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Chapter 456 - The Black Dragon

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Chapter 456: The Black Dragon

The huge sense of crisis made Chen Rui dare not hesitate. He immediately told what happened at the crystal mine underground in the Crystal Valley that day. After a while, the feeling of terror gradually faded.

The alluring red flower called the “Flower of Abyss” was already floating on the man’s palm. It was covered with a transparent round light film. The man seemed to be cautious.

Looking at the Flower of Abyss, the man fell into deep thought. After a long time, he finally said, “The true value of the Flower of Abyss is more than Fertile Yuan Soil. Fertile Yuan Soil is at the Blackwood Cliff to the west. You can find and take it away by yourself. I will not interfere with any of your actions. I need to remind you that this is also a test. If you can successfully obtain Fertile Yuan Soil, I will give you a precious gift and let you leave safely.”

Chen Rui didn’t say much. He bowed, turned to the west, and disappeared into the forest in the blink of an eye.

“After so many years, the Abyss Family is still thinking about resurgence?” The light film in the man’s hand suddenly turned red, and the Flower of Abyss within it began to tremble. It actually let out a miserable howl, and the flower was quickly annihilated. It finally turned into a pile of ashes.

“Tiffany” behind the man said, “Teacher, do you want me to kill that person?” The man shook his head, “I said this is a test. If he can retrieve Fertile Yuan Soil from Ozpheus, it will be enough to prove his worth. He may become a very useful piece in the plan… Even if I estimated wrongly, at least he can be used as a toy to pa.s.s the time.

Chen Rui didn’t know that the Flower of Abyss had been destroyed. After leaving the man’s line of sight, he felt that the entire tense nerves finally relaxed. The man only released a trace of breath when he saw the Flower of Abyss, and he did not exert more pressure; but standing opposite the man, his life was like a candle light in the opponent’s hand. It would be blown out with the man’s single breath.

Demi-G.o.d Demon Supremo was indeed not comparable to Demon Overlord, let alone Chen Rui’s current level.

Although the man did not say what would happen if he “failed the test”, Chen Rui knew very well that this trip was not easy and even his life would be in danger. But at this point, there was no looking back. He must get Fertile Yuan Soil at all costs.

As for the “precious gift”, he didn’t dare to expect it. Obviously, this Demi-G.o.d-level powerhouse was extremely dangerous. In front of him, there was almost a feeling that his soul had been peeped through. It would be a fluke for him to leave safely.

The scope of Mountain Seckred was quite broad. According to the man, this was his “territory kingdom”. It seemed that the Demi-G.o.d powerhouse’s territory was no longer limited to the combat category, but it was somewhat like the prototype of the [Kingdom of G.o.d].

The flora and fauna of Mountain Seckred, including the blast bird previously seen, should be able to provide a power similar to the power of faith. They played a very important role in enhancing the strength of the man, but this kind of “faith” was more like dependent survival. It was still very different from true faith. This might be one of the fundamental differences between Demi-G.o.d and G.o.d.

With Chen Rui’s speed, he actually couldn’t found the Blackwood Cliff that the man said I after walking for 3 hours. He saw a lot of strange flowers and precious medicinal materials on the way. However, Chen Rui didn’t dare to act rashly. He just concentrated on finding Fertile Yuan Soil.

Finally, in front of a hillside, Chen Rui saw a misty black cliff from a distance. When he was accelerating forward, a warning sign appeared in his heart. With a tap on his feet, he had appeared 10 meters away.There was already a st.u.r.dy monster with a lion head appearing at the place where he was originally standing. The monster had a strong body about the size of a buffalo with a pair of wings. It had a 2-meter-long scorpion tail behind its hip, and the stinger at the end emitted a blue cold light .


Manticore was a kind of powerful demonic beast which moved quickly. Its claws were highly poisonous, and it could paralyze the enemy. The poisonous needles in the tail were especially venomous. This manticore was a mutated bloodline, and its strength had reached the intermediate stage of the Demon Emperor. The combat power of demonic beasts was even higher than that of ordinary demons of the same level. Coupled with the terrifying combat talent of the manticore, the actual combat power should be close to the peak stage of the Demon Emperor.

Chen Rui didn’t dare to let down his guards. He secretly charged his power. He used a lot of power to deal with gargoyles previously, but fortunately, he had mostly recovered due to the characteristics of [Astral Form]. Also, he could use skills such as [Destructive Aura Blow] again.

In addition to being a terrifying predator, manticore was also a kind of demonic beast with a very strong territory concept. It would relentlessly attack the intruder who broke into their “domain”. Chen Rui felt a strong killing intent in the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes]. He was unable to communicate with it at all.

Amidst the roar, this manticore had already rushed toward Chen Rui. Its speed was astonis.h.i.+ng. Stars suddenly appeared around Chen Rui’s body. He had already activated the [Galaxy Territory].

Affected by the [Galaxy Territory], the manticore’s speed suddenly slowed down. Chen Rui, who was waiting for the enemy to be exhausted, moved to the side. While avoiding, he punched the manticore’s abdomen at lightning speed. As the manticore’s strength, speed and other qualities were weakened a lot by the [Galaxy Territory], the manticore was not prepared. Its huge body was blown back by this punch.

Before the manticore’s body touched the ground, a light ball had already rushed toward its face; [Aurora Shot]!

With a “bang“, [Aurora Shot] had hit the manticore. The white light plunged into the forest aside at a fast speed. Many trees were destroyed by the shot.

Chen Rui knew that although this attack was unexpected, it was obviously impossible to destroy this powerful manticore. His goal was the Blackwood Cliff, and he didn’t want to have a long fight with the demonic beast here. He didn’t chase or check. He already appeared in the opposite direction with a teleportation. As he was about to accelerate away, he halted suddenly and stopped.

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A deep roar sounded in front of him. One after another manticore appeared. 3, 4… A total of 11 appeared.

Chen Rui also wanted to escape, but he felt that he was firmly locked in by a terrifying breath. If he moved rashly, he had no doubt that this black dragon would immediately launch a fierce attack on him. If it was the manticores just now, he could still fight against them. The black dragon of the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord now was not what he was capable of fighting against.

d.a.m.n Demon G.o.d! Chen Rui couldn’t help but curse. Manticores! Black dragon! These are the most terrifying creatures in Mountain Seckred, and I encountered all of them! Today I really got the jackpot!

The black dragon flapped its wings, and it landed in front of Chen Rui. It faintly glared at Chen Rui, and uttered human words. It turned out to be a female voice, “How dare you?! You actually disturb my nap! If you want to survive, you should pay a huge sum of money as compensation immediately!” Chen Rui was a bit speechless. It is almost night now. How much noise is this? She is clearly planning to rob…

Ms. Black Dragon said viciously, “You are an unfamiliar face. Don’t tell me that you have no money! Otherwise I will lock you in the Blackwood Cliff and starve you for a month!”

Blackwood Cliff? Chen Rui s.h.i.+fted his mind, and he said, “This beautiful and powerful lady dragon, my name is Simon. I came to the Blackwood Cliff to obtain Fertile Yuan Soil on the order of the owner of Mountain Seckred. Please excuse me.”

“Sir Satan wants Fertile Yuan Soil?” Ms. Black Dragon’s tone became surprised. Chen Rui just only knew the name of the mysterious powerhouse. Satan? I seem to have heard it on Earth before just like the terms Lucifer and Mammon, but here is obviously another unrelated plane. Therefore, there is no Invincible East, Renwoxing or Brother Lian [1] in the Blackwood Cliff, but there are only Ms. Black Dragon and the Fertile Yuan Soil.

At this time, the black dragon’s body changed rapidly into a woman’s appearance. This woman was full of black hair. She was young, attractive and dressed in a black robe. She had a slender figure, especially her legs which were perfect. The only imperfection was that her chest was a bit flat. Uhm, that’s right. Compared with the emerald dragon and fairy dragon who Chen Rui had seen, she could only be described by the word “pancake”.

Chen Rui took the opportunity to say, “Yes, if it weren’t for Sir Satan, how would I know that Blackwood Cliff has…” “We’ll talk about Fertile Yuan Soil later!” Ms. Black Dragon interrupted Chen unceremoniously. She stared straight at him, and she was almost hysterically yelling, “Money! Give me the money first! Otherwise, even if I disobey Sir Satan’s order, I will fight to death with you!” In that moment, the momentum on Ms.Black Dragon was more powerful. A monstrous dragon breath suppressed him. Fortunately, Chen Rui and Paglio signed an equality contract, and he had many encounters, so although this dragon breath was terrifying, he was not substantially affected. It was just that her hungry eyes made him break into a cold sweat.

“Mom said that interrupting people’s nap is the most abominable behavior. Anyhow, you have to hand over 50… No! 100 black crystal coins!” This “much”? Are you sure there are no extra zeros behind it?

Chen Rui almost choked on his saliva. She made such a big big fuss. She was shouting about fighting to death, and she is even willing to fight against a Demi-G.o.d powerhouse just for 100 black crystal coins?

[1] Characters in Jin Yong’s novel, The Legendary Swordsman, who appeared in Blackwood Cliff.

This Ms. Black Dragon must not know about the market price out there ?… Perhaps it was adverse environmental effect ?. You just can’t robe the manticores right?

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