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Chapter 358: Autumn Territory

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Chapter 358: Autumn Territory

Sartre was old and cunning. To a certain extent, this tone was a kind of psychological tactic. He had considerable confidence in this Prison 13. There had been more than 1 Demon Overlord imprisoned here, let alone a “Demon Emperor” like “Charles”.

The special bone-eroding toxin alone could quickly corrode the power of his body. The effect of [Thunder] was not just torture, but more importantly, it could accelerate the spread and erosion of the toxins. Coupled with the special imprisonment shackles worn on his hands, no additional instruments of torture was needed. It could be said that Sartre’s plan should be foolproof this time.

“Don’t worry, you will die inch by inch. Certainly not too fast.”

In spite of this, Sartre still did not put his guards down. However, he did not know that after he had a preconceived notion that Prison 13 was reliable, he was already letting his guards down- The enemy in front of him was not the Demon Emperor, but in a sense, it was more unimaginable than a Demon Emperor or even a Demon Overlord.

At this time, the flas.h.i.+ng magic symbols in the prison began to vanish one by one. It seemed that Sartre had probably bribed the fat warden. He wanted to slowly torture and kill his greatest enemy.

“Is your hatred as deep as what it seems? Although Lordan is your son, I heard Rommel say that you made him the heir because of the pressure from the royal family because the Lincoln Family will definitely be merged into the royal family in the future. The fact that I killed Lordan, it should be… what you secretly wished for right? I feel a little sympathetic to your dead son now!”

Sartre snorted, and he didn’t explain. He cursed Rommel in his heart. Some things belong to the “unwritten rules.” Which elder family doesn’t use nasty means? Rommel even revealed this to “Charles”. He even says this in front of the younger generations of the 2 foreign families. A strong anger surged in his heart.

Chen Rui glanced at the other 2 with a direct mocking look, “Similarly, you 2 are here to seek revenge, but it is only a revenge after the breakdown of the benefits negotiation between me and the elder family represented by Rommel. If I promised him at the beginning, you will be flattering me with a fake smile now… and it will not be like this. A hatred that can be easily exchanged for benefits, is it a real hatred?”

Sartre originally wanted to scare Chen Rui with words, but unexpectedly, he was triggered by Chen Rui. He secretly knew that he could no longer talk nonsense with him. At this time, the magic circles were completely off. The secret magic cage pillars began to automatically shrink back to the ground. Apart from the imprisonment shackles on his hands, Chen Rui had no restrictions at all.

After the magic circles were off, Chen Rui’s body slightly softened. It seemed to be a sense of prostration after the gravity was cancelled. Sartre didn’t give him any chance to recover. His body was full of flames. A charged punch was launched.

Sartre didn’t underestimate Chen Rui. He launched a heavy blow immediately, deliberately destroying the remaining resistance of the opponent.

Just as Sartre’s fist was about to touch Chen Rui’s body, the target suddenly disappeared. The punch was missed. The powerful force hit the ground. The ground of this special prison did not even tremble. Its solidity was evident.

Sartre’s confident blow missed its target. He was secretly shocked. The imprisonment shackles can restrain all skills including even territory. Why can this “Charles” launch a teleportation skill which is similar to the Great Demon?

At this moment, everyone including Teresa and Tont suddenly felt a magnificent shake. A strange bleak breath came, and the indestructible Prison 13 began to decay and crack rapidly. The strength of the 3 was quickly weakened by the strange force. They could not help feeling intense fatigue and exhaustion. In an instant, their body and spirit seemed to age a lot.


Teresa and Tont wiped their eyes at the same time. Only Sartre’s face was full of horror. This… is the territory power! Besides,I can faintly feel that although this territory power is not particularly amazing (maybe because the enemy has been imprisoned for too long and his power has declined), the “quality”, that is, the level of the realm, seems to be above my realization!

The most shocking thing is not this, but that “Charles” can launch the territory while wearing the imprisonment shackles! This is simply unbelievable!

Wait, the shackles that can imprison a Demon Overlord… Why are they suddenly missing?

Is it a trick that Warden Kabang deliberately played? Or Doren? Or this person himself…

Sartre had no time to think about it. He shouted loudly, instantly turning into the fighting form with a long sword in his hand. The strong flames burning on the sword turned into a hideous huge beast. It pounced toward Chen Rui. However, this huge beast began to weaken and dim at a speed visible to the naked eye while flying. When it was finally close to Chen Rui, the translucent blue s.h.i.+eld that appeared around his body blocked it.

The s.h.i.+eld trembled. After the huge beast disappeared, the s.h.i.+eld disintegrated. Chen Rui’s eyes flashed with brilliance. This was the first time he used the s.h.i.+eld to take on a powerful attack from a Demon Emperor. The reason was not only because the s.h.i.+eld damage-absorption ability had improved. More importantly, it was his territory.

This was the first time he had demonstrated his territory realization in actual combat after pa.s.sing the training ground’s training in the prison.


It was also called the [Autumn Territory]. It was the name that Chen Rui gave to this territory. It effectively combined the negative power of Shura which could absorb and weaken the enemy’s power before converting it for his own use. Although the aesthetics and effects were far from reaching the perfect state, and the time was limited, he had broken away from the [Galaxy Territory] skill that came with Super System. It was a real territory that he could independently use.

It was only now that he had truly taken a decisive step in Megrez. Compared with the previous ones, he could only be regarded as stumbling explorations. He had found the true direction now. From now onwards, he could take big steps forward.

The feeling of using territory was completely different from the Super Systems skill which consumed aura and Star Power. It was a feeling of being in complete control as though he was the core of a small world. He was able to control the power of every atom in this world at will. However, he was still far from getting real control of it.

The 2 early stage of the Great Demon Kings on the side were stunned by this incident. They tried their best to resist the influence of [Autumn Territory] in the corner. They did not dare to step forward. In their view, this was already a battle of senior powerhouses beyond their level!

Sartre had recovered from the horror. He felt the weirdness of this territory. His long sword faintly emitted a blue light which merged with the flames on his body. It swiftly launched a strange trajectory in the void. There was a group of strange bolts that were constantly expanding in the prison. It exuded a tyrannical power. Although it was constantly absorbed and weakened, the speed of these bolts were much higher than the degree of absorption. It had flooded the whole territory in the blink of an eye.

This was Sartre’s trump card, [Burning Thunderbolt]. He trained magic power and physical strength. All of his qualities had reached A-. It was very balanced. This trump card combined more magic and spirit power. In the territory battle, the magic power was obviously more effective than ordinary physical strength attacks. Sartre didn’t expect his trump card to defeat this terrifying opponent, but he just wanted to take the opportunity to find an opening in the territory. As long as he found an opening, he could maximize his own territory and defeat his opponent.

However, the effect of this attack was much greater than Sartre imagined. In terms of territory, Chen Rui was just a rookie after all. It was the first time he used it in actual combat. He felt that this group of thunderbolts was not only daunting, but the most annoying was the interference power. This made him unable to successfully continue to focus the territory power. The entire territory remained as normal on the surface, but in fact there were signs of collapse.

As Chen Rui’s eyes flashed, he actually rushed directly to Sartre. Sartre was taken aback. He has obviously gained the upper hand just now by using the strange territory power. I don’t understand why he didn’t continue to use this advantage, but he adopts such an extremely unwise frontal attack instead.

Sartre was puzzled, but he didn’t hesitate. The [Burning Thunderbolt] was released at Chen Rui with all his strength. Chen Rui didn’t avoid it. With his fingers spread out, a huge light ball appeared and rushed toward Sartre. The 2 energies crossed each other as they attacked the 2 separately. Judging from the situation, both sides would suffer severely.

Sartre immediately launched teleportation to dodge the light ball. In fact, it was a misjudgment. Without using [Scorching Dragon Possession], the power of [Aurora Shot] was far smaller than expected, so it would not have a great effect on a Demon Emperor like him — Sartre was still misled by the [Autumn Territory] at the beginning.

The battle changed rapidly. A small mistake in judgment might cost everything.

Chen Rui did not use [Scorching Dragon Possession] because of his own considerations. Once [Scorching Dragon Possession] was used, any skills, including [Star Gate], could not be used for 24 hours after “cooling”. This place was different from the Crystal Valley back then. There was no suitable place to launch [Star Gate]. The current battle situation was in his favor, but he still didn’t know what enemies or emergencies he would encounter later, so he must leave a backup plan for himself.

As soon as Sartre landed, the opponent’s figure appeared in front of him instantly. Another teleportation!

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A strong sense of crisis rose in Sartre’s heart. Years of experience made him instinctively stab Chen Rui in the chest in order to force Chen Rui to give way or dodge to resolve his own crisis. However, this was another mistake. The other party had no intention of dodging it. Sartre pierced Chen Rui’s chest with his sword.

Chen Rui saw the cowardice of the other party, so he gritted his teeth to suppress the pain. As he was about to continue to take the initiative to attack Sartre, he had a warning hunch all of a sudden. With a wave of his hand, he had already caught 2 strong crossbows. They even seemed to be poisoned. It came from Teresa and Tont from the side. As [Autumn Territory] had disappeared because it couldn’t be maintained, the 2 had recovered their usual strength.

Tont saw Chen Rui contended with the Demon Emperor Sartre and still vaguely gained the upper hand just now, so he knew that his strength was not enough to fight with Chen Rui. Seeing Chen Rui’s sharp gaze looking toward him, he feared that he would be in danger. He hastily pointed at Teresa and shouted, “It’s her!”

Teresa held a magic crossbow in her hand. Her chest was undulating as her face was mixed with tension and fear, but there was still a bit of hatred in her eyes.

Chen Rui frowned suddenly and turned his head to see that Sartre had already taken this precious opportunity to escape desperately to the gate of the prison. He then activated some b.u.t.tons, and the gate of the prison began to close slowly.

The speed of Demon Emperor A- was too fast, Chen Rui was unable to catch up. Only Tont ran over hastily. He loudly begged Sartre to open the door, but how would Sartre care so much at this time? He continued to activate the gear again. There were sounds of several doors closing.

Even though the imprisoned cage had been functional again, the entire independent Prison 13 has been tightly closed. It was equivalent to a larger cage.

“Oh no!” Tont was about to collapse. As soon as he met Chen Rui’s icy gaze, he quickly thought that there was still a terrifying enemy in front of him, so he quickly got up and knelt on the ground, “Sir, forgive me. I only came under the family order. Pierce is just my distant uncle. I rarely see him even on normal days. That old guy is looking for death by himself. He actually opposed sir…”

In order to beg for his life, Tont showed his ugly side by slandering his dead uncle. Chen Rui’s eyes were filled with intense disgust. He did not give him a chance to finish his words. With a move of his hand, Tont’s face was. .h.i.t with a heavy blow. With the bone-shattering sounds, he instantly fell to the ground. He was gradually overflowing with blood. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

After Chen Rui knocked down Tont, he turned his gaze to Teresa who had just sneak-attacked him with a crossbow arrow. Teresa trembled in her heart. She knew she would surely die, so she gritted her teeth and said, “I had already married someone once. I later married Lestin as a tool to win over Lestin. There was no affection between. Moreover, as you said, a hatred that can be exchanged for benefits is not real hatred at all. But when he is dead, I will be used as a tool to marry other influential people again, so I hate you! I hate this hopeless life!”

There was silence in Chen Rui’s heart. Behind the children of the major families’ glamorous clothes and n.o.bility, there are too many involuntary sorrows… His hand still moved. Teresa collapsed in response, but she just pa.s.sed out.

“There is only hope by living.” Chen Rui clutched his severely injured chest and said. He didn’t know if it was said to her or to himself.

“d.a.m.n lunatic!” Sartre’s vengeful voice was heard outside the prison. His voice was probably transmitted through some kind of magic device.

“Doren and the imperial guards will be here soon. You will be executed directly for trying to escape from the prison!”

“Don’t try to escape. Even if you break free from the imprisonment, you will definitely not be able to break through this sealed prison with the power of a Demon Emperor alone!”

“I must see you die tragically with my own eyes!”

Chen Rui ignored Sartre. He was just a dog that didn’t even dare to bite.

“The wind is starting to move. Then, before the rainstorm comes, let’s add a little more thunder…” Chen Rui said calmly. There was already a walnut-sized ball in his hand. The subtle pulsating runes began to appear on the ball.

A new power with dragon inscription?

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