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Chapter 464 - Let's Go! Young Girl

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Chapter 464: Let’s Go! Young Girl

There was a sentence written on the note that Isabella pa.s.sed to Chen Rui, “Little Princess Alice and the Cloak Gang’s Master Xingxing is having a conflict in the Cloak Magic Shop.”

The last time Chen Rui accompanied Shea on an envoy to the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine Flower Estate, he initially agreed to go shopping with the little loli, but he “disappeared” for nearly 3 months before he fulfilled his promise. During his time in the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire, the aggrieved little loli complained countlessly to her best friend. She let out all of her “sorrowfulness”. As a result, Athena made this trip under the dual effect of sympathy and friends.h.i.+p. Shea also contributed to it. After all, the little loli was her beloved sister.

When the little loli heard that she could “travel” with Chen Rui to Mountain Xilang for several days, she put aside the pitiful appearance of the usual days and became very excited. It’s about time to leave now. Why suddenly something happened?

Master Xingxing was now the president of the Dark Moon’s Mechanic a.s.sociation and the founder of the Demon Realm’s improved water supply system. His importance to the Dark Moon was self-evident while Alice was the little princess of the Dark Moon and she also represented the lord. This kind of conflict would naturally cause a very bad impact. Maybe it would also cause the Master Xingxing to leave in rage where it would only benefit the Dark Moon’s enemies.

Chen Rui came to the Cloak Magic Shop at the fastest speed. He saw a lot of people in front of him. He squeezed in and saw that it was indeed the little loli and Master Xingxing. There were 3 people in front of Master Xingxing. They were the 3 people in the backyard of the Cloak Gang: Ms. Sasa and Master Skye’s 2 daughters, Alian and Eve.

Alice said quickly when she saw Chen Rui , “Chen Rui, good that you are here. I want to buy this dark elf girl’s magic item, but she refuses to sell it to me. Even if the Cloak Magic Shop is very famous, it is still not comparable to our Princess Retail Store. Don’t you know that customers are the priority when doing business?”

Chen Rui listened to the little loli angrily speaking while looking at a cube held tightly in Alian’s hand. He suddenly understood. It was a music Rubik’s cube that he made when he was studying jewelry items with Master Xingxing previously. It could produce various music when rotating. When he gave it to Alian at the time, Alian loved this music Rubik’s cube very much. She had always regarded it as her most beloved treasure. Maybe the little loli liked it in the magic shop today, so she wanted to get it.

The Demon Realm was a world with a strong concept of ranking. After all, the little loli was the princess of the Dark Moon. Her weird temperament gave everyone in the Dark Moon a headache. Although she had restrained a lot now, it was impossible to say that she had no arrogant habit of the superior. Although neither Alian nor Eve was good at arguing, Ms. Sasa was capable of it. She had developed a sharp mouth after years of wandering at the bottom of the society with his father. Master Xingxing was even more dismissive of the people with status and power, hence the conflict.

However, the little loli didn’t let the guards who accompanied her forcibly s.n.a.t.c.h the music Rubik’s cube, so the contradiction was far from irreconcilable.

This was originally a trivial matter, but if it was not handled well, it might cause more serious consequences. Chen Rui looked at Master Xingxing who was sneering and the outrageous Ms. Sasa, then he looked at the aggrieved Alian and Eve who was comforting her. He finally turned his gaze to the annoyed little loli. “Chen Rui, help me get the music box, okay?” The little loli leaned in and whispered, “It’s my sister’s birthday early next month. I wanted to give it to my sister as a gift.” Then only Chen Rui realized the reason why Alice insisted on buying the music Rubik’s cube. After thinking about it, he said, “Little princess, do you remember the stories that I told you? The villains who forcibly deprive others of their beloved things just for his own benefit. For instance, a shameless lord not only robbed another lord’s territory, but he also forced the lord’s wife to serve him often, and he finally poisoned the poor lord. That shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s name is called…”

“Zhao Kuangyi!” The little loli had raised her fist with a look of deep disgust and hatred.

Chen Rui nodded, “That poor lord… Uh, what is his name?”

“Is it Li Yu?” A surprised voice sounded. It was actually Eve. Although the 2 voices were not very loud, the dark elf family had a very keen sense of hearing. Compared with the “toy”, the older Eve liked stories more. Hearing this impressive story, she couldn’t help but interject.

“Have you heard of this story before?” The little loli was taken aback. She frowned and looked at Chen Rui again.

Chen Rui just remembered that he seemed to have told this story to Alian and Eve before. He quickly explained, “These stories are far-reaching. Many people have heard it before.”

The little loli nodded. She asked Eve, unwilling to give in, “Have you heard of Chinese Paladin?”

This was the little loli’s favorite story which was based on the first edition plot of the cla.s.sic game, The Legend of Sword and Fairy, in Chen Rui’s mind.

Before Eve spoke, Alian interjected, “It’s the story of the combination of the Moon Wors.h.i.+pping Lord and the water demonic beasts, then Ling Er and the water demonic beasts died together?”

“You have also heard of this…” Alice was stunned. Suddenly her eyes rolled, “I have heard of 3 endings, and the demonic beasts round is just 1 of them.”

“There are 3 endings?” As loyal fans of Chinese Paladin, Eve and Alian asked in unison. They looked expectant.

Ms. Sasa, who was also a fan, also interjected, “Is it a lie?”

“I swear by the name of the Lucifer Royal Family, it’s definitely not a lie!” the little loli said angrily, “Have you heard of the Demon War of the 3 Empires and the Journey to the West: Havoc in Heaven?”

“I’ve only heard 3 episodes of the Demon War of the 3 Empires.” Alian asked curiously, “How many have you heard?”

The little loli finally found something to brag about, and she smiled proudly, “The complete version!”

Alian’s eyes lit up, “So amazing?”

Ms. Sasa also came over, “Quickly tell us about what happened to that top demon general, Lü Bu, and the top beauty, Diao Chan…”

The Demon War of the 3 Empires was adapted from the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms. It was the story Chen Rui told Alice and Athena when he first crossovered. Due to time issues, Alian and the others only listened to a part of it.

In the blink of an eye, several girls who were ready to fight just now suddenly had a chattering discussion. Ms. Sasa, who had the most radical att.i.tude, was the most eager to discuss. It was rare for Alice to encounter these people of the same age who disregard her princess status and have common topics, so she also seemed happy. They suddenly forget the unhappiness just now.

Chen Rui smiled bitterly and shook his head. He said to Master Xingxing, “It seems that this is just a small misunderstanding between the girls, isn’t it? Master?”

Master Xingxing didn’t even know that the sheriff in front of him was the mechanic genius that he and his friend, Skye, valued most. He had never dared to offend the officials and n.o.bles, but this incident was obviously just a small misunderstanding as the other party said, so the dark master goblin simply nodded. Even though he still didn’t speak, his face finally looked eased.

The people around dispersed after they saw that there was no show to watch.

“Okay, little princess, we still have something to do today, so we must go first. We can discuss with your new friends when we find an opportunity next time.” Chen Rui interjected. Actually, he didn’t want Alice to reveal more stories that would cause Alian, Eve and the others to go back to the source and cause unnecessary trouble. He was scared by Ms. Yini previously.

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The little loli finally recovered her mind. When she thought of today’s most important “trip”, she quickly stopped the topic.

Chen Rui had no choice but to speak, “Little princess, stop making trouble. Don’t you want to travel?”

Alice’s mouth suddenly pursed, “Am I so unattractive? If it’s my sister, I’m afraid you already… Hmph Hmph. Don’t think that I don’t know, you two…”

Chen Rui was very surprised. Only Athena and the other women knew the secrets between me and Shea. When the two of us had a secret rendezvous, it was mostly in that secret small room. I even used my power to carefully inspect the surrounding and found no third person during the intimacy at the council hall. Does the little loli really have any special powers?

Seeing Chen Rui’s look, the little loli confirmed the suspicion in her heart even more. Her mouth pouted even more. In fact, she only witnessed Shea and Chen Rui walking out of the inner courtyard of the palace late at night by chance, but Shea’s mental outlook had changed drastically recently. Especially the closest Alice, who could clearly feel more changes that her sister hid under her appearance. Shea even occasionally smiled. This change was undoubtedly delightful. The little loli was also happy for her sister, but when she thought that this huge change might be related to Chen Rui, she felt a very strange uncomfortable feeling.

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded, “Alice, are you going to leave?”

“Sister!” Alice recovered from the daze. Her face was hot. Fortunately, sister did not notice it just now…

Shea walked over. Although it was her habitual indifferent expression, her gaze flowed with warmth as she touched Alice’s head, “Be careful on the road.”

Alice felt the warmth from her sister’s palm. It was a different warmth from Chen Rui’s touch just now, but it also made her feel comfortable and at ease. Perhaps they were both a warm relations.h.i.+p as well. “Chen Rui, take good care of Alice. You must make her happy.” Shea looked at Chen Rui. The feelings between the 2 of them now could be understood by the gazes of each other. Chen Rui faintly saw a threat that only he would understand in the eyes of the female boss. It should be related to Alice.

I’m innocent! I really don’t have any other thoughts about the little loli. At most, I have an intent on the little loli’s sister.······

When the little loli heard the word “happy”, she lowered his head, and her eyes were red suddenly.

Chen Rui couldn’t kiss or have other affectionate behaviors to the female boss in front of Alice, so he nodded his head respectfully, “Don’t worry. Alice, let’s go.”

Alice bit her lip lightly. She sat on the wyvern with Chen Rui, and she suddenly said, “Sister, can we be together forever?”

When Shea looked at her sister’s gleaming eyes, the coldness on her face finally melted. The corners of her mouth lifted to gently form a tender smile, “Forever and ever.”

“En!” Alice’s eyes were glittering. She instantly seemed refreshed. A powerful aura burst out, and she returned to the high-spirited little loli as before. She pointed toward the sky with her arms akimbo, “Then… let’s go, Decepticons!”

Under Chen Rui’s communication, the wyvern flashed its wings in coordination and soared into the sky.

It’s gonna be a long wait for the little loli…

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