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Chapter 360 - Storm

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Chapter 360: Storm

A short and turbulent night pa.s.sed. Early the next morning, the Regent King Obsidian officially gathered the ministers and representatives of the major families to discuss matters in the hall.

Except for the monthly meetings, discussion meetings of this scale were usually rare.

At the meeting, many family representatives discovered a new face. It was the palace high rank consultant, Charles, who had raised a babel of criticism recently. This Charles is terrific. He killed 3 important members of the elder families and a collateral royal family, as well as the heir of the Lincoln Family, Lordan. I heard that the shock of the capital last night was due to Charles breaking out from the “legendary” Prison 13 of the secret prison.

This man is actually standing intact in front of everyone now. Plus he is standing next to the regent. He is even above the minister of military affairs. That kind of position is definitely not for a person waiting for judgement.

More unexpectedly, the first thing the Regent did was to declare the Lincoln Family’s crimes.

Lordan, the heir of the Lincoln Family, instigated Pierce of the Deanlie family, Lestin of the Ryan Family, and Mia of the collateral royal family to ambush the high rank consultant, Charles. However, they failed and were dead. The Lincoln Family patriarch, Sartre, was eager to take revenge after he misunderstood from the rumours. He framed Charles and falsely gave the regent’s order, resulting in General Doren arresting Charles into the secret prison. Sartre even broke into the secret prison privately in his attempt to kill Charles. This caused chaos in the secret prison which led to many important criminals’ escape.

The high rank consultant of the palace was a distinguished guest of the royal family. He represented the dignity of the royal family. The crimes committed by the Lincoln Family had very malicious plots. It was almost unforgivable, but since they had made great contributions to the empire during these years, they were given an exception from the law. The punishments were as follows: Confiscate half of the Lincoln Family’s property, revoke the t.i.tle of the elder families, execute several elders who “instigated” the patriarch, Sartre, and order Sartre to spend a year behind closed doors at home to repent.

The Ryan Family and the Deanlie Family who acted as accomplices were also given warnings and heavy fines.

Although the ministers of the elder families faction expressed opposition to this, several representatives of the elder families also made strong protests and even left the meeting in anger, Obsidian did not appease or compromise as he usually would. Instead, he resolutely maintained the original sentencing. He even faintly stated that if the 3 families refused to accept this punishment, it would be enforced by force.

Many ministers and family representatives turned their gazes on the quiet “Charles” next to Obsidian. They didn’t know what method he used to get the regent Royal Highness to act on the elder families so decisively. In any case, “Charles” must be an extremely favored person right now. Many people had already begun to figure out how to get closer to this high rank consultant.

Isabella stood silently next to Finance Minister Legu. Karon. She did not look at Chen Rui. She just stared at the ground quietly instead.

Seeing that everyone could no longer stop Obsidian’s decision, Rommel rolled his eyes and seconded, “The Lincoln Family really committed a major demerit this time. I believe that after this incident, Chief Sartre will learn his lesson and make contributions in the future. He should be able to get permission to return to the elder families.”

Rommel was supported by several major elder families to be promoted to be the minister of military affairs. In a sense, he could represent most of the elder families. This statement was undoubtedly equivalent to abandoning the Lincoln Family. Sartre was utterly shocked. He suddenly became depressed and seemed to age by a hundred years old.

Obsidian nodded in satisfaction. At present, he didn’t want to mess with the elder families too much. After he really got the black potion, it would not be too late to suppress them step by step.

“It’s just that there is one thing that I want to bring up.” Rommel glanced at Isabella. “According to my intel, Sir Charles gave a gift to Lady Isabella before being taken away by General Doren. He asked her to pa.s.s it on to the Regent Royal Highness as an evidence for the ‘explanation’, but Lady Isabella hid it privately and did not give it to Your Highness. She did not even see Your Highness to intercede for Sir Charles. Personally, I was shocked by this incident, and felt even more sorry for Sir Charles.”

Obsidian had been distressed for the “waste” of that bottle of resurrection potion. When he heard of the word “gift” now, his heart moved. A chillness exuded from his eyes, “Rommel, are you sure there is such a thing?”

“I can guarantee this with my life. I even have a personal testimony. She is a maid who was present when Sir Charles handed over the gift.”

Rommel looked at Chen Rui as he said confidently, “In fact, Sir Charles is the best proof of this. Not only that, according to the latest intel I received, the reason for Lordan ambus.h.i.+ng Sir Charles was that she was provoked by Lady Isabella. The young and energetic Lordan was dazzled by the beauty. Due to jealousy, he made a big mistake rashly. Speaking of it, the source of all this is the Lady Devil’s Snare. Since the Lincoln Family’s crime cannot be pardoned, Isabella is even more unforgivable! I ask Your Highness to deal with it impartially. Behead the real culprit, Isabella, to comfort the dead souls.”

When the officials heard this, whispers suddenly sounded. If what Rommel said is true, then this capital’s flower might not escape death. Since there was no chance for the Lincoln Family, then Isabella couldn’t be forgiven too. The regent couldn’t conflict with his own words.

Such a charming capital’s flower. It would be a pity if she disappeared, but she had to die.

Rommel’s intention was very simple. If the elder families loses the support of the Lincoln Family, then Obsidian must have one supporter removed too. Moreover, this incident is a fact indeed. “Charles” is the most powerful witness. This also meant that he was expressing goodwill to “Charles” on behalf of the elder families.

a.n.a.lyzing based on the current situation, there must be huge benefits beyond the initial expectations which enables “Charles” to make Regent Obsidian to openly sanction the elder families. It seems that I have really underestimated him previously. In any case, I must try to win over him, no matter how high the price and patience are.

Looking at the smiling Rommel, Obsidian’s face gradually became gloomy. Whether the “gift” is true or false, Isabella is a very important figure under my command. She not only has considerable talent in politics and economics, but she also controls the most sophisticated intelligence agency. If it is damaged because of this incident, then it is definitely an extremely heavy loss.

The key point is that when I dealt with the Lincoln Family, I was going too far in my words, so it is hard to convince the others if I forgive Isabella now. At present, the influence of the elder families is quite large. Plus it involves “Charles”… Based on my contact with Charles, this human holds grudges. The punishment of the Lincoln Family is one of the conditions for his cooperation.

Of course, even if it is me, it is impossible to be merciful to the enemy.

Obsidian took a deep breath and said, “Isabella, don’t you want to explain?”

With a faint silence in her eyes, Isabella shook her head blankly, “There is nothing to explain.”

Obsidian raised his eyes. He glanced at the gazes of the ministers. When he gritted his teeth and was about to announce the judgement, Chen Rui said, “Your Highness, it seems that I, the victim, should come out and talk briefly about it.”

Obsidian nodded. Chen Rui stood up and shook his head, “The first thing to explain is that the so-called gift, in fact… there is no such thing.”

Rommel’s confident smile instantly froze on his face. Isabella was the most surprised. Although her facial expression remained the same, there were finally ripples in the calm blue eyes.

“Charles” was the main litigant. If he said that if there was no such thing, there must be no such thing. Even if Rommel found a hundred maids to be witnesses, it would be useless. Obsidian was relieved as he slightly nodded.

“There is one more thing that needs to be said. During the days when I was imprisoned in the secret prison, sir minister of military affairs visited me. His coercion and temptation were still vivid to me…”

Looking at Rommel whose complexion changed suddenly, Chen Rui’s tone became even colder. “At that time, I didn’t agree to his terms. Soon after Sir Rommel threatened me and left, Sir Sartre who wanted me to die tragically appeared in the secret prison. Sir Rommel, as far as I know, the real reason Lordan me was at your instigation. As I got too close to Miss Isabella, it would become a political obstruction for you, the minister of military affairs. I also killed the spy you set next to the lady, Jardel, the coachman… For these, I need you to give me an explanation in front of the Regent Royal Highness and all the ministers! ”

Rommel was completely shocked. He didn’t expect that “Charles” not only ignored his goodwill expression on behalf of the elder families, but he even completely turned the case against him.

These words were a mixture of true and false. They were intertwined and reasonable. Although there were a few false parts, they were enough to make Rommel beyond redemption. The closeness of Isabella and Chen Rui was well known. As a political enemy, Rommel had this motive. Coupled with the incidents of Sartre and Jardel, Rommel could not find an excuse at that moment…

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Many ministers who knew a little on the surface believed that it was true. There was another round of whisper. Unexpectedly, the behind-the-scenes mastermind of all this is Rommel who had been demanding to catch the culprit. He not only conspired to kill Charles, but he also wanted to frame Isabella!

When did Devil’s Snare’s flower become non-toxic?

Obsidian praised Isabella for taking care of the overall situation. This strength was one of the main reasons why he admired this subordinate the most. With this, Obsidian took advantage of the opportunity to announce that Rommel was relieved of the minister of military affairs and all his duties. The minister of military affairs was temporarily replaced by the second general Doren. He punished Rommel heavily by never appointing him again. As for the candidate for the new minister of military affairs, the elder families would re-appoint the candidate during the next regular meeting.

Removal of duties and heavy punishment could give Charles, Isabella, and the ministers an explanation. The temporary replacement by Doren in the middle was a buffer period. As for the new military minister’s position, it was still up to the elder families. This was an explanation to them as well. As long as he successfully cooperated with Charles and obtained the only “endors.e.m.e.nt power” of black potions, it would not be too late to gradually withdraw his power and replace him with his own men.

Sure enough, this ending was within the acceptance range of the elder families. No objections were raised.

The storm finally subsided. The waves calmed down after all.

This time, the name of “Charles” resounded through the entire upper cla.s.s of the capital. All forces were reconsidering and arguing about this n.o.bleman who could affect the capital structure.

Although “Charles” caused some troubles by condemning Rommel, in general, Obsidian was satisfied with him. Before the new minister of military affairs was selected, Doren was the temporary representative. He could do a lot of “articles” in his favor.

Moreover, when Obsidian announced his decision, “Charles” respected him by letting it go.

In fact, Chen Rui’s plan to instigate the conflict between the Obsidian and the elder families had basically succeeded. The reason why he did not do too much was because he did not want to affect the next most important “cooperation plan.”

The meeting was dissolved. A few confidants such as Doren and Isabella were left behind to arrange some affairs during the handover period.

When Isabella walked out of the palace, she saw a figure waiting for her.

It was him.

When her beautiful blue eyes watched the man walk nearer from afar, an inexplicable feeling came to her heart. The coldness in her eyes inexplicably intensified.


“You should call me Madam Isabella.”

She replied faintly with an icy distance like a pa.s.serby who walked by.

Tilting her head slightly, she saw the dim and spa.r.s.e dark clouds in the sky. They seemed to be ashes.

Did she actually fall in love with “Charles”, but she was asked to kill him?

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