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Chapter 384 - The Feeling of Loving Someone

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Chapter 384: The Feeling of Loving Someone

“Old Gauss! Catch him!” Shea’s voice was full of anger and sharpness.

The figure of Old Gauss, which emitted strong magical waves, appeared in front of Chen Rui instantly. This scene completely chilled Chen Rui’s heart. His eyes showed a faint killing intent, “Move away if you don’t want to die.”

Old Gauss was frightened by Chen Rui’s gaze, and his entire body suddenly felt cold. He couldn’t produce any strength at that moment. When he reacted, Chen Rui had strode out without looking back.

“Princess Royal!” Old Gauss came to Shea’s side in shock, “He…”

“He’s gone. If we go now, we can still make it in time.” Shea murmured, “Sure enough, he didn’t give up his woman until the end. It can be said that he pa.s.sed the final test. However, I’m really jealous of Kia and Athena…”

Old Gauss did not mention the feeling Chen Rui gave him just now. Instead, he just looked surprised as he watched Shea’s eyes glimmering with extremely rare tears. He recalled the last time she shed tears was a few years ago when her father, Grimm Crown Prince, died.

Since then, the once gentle princess had become a cold lord, and she never shed tears. At least, this old man who watched her grow up had never seen it.

Shea reminiscenced the time when Chen Rui left the Dark Moon. She and Alice bid farewell. Alice once asked her what it was like to like someone. The answer in her heart was: If you like someone, you want to live happily with him forever.

Alice asked her again: What is it like to love someone?

Shea couldn’t answer at the time, but now she understood. It turns out that the feeling of loving someone is that… you hope he will live happily even without yourself.

“Am I foolish? I’m not a qualified lord.” Shea did not resist her tears from flowing. Perhaps this would be the last time in her life.

Old Gauss’s eyes showed the kindness of the elders, “You and him are both foolish.”

Shea took a few deep breaths. Her tears gradually turned into icy flakes and fell. She said faintly, “Gauss, you go too.”

Old Gauss shook his head and sighed, “I don’t have many years left to live. I watched Princess Royal grow up. Please forgive my disrespectful words… It is like looking at my own daughter. Please allow me to stay. Let me be loyal to the Lord of Midnight Sun’s descendants till the end.”

“Thank you, Gauss.” Shea heard the firmness in Gauss’ tone. She straightened up her waist again, “Then, mobilize all the troops now including the wyvern legion of the black rainforest. After the a.s.sembly is complete, we will take the initiative to attack. Fight against the Red Spirit to the death!”

Chen Rui left the palace and found Royce and Vasasha. Sure enough, he heard the news that Kia had not returned all night. He was even more anxious. Although he still doubted Shea’s att.i.tude in his heart, Kia’s life and death was at risk. He couldn’t afford to gamble.

In any case, I must rush to Town Jumo immediately to save Kia first!

Royce got a wyvern, and Chen Rui immediately boarded the wyvern. He didn’t have the time to conceal or disguise. He flew at full speed in the direction of Town Jumo.

This Higher Demon-level wyvern was not brought by Chen Rui from the Silent Night Wetland, but it was originally used by Joseph to go back and forth between the Red Spirit and Dark Moon. Although it was not comparable to the Demon King-level mutated wyvern, its speed and endurance was way beyond a griffin. About half an hour later, Chen Rui arrived at Town Jumo.

The soldiers of Town Jumo showed a high degree of vigilance against the wyvern that suddenly descended from the sky, but it was garrison captain who was from the garrison guard recognized the human Finance Minister, and he prevented the soldiers’ hostility.

“Sir Chen Rui.”

“Where is Kaguli?” Chen Rui didn’t have time to chat with these people, so he asked directly.

“Sir Kaguli is in the defense station.” Garrison Captain replied. The human had disappeared. Only the wyvern was left to remind everyone that it was not an illusion.

Kaguli is at the defense station! Then Kia probably hasn’t been handed over yet!

Chen Rui rushed to the defense station at the fastest speed. The soldiers at the door only had a blurry vision, but they could not see Chen Rui’s figure at all. Just as Chen Rui rushed in, a warning sign suddenly appeared. A figure flashed before his eyes with fast speed. Almost at the same time, a blow with a powerful force tore the air and struck like lightning.

Chen Rui hurriedly stretched out his hand to block, and he was staggered 3 steps back by the strong force. Each step left a deep footprint on the hard ground. A prompt to convert toxins came from the Super System immediately. Even with his eyes closed, he could also know who launched the blow. He immediately blurted out, “Paglio!”

Didn’t Paglio follow Athena to Town Soto to deal with the Blue Lava army? How could he be here?

Chen Rui’s voice made the man’s second punch suspended in the air abruptly. He then suddenly speeded up and punched Chen Rui’s shoulder “violently”, “d.a.m.n it, you only come back until now. Besides, your strength has reached such a level!”

Chen Rui was not in the mood to joke with Paglio, “Where is Kia?”

“Look, it seems that a leader who cares more about women than friends is back!” Another familiar voice also sounded. It was Roman. This guy had already come out from closed training. Although the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] was not turned on, Chen Rui could feel that this guy’s gain was certainly not small.

“You are here too? Where is Athena?”

“I’m here.” Athena’s voice came from the door of the defense station. Chen Rui saw that not only Athena, but Kia was also there, followed by Delia.

Chen Rui faintly felt that he had overlooked something from Shea before, but he couldn’t think about it now. He quickly stepped forward and tightly hugged Athena and Kia, and couldn’t help kissing her in front of everyone.

Great, they are all safe. My partners are all here too.

If one only knows how to cherish after losing something, everything will be regrettable.

Although Kia was very bold when she was alone with Chen Rui, she turned away and her face turned red for the first time when he embraced and kissed her in front of so many people.

“Hey, sir leader, why don’t you give me a hug?” As soon as Roman finished his words, Chen Rui rushed forward and gave him a warm hug, but this time he used A-level power. Roman had already heard the protest sound of his bones which almost broke. Fortunately, Chen Rui let go in time.

Roman feet softened, and he almost fell to the ground with a bitter expression, “Dear Demon G.o.d, you are too unfair to your left eye!”

I worked desperately, using the evil eye tyrant’s power to finally master the power of [Destroying Evil]. I miraculously broke through to the peak of the Great Demon King. I didn’t expect that the leader completely suppressed me purely by strength without any skill. This is unfair… Oh, in the leader’s words, it’s too unscientific!

Chen Rui let his guards down on the most worried matter in his heart. He finally calmed down and asked, “Athena, what is going on? Didn’t you go to Town Soto in the south?”

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“We went to the south, but not to Town Soto, but to another place. The real order of Princess Royal is to let me retrieve the things buried there. They are all the belongings acc.u.mulated by the Dark Moon over the years. This includes a considerable part of proceeds from Princess Retail Store and the rest of the shop. Originally, she ordered me to go to the Leon checkpoint to bring Alice out of the west of Dark Moon and flee to Custer Family in the Dark Shadow Empire under the escort of Tim’s defense guards. I suddenly received a magic message from Princess Royal this morning. She asked me to come here to take Kia along…”

Kaguli was taken aback. He couldn’t help being infected by that strange determination. He took out a military intel report and said, “The information of the Red Spirit army is here. As for the capital’s envoy, there are 3. The leader is Krobelus. It is said that she is a Demon Overlord powerhouse, and the other 2 are royal families of the Fallen Angel Empire. One is called Rus, an early Demon Emperor powerhouse, while the other is called Diak. The latter’s strength is not powerful, but he is with an undead magician at the peak of the Great Demon King. Diak is in the Blue Lava army, whereas Krobelus and Rus are in the Red Spirit army.”

Krobelus? It’s actually her? Chen Rui frowned secretly. Diak is not a problem, but the undead magician beside him is a little troublesome.

Judging from the scene, the alliance of Red Spirit and Blue Lava have absolute advantages in both army and individual strength. The Dark Moon does not stand the slightest chance of winning. No wonder Shea uses such a strategy to force him to leave.

Unfortunately, time is running out. It is too late to resolve the grievances between Zola and the poison dragon. Otherwise, I will return with Ms. Fairy Dragon. It will not be a problem even if there are a few more Demon Overlords, but according to the current strength comparison, it is impossible to win.

Athena looked at Chen Rui who was in deep thought. She asked, “What do you plan to do?”

Chen Rui smiled slightly, showing confidence, “Athena, don’t you plan to do something?”

“But I swore by the name of the Wales Family in front of Princess Royal…” Although Athena said so, her beautiful red eyes were s.h.i.+ning.

“Don’t forget that you are already my woman. According to the tradition of our hometown, you are in my Chen Family now. The vow doesn’t count. Besides, you definitely don’t want to leave like this… Alright, don’t deny it. Your eyes have betrayed you.”

When Athena heard him emphasize that she was a part of “Chen Family” in front of everyone, she was shy and joyful. Chen Rui held her hand and said to the poison dragon, “Paglio, Roman, do you want to stretch your muscles? Perhaps we shall meet some old enemy of the dead duck (it means stubborn in Chinese: even when the duck is dead, its beak is still hard) dragon?”

Paglio grinned, but he still bickered, “You’re the dead duck. Your whole family is a dead duck.”

Roman smiled along. Only Kaguli, who was in the dark, looked confused.

Due to the current tight schedule, it was too late for Chen Rui to mobilize the strength at hand calmly.

Chen Rui’s plan was that he, Paglio and Roman would go to Town Dico to block and disrupt the Red Spirit army as well as cause chaos in the Red Spirit army.

Athena would head to Town Yankou, south of the Dark Moon. There was an ancient battlefield there, and a subordinate who had signed a master-slave contract with Chen Rui. He was a Demon Emperor-level corpse necromancer.

After such a long time, Guradam must have established a terrifying number of undead army. Together with his powerful undead magic, I believe that Town Yankou will become the nightmare of the Blue Lava army. Even if there is the undead magician with Diak, he is nothing more than a “little sorcerer” in front of the corpse necromancer.

Guradam knew the relations.h.i.+p between Athena and Chen Rui. If she went there, she should be able to mobilize Guradam’s power.

Delia and Kia would go west to the Leon checkpoint to meet Alice. Kia had another task, which was to find Tim and go to the base of Mountain Xilang with him. They would mobilize all the Medusa and Tauren tribes and invite the Earth Elemental King.

After all, Chen Rui didn’t know whether he could stop Krobelus’ power. He definitely must not reveal the ident.i.ty of “Charles”, especially her enemy was the poison dragon. He only hoped to restrain her or draw her away, then finally the Earth Elemental King would deal with Ms. Emerald Dragon.

Athena and Kia knew that it was an urgent juncture, so they immediately acted according to Chen Rui’s arrangement. Chen Rui, Paglio and Roman went to Town Dico at full speed.

There is still hope! When the generals and envoys were defeated, the number of soldiers alone couldn’t influence the results of the war much.

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