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Chapter 366 - The Most Expensive Longevity Potion in the History

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Chapter 366: The Most Expensive Longevity Potion in the History

In contrast to Shea’s self-confidence, Joseph’s mood was gloomy.

His chamber of commerce had been continuously pushed aside by the joint chamber of commerce represented by the Custer Family. The Mellon Family suddenly defied him. Coupled with the suppression of Shea, there was less and less room of development for him in the Dark Moon Estate. Not only that, on the Red Spirit Estate side, he was almost unable to ward off Kanita’s various methods. These methods should be instructed by his father, Josh. It was obviously a punishment for him for divulging the secret to the capital.

The bad internal and external situations made Joseph lose his appet.i.te and sleep restlessly. If this continues, the foundation that took years of painstaking management would become weaker and weaker. It would collapse sooner or later. The only hope of turning over now was the plan of his ally, “Aguile”.

Joseph had stimulated the conflict with Shea gradually according to the plan of “Aguile”. He even deliberately showed a stance of being forced to the edge. This had also made many small families who had seen the bad situation to follow the example of Mellon Family. They openly or secretly began to show goodwill toward Princess Royal.

Of course, the real foundation that Joseph had acc.u.mulated over the years was far from this level. If he was determined to fight a protracted battle with Shea, he could last for at least 10 years. However, this kind of pa.s.sive situation of dying in a struggle was obviously not what Joseph wanted to see. Not only did he have to survive this difficulty, but he also had to turn the tables.

The problem is that so far, the Cloak Gang still has no movement.

Am I being tricked? Am I being used by “Aguile”?

However, after thinking about it, “Aguile”, who was the heir of the Beelzebub Royal Family, had no reason to watch the Dark Moon power completely fall into Shea’s control. As the other party said, the Dark Moon was the most important foundation for the revival of the Beelzebub Royal Family. The previous series of plans were precisely for this purpose. Meanwhile, Joseph, the future Red Spirit Lord, was a unique spokesperson.

At this time, Royce came to report that the Cloak Gang began to gradually gather funds for the night market and arena. It seemed that there was something going on. Joseph was a thoughtful person who would not easily trust others. Considering Vasasha’s past, he did not reveal “Aguile’s” plan to Royce, lest it was exposed.

Now that he heard Royce’s report, Joseph felt confident in his heart. It was as if he let go of a large burden in his mind — “Aguile” has already begun to act. Every step is unfolding according to the plan. With an all-in bet with Shea in the end, I can truly control the Dark Moon.

At that time, even if I lose my position in the Red Spirit temporarily, it does not matter because that ally has a series of follow-up measures against my father, Josh. Together with

the capital’s Regent Obsidian’s appreciation, defeating my father and younger brother, as well as ascending the throne of the Red Spirit Lord is not a dream.

Joseph who recovered his calmness finally showed a rare smile. He felt that the haze in his heart was swept away. He began to order Royce to arrange everything so that he could prepare to officially launch it at the next regular meeting. However, he didn’t know that Royce was the spy “Aguile” placed beside him long ago. As for Vasasha, he was already Royce’s real wife.

Chen Rui’s plan was actually to let Joseph dig a hole and jump down by himself. Now that the hole was gradually digging, he just waited for Joseph to make a highly difficult action to jump in. Moreover, it was voluntary.

The Fallen Angel capital.

The lord meeting finally came to an end. After the lords returned to the estate to prepare funds, Obsidian convened the capital’s families to hold a similar meeting. The elder families had long known some inside information about “Charles”. They had guessed that this kind of fundraising was related to the benefits brought by that mysterious human, so it would definitely be a big deal that was surely profitable.

Despite the failure to win over “Charles”, the majority of benefits would be taken by Regent Obsidian, but the benefits were shared now. Everyone could get a huge profit. It was a pretty good result. Under the response of the elder families, the families worked together, and Obsidian once again raised a huge sum of money. Of course, the biggest “shareholder” was the regent himself.

Day by day, the estate and family funds had been collected. This was an astonis.h.i.+ng astronomical figure. The people who own this money could truly deserve the words “super rich”. Even Obsidian couldn’t help but to feel tempted.

However, the Regent Royal Highness wanted not only wealth, but power and more. Although the amount of money was astonis.h.i.+ngly huge, it was only a small amount compared with the future profits.

As a person in power, one must not be deceived by the immediate interests, but he must look further.

His ally, “Charles”, should be the same kind of person. As the illegitimate son of the royal family with the [Body of Light Blessing], he ventured to the Demon Realm for the sake of a great cause. This was in itself a great courage. Regardless of the success of the “Charles” human world’s succession plan, this cooperation would bring unparalleled benefits to Obsidian and the Fallen Angel Empire controlled by him.

Furthermore, the 2 parties also signed an equality contract. It was absolutely foolproof.

In Obsidian’s eager antic.i.p.ation, the figure of “Charles” finally appeared at the palace gate more than a month later. Obsidian was overjoyed when he heard the news. He hurriedly went out of the palace to personally greet him and welcomed this ally all the way into the hall.

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“Sorry, Your Highness, I’m a few days late for some special reasons.” Chen Rui bowed and smiled.

“Honesty, reliability, and a good sense of humor. Charles, you are such a man. No wonder the capital’s most beautiful Devil’s Snare flower has been a little bit distracted after you left. It turns out that a liar has stolen her heart. “Obsidian made a joke. He looked at the potion bottle in his hand, pondered for a moment, and finally raised his head to drink it.

After a while, Obsidian’s half-squinted eyes slowly opened. There was a great shock in his purple pupils. At his level of power, he had a certain sense of vitality, but now he could clearly feel that the subtle changes in his body functions and many small old wounds seemed to heal automatically. More importantly, the strange feeling of… should be longevity, has increased by at least 200 years. Then, it means that I’m able to grasp the Fallen Angel Empire for another 200 years! Power is a good addictive thing. Once you hold it, you never want to let it go.

However, Obsidian never thought – If everything is lost, what is the use even if he gets another 20,000 years?

“It’s a 100% pure super longevity potion! Once this kind of potion appears in the Demon Realm, it will definitely make everyone crazy!” Originally, Obsidian thought that the huge sum of money raised was so large that it would shake the entire empire. Now it seemed to be a little smaller. With this super potion that was the finale, there was almost no risk. No matter how big the investment was, it was definitely worth it.

“Seeing Your Highness’ appearance now, I think I don’t need to worry about going to the secret prison anymore.” Chen Rui responded to Obsidian confidently and said with a leisurely smile.

“Charles, maybe our cooperation will be the luckiest thing for each other. As long as the plan is successful, we will be put into the history of our respective races and pa.s.sed on through generations. I firmly believe that this day is not far away.” Obsidian’s entire mental outlook seemed to have undergone a qualitative change. He had an unprecedented high spirit.

Chen Rui looked like he was smiling, but secretly mocked in his mind: Not the “luckiest” but the “unluckiest.” Of course it is to you. Besides… the bottle of longevity potion should be the one recorded in history. Although the value of some things cannot be measured by money alone, this should be the most expensive bottle of black potion in the Demon Realm history…

He knew clearly in his heart that the root of Obsidian’s enthusiasm was that the 2 parties mutually used each other in the relations.h.i.+p. “Charles” turned from a prisoner to become an important guest precisely because of benefits.

Now that the interests of the two had been “tied” together. Prosperity and loss would affect both of them. Therefore, Obsidian also hoped that allies could succeed and become a source of long-term supply of black potions. Otherwise, Obsidian would not bother to care about the success or failure of “Charles”.

“Of course.” Chen Rui smiled slightly. “There is another news that should be quite good. The reason why I was late this time is because I went to follow the teacher to visit his close friend who is the mechanics grand master. The grand master showed considerable interest in a certain ‘disobedient’ artifact.”

The “good news” piqued Obsidian’s interest. Mechanics grand master? Is today really a lucky day? There is even hope for the problem of the Sword of Fallen Angel to be solved?

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