea still have this arrangement? If the war situation is critical, ask me to take her sister and those friends to escape from the Dark Moon from the west? Meanwhile, she will stay and fight till death in the estate?”

Shea trembled slightly, and she loosened her bite lightly, revealing 2 symmetrical meniscus marks on the back of someone’s hand.

“Sure enough, you are still a foolish woman as always.” Chen Rui stroked her soft blonde hair lightly. “It’s just that the same moves are useless to me. I won’t make the same mistake again. No matter what method you use, I will be by your side now and in the future.”

Shea didn’t speak, but she just pressed her forehead tightly against his shoulder.

“Shea, do you have so little confidence in me? Or do you have no confidence in yourself?”

“I don’t know…” Shea sighed softly, “Are you confident of this battle?”

“To be honest, I’m not sure.” Chen Rui shook his head, “Since I came into this world, I have encountered a lot of tests. I was not confident of any of them, but I finally got over it because I know that I want to do it.”

“I understand this principle; I just…”

“Just don’t believe me? Just a little hesitation or a little fear?”

“No! I…”

Before Princess Royal Highness had time to explain, her mouth was already blocked. A guy took advantage of the situation to collect the fragrance of her lips that he had longed for.

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After an exciting entanglement, both their lips parted. Chen Rui pressed her forehead and said softly, “Shea, listen to me, we will win the final victory just as we will be together forever as long as we have this persistence. Do you have it?”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly. Under this hazy moonlight, she actually discovered this. She is worthy of being the head of the intel. It is impossible to be in this field without keen observation.

“I guess our Princess Royal Highness rejected the small attempt of a certain anxious man, so this man left the palace in a dejected manner?”

You guessed the front part wrongly, but the ending is right.

Women’s intuition is really terrifying… Chen Rui scratched his head, “I’m leaving tomorrow morning. Do you need me to bring back some specialties and other gifts?

“Of course, it’s just that the gift I like is quite difficult to get…” A graceful figure walked out of the shadow. “Get through this crisis safely, can you do it?”

Chen Rui was taken aback. He was encouraging someone in the palace just now, and he was immediately encouraged by her once he got out of the palace.

He felt warm in his heart and shrugged, “I guess I’ll try my best?”

“You must do it.” The alluring figure slowly leaned over, entangling his body like a snake and dragging him into the shadow of the tree.

After a moment of deep kissing, the charming voice sounded again, “Who is better, me or her?”

This question was a bit difficult. He could only vaguely gloss over, “Both are good.”

The woman snorted. She boldly brought his hand into her bra, and she grasped the chunk of white jade, “What about here?”

It was the first time both of them had such a scale of contact, especially when the woman took the initiative.

The part that had calmed down in the palace before suddenly became vigorous, then the man used “grasping” to answer the question. The woman let him do it freely. She panted gently while saying coquettishly, “I’m not like some princess who makes empty promises. As long as you can bring that gift, you can do whatever you want by then…”

As soon as she finished saying it, her delicate body had slipped and escaped from the man’s control. When she left, she did not forget to flick at the high-spirited “weapon”.

“Can’t do it now. We’ll see when you bring back the gift. Okay, you should go back. There are still some people waiting for you at home, playboy…”

When she said the last word, she was already a few meters away. Only a man was left covering his lower body with a frustrated expression.

——Sure enough, I was teased again…

Charming girl! She is almost on par with Kia!

If the little charming girl was a cute “girl from a humble family” who used little schemes from time to time, this elder charming girl was a scheming, teasing “lady from a wealthy family”. Both had their own advantages.

I better go back. Anyway, my original plan is to have a good time with the 3 women at home tonight. After I go out this time, I won’t be able to return for a while. If it goes well, it may change the whole battle situation.

Remember to save some energy for the mission ?

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