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Chapter 468 - Elopement

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Chapter 468: Elopement

No matter how close the cooperation between the empires was, it was ultimately based on interests. Today, they might be close partners, but tomorrow they might stab each other. This was politics.

Sun Quan in the 3 Kingdoms was a very typical example. Sometimes, he united with Shu to resist Cao Cao, while other times he attacked Shu and surrendered to Cao Cao. This repeated several times, but he was also a hero.

Chen Rui frowned, “300 are too few. By the way, you said that I can get them by exchanging plants just now?”

Celine nodded, “This is instructed by Her Majesty Empress. There are only 2 rare fruits that can be exchanged for the seeds. One is the devil pomeg which is extremely rare in the Demon Realm, and the other is Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit… I have never heard of this fruit before.”

Chen Rui was startled. These two fruits?

The devil pomeg was indeed rare. It had a special buff effect and greatly reduced the risk especially for the Nirvana talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family. When Empress Catherine heard that the devil pomeg in Town Leia was mature, she did not hesitate to come as Christina.

As for the Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit, it was simply the aura fruit. This name was even used by Chen Rui to fool Catherine. Compared with the devil pomeg, the aura fruit had a stronger buff for Nirvana, but it did not have the special effect of the devil pomeg that suppressed l.u.s.t. This was also the main reason why Chen Rui was “reverse pushed down” by Catherine in the Silent Night Wetland.

It was obvious that Catherine specifically ordered Celine to exchange seeds for the devil pomeg or aura fruit for Nirvana. Nirvana was actually the strongest bloodline talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family. For every Nirvana, her strength would greatly increase, but the danger and the probability of failure would also increase exponentially. One carelessness would cause death.

The higher the level of Nirvana, the greater the risk. Even if there was the devil pomeg or aura fruit, it was still quite dangerous. In the history of the Asmodeus Royal Family, only one person had completed Nirvana 5 times. There were only a few geniuses who chose to venture Nirvana for the fifth time after completing Nirvana 4 times. In the end, they were all reduced to ashes under the flames of Nirvana.

Catherine had now completed Nirvana 4 times, and her strength had been catching up to top powerhouse, Raizen. By right, she should not take this risk. It was likely that some geniuses of the royal family needed Nirvana to increase their strength or serve as a reserve.

Speaking of the aura fruit and devil pomeg, Chen Rui had a lot in hand. It was not a problem to exchange seeds, but he has a faint hunch in his heart now. Catherine holds the plants trade fair in Town Leia which is adjacent to the Dark Moon. In addition to the advantages of geographical location and popularity, it seems that there is also the intention to “fish” the devil pomeg, but how does she know that she can “fish” the target here?

Maybe it’s just an illusion, but it’s just a matter of obtaining what she needs. After Chen Rui thought for a while, he took out some devil pomegs and gave them to Celine. Celine did not expect that he really had the devil pomeg. She counted that there were as many as 30. She immediately took out a special magic s.p.a.ce box and carefully put it in. The devil pomeg would go bad shortly after being picked. This special s.p.a.ce equipment must be used to keep it. She didn’t know what method the “master” used. The devil pomeg that “appeared” out of thin air seemed quite fresh.

The number of these devil pomegs had exceeded the expected task. Not only she could complete the task, but she would also be praised by Catherine the Great. Celine was overjoyed in her heart. After asking for the number of seeds, she replied, “Then there is no problem. The number of seeds that master wants is quite large, so it takes about a day to prepare. Does master have any other instructions?”


“By the way, the lady just now… Does master like young girls?” Celine thought of the little loli’s behavior just now, and she said to flatter him, “I can arrange everything for master. If master doesn’t mind, I can even… serve master myself.”

Like young girls? These words actually made Chen Rui quite depressed. I am regarded as a strange uncle out of the blue.

“No need.”

Although Celine was not very old, her looks and figure were very attractive, but her deep scheming was still above those old foxes. She was definitely not the type that would settle down after having s.e.x. It might backfire. Moreover, Chen Rui only used the master-servant contract to control her. He had no s.e.xual interest on her.

Celine bit her lip and said, “Master, I also have an intel here which is related to Monroe, the son of the third general, and Fini, the daughter of the royal mechanic master, Rummenigge.”

Chen Rui’s mind s.h.i.+fted. Shea mentioned that the 1,000-men magician legion promised by the lord of the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine Flower Estate, General Crawford, was already in place, but Monroe who was going to join Flame Legion never appeared. He immediately signaled Celine to continue.

According to Celine’s intel, some time ago, the First General Broc took his father-in-law and his wife to the Jergal Fortress guarded by the Fire Blade Legion based on the reason that his father-in-law, Frentz, was unwell. Soon afterwards, Catherine the Great proposed to marry Fini. Asmodeus, the daughter of Rummenigge who was a senior master of the Mechanic a.s.sociation to the First General Broc as a concubine.

Broc claimed to have a deep relations.h.i.+p with his wife, Medilu. He refused the marriage from the empress, but Broc asked Catherine the Great to marry Fini to his commander, Loki, as a main wife.

Catherine the Great agreed to Broc’s request. Loki went to the capital to marry Fini. However, at this time, an accident happened. Fini and Monroe, the son of Third General Crawford, disappeared at the same time. The 2 were initially close childhood friends. They probably eloped because of love. Catherine ordered to seal the news before it was spread out.

Then only Chen Rui knew the real reason why Monroe never came to the Dark Moon to report. Catherine’s restrictions on Broc were getting stronger and stronger. It was mainly for Broc’s influence and power in the army. As long as the roots were completely cut off and Broc became a lone force, then it was not difficult to kill Broc.

Broc was obviously aware of the crisis. The fact that he moved Frentz and his daughter to Jergal Fortress had a special meaning. Since the last time Broc was severely injured by Obsidian, Chen Rui didn’t know about Broc’s situation, but he could be sure that Catherine granting the marriage between Fini and Broc was definitely a test. Broc’s proposal for Loki was also a different strategy to avoid it. No matter what the result was, Fini was a victim.

As a royal family member, sometimes she was even more unable to control her own destiny than ordinary people.

Chen Rui was very clear about Monroe’s feelings for Fini, but he did not expect Monroe to make such a move desperately. The next sentence from Celine really surprised Chen Rui, “Monroe and Fini are in Town Leia!”

“How do you know?”

“I accidentally spotted them when they got into my merchant group on the way. I thought they would go to the Dark Moon when they came to Town Leia, but they never left.” Celine hesitated and added, “Besides Monroe and Fini, it seems that there are 2 other people who are very powerful. I’m not sure whether they noticed me…

“Are you afraid that they will impact you or even kill you if they do not leave?” Chen Rui said lightly, “So you want to make use of my power to help you get rid of the threat?”

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Chen Rui still had some understanding of Celine’s character. If Monroe didn’t bring 2 threatening powerhouses, Celine would have sent someone to catch Monroe and Fini to claim her merits from the capital. “I’m just asking master for help.” Celine showed a pitiful look, “I’m willing to pay all the price.”

Monroe shook his head, “Celine can be considered a friend of Fini and I. Furthermore, it’s just a guess now. The Custer Family’s influence in the empire is ma.s.sive. It’s better not to cause trouble so as not to attract attention.”

Feyman also nodded and said, “Yes, it is best to stay out of trouble now. We can also use this woman’s observation to pretend to go to the Red Spirit Estate to confuse the soldiers. Let’s not delay further. Now that we have decided, we will set off the Dark Moon when it gets dark.”

Fini asked curiously, “Since we have decided to go north, why must we go to the Dark Moon? Isn’t the Red Spirit Estate closer?”

Monroe explained, “Due to the murder of the former mayor of Town Leia, the entrance examination of the Red Spirit Estate is very tight while the Dark Moon trade road is much more lenient. Although going to the Dark Moon is a long detour, it is safer.”

At this moment, footsteps sounded at the door. They were actually heading this way. The strongest Calder and Feyman were the first to look vigilant. Monroe quickly noticed it, and he lightly held Fini’s hand. He a.s.sured her to not worry when there was a knock on the door.

“Guests, the food you want is here.”

They looked at each other and were on guard. When Calder slowly opened the door, he saw that it was not a waiter at the door, but a man in a cloak.

“You…” Calder seemed to be stunned with his eyes widened. When he was about to make a move, the man in the cloak had disappeared in an instant and appeared in front of Fini. Feyman’s reaction was quick. His fist appeared silently behind the man in the cloak. The man in the cloak disappeared again in an instant with just a flick. This time he landed beside Monroe, and he grabbed the shoulder of the young general.


With this scream, Calder and Feyman stopped their movements together. It could be seen that the young general was already under the control of the other party. If there was any reckless action, Monroe would be killed by the other party immediately.

The cloak man spoke, “Don’t worry, I’m not a chaser of the Dark Shadow Empire, nor do I have any malice intent toward Young General Monroe. This impolite move is just for you to calm down and listen to me.”

Calder and Feyman looked at each other. They sensed that the man in the cloak just had the breath of Higher Demon, but from the way he evaded the attack of the 2 and controlling Monroe with lightning speed, it could not be a Higher Demon strength. He should be at a higher level.

“Who are you exactly?”

“I’m not an enemy. Speaking of which, the young general should call me a deputy legion commander since he has joined the Dark Moon Army.” The man in the cloak unexpectedly slowly released grasp on Monroe’s shoulder, “My name is — Aguile.”

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