Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 375 - “Romantic” Sparks Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 375: “Romantic” Sparks Under the Moonlight

Chen Rui felt Zola’s warning eyes. He wanted to pick up the microphone and sing “Dilemma” [1]. Maybe I should just let it go and let the two female robbers come to a “b.l.o.o.d.y case caused by a skirt”!

After thinking about it, he decided to appease Ms. Emerald Dragon, “Thank you Madam Krobelus for your tolerance, madam’s heart and mind is almost as great as the 2 moons’ brilliance! But… I remember that when I saw madam, you were wearing a long silver skirt. It was s.h.i.+ny and tasteful. How come you like this kind of dress suddenly? Why don’t I just give madam that dress instead?”

Krobelus followed Chen Rui’s fingers. It turned out to be a silver robe inlaid with special crystals. The price was more than 10 times more expensive than this dress. She immediately nodded with s.h.i.+ning eyes, “Okay, since you are so kind, it’s impolite for me to refuse. I want this one too!”

Want “too”?

Dragons with insatiable desires. Can’t you be less greedy?

Chen Rui was quite speechless. Krobelus raised her eyebrows at Zola in a dominant manner, but she explained to the “squanderer” who was willing to pay, “Uhm… Simon. It seems that you are also a tasteful person, but I will wear that white skirt at a friend’s funeral, or… 2 friends. The only 2 friends I have.

Speaking of this, Krobelus’ gaze seemed sorrowful. Chen Rui could see that she was really sad. When he looked closely, her face was more haggard than usual. Hearing that the emerald dragon cla.s.sified “Charles” in the category of “the only friend”, Chen Rui felt apologetic. He put away some of his initial thoughts to provoke Zola going against Krobelus.

Speaking of conscience, apart from some common problems of the dragon, Krobelus was a pretty good friend, but unfortunately he couldn’t tell her the truth now. In the future, Krobelus should have a chance to meet Isabella again. As for Paglio, it would have to wait until the dragon unlocked his seal and recover his strength. If possible, he would try to let the emerald dragon live.

Under Chen Rui’s repeated hints, Zola finally didn’t insist anymore. She watched Krobelus triumphantly carrying 2 pieces of clothing away.

Walking out of the shop, Zola said with a displeased look, “She is just an early Demon Overlord emerald dragon. I can kill her by raising my hand. Since you please her like this, are you coveting the flashy and arrogant woman?”

(Hmph! My beauty and virtues is 100 times better than that superficial woman! Can’t you see that, blind man?)

If Chen Rui pursued Zola now, Ms. Fairy Dragon would definitely list many reasons to shake her head and reject him, but once he showed a possible favor or interest in other women, Ms. Fairy Dragon felt strong indignation.

Chen Rui didn’t expect Zola to see Krobelus’s real form at a glance. He shook his head quickly, “I heard that this woman is a capital’s palace high-rank consultant. I just don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. Besides, as you have also heard, the skirt is basically for funeral… Let’s go, we’ve been shopping for a long time. I’m so hungry. I have already booked a place in the best restaurant. Let’s go for lunch!”

While enjoying the food, the fairy dragon listened to Chen Rui’s short stories. She quickly forgot the unhappiness just now. Next, Chen Rui accompanied her around for the whole afternoon. The dinner location in the evening was at Mirror Lake Manor near the northern suburbs. The initial best environment was the Leisure Moon Inn in the southern suburbs, but after the changes the day before yesterday, Leisure Moon Inn was completely destroyed. Especially the seventh courtyard, which was located at the peak of the mountain, even collapsed.

Mirror Lake Manor was built on the Little Mirror Lake of the outskirts. The room where Chen Rui and Zola were at was the best location facing the Little Mirror Lake. The price was obviously expensive.

Under the soft light, Zola enjoyed food and watched the scenery of the lake. She just felt very comfortable.

How many years have I not been so relaxed and happy?

Not only that, there is also a feeling that should be called “…romantic”.

This is my first time feeling it.

And even feeling it with this man?

He has knowledge, ability, wisdom, loves research…

Gentle, attentive, considerate and caring…

Zola listed the advantages of this guy one by one. She suddenly felt as if she had encountered such a man for thousands of years… Uh, it can be said that I have some good feelings on this man. He is also more suitable for me…

(Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. It’s just “some” good feeling. Besides, I’m a dragon. Whether it is strength or life span, the difference is too far…)

Zola’s gaze caught a glimpse of the peaceful lake. It reflected the beautiful purple shadows of the double moon. She felt that her heart had become a little softer- Even the moons are in pairs.

(Um, does this guy have any surprise gifts later?)

(He was pleasing me during the day, and now we’re in this environment… Could it be…)

The fairy dragon suddenly thought of some of the forgotten stories among female dragons such as the heroic prince defeating the evil female demon king to save the beautiful dragon princess from the imprisoned tower. Then on a beautiful night, he held a precious ring studded with precious stones and proposed to her…

This story which was unearthed from memory made Ms. Fairy Dragon’s heartbeat somehow quicker. At this moment, she saw the man opposite her smiled, “Ms. Zola, I prepared a gift for you. Then, I have a small request, please agree to it.”

(Sure enough… Is it true? It’s too soon, how long have we known each other?)

“No!” Zola blurted out nervously, but she suddenly added, “Uhm… okay.”

(Let’s look at the gift first. If it is studded with gems… then I’ll s.n.a.t.c.h it first. After that, I’llimmediately reject his request…)

(Do I really want to reject him? Although the dragons have a long lifespan, I haven’t had a man for so many years. It’s rare to meet one. Maybe I can really think about it? Even if he has short lifespan, isn’t there a symbiotic contract?)

(No way.. I need more time to research… but then again, it is easier for 2 people to find a breakthrough together. Moreover.this man is even the best a.s.sistant and experiment subject.)

Chen Rui didn’t know that Ms. Fairy Dragon was undergoing a fierce ideological struggle, so he took out a box with confidence.

Meanwhile, Zola finally made up his mind: Accept the gift! Then tactfully reject him! This is the final decision, and I will never change it!

This box is bigger than I imagined. Is it a ring with an oversized gemstone?

(Since he is so ​​sincere, do I need to think about it again? Maybe don’t let him down too much?)

Just when Ms. Fairy Dragon was habitually indecisive, the box opened. Inside was a strange square. Zola recognized it at a glance. It was a special item for recording the ancient runes.

Why isn’t it that thing? Ms. Fairy Dragon’s thought-up vocabulary was useless at that moment. She felt very aggrieved. As Chen Rui had opened the box, the changing runes inside immediately attracted Zola’s attention.

“This is also a seal? Moreover… it’s a higher grade than the one you brought last time! There are actually 13 yuan rune arrangements. No, it’s a 14 yuan arrangement! And these! So many unknown sentences!” Zola exclaimed and quickly picked it up. This was definitely a valuable long-term research object.

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This was the seal rune on the Sword of Fallen Angel that Chen Rui copied with a special method. Seeing Zola’s exhilarating looks, he was determined that this young lady seemed happy enough today. It should be easy to approve his request for “leave” later.

b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Shameless! Unromantic! Blind…

Cunning! Treacherous! Liar…

The fairy dragon listed the shortcomings of this guy one by one. Perhaps it was called his crimes. The resentment in her heart had reached maximum.

Ms. Zola was a woman after all. She was clearly prepared to reject or resist, then when she found that the other party had no such intention at all, she was inexplicably angry.

It was a bit like a confident and peerless beauty who found out that a wretched pervert only robbed her of money and not s.e.x. The unity in contradiction and the contradiction in unity. This might be women.

Sir “Pervert” did not notice the terrible storm brewing in the heart of Miss “Peerless Beauty” at this moment. He even made a request, “Then, the mark that the lady left on me… Can it be removed?”


“Does Miss agree to it?”

“What?” (Dazed)

An ominous omen suddenly appeared in Chen Rui’s heart. He broke into cold sweat. It’s over! This look…

“Miss?” (Asked again without giving up)

“Bzz bzz…” (Answer)

Before the “wretched pervert” could react, he saw the sky flas.h.i.+ng and weaving gorgeous sparks under the beautiful moonlight.

What’s this? Not recognizing me after getting all the benefits?

Wait! This is someone else’s restaurant. It’s not the Rainbow Valley!

Chen Rui surely did not expect this ending.

This doesn’t make sense…

This was the last consciousness of the innocent Mr. Simon before he fainted.

[1] A popular Chinese song.

In front of a woman, even if you are innocent, you will still be guilty.?

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