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Chapter 480 - Her Sentiment

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Chapter 480: Her Sentiment

The outer courtyard of the palace; Master Aldas’ exclusive laboratory.

The dark elf master stared at the cloaked man in front of him in amazement. This cloaked man was the famous powerhouse of the Dark Moon Estate, the Red Blood Legion’s deputy legion commander, the palace guard deputy commander, and the Cloak Gang’s leader, Aguile. However, when “Aguile” took off the mask in front of him, the true face that had been kept secret was actually…

“Chen Rui!” Aldas’ facial expression was a mixture of shock, utter disbelief, and stunned. They finally turned into a wry smile, “Unexpected! Really unexpected! No wonder Aguile’ helped me and Lisa like that! What should I call you? Demon Emperor powerhouse, Sir Aguile? Or Sir Sheriff Chen Rui?”

“Master, you have a sense of humor. All of this is due to the inheritance from the grand master. No matter what I become and what power I gain, I will always be your friend, Chen Rui.”

Aldas looked at him for a long time and nodded, “I have to say that meeting a friend like you is the greatest luck in my life. Whether it is the reunion with my sister, Lisa, or the progress of pharmaceutics, it’s all thanks to you. Haha, grand master’s inheritance is so wonderful. Even as a friend, I can’t help but be jealous.”

When Chen Rui heard the rare joke at the end, he knew that the dark elf master’s mood had gradually calmed down. He smiled and said, “Don’t be jealous of me, now there is a great opportunity in front of you that can let you get the inheritance from a quasi-grand master potioneer, but it may be life-threatening. Are you willing to…”

“Of course I do!” Aldas’s calm heart suddenly became enthusiastic again. He looked at him with s.h.i.+ny eyes, “Tell me quickly!”

Even if Chen Rui’s strength could easily kill Aldas in seconds, he was still a little spooked by his fanatic eyes, “Actually… not inheritance, but I found a quasi-grand master to be a teacher for both of us…”

“It turns out that there are such secrets about the death of Grand Master Lolo back then.” After listening to the story told by Chen Rui, Aldas appeared in a daze and pulled him, “Then what are we waiting for? Bring me to be his apprentice immediately!”

d.a.m.n, everyone is so anxious. It seems that I’m the laziest… Chen Rui quickly grabbed the excited dark elf master, “It’s so late already. That quasi-grand master has already rested. I will bring you to him again tomorrow morning.”

“Okay! Okay!” Aldas rubbed his hands excitedly. Since he was cheated by a potioneer and ran away from home, he never had a real teacher. He self-studied and stole knowledge from the others; he took many detours. He finally became a master with the help of Shea, but his level was just the lower level of masters. If it weren’t for the high-purity potions and black potions provided by Chen Rui, it was likely that he would stop there for his entire life. Having a quasi-grand master as a teacher now was like a glimpse of hope in the dark. How could he not feel euphoric.

Chen Rui looked at the super excited dark elf master and shook his head secretly. This brother is going to be so excited that he will not be able to sleep tonight. He came to Aldas’ laboratory after coming out of the inner courtyard of the palace. He had reported the Tetenis incident to Princess Royal Shea. When Shea heard about this, she was quite surprised. She knew very well what a dual-quasi-grand master meant to the Dark Moon Estate, even if he was just staying here for a year.

Shea had received the gift from the little loli ahead of time. She was currently absorbing the power in that light and dark crystal. If she completely digested the ma.s.sive power in it, reaching Demon Overlord level was not a dream. Of course, reaching the Demon Overlord level of power was not enough, it was also necessary to realize the real territory, but in any case, this was a very rare opportunity.


In fact, the main contributor of this gift was Chen Rui. If it were not for his help to the earth elementals, the little loli would not have obtained this crystal. Shea understood this very well. Princess Royal Highness was even secretly delighted in Chen Rui’s parting words.

“I will give you an unforgettable gift for your birthday at the beginning of next month.”

After bidding farewell to the excited dark elf master, Chen Rui put on the mask again and walked out of the palace.

Just as he was about to return to the house, he suddenly remembered the threat of the secret intelligence boss at the ball last time. After hesitating for a long time, he finally did not dare to take any risks and walked toward the remote alley in the northeast block.

Turning into the alley and arriving in front of a secluded house, Chen Rui hesitated in front of the door for a while. After mustering the courage to knock on the door, the door suddenly opened with a creak. A slim figure appeared before his eyes.

“Hmph! I have been waiting for you for a long time. Finally, you have made the right choice and did not miss our appointment.”

This sentence made Chen Rui secretly grateful. Is it right to just be here?

While thinking, he had already walked through the door unknowingly.

This house was also full of Dragon Inscriptions and magic circles, which was completed by Ms. Betty for her best friend by forcing the dead duck dragon. The Devil’s Snare Flower had a group of maids in the Fallen Angel Capital, but there was no maid due to the need for her confidential work. Therefore, this place looked… somewhat messy inside and out.

Ms. Yini didn’t wear a veil this time. Her beautiful complexion seemed a bit dim even under the purple moonlight .

Chen Rui forced himself to say, “Madam Isabella…”

“Call me Isabella.” Ms. Yini interrupted him with a dissatisfied tone.

A woman’s heart is really hard to understand. Didn’t she forbid me to call her like this last time? Chen Rui was speechless for a while.

“Why are you just standing there? Help me clean up this place first.”

What? It turns out I’m just here to be a housework cleaner?

Chen Rui heaved a sigh of relief. Under Isabella’s threatening gaze, he began to be a handyman. He had a lot of experience of “working” in the Rainbow Valley, so he quickly cleaned up the yard. Even the 2 dim flame plants also glowed with bright flames again.

“Clean up the room too! And the bedroom!”


After finally finis.h.i.+ng the bedroom, the supervising lady who had been staring at him said, “Sit down.”

Chen Rui glanced at the bedroom. Here? There is only a bed here. I can only… lie down.

But he didn’t dare to say these words, so he had to sit on the side of the bed for a long time which made him look super awkward.

“You very nervous?”


“Hmph, why don’t you pretend to be honest when you lie to girls?” Looking at Chen Rui’s almost dumb appearance, Isabella’s anger flared out of nowhere.

At that time, “Charles” was so romantic and suave, so elegant, courteous and considerate. Due to the “plot needs”, he had frequent contacts with the flower of the capital, Isabella, and established an intimate relations.h.i.+p. They were described as an ideal couple which made those guys who coveted the beauty of Isabella jealous. Someone even ambushed Chen Rui.

In fact, whether it was “Charles” or Isabella, they were just pretending and scheming. Even when Isabella was somewhat truly invested, she still mercilessly poisoned “Charles”.

It was not until the two teamed up to deal with Broc that Chen Rui’s heart had an unprecedented feeling for the poisonous flower when Isabella took a fatal blow for him. He still clearly remembered that tingling feeling of blood flowing on his body after the dagger pa.s.sed through her body. If he had been acting previously, then at the last moment, especially after hearing her unfinished confession, he finally couldn’t help being too involved in the play.

Therefore, he used the resurrection potion. He hoped that after she was reborn, she could completely get rid of the grief and hatred.

Even before leaving, he left her a note to give her a little hope.

This should have been a relatively happy ending.

However, man’s plan was inferior to G.o.d’s. Isabella came to the Dark Moon by accident and became a member of it. Coincidentally, she also discovered his secret.

The ‘see you again’ promised at that time was now realized.

But what about other promises?

Am I really just a liar?

Thinking of this, the sir liar became more and more guilty. He was afraid to look at Isabella, let alone saying a word.

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He didn’t dare to think further from the vague line: Will the altar of the harem use the corpse of the main character to perform a blood sacrifice again ?

Under the soft magic lamp light in the bedroom, those beautiful blue eyes flashed like water with a hint of gentleness. This was not the temptation or intoxication of the Devil’s Snare, but the fragrance of the Snow Dallet.

Those words were echoing in his ears: I wished you were the one I met back then…

If only people could see their partners as their first love.

Chen Rui suddenly felt an inexplicable impulse and shook his head firmly, “I don’t regret it.”

Those blue eyes instantly became very bright. As if to hide some kind of joy, her face quickly became stern, “Hmph, you can go now.”

Chen Rui’s momentum suddenly plummeted, and he dared not look at her as he nodded, “Then I will leave.”

He stood up. Just as he walked to the entrance of the yard, a breeze came from behind, then his body was tightened. The figure that rushed out had hugged him tightly from behind.

“Do not move!”

Her warm body was close to his back, especially the two soft and plump jades, but Chen Rui felt more of the heartbeat of the two, and the faint moisture leaning against his neck.

With a slight tremble, the circle of moisture spread more and more.

Chen Rui stood stiff and did not dare to move. He was not afraid of any threats. He had a feeling that if he turned around and hugged the woman behind him, the subsequent actions would be further escalated. Both of them might go back to the bedroom… so he couldn’t move.

He was different from the playboy who played games. He either refuses it or truly accepts it by taking up the responsibility of a man.

This was one of the principles that Chen Rui adhered to in his heart. Before he was ready to take up the responsibility, he couldn’t simply move, even if he would be ridiculed as a coward.

Moreover, he didn’t know what Isabella was thinking now. Is it some kind of emotional sustenance? Or some kind of subst.i.tution?

Behind him, the warm body gradually moved away. As the night breeze blew, the wetness on the back of his clothes gave him a refres.h.i.+ng chill.

“You go back. Don’t tell anyone what happened today!”

Isn’t that what I wanted to say? Chen Rui smiled bitterly and walked out the door slowly.

The voice behind became cold again, “Next time, come earlier. Don’t try your luck.”

After the door closed automatically, Chen Rui glanced back. He felt that his mood was more complicated than ever.

When the beautiful woman hugged him tightly behind him, he let her tears drop silently. Although his body did not move, his heart finally moved a little.

Next time… should I come earlier?

Outside the gate, the man suddenly hit his head severely, “You’re playing with fire!”

In the courtyard, the woman’s beautiful blue eyes stared at a few moths flying toward the reignited flame plants at all costs. She was actually in a daze for a while.

He was toasted long ago… How could the bring back the ‘bodyguard’ without causing suspicion from the Governance a.s.sociation?

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