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Chapter 334 - Nephew

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Chapter 334: Nephew

As long as this evil eye tyrant could be turned into the lifelong companion spirit body of [The Eye of Evil], then Roman could share power with this Demon Emperor-level tyrant. Then, his power would be improved by leaps and bounds! Not only that, this tyrant’s mutated talent was very powerful, so it would definitely play a very important role in future battles.

Roman’s eyes flashed in green light, “Leader, your brilliance is comparable to the Demon Realm’s 2 moons… No, it is simply comparable to Demon G.o.d!”

Chen Rui panted as he drank a bottle of recovery potion. He said harshly, “Cut the c.r.a.p! You know that I can’t use my power within 24 hours after using this skill. Finish the d.a.m.n ceremony quickly.”

“Um… leader, I don’t know if I should say something…”

“My time is precious. If you’re talking bulls.h.i.+t like repaying me with your body, say no more.”

Roman said hesitantly, “No… Um… The Demon Emperor-level tyrant which I saw last time doesn’t seem to be this one….”

“Huh… you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Then shouldn’t we run away quickly?”



The luck this time was not as bad as in the Silent Night Wetland last time as they did not encounter any more Demon Emperor-level tyrants or any powerful enemies on the way. They occasionally encountered a few Demon King-level evil eyes, but Roman, who was familiar with the way, got around them carefully.

Finally, the two escaped from this terrifying underground nest and returned to the Trevante Ruins on the ground. The long-lost light made them breathe a sigh of relief at the same time. However, they dared not slacken and kept running into the dense forest before they stopped.

The life breath of the evil eye tyrant was already quite weak. After being awakened, it finally surrendered after being driven by the instinctive desire of demonic beasts to survive and became the lifelong companion beast of [The Eye of Evil]. The [Destroying Evil] power made the evil eye tyrant, who turned to a spiritual body, to become a special mark tattoo that appeared on Roman’s chest.

Roman never dreamed that he would be able to subdue an evil eye tyrant as a lifelong companion beast this time. Under the triumph, his wound ruptured as he grinned with pain, but no matter how , the grin seemed annoying. The evil eye tyrant lost a lot of power this time, and it must take a fairly long recovery period before it could be of any use. There was still half a day left before the 3-day deadline given by Isabella. Chen Rui found the two magic horses tied outside the forest. He rode toward Town Rod where Isabella was with Roman.

Chen Rui learned from Roman that Isabella was indeed his father, Terstein’s younger sister, but the younger sister had to be preceded by the word ‘half’.

At that time, Roman’s grandfather, Tarus, fell in love with a female from the Leviathan Royal Family, Mia, who gave birth to Isabella. However, before that, he had a wife and a child from the Belphegor Royal Family, and this child was Roman’s father. Because the Breeze Shadow Empire of the Belphegor Royal Family was wiped out by the Leviathan Royal Family of the Illusive Demon Empire, there were many people who hated each other between the 2 royal families even though the Illusive Demon Empire was also wiped out later.

Roman’s grandfather overcame many difficulties and insisted on staying with his lover from the Leviathan Royal Family, but due to the hostility and the Belphegor Royal Family’s patriarchal tradition, she would inevitably suffer from contempt and bullying even if her man tried his best to protect her.

In the end, Mia who could no longer take it left angrily with her child. She remarried to someone from the Leviathan Royal Family, and it was said that she gave birth to a daughter.

Roman should really call Isabella his aunty. Even though the people discriminated against Isabella and her mother, Mia, Roman’s father, Terstein still protected this sister. The siblings had a good relations.h.i.+p.

However, people would change according to their own experience. Whether that feeling or family affection could survive after so many years was unknown. Furthermore, even relatives could become insignificant in the face of certain interests and choices. It was the same for demons and humans.

Perhaps due to the Breeze Shadow Boots, Isabella appeared quite cold after Roman revealed his ident.i.ty. When Roman presented his intentions, Isabella first made things difficult before finally giving a clear answer. Roman’s current level was too low, and he was not qualified. [The Eye of Evil] must at least reach the [Destroying Evil] realm in order to be eligible for the answer.

Isabella “casually” told Roman an information about a ruin called Trevante in the black forest near Town Rod. It was a ruin left by the Belphegor Royal Family. There was an abandoned underground nest in it where a few “evil eyes” could help him raise the level of [The Eye of Evil]. However, Roman himself had the right to choose whether to go or not.

This was the only chance to obtain Breeze Shadow Boots. Roman knew that the ruin might be dangerous, but he did not hesitate to go straight to Trevante. If it weren’t for Chen Rui who came coincidentally, Roman’s trip, and even his life, could have ended with the words “gone forever”.

a.n.a.lyzing from Roman’s words, Isabella was most probably Sabrina’s elder sister, but the two sisters should be sworn enemies. Sabrina also used Broc to kill Isabella’s brother, who was Roman’s father, Terstein. (There was no direct blood relations.h.i.+p between Sabrina and Terstein)

It was just that Chen Rui didn’t understand why Roman’s grandfather pa.s.sed the Breeze Shadow Boots to his daughter instead of his son. Doesn’t the Belphegor Royal Family have a patriarchal tradition? Why did Tarus do the opposite?

Chen Rui told Roman about Sabrina. When Roman heard that Isabella and Broc should belong to the same force, he could not help clenching his fist.

“However, there are also enemies or rival factions within the same force. Perhaps that’s the case for Isabella with Broc and Sabrina. Otherwise, you will be in Broc’s hands now.” Although Chen Rui had a very bad impression of Isabella, he still explained his a.n.a.lysis objectively.

Roman nodded, “She instigated me to come to Trevante. Although I almost died, I feel that her intention is not to take my life. If it is to monopolize the Breeze Shadow Boots, she just needs to kill me directly since I cannot compete with her with my current strength.”

“In any case, this woman is not easy to deal with. You already know that she is a member of that mysterious force, so no matter what you say or do, you must be extra careful. Try to stay away from her sight and don’t reveal where Delia is.”

“I understand. Regardless of whether there is news about the Breeze Shadow Boots, I will go back for meditation and training for a while.” Roman suddenly smiled and said, “With the power and realization of the evil eye tyrant, my hope of reaching the Demon Emperor level will greatly increase. Sir leader, if you don’t make progress quickly, then you can admire the existence of this uncle.”

Chen Rui glanced at him contemptuously, “Don’t forget that I’m only a Higher Demon when I first met you while you were at the peak of Demon King power. Now that I have the Great Demon King power, you just barely reach Great Demon King. When you reach the Demon Emperor, maybe I will already be a Demon Overlord.

“…” Roman was speechless for a while.

The two talked all the way, and they were approaching Town Rod.

Chen Rui found Isabella at the highest grade hotel in town.

The appearance of the 2 made Isabella a little surprised, and then she gave Chen Rui an alluring smile, “Charles, I know you will come back safely, but I am still a little worried.

“That place… is indeed a little dangerous, but fortunately, I did not disappoint the expectations of a beautiful lady.”

Although Chen Rui spoke of it casually, the exhaustion that could not be concealed on his face which fully explained the thrill of this trip. He glanced at Roman, “However, as miss said, this guy is very annoying.”

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“Um… Charles, you just saw some of my strengths and defined me so arbitrarily. How can I accept this?”

After speaking, Roman turned around and left without saying anything further. He originally proposed to Chen Rui that he would stay here until the 24-hour dangerous period of the [Scorching Dragon Kill] was over, but Chen Rui rejected this proposal. Hence, Roman left without hesitation in order not to affect the leader’s plan.

Seeing Roman’s departure, Chen Rui shook his head, “The guy who only sees the surface of the matter is really unlikable.”

Isabella looked curious, “Charles, did you see something more?”

“When I went there, this guy broke through a bottleneck at the critical moment of life and death. Even I can’t overlook the strange power in his left eye. In our human world, there are flying demonic beasts called Thunder Eagles. In order to let the nestling learn how to fly, it will cruelly push them down the cliff time and again. Natural selection will make the fittest survive. Danger and hards.h.i.+ps may break the wings of the weaklings, but it can even hold up the wings of the strong ones.”

Isabella smiled charmingly, “This comment is very interesting. Charles, I should admire your expressive ability. It is obviously an evil intention of a little woman, but you can describe it as a kind intention. You are indeed a charming man. By the way, that Jardel should be dead now, right? How should I cover up this matter to make it sound nice? Maybe can I say that in order to relieve his pain, I let his soul return to the embrace of the Demon G.o.d?”

“Everyone has their own secrets.” Chen Rui shrugged, “I’m not a particularly curious person. More importantly, I’m not from the Demon Realm, so I’m not interested in these matters. I only hope that miss can give me the most needed help as friends.

“Why do I hear a little… sense of threat?” Isabella frowned, “Is it my illusion?”

Chen Rui smiled and said, “Of course it is an illusion. I also have an illusion. I have been in Town Rod for the past 3 days. I haven’t been to Trevante, and I don’t know some annoying person or a coachman, right?”

“Charles, you are such a wonderful person.” Isabella picked up the wine gla.s.s on the table, handed it to Chen Rui with a smile, and poured herself another gla.s.s, “Cheers to our common illusion.”

Chen Rui clinked with her and took a sip of wine. He heard Isabella say with a smile, “However, there is something that is not an illusion. That coachman, Jardel, offended our Sir Charles, and as a result…”

“He is killed by me?” Chen Rui asked tentatively.

“That’s the truth, isn’t it?” Isabella glanced at his cup, pretending to be surprised, “Ah“, “That cup… I used it before. I was not careful just now…”

“It turns out that Miss Isabella and I kissed indirectly, but unfortunately, it was only indirect.”

“There will be a chance to get rid of the word ‘unfortunately’.” Isabella said with a smug smile, “I almost forgot to say that Jardel is actually the spy placed by the State Secretary Rommel next to me. Jardel was one of his henchmen. Although I am temporarily trusted by the Regent King, the higher I climb, the greater the injury if I fall. Especially when many people wanted to push a weak woman like me down. For instance, Rommel who is very selfish… ”

The woman is very good at scheming. Her every step is well-calculated. Chen Rui showed a stunned look, and then smiled bitterly, “In that case, I can only stand firmly on Isabella’s side, but this was originally my wish and honor.”

“You can call me Yini. There are not many people who can call me like that. Especially men.” Isabella smiled even more happily.

Chen Rui also secretly breathed a sigh of relief. I finally pa.s.sed Isabella’s test for the time being. It was really not easy.

Could he really be Roman’s uncle?

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