Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 409 - Assassination

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Chapter 409:

Krobelus’s voice sounded, “The second news is that the base price of these 2 devil fruits is 1 million black crystal coins.”

Everyone was agitated. The base price of the final item is so low? However, Krobelus’ words obviously had not ended yet, “Each increase in price is not less than 500,000 black crystal coins. If you don’t have cash, you can use some rare magic materials or treasures as a collateral. Here is a trade-off form with the specific details of the collateral. For treasures that are not on the form, they can be a.s.sessed on the spot.”

While Krobelus was talking, the maids had already distributed the trade-off form to every guest. The trade-off form was clearly written. For instance, Thunder Crystal was worth 3 million black crystal coins; top-quality Purple Demon Pearls was worth 4.5 million. Although the price was relatively low, the devil fruits would definitely be auctioned at an amazing price due to its rarity. In the absence of sufficient cash, this was the best way.

In fact, Chen Rui needed most of these materials to refine the artifacts of the exchange center. This trade-off model would become another source of auction house revenue in the future.

With the announcement of Ms. Emerald Dragon, the bidding started.

“1.5 million!”

“2 million!”

“2.5 million!”



Although many of the previous auction items were rare treasures, many buyers had retained their resources and focused on the final devil fruit, so they naturally started to bid now.

It had been a while since the auction house was open. Many demons had also learned some auction techniques, and bidding had become more rational. However, the natural compet.i.tive character of the demons and the powerful functions of the devil fruit were enough to make most demons lose their “rationality”.

The price began to soar at an incredible rate, and it surpa.s.sed 100 million in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, it was still increasing, and the rate of price increase had not decreased at all.

“500 million! VIP No. 4 bids 500 million!” Ms. Emerald Dragon exclaimed excitedly. 500 million black crystal coins, not 50,000! If I were to sleep on it, I would have a good dream for a month!

“510 million!”

“520 million!”

After exceeding 500 million, the call for the price increase was significantly lower. This price was already quite high, which was equivalent to the production value and savings of a medium-sized estate for many years.

“600 million!” A calm voice sounded in the VIP box No.13. This VIP usually didn’t make a sound, but he bade an astonis.h.i.+ng price as soon as he spoke up!

“610 million!” A cold voice sounded in VIP box No.5, “I want to see who dares to steal what I, Asmirko, want!”

Asmirko? The surrounding bidding sounds suddenly weakened. Asmirko was an individual trainer who had been famous for many years. He was a Great Demon who did not belong to any empire. It was said that he had reached the peak stage of the Demon Emperor 10 years ago. He must be thinking of getting a glimpse of the Demon Overlord realm with the power of devil fruit.

“650 million!” The VIP in box No. 13 was still increasing the price, and his voice remained calm as if he was not bothered by Asmirko at all.

“Hmph!” Asmirko in VIP box No. 5 opened the compet.i.tor’s curtain. No one knew if he wanted to leave angrily or to further deter his compet.i.tor. However, at this moment, a sudden change occurred.

Several dazzling destructive rays of light flew to Krobelus and Old Gauss on the auction stage out of thin air. The magic circle enchantment on the auction stage immediately reacted, creating all sorts of bizarre ripples to eliminate most of these destructive rays of light, but a few of the rays penetrated the enchantment.

Judging from this move alone, the attacker’s power had reached the Demon Overlord level.

A green mark between Krobelus’ eyebrows flashed while Old Gauss subconsciously flew back and landed on a safe position. As a faint green light appeared in her hand, the destructive light waves seemed to be attracted by the light and gathered toward her hand. It was completely resolved by the green light halfway.

However, just as Krobelus resolved the attack, a figure wrapped in flame flew toward the auction stage like lightning. Before the enchantment power that was dissipated by the light wave could recover, it was evaporated by the terrifying and blazing power of the flame.

In the blink of an eye, this figure had broken through the enchantment and appeared on the stage. He reached out to grab the 2 crystal s.h.i.+elds that wrapped around the devil fruits.

As Krobelus yelled angrily, a piercing cold breath mixed with the ghastly poisonous ice crystals and rushed toward the flame figure. Suddenly, there was a blazing flame in the hand of the flame figure, and he parried the attack of Krobelus. Krobelus snorted and retreated 3 consecutive steps. The poisonous ice crystals in the cold breath vaporized quickly under the terrifyingly high temperature. This attack was at disadvantage, so it couldn’t play a role.

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Generally speaking, the power of a giant dragon was far better than a typical powerhouse, and Ms. Emerald Dragon was still invincible in a head-to-head situation. The true level of this flame figure should be a small realm higher than Krobelus; he had reached the intermediate stage of Demon Overlord.

This is a Demon Overlord powerhouse! It’s not like catching a common Higher Demon on the street!

In front of the biggest VIP room, the old man of the Asmodeus Royal Family suddenly showed a look of surprise as he saw that the “light smoke” fighting with the golden puppet suddenly disappeared. He thought it was a secret killing move just now, but when the screamed, the intangible body turned into real light smoke and dissipated. Then only the old man of the Asmodeus Royal Family realized the was actually silently killed!

The Dark Moon actually has such a powerhouse!

Crawford was also extremely shocked. I finally understand the reason Her Majesty Empress specially ordered me before I came that my att.i.tude during this visit should be neither be too humble nor overbearing, and I must not show an arrogant or domineering att.i.tude. It seems like the strength of the Dark Moon is indeed qualified to cooperate with the Dark Shadow Empire. Perhaps this Princess Royal Highness can even improve further in the future… Krobelus sounded through the entire auction floor with the voice of Demon Overlord power, “Everyone, it was just a small accident. It has been resolved now, please return to your seat. The auction will continue as usual.”

A small accident? The sensible people were doubtful as their gaze looked at the ice sculpture who was like an “a.s.sistant” beside Ms. Emerald Dragon. It is hard to believe that this ice sculpture was a Demon Overlord powerhouse a minute ago!

2 Demon Overlords; 1 dead and 1 captured alive. Is this an estate or a capital?

Is this the combined power of the Dark Moon and Dark Shadow Empire? (Most people thought it was the hidden power of the Dark Shadow Empire.)

There was a hint of surprise in Shea’s eyes, and she quickly recovered to her indifferent look. She said to Crawford, “This happened because of the poor protection of my Dark Moon. Please forgive me, General Crawford.”

Crawford came back to his senses and nodded approvingly, “It’s okay. This incident showed me the Dark Moon’s emergency response and handling ability. It is worthy for the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine Flower Estate to learn.”

As one of the “culprits”, Asmirko was holding the curtain in his hands. He was unable to recover from the shock for a while. A busybody asked, “It’s all over, what else do you want to do?”

Asmirko saw the Demon Overlord ice sculpture, and he shuddered. I just wanted to “honestly” bid for the devil fruit. How would I know that this kind of disorder will happen? It would be awful if they misunderstood that I am the’ accomplice. The Dark Moon is too terrifying. Even the living s.p.a.ce of the peak stage Demon Emperor is so small, I better return to Mars… Uhm, my hometown earlier.

He had an idea and exclaimed loudly, “I bid 660 million!”

Amidst the laughter, Ms. Emerald Dragon’s continued, “VIP No. 4 bids 660 million! Is there any higher bid? 660 million for the first time!”

“700 million.” The calm voice sounded again from the VIP box No. 13. Asmirko didn’t dare to run wild this time. He honestly let go of the curtain as he muttered, You are quite something!

Who else still dared to send to the Dark Moon? Obsidian didn’t have the power now, but Bloodfall’s forces, Azgalor was captured too…

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