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Chapter 347 - Doubts

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Chapter 347: Doubts

The Sameer Royal Family, known as “Wrath”, was the most tenacious family in the Demon Realm royal family. With the characteristics of [Bloodfury], many people were reluctant to face such crazy opponents.

Of course, even if [Bloodfury] was very powerful, there was a limit of “degree”. Otherwise, he would have been seriously injured and died before he could destroy his enemy.

Seeing Lestin’s bizarre smile, Chen Rui frowned slightly. Mia had appeared in front of him like a ghost. Her long sleeves swiped like a whip. Chen Rui blocked with his hand, and he was entangled by the long sleeves. He felt countless sharp qi attacking him continuously like a sharp blade. It seemed to be terribly poisonous.

Chen Rui shook indifferently. There were only a few white marks on his arm while Mia’s sleeves bulged like a balloon. The huge inflated pressure burst suddenly. Although her sleeves weren’t torn, Mia’s face immediately showed a painful expression. She flew backward without stopping. Her body was trembling slightly as if she was. .h.i.t by some thunderous force. If it weren’t for the pair of black wings which appeared behind her back in time, she would have been severely injured.

Lestin attacked again. There were several consecutive head to head battles. There were a few more scars cut by the [Aura Blade] on the Wrath Royal Family’s body. For every additional one, the blood in Lestin’s eyes became more intense.

Mia’s figure was even faster. Under the boost of [Holy Wings], her speed was almost like lightning.

Even if it was Lordan, he only saw a gray shadow. Mia was from the Lucifer Royal Family, but she only awakened the bloodline talent of [Holy Wings]. Nevertheless, she had a talent for mutated speed which almost caught up with the fastest Belphegor Royal Family of the Demon Realm. No wonder the speed aspect in the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] got B+ evaluation.

However, it was still useless because Chen Rui currently had Thunderous Sound and Stridebug with acceleration effect. Coupled with the significant improvement of [Scorching Dragon Possession], even if Roman reached the peak Demon King level, he might not be a threat. Although Mia tried her best, the opponent’s speed was not inferior to her. Furthermore, every single blow would make her extremely . This was a complete suppression.

Lestin was also suppressed. He was still at a disadvantage after using [Bloodfury]. Lordan was anxious as he watched them. His black and white eyes were s.h.i.+ning brightly. The long-prepared ultimate move finally burst out.

Chen Rui pushed back Lestin and Mia. Suddenly, a huge angel image appeared in the air in front. This angel had only one wing, and it was even black. To be precise, this was a fallen angel.

The fallen angel exuded an oppressive breath which penetrated directly into the hearts of people. It made people feel fear and want to wors.h.i.+p it as if it was like a majestic G.o.d. Chen Rui seemed to be deterred by this kind of breath, and he forgot to dodge at that moment.

At this time, a great sword appeared in the hands of the fallen angel. It emitted a bright light when it struck down immediately.

As Chen Rui was about to be split in half, suddenly he stretched out his hand and firmly grasped the great sword. It made the fallen angel unable to move for a while.

Not to mention a mere fallen angel. Even if a true G.o.d was not within the belief range of Chen Rui who crossover. His mind was very tough since the [Refined Mind] training. He would not be affected by this breath at all.

“Flashy. Too much power is wasted.” Chen Rui said indifferently. The whole angel’s image exploded with the force of his hand. It was dim in an instant before disappearing without a trace.

Lordan who was over there also had an immediate reaction. He spitted out a few mouthfuls of blood continuously, and the black and white in his eyes were also dim and gloomy. He was gasping desperately with horror. Now that he really battled, he realized that the gap between him and this “Charles” was so huge!

As soon as he was distracted, Mia’s warning sounded. He saw a white light in front of him. A dazzling light ball rushed toward his face like a flash of lightning. The powerful acceleration of Lordan’s armor had been used up. There was still 1 whole day before he could use it. He rolled on the floor in a hurry, and unexpectedly evaded the light ball. However, the light ball seemed to have eyes. It turned and flew back, drawing an arc. After rising to a high alt.i.tude, it immediately dropped with a whistle on his head.

Lordan laid on the ground and could no longer avoid. He gritted his teeth and activated the protective magic of the ring. He reached out to block the light ball. The light ball slammed him fiercely, pressing him like a mountain with a pressure far beyond imagination. The terrifying breath of destruction made him petrified.

Although Lordan was known as a genius, he had always been pampered and bootlicked. He had not experienced much hards.h.i.+p and training. In other words, he was like a flower in the greenhouse who had not experienced the real wind and rain, which made himdevelop an arrogant and overbearing character.

Lordan felt his whole body sinking continuously. His hands began to tremble because he was not able to support it. The gorgeous armor on his body could not withstand the pressure, and it even began to appear twisted. The heir to the veteran family who had always been arrogant only regretted it now. He wanted to ask for forgiveness or threaten him with his ident.i.ty, but it was too late as he could only turn into a desperate scream.

The white light of [Aurora Shot] gradually sank into the pit, then there was no sound anymore. No one knew whether the person inside was dead or alive.

Chen Rui did not look at Lordan or Mia, but instead, he cast his gaze on Lestin.

“If it is another time, maybe I will keep fighting like this with you, but unfortunately, I don’t have this leisure now. So… I will use the death knell to pay tribute to your fighting spirit.”

“Shameless bragging! Even if you are infinitely close to the Demon Emperor level, you may not be able to beat me! You must die today!”

Lestin snorted coldly. His body’s red light was flouris.h.i.+ng. The sharply rising power breath was quite comparable with Chen Rui after [Scorching Dragon Possession].

The characteristic of [Bloodfury] was the heavier the injury, the stronger the combat power. When one-third of blood was lost, some excellent “[Bloodfury]” talents could enter the state of “[Wrath Blood]”, and the attack power had a second stage leap. However, if he got injured later, the third leap wouldn’t happen.

Lestin was in this particular state, but after using “[Wrath Blood]”, his vitality would be greatly injured. He would be unable to fight for quite some time. Lestin’s launching of “[Wrath Blood]” was also caused by the tremendous pressure from Chen Rui.

“[Thunder]!” As Lestin shouted violently, the mace in his hand emitted a strong flame mixed with violent fire element power at Chen Rui. This blow was not an energy bomb, nor was it fancy. It was far less majestic than the angel that Lordan made just now, but it was simple and effective. It captured the moment that Chen Rui could not avoid.

This blow has already condensed all the power of the “[Wrath Blood]”, Lestin asked himself, but in terms of the power of the attack, even at the Demon Emperor level, it is just so so.

One of Mia’s long sleeves was torn at this time, revealing an arm full of wounds and blood stains. Her long sleeve was an excellent grade equipment that could be used as a whip. There were also hidden venomous teeth that were as sharp as a knife. With the short knife in her hand, it was a powerful killer that combined strength and flexibility. Coupled with her extraordinary speed talent, even those opponents at peak of the Great Demon King dared not provoke her easily.

However, the speed, poison, and the secret weapon had no effect on the enemy in front of her. Her long sleeve was even destroyed by the opponent. Her partic.i.p.ation in the this time was the order from above that must succeed. Seeing Lestin’s breath rapidly rising to the apex and exploding with all his strength while “Charles” could not evade, Mia immediately gathered all her remaining power. The power of [Holy Wings] behind her was fully unleashed. She was waiting for the right moment to make the fatal blow.

However, at this time, Mia was suddenly dizzy. The whole forest turned into a strange environment with countless spheres… No, seeing from near and far, it should be stars…

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Aren’t stars angular? How come they are in the shape of a sphere?

Even if he didn’t use G.o.d-Eating Mask or Demon s.h.i.+eld, he was unparalleled and had no rivals in the Great Demon King level. Defeating 4 Great Demon Kings in a row this time was the best example. Lestin was the touchstone with the highest quality.

In the deep pit caused by the [Aurora Shot], there was also a human-shaped pit. That gorgeous armor had good defensive power. Although many parts of the armor were distorted and deformed, it had saved Lordan’s life. It was just that part of the armor’s metal had penetrated into Lordan’s flesh. It aggravated his pain. If it was another piece of leather armor, perhaps this would not happen.

However, Lordan was seriously injured and out of strength now. He could only moan in pain. How could he still think so much.

Seeing his most feared enemy appeared in front of him, horror flashed by Lordan’s eyes, but his body was already unable to move. However… even if he could move, would he be able to escape in the face of this enemy who could kill a powerhouse like Lestin ?

“You are quite lucky. Those 3 people who are stronger than you are dead, yet you are still alive. As for me… I don’t even seem to be hurt.”

This sentence confirmed Lordan’s guess. The fear in his facial expression became more intense. It was mixed with regret. He dared not speak for a while.

“I should say that the reason for your failure is that someone provided the wrong information.” Chen Rui’s words made Lordan feel more resentful.

“This time you are just being used by someone. I don’t want to create too much grudge with the Lincoln Family. I can let you go, but you must first tell me who provided my whereabouts and intel. Who ordered you to come and kill me?” Chen Rui said while secretly holding a recording stone in his hand. He intended to record it as evidence.

Lordan originally thought he would definitely die today because he had a deep hatred for “Charles”. Hearing that, hope was ignited in his heart. As he was about to speak, his golden pupils suddenly widened. They quickly turned into strange silver. His ears, nose and mouth emit silver light at the same time.

As Chen Rui suddenly remembered something, a blue protective cover appeared around his body. Before Lordan could say a word, his whole body burst apart in a silver light. The terrifying power made the deep pit twice its initial size. Dust was flying around, but the protective cover only trembled for a while, then it returned normal.

Chen Rui removed the protective s.h.i.+eld and immediately jumped out of the pit. His body made a round at the surrounding woods swiftly before returning to the pit. He frowned.

He had seen this kind of self-detonation in Mystic Valley in the Crystal Valley. It was the secret medicine studied by that secret organization. Judging from Lordan’s behaviour just now, it was not that he wanted to burst. The [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] did not feel that there were other people nearby. It should be triggered by some kind of suggestive power.

Once he revealed the person behind the scene, he would self-detonate.

Could it be that Lordan is also a member of the mysterious organization? Or is he manipulated by Rommel? Or is there someone else behind the scene?

Doubts arose in Chen Rui’s mind, but he shouldn’t stay here for a long time. He kept the recording stone and left quickly.

The mysterious organization still didn’t die? Were there more powerful demons behind the organization?

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