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Chapter 486 - Goldman and Tea Leaf

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Chapter 486: Goldman and Tea Leaf

After the misunderstanding with Olypheus was resolved, another occupant was added to the house. According to Ms. Black Dragon’s own words: If the bodyguard is not with the employee, what is a bodyguard?

The key point was that this was a paradise for eating and drinking for free. There were so many delicious things such as the emerald jade wine in the hands of Paglio which made people salivate by just smelling it. This good stuff couldn’t even be bought outside.

Chen Rui considered it again and again, and he still agreed to Olypheus’ request. This chick is too weird and seriously unreliable. She can burn the forest when roasting a piece of meat. Unluckily, her strength is the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord. If she stays outside, she may cause some huge troubles. I managed Dark Moon City with much effort, and I don’t want any accidents to happen.

Athena and Kia had known the existence of Ms. Bodyguard from Chen Rui a long time ago, so there was no misunderstanding. However, after seeing Olypheus’ unexpected beauty, there was a vague vigilance in their eyes. Fortunately, this kind of vigilance soon loosened up a lot because, during their interaction in the past few days, they found that Olypheus was a very simple girl, perhaps you could say a very simple miser. The relations.h.i.+p between men and women was purely a blank paper; she did not have too much thought about it.

In addition to being a miser, this chick was also an out-and-out foodie who was comparable to Krobelus. She could eat as much as she could. She claimed, “Mum said it is for p.u.b.erty.”

This time, in addition to the “turkey” necklace given to Chen Rui, Zola also had a very important research result which was the puppet’s heart that Chen Rui gave her. The puppet’s heart was the secret treasure of the Beelzebub Royal Family. It had a great effect on making puppets. Back then, the crystal dragon Jacob forcefully got it from Azgalor because he could use it to create more and stronger crystal men. Later, Chen Rui got it by scheming. Chen Rui then gave it to Zola to research, and now this research had finally achieved great success. She created a peculiar puppet.

This kind of puppet was somewhat similar to the crystal men created by the crystal dragon with talent and other power. However, the material was not crystal, but alloy, and a lot of ancient runes was added into it. Zola named it goldman.

The material of the goldman itself was extremely st.u.r.dy. It was a.s.sembled from small components similar to building blocks. It could freely control every part of its body just like the human body controlling the muscles. The “core” of its brain was made by using the highest refined substance and the power of the puppet’s heart provided by Chen Rui. It was made through the process of initiation of the ancient runes and compound magic.

The role of the ancient runes was very wonderful. From the moment it was initiated as the finished product, the core and components of goldman would become integrated. It was extremely hard; even the powerful magic elements couldn’t change or reverse it. Therefore, this goldman’s defense power or magic resist ability was quite amazing. In terms of attack, it had also reached the Demon King level.

Zola had another important purpose of making the goldman. Besides using it as an a.s.sistant to conduct dangerous experiments and exploration work, it still had one more important function.

There were no outsiders in this house except the new little black dragon (Zola thought so). There were no servants or maids. Everyone usually had their own matters. It was very inconvenient in terms of hygiene and cleaning, so this kind of goldman could be used as a servant.

The goldman didn’t have independent consciousness. Without manual control, it just worked like a robot according to the “program” entered such as cleaning and guarding. After inserting a certain spiritual imprint according to Zola’s secret method, the goldman could be controlled to perform various actions. The emergence of the goldman solved a big living problem, but Chen Rui thought of a more important strategic significance.

Compared with the crystal men made by crystal dragons, the goldman not only had no inferior magic resist characteristics, but it also had better physical defense and attack power than the crystal men. The same disadvantage was that its speed was relatively slow. Of course, compared with Asmodeus Royal Family’s [War Puppet] with pure combat instincts, it was still incomparable, but according to Zola, as long as the materials were sufficient, it could be produced in batches. She had already produced 3 of them.

Chen Rui asked whether it was possible to try to use the a.s.sembly line process to produce those combination accessories. This would not only greatly reduce Zola’s workload, but also increase the production speed by multiple times. By that time, Zola could also a.s.sign puppets or special personnel to a.s.semble them. Finally, Zola only needed to be in charge of producing the core and complete the most important initiation.

Zola thought for a while. This method should be feasible, but in the process of accessories production, she used extraordinary magic power in many aspects. If it was made by ordinary craftsmen, even if the initiation in the end succeeded, perhaps the goldman’s combat effectiveness would also decline a lot. It would probably be hard for the goldman to reach Demon King level.

Athena intervened at this time. Even if it was the strength of a higher demon, as long as it could reach a certain amount, the goldman could definitely become the most terrifying team on the battlefield with the characteristics high defense, high offense and fearlessness.

That night, Chen Rui brought a goldman to the palace and reported the incident to Shea.

Shea looked at the goldman presented by Chen Rui with surprise. She knew very well the combat power that would be created if the goldman was ma.s.s-produced and put on the battlefield.

Shea also expressed considerable interest in the a.s.sembly line production proposed by Chen Rui. The a.s.sembly line referred to the production process in which the item continuously pa.s.sed through each workstation where the parts were added in sequence according to a certain process route and a uniform production speed until the final a.s.sembly was produced.

Shea was a quick-witted person. She suddenly thought of the advantages of this production method, “This will not only greatly improve efficiency, but it also has a very effective confidentiality effect. Each team of craftsmen only produces one or several components and the final a.s.sembly is also done by a separate team. Even if someone leaks the secrets, they will not really obtain the complete goldman production method.”

“Yes, I plan to leave the making of the goldman’s alloy and the most important part to the tauren, so that it will be foolproof.”

Shea looked supportive, “This a.s.sembly line production is wonderful. It can be promoted in many production industries. We can immediately send people to buy the goldman’s various production materials, but your report yesterday stated that our recent capital expenditure is relatively large especially for the military expenses. Let’s make a budget plan first.”

“Money is not a problem.” Chen Rui smiled flirtatiously, “However, that is my private a.s.set. I plan to use it to marry my wife in the future. If I use everything now, what should I do if no one wants to marry me then?”

Shea’s face blushed slightly, “Don’t you have Athena and the others? With your cunningness and tricks, even if you have nothing in the future, they will still be by your side.”

Chen Rui got closer and looked straight into her beautiful eyes, “What about you?”

Shea’s tone was a little cold, “As a lord, those who are worthless naturally lose their role.”

“Really?” Chen Rui scratched his head and asked again, “Then what about as a woman?”

“Regardless of poverty, high, low, aging, sickness or death, I will be by his side.” Shea’s purple eyes were intertwined with gentleness and firmness, “I shoulder the destiny of all people in an estate, and perhaps an empire in the future. If I can get rid of this heavy burden by then, then even life and death cannot separate me and him. If I can’t let go of the responsibility, then I can’t sacrifice the entire estate or even the entire empire for my selfishness. However, from that moment on, my soul and emotion will be completely annihilated with his death.”

Chen Rui took two steps forward and hugged her tightly.

There was no kiss, no sweet words, but only a hug where the figure and the soul combined.

Just like that agreement. Never separate forever and ever.

After a long time.

“Okay, you should go now. Alice is coming back from shopping at the night market.”

“En, I will arrange the goldman’s matter immediately. Your birthday is only a few days away, but this is not my birthday gift. The birthday gift that I’m giving you is not so valuable.”

Shea looked at him and didn’t say words like “I like it as long as it’s from you.” She just smiled slightly like the snow that was beginning to melt.

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Leaving the palace, Chen Rui subconsciously turned to the northeast block.

“You misunderstood…” Chen Rui was embarra.s.sed. I’m really wrong.

“Whether it is a misunderstanding or not, ask your Ms. Bodyguard to follow you closely these days. I have received news that the capital may send someone to harm you.”

“Me?” Chen Rui frowned, However, this was not the first time the capital tried to harm him. He had been several times before. His ident.i.ty was different from Shea. Shea and Alice were the only descendants of the Lord of Midnight Sun. Once Shea encountered any accident, the main military forces led by General George would cause large-scale turmoil and even betray the Fallen Angel Empire to turn to the other 2 empires. Therefore, before Obsidian had the confidence to control this situation, he not only couldn’t Shea, but he also had to pray for her to live well. Especially now that the capital was plagued by the fundraising scandals, he couldn’t afford this change.

“They are probably not going to kill you this time, but to bring you back alive. I guess the powerhouse who is coming here is not simple.” Isabella’s lips curled up, “You should be grateful for the long reasoning that you made during your meeting with the White Feather Estate. Such a talent is more useful when alive. Maybe you can deliberately be taken away and use deception to scheme the capital again.”

“I’m not free now, so I can’t be taken away.” Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “I will be careful. Thank you for your intel.”

Isabella nodded, and she did not mention this matter again. She took out a small bag from the s.p.a.ce ring, “This is the leaf you brought back last time. Delia tried several times and failed to get it right. I got it from her since I’m bored. I made it according to the method you said. I don’t know if it has reached the level you said.”

Chen Rui was taken aback. The “leaf” that Isabella said was the one he accidentally found and bought last time when he took Alice to partic.i.p.ate in Town Leia’s plants trade fair in the Dark Shadow Empire. These spirit purifying leaves were a kind of medicinal material that had detoxification, mind purification and calming effect. They were beneficial to the training of magic power, but what Chen Rui valued was not their function, but… the taste.

This kind of spirit purifying leaf was very similar to the tea he liked in the previous life, but the people of the Demon Realm only kept it in the mouth, or at most it was directly soaked in water for drinking. He wondered if the spirit purifying leaf would produce that kind of taste and feeling when it was made according to the method of tea.

Chen Rui didn’t like wine very much before the crossover, but he had a soft spot for tea. Due to economic constraints, he only drank some low and medium-grade bulk tea. He once wanted to sell tea on Taobao, but there was always a gap between reality and ideals. He finally chose to sell clothing due to the relatively low cost risk.

He was quite clear about some processes such as withering and fermentation of tea, but his time schedule was too tight these days to try them step by step. Athena was a legion commander who dealt with swords and guns. Kia was keen on costume design. Zola had even more scientific research projects while Krobelus was too busy with wine-making, so he pa.s.sed it to Delia who was a little interested. He didn’t expect Isabella to take over, and she actually produced some finished products in such a short time.

“Let me do it!” Chen Rui was suddenly in the mood. He took out his usual outdoor utensils, boiled the water with a magic stove, and picked out two small cups from the treasures of the storage warehouse, “Making tea is a deep knowledge. The water, utensils, and tea-making methods are very particular. Unfortunately, there are too few things now… You can’t drink the first round of tea. These leaves will have fine debris on the surface during the process of growing and picking. They are also not rinsed before they are roasted. Therefore, this is the role of tea was.h.i.+ng. These are relatively tender tea leaves, so the boiling temperature should not be too high…”

Isabella listened attentively as she watched him speak endlessly while making tea, and a strange feeling suddenly surged in her heart – very warm and peaceful.

Chen Rui made a cup of tea and tasted it by himself. His eyes lit up slightly, and he licked his lips indulgently, “Very good. Come on, you try it.”

“En, it really doesn’t feel the same as the one I made.” In fact, the “feeling” that Isabella said was not just the taste.

Under the moonlight.

The man and the woman sipped the tea quietly like a peaceful and natural picture.

Tea lover here too ??…

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