Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 454 - Tiffany? A Familiar Yet Unfamiliar Girl

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Chapter 454: Tiffany? A Familiar Yet Unfamiliar Girl

Chen Rui raised his head, and his gaze turned to a woman who appeared out of nowhere on the stairs in the distance. This woman was dressed in a white s.h.i.+rt. She was well-proportioned with long light blue hair and a veil on her face. A cold and mysterious temperament exuded from her entire body.

Chen Rui was taken aback and blurted out, “Tiffany?”

When the woman heard the name Chen Rui shouted, her eyes flashed. The aura she exuded was even colder.

Chen Rui immediately rejected this a.s.sumption. The woman in front of him was exactly the same in figure, voice or attire, but that kind of temperament was too far apart. In his impression, Tiffany was an innocent, cute, and no-scheming girl while the woman in front of him, despite the extremely similar appearance, had a completely different temperament. Especially the piercing cold murderous intent made him shudder.

Based on her tone, this woman is actually the owner of this Mountain Seckred? Or maybe she got something left by a Demi-G.o.d?

By the way, Tiffany seems to be familiar with Mountain Seckred previously. She even knows who is in it. Does she have a close relations.h.i.+p with this similar woman? Or is Tiffany also a person from the “sacred mountain”?

It had 90% possibility, but Chen Rui didn’t have much time to think about it because the gargoyles in the air had already swooped down one after another.

“Wait, miss. I’m here…”

The woman was not affected or hesitant at all, but she looked at him coldly. Seeing that gargoyles were coming fiercely, Chen Rui knew that the fight was unavoidable. Once he moved his hand, the red light in the controlled gargoyle’s eyes extinguished instantly. Its black body became grey. It turned into a real stone in an instant, and it fell to the ground and broke apart.

Almost at the same time, the dozens of gargoyles that swooped down suddenly reflected in white. The light source was a dazzling and huge light ball. Wherever the light ball pa.s.sed, the gargoyles turned into ashes and shattered. There were 7 light b.a.l.l.s which shot out like shot bullets. One after another gargoyles fell to the ground. Rubbles were scattering everywhere.

However, these deaths were nothing to the huge number of gargoyles. Just as Chen Rui blasted the [Aurora Shot], more gargoyles rushed down from all directions at a fast speed. This made Chen Rui didn’t even have the time to control the directions of the [Aurora Shot].

A faint light lit up in Chen Rui’s hand. The countless black shadows that charged downward were blasted apart before they could get close. Chen Rui’s 2 blades were like lightning. He fought while progressing forward. Along the way, there were shattered gargoyle corpses. He was still paying attention to that woman, staying away from her as much as possible.

Although there were so many gargoyles in the sky, he felt that the woman in white clothes was far more dangerous than the gargoyles. It was only due to her location that the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] couldn’t sense the woman’s specific information. Chen Rui eventually didn’t have much time to pay attention to the woman because there were too many gargoyles.

The gargoyle’s highest strength consisted only of the dozens Great Demon Kings. Some even had certain consciousness. These were not really frightening. The most terrifying thing was the overall number and fearlessness of death. Under wave after wave of rampant attack, Chen Rui finally felt a little overwhelmed. The ground was already covered with shattered gray stones. There were also several scars on his body.

This kind of scar was not a big deal, but the current number of gargoyles wiped out was less than one tenth. They were still densely packed which caused a severe headache to Chen Rui. Chen Rui’ had greatly exhausted his physical strength. If he continued to fight like this, he would definitely die of exhaustion.

Of course, Chen Rui’s trump cards were much more than these. There were Northsea Excalibur, Scorching Dragon, [Royal Star Transformation], and the ultimate escape skill [Star Gate]. However, the mysterious woman was watching him. There were even many more unknown dangers. He couldn’t show his cards all at once. The most important matter that he came here with all the hard work was for the biggest goal: Fertile Yuan Soil.

In any case, this batch of gargoyle must be solved first. He still had not activated the most powerful group attack skill, [True Destructive Aura Blow].

[True Destructive Aura Blow] could instantly split all hostile creatures within 30 meters in diameter by the high-speed sword qi, but he could only use it once per hour. If the number of gargoyles was 1,000, Chen Rui was absolutely sure to destroy all of them, but there were thousands of gargoyles in front of him. Moreover, they were widespread, and they flew fast. Even if he used this powerful skill, [Destructive Aura Blow], he couldn’t completely destroy all of them at once.

Chen Rui s.h.i.+fted his mind and jumped into the air with a tap on the feet. He actually took the initiative to rush toward the gargoyle group. The gargoyles immediately surrounded him from all directions. Chen Rui’s flying skill was stronger than the average Demon Emperor, but in terms of speed, he was still slightly inferior to these speedily flying monsters. As they were about to surround him, suddenly there was a strange sound of [Sonic Boom]. The “target” suddenly sped up, then slowed down after going around. The gargoyle continued to surround him, then the [Sonic Boom] sounded again. The dense black shadows quickly changed formations, looping into a circle. In this roundabout “flee”, the vast majority of gargoyle was gathered together.

This is the time! Chen Rui’s eyes flashed brightly. In an instant, all the gargoyles felt their bodies sank, and their weight suddenly increased. This was the only magic Chen Rui knew, [Gravity] which was blessed by the Earth Elemental King.

With his Demon Emperor-level spirit power plus element blessing, the black shadows within the radius of tens of meters all fell simultaneously. It was like a pouring rain. Chen Rui flew down too. When he rushed to the most suitable position in the range, his hand lit up with a strange light. In the blink of an eye, many golden lights flashed from the falling black shadow at the same time which looked like jumping texts. In fact, they were actually cut by countless fine and sharp sword qi at high speed.

It started to rain in the sky; rubbles rain.

The tens of thousands of gargoyles that were fierce and ruthless just now turned into countless lifeless fragments that scattered on the ground. Even the white-clothed woman couldn’t help but to have a surprised expression in her eyes: This invader only has Demon Emperor level strength. That kind of killing move is obviously not a territory power, but it can kill tens of thousands of powerful gargoyles in a flash. The power of this move is really amazing!

Chen Rui’s figure slowly landed on the ground. His face was pale, and his breathing seemed a bit rapid. The power of this [Destructive Aura Blow] was indeed amazing, but the greater the number of group attackers, the greater the power consumed. He also consumed additional aura value. Since he killed thousands of them in an instant which consumed a lot of Star Power, even with [Astral Form] and 3 Spirits, he still felt hard to sustain. A Yuan Recovery Tree appeared in front of Chen Rui. Coupled with his body’s characteristic of automatic recovery, he quickly recovered the lost physical strength.

Although the previous move was very successful, there were still nearly half of the black shadows in the sky. He had considered the maximum enemies that the s.p.a.ce could hold just now. Unfortunately, the range of the [Destructive Aura Blow] was limited, and he could no longer use it within an hour. Just as he was about to take out the Northsea sword, the woman’s voice sounded again, “Invader, how dare you kill so many servants of the sacred mountain. Death alone cannot offset your crime.”

The white-clothed woman slowly walked down the stairs. Initially, the distance between the 2 was more than 100 meters, but the woman just moved her feet lightly like a stroll in the garden, and she had reached Chen Rui’s eyes rapidly.

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Race: Greed Royal Family.

“Remember the crystal board? The game item that can eliminate the cubes?”

Tiffany paused and frowned. However, she only paused for 2 seconds, then she punched mercilessly. Chen Rui cursed in his heart. In desperation, he had to teleport again to avoid it. There was no longer a third teleport. If he didn’t use the [Royal Star Transformation], the next blow would be life-threatening, Even running away would be a problem.

I didn’t expect I would inexplicably fight this terrifying woman before I see the Fertile Yuan Soil that I am looking for, so. The most troublesome thing is that I am not her opponent.

At this moment, the gargoyles circling in the sky dispersed as if they suddenly received some instructions. At the same time, a voice sounded, “Wait a minute.”

The voice was indifferent and ethereal. It was heard from the sky, but it seemed to be sounded in his ear.

“Tiffany” appeared almost instantaneously not far in front of Chen Rui’s right, but she withdrew her fist abruptly.

Chen Rui’s pupils suddenly shrank. The voice just now seemed far away. A profile of a person appeared in the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes]. The person was right behind the woman in front of him.

If it weren’t for the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Chen Rui would not have felt that there was another man in his sight. He looked young with handsome features. He didn’t exude any strong breath, but he seemed to have merged with the world.

Chen Rui clearly stood on a higher ground, but in his eyes, he could only look up at the man. The information displayed by the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] made him almost unable to suppress the horror in his heart.

Race: Unable to determine!

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: Unable to determine!

[a.n.a.lysis]: Extremely dangerous!

Is the man “Tiffany’s” master who had the Demi-G.o.d power?

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