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Chapter 322 - Josh

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Chapter 322: Josh

2000 years ago, the poison dragon Paglio and fairy dragon Zola jointly defeated the crystal dragon Jacob and blue dragon Ranieri to obtain the silver box. Then Paglio was tempted by the valuables. He plotted against Zola and took away the treasure, but he was finally sealed by a mysterious powerhouse.

The root of the battle between the Demon Overlord level powerhouses, some even above the Demon Overlord level, was the mysterious silver box.

Chen Rui opened the silver box twice in the Silent Night Wetland. Once the silver box was opened, the power of the Demon Realm royal family would be greatly suppressed, and it would devour vitality. The most important thing was that when the Fountain of Vitality was first opened, Chen Rui felt that a trace of the vast force of destruction which seemed to be the power of the most origin rule in the universe.

Although the purity and level of Shura’s breath was far weaker than the vast power felt in the silver box, the two should be from the same source.

Shura was supposed to be only the inner demon of Alioth State, who existed before Chen Rui touched the silver box. There was only one reason this inner demon could have this kind of origin power which was far superior to Alioth State – When Chen Rui opened the silver box in the Silent Night Wetland, the trace of strange energy that leaked out had invaded his consciousness and merged with the inner demon to make a certain change or so-called evolution. It had been preserved until now!

The mysterious silver box was still immersed in the Fountain of Vitality in Mountain Xilang’s underground, but Paglio had repeatedly warned that at least a Demon Overlord level was required to understand this greatest secret. Before that, he could not act impulsively.

Chen Rui withdrew from the Super System and drank a bottle of potion to recover his spirit. He didn’t stay in the training ground for a long time, and he only had a short confrontation with Shura, but he felt more tired than training consecutively for 100 days.

To his surprise, due to the miraculous effect of the realm king fruit, a trace of the destructive breath released by Shura in the battle just now actually remained in the spiritual imprint. In other words, this kind of breath had been imprinted into his memory. As long as he could understand the mystery of it, then he could have the most powerful origin power!

But this kind of breath was ancient and profound. It seemed to be a simple destruction, but it contained endless mysteries. It was very difficult to comprehend. Fortunately, it had been left in the spiritual imprint. As long as Chen Rui wanted to, he could ponder on it at any time. This was a great opportunity and the only way to truly subdue Shura in the future.

10 days had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. “Charles” finally appeared in front of Kanita who had been eagerly waiting. The s.p.a.ce “travel” made the human’s tough face look a little tired, but his eyes were still gleaming. The most relieving thing for Kanita was that the human had brought approximately 3 million as promised.

Kanita, who received 3 million, was more rea.s.sured. “Charles’” claimed that everything went smoothly according to the plan, and the first income was successfully obtained. However, time was precious, so he could not stay here. He just briefly encouraged Samuel before leaving in a hurry.

After another 10 days, the uplifted Charles came again with another 5 million. For Kanita, this was already a profitable business. At least 1 million net profit had been made. Although it was risky, he still returned the mortgaged legendary grade equipment to the human.

In Kanita’s more than 100 years of experience, it was the first time he made such a large amount of money easily, and this big deal was just beginning.

As the human said, the breath of dark elements on the black crystal coin had been eliminated, but the money was real, so it could definitely be circulated normally. This made some of Kanita’s original doubts disappear.

“The first step of the startup has been successful. In order to unfreeze the investment projects one by one, we will need to add more investment later. I believe that you, a visionary collaborator, are not planning to let go because of this short-term and meager income. If you want to get the return of the third period, you must ensure that there is continuous inflow of funds. In the second step, the funds are still lacking 50 million black crystal coins. This rate of return is 70%, which is still a three-phase return. For businessmen, time is money, so I hope this fund will be available as soon as possible.”

“50 million?” Kanita was taken aback. This fund is far beyond my capacity. It seems that I can’t supply it alone. Anyway, the net profit of 1 million black crystal coins is now available, and there will also be a whopping 6 million coming into the account. If I recommend “Charles” to my father now, not only we make a profit together conditionally, but I can also make a great contribution.

“Coincidentally, my father had finished training a few days ago. I will take you to the Red Spirit City and guarantee you in front of my father, but the prerequisite is that the 6 million in the third phase should be counted in my second investment fund.”

Kanita’s calculated nicely. Anyway, he had already earned back his cost and made a small amount of profit. The rest of the money could be used to make more money, which could avoid risks as well. Since the human was asking a favour from him, it was an opportunity to raise the conditions.

Chen Rui resolutely replied, “This will not work. In order to honor your first investment, I gave you all the initial profit of the The remaining 6 million will have to wait for 3 months to earn. These 50 million black crystal coins are a solid investment, and cannot be any less.”

“There is an old saying that there is no incentive to do something with no benefits. I have dealt with businessmen many times, I believe sir will never do something with no profit. This money could earn the most important trust. I believe sir should know better than me. Besides, 6 million is nothing but a fraction of sir’s grand plan.”

After Chen Rui pondered for a moment, he still insisted that the current solid investment of 50 million must not be any less, but he promised to return the 6 million in the third period with an additional 20% to Kanita. Kanita implicitly tried out the other party’s bottom line. It seemed that it was a big transaction indeed. He made another 1.2 million anyway, so he finally nodded contentedly.

Then Chen Rui and Kanita rode on the mutated griffin’s mounts and reached the Red Spirit City at the fastest speed.

The Red Spirit City was slightly smaller than the Dark Moon City, but the Dark Moon City was mostly an empty sh.e.l.l left over from the most prosperous period hundreds of years ago. There were not many families or buildings with real power. The Red Spirit City was much more prosperous. However, compared with the Dark Shadow capital, it could only be regarded as a slightly attractive medium-sized city.

Contrary to the barrenness of the Dark Moon, the Red Spirit Estate was fertile, rich in food, and had abundant magic stone mines as well as forestry resources. As one of the richest estates of the Fallen Angel Empire, the Red Spirit Lord position was definitely lucrative.

Alvin Family had been operating in the Red Spirit Estate for thousands of years and had a profound foundation. Grimm Crown Prince’s descendants who were temporarily “sent” to the Dark Moon were far incomparable to them. Especially when the current Red Spirit Lord Josh resolutely chose the right decision to support Regent Obsidian after the death of Lord of Midnight Sun, the development of the Red Spirit Estate had been smooth sailing.

As the most important p.a.w.n of the Regent Obsidian to monitor and control the Dark Moon Estate, Josh also completed his task very well. Over the years, no matter how hard Grimm Crown Prince or Shea tried, it had always been impossible to change the worsening situation of the Dark Moon Estate.

Although there were some problems in Mountain Xilang a while ago, the two lifelines of the Dark Moon, economy and food, were still firmly grasped in the hands of the Red Spirit in any case – He had strangled the throat of the other party, and he was just waiting for Obsidian’s instruction to kill them.

Kanita led Chen Rui to the lord’s mansion without stopping. He directly asked to meet his father, Josh. Soon, Chen Rui met the Dark Moon Estate’s biggest neighbour and enemy.

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Josh’s appearance was a middle-aged man with a medium-sized body and a ruthless face. His eyes were as sharp as a knife, imposing an intimidating presence without being furious.

“Your biggest failure is to choose me, Josh. Alvin, as the object of deception.” Josh stood up slowly, and the murderous vibe in his eyes became stronger. “You have no chance to change any so-called partners. Your head will be my wine container!”

The force of the violent elemental power was like a huge wave, shrouding Chen Rui in an instant. The power of the Demon Emperor level was not trivial. Although his power had been compressed, the whole hall began to tremble slightly. Kanita’s face was pale. I initially wanted to make a big contribution this time, but I never thought this would be the result.

“Short-sighted demons!”

Despite the strong pressure, Chen Rui unexpectedly showed a strong att.i.tude. For him who had experienced surfy sea training, this kind of “huge wave” type of oppression was easier to deal with. He just slightly changed the power in his body, and the pressure from Josh was reduced to the lowest level. Despite that, the Demon Emperor level power still made him feel strenous.

In Kanita’s eyes, this human could actually compete with his father’s Demon Emperor level momentum, and it was even comparable. No wonder Samuel respects him so much.

“Have you ever seen the prosperity of the human world? Do you know what the top business family of the Holy Empire represents? With just one day of working capital, we can buy a few of your small estates!” Chen Rui’s body faintly exuded a kind of faint breath. Although it was incomparable with the power of Josh’s giant waves, the almost pure and ultimate destructive power secretly shocked Josh- This human power is not at the early stage of the Great Demon King as seen on the surface. Is it possible that he is also a Demon Emperor powerhouse?

“Not to mention 1 million or 10 million, even if it is hundreds of millions or billions, my Kemplot Family won’t even hesitate!” Chen Rui’s tone seemed like he had been greatly insulted, “If it is not because I urgently need funds to activate and unfreeze to prepare for the counterattack power, why would I, the next patriarch of the Kemplot Family, take the risk at Demon Realm for this little money!”

Josh sneered, “No matter how interesting your reasons are, it is useless. Humans and demons are originally sworn enemies. Since you have the courage to come here, you should have the preparation to die!”

“If it is now the holy war period 200 years later, then my motive of coming to the enemy’s site may be fraud or destruction, but now… Don’t you think this sentence is ridiculous? As far as I know, even your empire’s regent king also has a trusted human friend!”

“So what if you are right? The rule of Demon Realm is that the strongest becomes the ruler. I don’t need to explain any reason to kill you. “Josh’s glare became colder, and his body was illuminating in light blue flame. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped to an extremely low level, and the weaker Kanita had begun to tremble.

“You can’t kill me, demon!” Chen Rui sighed, “Plus, you don’t know how great the benefits you have given up! By then, you will regret it even without my revenge!”

Josh remained unmoved. When he put his index finger up, a mark wrapped in blue light popped out of his fingertips, and the whole room began to flash in crystal lights. The seemingly beautiful crystal lights were filled with extremely dangerous breath.

Even Kanita could see that his father’s murderous intention was by no means a bluff.

What tricks did Chen Rui have? Did he even predicted this?

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