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Chapter 383 - Shea’s Decision

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Chapter 383: Shea’s Decision

Chen Rui was not a n.o.ble philosopher, great thinker, or religious maniac who could create a set of faith teachings. However, he was a crossover with the memory and knowledge of the previous life.

Confucius once said – If you guide them with policies and align them with punishments, the people will evade punishments, but they will have no shame. Guide them with virtue and align them with propriety, then the people will have a sense of shame and fulfill their roles.

Penalties could only prevent people from committing crimes, but it couldn’t make people understand that committing crimes were shameful. Meanwhile, moral education was much better than punishment. The same was true for faith. The fear of G.o.d and punishment could only pa.s.sively curb people’s behavior. However, through a spiritual belief in morality and ethics, people would know why they shouldn’t do it and consciously adjust their own behavior.

10 words appeared in the source of faith.

Benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom, trust, loyalty, filial piety, integrity, shame and courage.

Benevolence- humanity, loving, kindness.

Righteousness- righteousness, justice, equity, impartiality, fairness.

Etiquette- courtesy, manners, modesty, rites, rituals, boundary, respect for others.

Wisdom- intelligence, wisdom, wit.

Trust- honesty, trustworthy, and credibility.

Loyalty- faithful, patriotic, considerate, loyalty to faith and duty.

Filial piety- filial intention, honor parents, respect for the elderly and the virtuous.

Integrity- clean handed, incorrupt, upright and pure.

Shame- a sense of guilt, know how to be ashamed, acknowledge and correct mistakes

Courage- bravery, persistence, fort.i.tude.

In Chen Rui’s understanding, the reason why the Chinese descendants had overcome the suffering, frustration and even the crisis of life and death step by step all the way to the present, was none other than these cultural cores deeply rooted in their blood.

Get rid of the dross used by the ruling cla.s.s to imprison ideas and consolidate rule. The true Confucian essence, perhaps as the name suggests, was “Human needs” [1].

What human nature needed.

Perhaps everyone had this kind of world and faith in their hearts, but the choices made in reality were different.

Chen Rui’s knowledge was limited after all. He was just an ordinary person and not a perfect saint. He didn’t know whether this choice was right or wrong. He also wouldn’t know what it would be like in the future.

He did not expect to establish a so-called ideal kingdom. These humans had independent consciousness. Furthermore, there would be disputes wherever people existed. In the future, there would be believers who believe in killing and desire. Some things couldn’t be avoided. Light had always coexisted with darkness.

It was impossible to have everything as one wished, but just have a clear conscience.

After these 10 characters entered the source of faith, they began to emit a strange light. 10 kinds of strange totems and symbols appeared on the Tower of Faith, emitting a strange light. On the blue planet, a strange totem pole appeared. Many humans began to kneel and pray.

The faith power on the Pillar of Faith began to change, 1, 2, 10, 20…

Some had faith in just one word. Some had faith in two. Correspondingly, the totem on the Galaxy Divinity Temple of the Tower of Faith was also glowing. When the acc.u.mulation reached a certain level, the Tower of Faith would give back a certain amount of power to the Pillar of Faith on the planet. Perhaps it could be called “miracles.”

The conditions for Royal Star Change were 100,000 aura and 1000 faith crystals. Judging from this consumption, it should be an unprecedented powerful move, but with the current progress, perhaps he couldn’t test it at the moment.

After Chen Rui established the Pillar of Faith, he was already near the boundary of the Dark Moon. To be cautious, he got off the griffin and changed to walking.

While pa.s.sing through Town Dico in the northern part of the Dark Moon, Chen Rui found that this place was completely occupied by the Red Spirit army. Judging from the distribution and estimation of the barrack, there were about 80,000-90,000 people. It seemed to be the location of the Red Spirit’s main force.

The Blue Lava Estate dispatched no less troops than the Red Spirit Estate this time. The Dark Moon’s military strength was far less rapid than the economic development due to various restrictions. The total number of garrison guards and imperial guards after reformation and expansion were less than 40,000 people. They were at absolute disadvantage. Chen Rui didn’t know that Tim’s West Road defense forces had become the West Road defense army. However, due to the short time of army formation, the main force was still the original defense forces. The army forces that were able to fight was less than 10,000.

In terms of numbers, 50,000 people facing nearly 200,000 enemies. Moreover, the disadvantage of combat power was very obvious. Almost no one was optimistic about the Dark Moon. They all believed that the Dark Moon would undoubtedly lose. Many merchants had withdrawn all their investments and a.s.sets in the Dark Moon. One after another personnel including some families fled away from the Dark Moon.

In this war of this world, the power of a few individuals might affect the outcome of the war. The main manifestation was to take the head of the generals and make the forces retreat, critical strikes, and so on. Boosting the army morale and commanding them were more important. It did not mean that these people could easily destroy the entire army by themselves, otherwise the army would be useless.

If you did not consider factors such as equipment, quality, morale, and so on, and simply consider frontal confrontation, powerhouses could indeed destroy a considerable number of troops on their own, but their power was ultimately limited. Once their power was exhausted, even a strong powerhouse could only avoid the tide of armies who were fearless of death. (Of course, this so-called powerhouse was just a powerhouse in the conventional category. It did not include some special powerhouses like peak of Demon Overlord, or even Demi-G.o.d and G.o.d.)

If at this time, a powerhouse of the same level sneak attacked, the Dark Moon would be in trouble.

Generally speaking, in wars, generals would fight with generals; soldiers with soldiers. Fighting generals had a very significant impact on the entire morale. After all, soldiers did not want to directly face the terrifying powerhouse that could wipe out a group of people on their side.

Knowing yourself and the enemy was the only way to win hundreds of battles. Chen Rui currently did not have the accurate intel of the entire battle. In order to avoid alerting the enemy, he did not act rashly. He left Town Dico directly and rushed to the Dark Moon City through Town Leith and Town Jumo.

I must go back to Athena and Kia as soon as possible. Go back to Shea!

The closer he got to the Dark Moon City, the more he could feel the tense atmosphere. Temporary fortifications had been built at many important roads and intersections.

Most of the residents on the outskirts of the Dark Moon City had moved to the city. There were numerous checkpoints. Some restricted areas were also being set up and reinforced with magic traps. The soldiers had solemn expressions. They strictly checked the incoming people.

Chen Rui recovered the face of a sheriff, who should be the financial officer now, but he was stopped by the soldiers of the garrison guards because they had not seen the human financial officer go out before. The soldiers suspected that he was a spy-in-disguise. He only pa.s.sed the checkpoint smoothly after the person in charge, Arux, was alerted.

“Master, the current situation of the Dark Moon is very bad. Princess Royal ordered Madam Athena to take a small group of people to go to Town Soto in the south to delay the Blue Lava army. She is planning to concentrate on defeating the Red Spirit army in the north first. However, except for the first battle where Tim defeated Kanita, our 2 sneak attacks failed. The garrison guard lost 2000 people in the Town Dico battle. a.s.sad, the patriarch of the Lot Family, the deputy commander of the garrison guard, also died in the field.”

Chen Rui frowned and asked, “You just said that Athena only took a small group of people to Town Soto?”

“Yes,” Arux said, “However, Master Paglio, Sir Roman and Madam Delia also went there.”

Chen Rui was relieved. With poison dragon, Roman and Delia, Athena could still retreat even if she encountered any danger.

“Master, there is another news…you must calm down after you listen to it.”

Calm down? Is it bad news? Chen Rui was taken aback and asked, “What is it?”

Arux explained the situation of Joseph’s death in the shortest manner. He said, “The Red Spirit army is entrenched in Town Dico. Just yesterday, he also threatened to ask Princess Royal to hand over the murderer of Joseph, Kia for a 7-day blood sacrifice. He will not launch any attack in these 7 days, and let the Dark Moon have a chance to reorganize the army in order to start a decisive battle. Otherwise, they will immediately launch a general attack against Dark Moon City.”

“Hmph!” Chen Rui’s eyes flashed with rage. Kia is my woman. No one is allowed to touch her!

Anyway, I have to settle the final accounts with Josh this time.

“Princess Royal… has promised.” Arux’s following words shocked Chen Rui’s heart.

Shea actually agreed!

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She knew Kia is my woman!

As for the army, it is not impossible.

“With the help of your black potion, I have absorbed all the power left by my father. I have reached the early stage of the Demon Emperor now. The Dark Moon’s army is much stronger than before, and there is a secret wyvern legion, but so what? Facing a Demon Overlord and an elite army of 200,000, we will still be defeated!” Shea’s voice was full of pain and helplessness. “I have already vowed to live and die with the Dark Moon. All I can do now is to exert all my power and sprinkle my last drop of dark blood in the battlefield! I can die, but Alice can’t. I need time. Not only to reorganize the army morale, but also to send Alice out of the Dark Moon safely, so… Kia has to be sacrificed.”

“For Alice… You sacrifice Kia?” Chen Rui’s heart became colder. Whether it was a plan or an arrangement, it was stuck in his throat.

“I know she is your woman, but Kia is just a little maid. How can she compare to Alice? How can she compare to me?” Shea suddenly stood up. Her tone of voice was unprecedentedly emotional.

Chen Rui’s heart was shocked. It was the first time Shea truly revealed her thoughts in front of him.

Perhaps she realized that this was the last time. If she didn’t say it now, she might not be able to say it in the future.

“Chen Rui, you now have 2 options. The first option is to ride the wyvern to the temporarily established Leon checkpoint in the direction of Mountain Xilang. Tim and Alice are there. You escort her to the Dark Shadow Empire and go to the Custer Family! Second choice…” Shea’s eyes revealed a rare eagerness, “You stay with me here until the end.”

“Shea, I know you very well, even better than yourself” Chen Rui calmed down as he stared into her eyes. For the first time, he was calling her name directly, “Tell me the truth. You just want to use Kia’s matter to force me to leave in order to keep me away from this dangerous battlefield, right?”

The answer to him was Shea’s rare laugh, but it was full of coldness and disdain.

“You overestimated yourself, and you are too naive. You never really understand me…” The laughter gradually stopped. The enthusiasm of those purple eyes faded. “You have experienced so many things including this time at the capital… You should be very clear about the so-called upper-cla.s.s power struggle. How much cruelty, brutality, shameless, decay, dirt and nastiness are covered under that gorgeous coat… It’s a pity that I’m also one of them. Even if I have ever had that meaningless kindness and foolishness, they have all been annihilated in the darkness. If not, how can I, Shea. Lucifer, become the lord of this estate? Just like you, if you have no usage value to me, I would have immediately killed you! Oftentimes, I have to make some sacrifices! Do you know why I want to go to the White Feather Estate? I just want to take advantage of the coveting of the White Feather Estate Lord, make use of the ambiguous infatuation! When necessary, not only Kia, I can even sacrifice Athena and even myself!”

“I still don’t believe it.” Chen Rui shook his head, “I need you to give me a real answer. This will affect many of our future…”

“The real answer is…” Shea’s tone became colder and colder. “Kia has been subdued by me this morning. She is being held by Kaguli in the Town Jumo now . She is about to be handed over to the Red Spirit army.”

There was a sudden chill in Chen Rui’s gaze. He glared at Shea with a look that had never been so cold before. He turned around and left without saying a word.

“Stop! I order you!” Shea yelled. Chen Rui felt a strong murderous intent behind his back, but he didn’t stop at all.

Shea seemed furious, “Do you think this lowly maid can really compare with me?”

Chen Rui’s eyes became even colder as he continued to walk forward without a word. He felt that something precious in his heart had suddenly shattered.

“Wait! Stay, okay? I really want you to be with me.” Shea’s voice suddenly softened, “Have you forgotten when I first smiled at you? Have you forgotten the duo dance we did in the moonlight? And… those 3 words?”

“I just understand now. It turns out that the closer I get to you, the farther is our distance.” Chen Rui, who had reached the door, stopped, but he did not look back. “As for those 3 words… I have forgotten them.”

You would never remember some things again once you forget them.

Initially, he really cared about Shea in his heart. It was not the initial life-saving perfunctory, but he would rather never care about her, and he would never care about it again…

I need to go and rescue Kia now!

Then, considering the promise to General George, considering… I will help Shea resolve this crisis.

Then… it should be time for me to really leave the Dark Moon.

[1] Chinese character ‘Confucian’ is a combination of ‘human’ and ‘needs’ characters.

You only needed to trust him, Shea…

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