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Chapter 335 - Being Summoned

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Chapter 335: Being Summoned

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Isabella had another coachman. Perhaps when Chen Rui killed Jardel, she already had a new candidate. Chen Rui didn’t know if she had contacted the secret force and revealed about the human “Charles” in the past 3 days. The most important thing for him now was to think about how to deal with the most important meeting that was approaching.

The person he was meeting was the ruler of the Fallen Angel Empire, who was Shea’s uncle, Regent Obsidian. Lucifer.

From Chen Rui’s intel, Prince Obsidian was a cunning and suspicious person. Cunning might be part of being talented and visionary, but it did not represent them. Compared with the two real talented and visionary great emperors of the Demon Realm, Prince Obsidian could only be regarded as a regent who could barely sustain the role. However, Chen Rui still dared not slack off.

A few days later, Isabella’s carriage arrived at the capital and drove straight into the inner city where she was respectfully welcomed in.

It was also the highest administrative center of the empire, but the style of the Dark Shadow capital was prosperous and yet plain. It was like a stair-step commercial capital with a palace on a mountain as the center; while the Fallen Angel capital was a flat city structure with a solemn style. One could see the giant fallen angel statue in the palace from a distance. It was the iconic landmark of the capital.

The carriage came to a stop in front of a luxurious house.

“Will you help me down, Charles?” Isabella’s coquettish voice sounded. Along the way, the relations.h.i.+p between the two “progressed expeditiously” as if they were already very close friends.

“It’s a great honor.” Chen Rui got out of the carriage first, and then he politely held Isabella’s hand to get her out of the carriage.

There were a few people at the door of Isabella’s house who seemed to have waited for a long time. The leader was a tall, thin and handsome man who was dressed in gorgeous clothes. When he saw Isabella, he quickly greeted her.

Isabella smiled slightly as she held the hand that Chen Rui was about to let go and stuck her body on it. The plump chest was resting on his arm. Although it was only a partial contact, he could still experience the warmth and amazing bounciness.

Chen Rui was a normal man as well. Although he knew that this woman did this on purpose, his heartbeat still couldn’t help speeding up.

The expression of the man who greeted him instantly got stunned, and his murderous gaze fell on Chen Rui’s arm which Isabella was leaning against. If he had the talent of the evil eye, probably Chen Rui’s arm was already severely injured by now.

Race: Pride Royal Family. Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: B, Physique: B-, Strength: B, Spirit: B, Agility: B-.

“Isabella.” When the man looked at Isabella, he showed a polite smile again as if he was ignoring Chen Rui’s existence. A beautiful and colorful bouquet of flowers appeared in his hand, “This is the 7-colored flowers that I plucked specially from the Rainbow Valley area. Do you like it?”

“Lordan, you should call me Lady Isabella,” Isabella took the flower, smelled it, and smiled gently, “The flower is beautiful. I’ll accept it. Thank you.”

When Lordan saw Isabella accepted the flowers, he said immediately, “In order to welcome Lady back to the capital, I have booked a private room at the Royal Trom Restaurant. Please accept my invitation.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m a little tired. Plus, I have an important guest.” Isabella smiled brightly at Chen Rui, which was completely different from the perfunctory smile she gave Lordan just now. She lovingly held Chen Rui and walked in the house.

So you are not tired when it comes to accompanying this man? As a gleam of cold light flashed in Lordan’s eyes, Chen Rui felt a spirit power hit his head. Lordan’s spirit and power had reached the middle stage of the Great Demon King. Lordan seemed to be training both physical power and magic. However, this impact level of spirit power was nothing to Chen Rui due to his [Anti-Magic] attributes. Moreover, he had also experienced the “training” at the evil eye nest, so he immediately took it indifferently, eliminating that impact completely.

Lordan launched several spiritual impacts in a row, but there was no effect at all. He could only watch Isabella intimately hold the man’s hand as they walked in while he, who was known as the capital’s favorite person, seemed to be just a background.

Lordan had always been arrogant. He had coveted Isabella for a long time. Although this man’s power is definitely above me, this is the capital. As the heir of the elder family, Lincoln Family, of the Fallen Angel Empire, how can I tolerate this stranger showing off in front of Isabella?

In fact, Chen Rui really didn’t mean to be pushy. Isabella deliberately displayed such affection in front of Lordan. It was obvious that Chen Rui was used as a s.h.i.+eld. Maybe Lordan understood a little, but he would still vent his anger on Chen Rui.

Lordan’s golden pupils began to turn into black and white. His spirit power suddenly increased exponentially. His spirit power rose to B+, and an invisible spiritual impact surged toward Chen Rui.

This kind of power carried a completely different composition, but they were integrated in a mysterious way. They contained a ghastly breath.

[Heart of Light and Dark]! The strongest blood talent of the Lucifer Royal Family!

The [Heart of Light and Dark] was infinitely remarkable. It could even be considered one of the strongest talents in the Demon Realm Royal Family. Back then, the Lord of Midnight Sun used the [Lock of Light and Dark] to seal the poison dragon, Paglio. It made him unable to leave Blue Lake for even one step despite after he awakened.

In order not to affect Isabella, Lordan used a spirit erosion method. He would not blatantly kill Chen Rui because this would offend Isabella, but he must humiliate this man who dared to approach Isabella (even if he was just a s.h.i.+eld) in front of the beauty.

Isabella, who was holding Chen Rui’s arm, sensed something strange, but she had no intention of stopping it. Instead, she got even closer to Chen Rui. This made Chen Rui unable to dodge the power of [Heart of Light and Dark], so he had to take it face on.

Chen Rui frowned slightly. He let the strange power of [Heart of Light and Dark] invade and envelop him. From this first-hand experience, he realized that it was actually 2 completely incompatible forces like fire and water. When it reached the enemy, this kind of fusion would produce explosions that were multiplied. It was infinitely remarkable indeed.

However, Chen Rui had already launched [Star Devouring] before the power of light and dark exploded. Even a Demon Emperor and Demon Overlord could not beat the Super System in his spiritual world. The mere spirit power of a Great Demon King level could not pose a threat even if it was [Heart of Light and Dark]. It would be devoured instantly.

If Lordan was not using this form of attack, Chen Rui could never solve it easily although he was still not afraid of it. However, if Lordan’s light and dark power entered the opponent’s spiritual world with its own origin like [The Eye of Incubus], perhaps both eyes would bleed profusely.

The two had already attacked and defended for several rounds within these few steps. Except for Isabella, no one else was aware of it.

Lordan only felt that the light and dark power he exerted just vanished into thin air because the man still let Isabella hold his hand as they walked forward as if nothing happened.

Lordan was furious. As he was about to force himself to channel his power again, the man suddenly turned around and glanced at him. There was a terrifying breath in these 2 eyes. In an instant, Lordan had an utter destruction feeling. The glance made his heart race. Even his father of Demon Emperor, Damir, never made him feel so.

Lordan’s advancement of spirit power to the peak of the Great Demon King was the result of using [Heart of Light and Dark], so there was already a certain backlash and time limit. Chen Rui’s glare with the territory feeling made Lordan’s forced advancement of power to suddenly backfire because of the disorder. He couldn’t hold it back at that moment and retreated 3 steps before he could stand firmly. His face turned red and white for a while as he forced a mouthful of blood back.

Seeing that the situation was not ideal, an attendant said in surprise, “Sir Lordan…”

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Before he could finish his sentence, his face was already severely punched. His entire body flew out, and his life or death was unknown. Lordan ignored the unlucky guy and didn’t speak any more. He just walked onto a luxuriously decorated carriage with a pale face.

After thanking Isabella, Chen Rui took the pa.s.s token and rushed to the palace. As Isabella said, the palace guard respectfully introduced him into the palace after seeing the token Chen Rui presented.

After walking for a long time, the guard made a gesture of welcome in front of a palace that looked like a side hall and bowed back.

Chen Rui took a deep breath to suppress the nervousness in his heart before walking into the palace.

The hall of the palace was very s.p.a.cious. There were no guards in it. Only one person was standing in front of the throne with his back toward Chen Rui.

This man had silver hair and wore a blue cloak. Although he was not tall, there was a steady and majestic feeling from a distance. Chen Rui had only experienced this kind of aura in Azgalor and Manu.

This person’s power has probably exceeded the Demon Emperor level!

Chen Rui walked forward along a flat red carpet before stopping on one level of stairs. There was a sudden shake, and his eyes flashed with shock. He immediately bowed and saluted, “Charles. Kemplot, the heir of Dragon Bright Empire’s Kemplot Family paying respect to the Regent Royal Highness.”

He was mentally prepared initially, but he was still shocked when he saw this person. He was not surprised by the powerful strength of this person, but the information displayed in the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] instead.

Race: Human!

Comprehensive Strength: Unable to judge!

This man is not Prince Obsidian, but a human!

Isabella revealed that there is a human in the Fallen Angel Capital who has a close friends.h.i.+p with Regent Obsidian. His name was Nero. The man in front of him should be Nero, and he had actually reached the Demon Overlord level!

As the man slowly turned around, his two eyes looked at Chen Rui like cold electricity as if to penetrate Chen Rui’s heart. There was a faint hostility in his voice, “It seems that you have noticed something. I’m not the Regent Obsidian. My name is Nero. Nero. Sherbert.”


Chen Rui was shocked again. The only 2 Holy Empires recognized by the Light Divinity Temple in the human world, King Sherbert’s Blue Glory Empire and King Roland’s Dragon Bright Empire, were called the Descendants of Light. They seemed to coexist peacefully on the surface, and there were joint-marriages from time to time, but large and small fights had never ceased.

Chen Rui’s body, “Arthur”, was the prince of the Dragon Bright Empire, and Nero in front of him was actually from the royal family of the Blue Glory Empire.

The two royal families of the human Holy Empire actually “met” like that in Demon Realm.

Would Nero be his opponent or…

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