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Chapter 482 - Arrival

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Chapter 482: Arrival

During these 5 days, Chen Rui was very tired. He learned alchemy and dealt with government affairs during the day; at night, he accompanied his girlfriends, female boss and… a presently considerably “pure” female friend that was suspected to be a mistress.

However, after the first 2 kisses and hugs, Isabella’s next move did not go further. Instead, she had “toned down” a lot.

He went to “report” to her 4 times in 5 days just to discuss matters or to play a game of chess. Sometimes, she closed her eyes before leaving, leaning lightly on his shoulder for a moment. When she opened her eyes, she immediately turned hostile and chased him away.

This made Chen Rui’s heart eased a lot. Her previous tension and rejection gradually disappeared. In this state of mind, he felt Isabella’s loneliness more and more clearly.

Just as she said in the capital when she leaned in his embrace, “I am very tired. I’m a very strong woman, but after all, I’m just a woman.”

At that time, she was the highly admired flower of the capital, but she was lonely as well.

Chen Rui didn’t know if it was her strategy to get along with feeling more and more natural and relaxed. Maybe she really just wanted to use him to escape from her loneliness. Anyway, he had no choice but to continue to be “coerced” for the time being.

Maybe Chen Rui didn’t realize it himself. If another person “threatened” him like that, would the person be so successful?

Isabella joined the Dark Moon because of her friends.h.i.+p with Krobelus and also because she could get help to avenge Broc’s murder of his brother. Now there was Roman, the main member of the family enmity, and with the help of people like Paglio, it was only a matter of time before Broc was resolved. Her close friend, Krobelus, also found her most important partner. Krobelus lived in that “exclusive” house and did not have too much time to accompany her.

Isabella did not have much hatred for the capital, and Regent Obsidian was also regarded as her old master. Although she usually spent most of her energy on the Dark Demon organization, it was difficult for her to avoid the loneliness of “an outsider who had lost a certain life goal”. It was not until the accidental discovery that she seemed to have found a little “joy” or “goal”?

What was it? Maybe even she herself didn’t know. She didn’t know if there would be any result. She just felt that there was a strong desire that drove her to do so, so she did it. It was like a moth flying toward the flame plants, even if it would become ashes the next moment.

In addition to the “affair” with Isabella, there was another incident that had attracted Chen Rui’s attention.

It was the change of the blue planet in the Super System.

The population on the blue planet had skyrocketed dozens of times. From the original tribe, it had developed into countries, but this planet was much larger than the earth where Chen Rui was originally located. The current population coverage was not even 1%.

On the planet, there were various Pillars of Faith which provided power for the lives of various believers. These lives also gave back faith power. Some also had several faiths that were not conflicting with each other.

It was in response to that sentence: Where there are people, there will be underworlds. Since the emergence of private owners.h.i.+p, inequality between people was unavoidable. This was also the inevitable result of the continuous development of human self-improvement ability. The emergence of various interests and gaps had caused various forms of opposition and contradictions to continue until it was impossible to reconcile. Just like the civilization history of all intelligent creatures, war was inevitable.

Although these lives were “produced” by the system, they gave Chen Rui a feeling of real life. Although in this [Galaxy Territory], Chen Rui had absolute control and control over everything, he also needed these lives to provide faith power. However, life was life. It had independent will and choice with true flexibility. Therefore, he did not interfere with life’s independent behavior including war.

Civilization developed and progressed rapidly under this alternating demand of active and pa.s.sive.

The number of faith power and faith crystals was also growing rapidly. Now, the number of faith crystals had reached 36,000, and the growth rate was still increasing. [Royal Star Transformation] consumed 1,000 faith crystals. It would not be a problem for now.

There was another very important use of the faith crystals which was the enhancement of spiritual link. Chen Rui had experienced the effect of [Link Enhancement]. Each time it cost 100 faith crystals, but there was a time limit; there was another [Star-level Enhancement] which was permanent. It was worth looking forward to, but one-star enhancement required 100,000 faith crystals, so it could only be acc.u.mulated slowly at present.

One thing that worried Chen Rui was that he could feel that Shura’s power had increased a lot under the influence of some faith power, and he seemed to have reached a certain critical point. Once he exceeds this critical point, what will happen? Even he could not predict.

In any case, Shura is always a serious concern. If there is a chance, I must completely eliminate him.

Compared with these troublesome matters, Chen Rui’s progress in learning alchemy was very smooth. This surprised Master Tetenis who temporarily lived in the Cloak Gang. As this apprentice said at the beginning, his qualifications and abilities are beyond my expectation. Not only mechanical skills, but also pharmaceutics!

In less than a week, this absolute rookie, who was originally equivalent to a pharmaceutics apprentice, has actually progressed by leaps and bounds. If this continues, he will become a potioneer in just one month! It is not by forceful memorization, but by real understanding instead!

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The potioneer in Tetenis’ mind was not those who barely pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment, but the real potioneer who had mastered all the knowledge and skills of the potioneer category!

“It’s boring to be alone. If the guy, Roman, is here, he would have pulled me eagerly. Don’t be a wet blanket. It’s rare that Little Betty is not there.” Paglio’s eyes rolled, “Don’t worry, with our power, as long as we change our face, the lackeys of the Governance a.s.sociation will definitely not recognize us.”

Chen Rui changed his mind, “Then let’s go to the east gate.”

“Okay, I’ll accompany you to the east gate and see the beautiful women coming and going! I’m so accommodating, right?!” The dead duck dragon said without blus.h.i.+ng. It was as if Chen Rui was the one “pursuing freedom”.

Chen Rui turned into Simon’s face and followed the dead duck dragon who disguised into a handsome man to walk toward the city gate.

“If there are any beauties later, let’s go strike up a conversation and see who can get her.” Paglio grinned, “Don’t forget the great harem plan that I said. I want to bring a group of female dragons to fly around in the sky at your door. Now, I will add one more sentence. There will be a demon beauty riding on top of every female dragon! Let that d.a.m.n Government a.s.sociation go to h.e.l.l!”

Chen Rui looked at this guy speechlessly as he shook his head and said, “Go ahead if you want to strike up a conversation or something, I will help you to keep guard. My current harem is already deadly enough.”

“A few of them are considered harem? Don’t show off if there are not dozens of hundreds of them, otherwise it’s embarra.s.sing!” Paglio replied contemptuously.

Amidst their nonsense, they had already reached the east gate. One had to admit that the changing appearance of the dead dragon was a bit charming indeed. He attracted the attention of many women. Relatively speaking, no one paid attention to the ordinary-looking “Simon”. However, Master Poison Dragon naturally was not attracted to the common fans; he was just looking triumphant in front of Chen Rui.

After staying outside the city gate for a while, Paglio felt a little bored, “There’s nothing to see here, let’s go to the pub.”

“Have a look again. I don’t want to go to the pub.”

At this moment, Paglio raised his brows and suddenly looked toward the sky. Chen Rui followed his gaze and saw a black dot from the sky rus.h.i.+ng toward their side. It seemed to be a black cloud. When approaching this area, the speed of the black cloud gradually slowed down, and its area was shrinking. With the eyesight of the two of them, they could see clearly that it was a girl in black clothing.

Chen Rui’s eyes lit up suddenly. This trip is not in vain. She is finally here!

Hmmm, another harem member arrived…

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