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Chapter 323 - Big Fish

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Chapter 323: Big Fish

Facing the countless crystal lights full of horrifying chill, an object in Chen Rui’s hand shone radiantly. A strange blue light door appeared in the air. Kanita recognized that this light door was the s.p.a.ce door where “Charles” traveled between the Demon Realm and the human world. He immediately exclaimed, “He is going back to the human world!”

There was viciousness in Josh’s eyes. When the runes wrapped in the blue flame on his finger suddenly exploded, the room became an ice world instantly. Chen Rui, who was in the middle, was surrounded by a compressed mini snowstorm. Surprisingly, the snowstorm was accompanied by strange electric rays.

Chen Rui faintly felt that the water and wind elements seemed to blend together perfectly.

It was the power of compound elements! Normally, a magician could only use 1 elemental power at a time, but there were also very few people with exceptional talents who can use 2 or more elements at the same time. These originally hard to combine elements were merged into one with special techniques, unleas.h.i.+ng extraordinary power.

This was the power of compound elements. The compound magic power was not as simple as 1 plus 1 equals 2. It was enough to cause multiple effects. However, this compound process was full of danger. If one was not careful during the training process, he might hurt himself. If one was not someone who had a profound understanding and control of magical elements, he wouldn’t succeed.

Of course, not all elements could be merged together, such as water and fire elements; wind and earth elements; light and dark elements, which were “sworn enemies” of each other. They couldn’t be combined under normal circ.u.mstances.

Josh was able to be one of the four major lords not only by acting pragmatically and supporting the right side. His own power was also an important factor.

When Chen Rui moved his mind, a translucent blue s.h.i.+eld appeared around his body. He was actually not affected by the snowstorm as he walked towards the light door step by step. The blue s.h.i.+eld quickly began to crack under the power of the snowstorm, but according to the progress of his steps, he could walk into the light door before the s.h.i.+eld shattered.

Josh immediately changed his tactics and waved toward the light door. Numerous ice crystals with sizzling sound poured into the light door, but they just pa.s.sed through as if the door was just a non-existent illusion. Chen Rui had walked to the front of the light door and took a step. What surprised Josh was that half of the human foot was in the door. It did not pa.s.s through like the ice crystal. This bizarre “door” is not an illusion at all!

Josh frowned, if it is a water element “s.p.a.ce door”, my ice crystals combined with the power of territory should be able to interfere or eliminate this door, but it was not affected at all. I did not even feel any fluctuations in the water element. Could it really be the s.p.a.ce power that has been lost?

Chen Rui had a quick change of his mind. He took back the foot that stepped into the door and pointed at the s.p.a.ce door. The door actually disappeared.

The move was beyond the expectation of Josh and Kanita. Chen Rui extended his fingers, and the s.h.i.+eld that originally protected him disappeared.

Giving up a chance to escape? Is this human being crazy? What is he planning to do?

After removing the protective s.h.i.+eld, a thin layer of ice formed at Chen Rui’s feet, but his fiery eyes fell on Josh’s face. “We humans also have a saying, there is no free lunch in the world. I hope to use this near-death demonstration to prove my sincerity in cooperation.”

Josh’s eyes narrowed slightly. The snowstorm did not immediately wrap up nor did Josh say anything.

“As an heir to a family, I must take the responsibility, so I’m here now, suffering from your magic.” Chen Rui’s voice was firm and resolute, “I believe that any liar will not use his own life to take this risk.”

Josh snorted, and the snowstorm immediately wrapped up. Interspersed with flas.h.i.+ng electric rays, it was wreaking havoc toward the human in the center. Even Kanita, who was watching from the side, was frightened.

As the snowstorm gradually dissipated, the crystal lights in the room extinguished one by one. The human in the center had frozen into an ice sculpture. All body parts except his head were frozen firmly.

A [Thunderball] which made buzzing sounds rose in Josh’s hand, “As long as this [Thunderball] hits you, your body will turn into a ma.s.s of powder. However, I have deliberately left your head to have your final words. ”

Demon Emperor-level power was by no means a child’s play, especially the terrifying power of compound elements.

Chen Rui’s lips had turned purple while his skin had turned to bluish white due to the freeze. These were only physical symptoms. The power of the elements that broke through the defense of his body’s surface defence were rampaging in his body. The wounds and pains almost exceeded his limit of endurance.

In the eyes of Josh and Kanita, the muscles of the human face were distorted due to the pain, and even his voice was a little trembling, but his eyes were still firm, “I only say one last word, sincerity.”

There was a surging murderous look on Josh’s face, and the [Thunderball] flew toward Chen Rui’s body. As it struck directly, there were cracking sounds suddenly.

However, it wasn’t Chen Rui’s body that shattered, but the solid ice that wrapped around him. This blow was very precise, showing that Josh’s magical control had reached the peak.

“No matter in which world, power and courage are aspects which are worthy of respect. Human, I have to say that you have successfully demonstrated your sincerity.” As Josh’s murderousness gradually faded, he returned to the throne and sat down. At the end of this sentence, the snow world in the room had disappeared as if nothing had happened.

Chen Rui secretly breathed a sigh of relief. My bet just now seems to have the right outcome. Josh didn’t show any real killing move; it was more like a test.

Moreover, when Chen Rui judged that the opponent had a compound magic of wind and water elements, there were already items that could resist wind and water elements and reduce magic power in his armor. Additionally, he had two pa.s.sive attributes of [Damage Absorption], which would reduce damage by 30%, and [Anti-Magic] which halved the magic damage, so the magic damage just now had been minimized. Even if [Thunderball] really carried a killing intent, it would not shatter his body because he could still summon [Star Gate] to escape again.

It was just that if he did that, he would waste his previous efforts.

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Josh was really not easy to deal with, but fortunately, the self-injury strategy was successful. The most difficult part was over.

After Kanita’s first investment of 7 million, the deadlock was finally opened. Then through a series of means such as the return of funds and so on, the situation was greatly alleviated, and the benefits obtained were handed over to Kanita. There were still many investment projects in urgent need of capital activation currently. The Kemplot Family had already gathered nearly 200 million funds, and it was estimated that they were still short of 50 million black crystal coins. Since Kanita couldn’t solve it, he came to seek help from Lord Josh.

Chen Rui’s remarks were seemingly true. The Crystal City was indeed the task of the Kemplot Family, and Carlo was suffering from this problem, but the situation was not as bad as Chen Rui said. In the elaboration, Chen Rui added some economic management terms such as marginal cost, risk of morality, and supply law from time to time. Even if Josh was cunning and seemed to understand a bit, he was also confused while listening. He just felt that human business methods were truly extraordinary. No wonder the human world was much more prosperous than the Demon Realm.

After beating around the bush, Chen Rui finally turned back, “There is still a shortage of 50 million black crystal coins, and the return rate is 70%, so the total is 83.5 million. Just like what I promised Mr Kanita previously, it will be returned in three installments. My brother, Samuel, will remain at the Demon Realm as a sign of sincerity.”

Josh did not immediately agree, but said indifferently, “In any case, Demon Realm and humans are enemies after all. If Mr. Charles deals with the enemy like this, aren’t you afraid that this matter will be divulged in the future and implicate your entire family?”

“This ‘future’ is at least two hundred years later. This is my personal action. I will bear all the responsibilities alone. As long as the Kemplot Family can maintain its value to the empire, it will last forever.” Chen Rui shrugged nonchalantly, “Furthermore, our human lifespan is not as long as the demons. In 200 years, even if there are no accidents, I’ll be almost dead. This is not a problem. ”

“It is undeniable that your proposal interests me, but…” Josh nodded, “Firstly, I still can’t trust you. Even if you leave your brother in Demon Realm, he still can’t be a real guarantee for this cooperation; secondly, a.s.suming what you said is true, then our cooperation is effective. However, even if 50 million can get 83.5 million, I think it is still not enough in return for saving your family.”

“If sir lord is willing to cooperate, then 50 million is just the beginning. You will get more benefits later, but the prerequisite is that you must invest. This is equal to Sir Lord taking advantage of my Kemplot Family’s operational capabilities and the huge business system in the human world to earn profit. After this difficulty, the subsequent rate of return will be stable, and it is expected to be around 10%. Our cooperation time can be longer, but for the sake of the holy war time, the time cannot exceed 100 years.”

Josh seemed thoughtful. In fact, he had actually begun to be interested in his mind. Although the Red Spirit Estate belongs to the richest estate in the Fallen Angel Empire, it cannot be compared with the rich human world.

If I can cooperate with the largest business family in the human world, the benefits will be unimaginably huge. Even if the estate encounters poor harvest or some changes, it will also ensure the continuous flow of wealth. With money, there will be a stronger army and combat power. Perhaps some wild ambitions that I dare not think previously can be realized…

The most important thing is that given such favorable conditions, the other party does not have to rely on the Red Spirit. Even the Blue Lava Estate or White Feather Estate or even a major force other than the Fallen Angel Empire will also choose to cooperate. It seems it is absolute good luck that Kanita happens to accept that Samuel.

“As for the issue of trust,” a light appeared in Chen Rui’s hands, “This cooperation contract is an equality contract. As long as both of us sign this contract, even if my brother Samuel leaves the Demon Realm, it will not have any effect on the trust in our cooperation. Sir lord, what do you think?

The equality contract was a high grade contract. Generally only the Demon Emperor level could produce it. Josh felt the power of that kind of contract, so he no longer had any doubts. He showed a rare smile, “I think we can discuss the cooperation details next.”

Chen Rui also smiled because this “contract” was made by him using the spiritual link, and the attributes could be cancelled.

It was really not easy to earn Josh’s trust, and he even paid a great price for it, but the result was very satisfactory because this big fish finally got hooked.

The fisherman is just too strong ?…

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