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Chapter 312 - Subordinate

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Chapter 312: Subordinate

“I have to admit that the story you made is tempting, but it’s not enough for me to believe it.” Guradam changed his mind and sneered, “If you said that you saw these two ancient magics from a lost cla.s.sic, I might still believe you. However, don’t you think it’s ridiculous to inherit from the ancient grand master?”

“As I said, just kill him. Why bother to ramble on with this ignorant skeleton?” Paglio interjected disdainfully.

“Be patient, my partner.” Chen Rui smiled slightly, “I just want to find a person who can revive the glory of the ancient undead magic. Give him the time to make his final choice.”

Partner? Paglio’s att.i.tude and Chen Rui’s words shocked Guradam secretly. This guy turns out to be a dragon knight? But the strength difference between the two of them is too huge; how is it possible? From the tone of the dragon, the ancient grand master matter doesn’t seem to be deceiving…

“Remember how your life box was damaged?” Chen Rui intended to speed up the process. He took out a bottle of black potion and unplugged the stopper. “Or should I say, do you know what potion is made out of the Fountain of Resurrection?”

The breath of the black potion made Guradam tremble. Yes, it was this terrifying potion. At that time, my soul essence was severely injured with unimaginable effects! Wait, the previous one was Fountain of Resurrection, then…

“Resurrection Potion!” Guradam blurted out with a great shock in his heart.

He finally confirmed his long-standing suspicion. What kind of poison can cause such a severe harm to the soul essence in my life box? It is actually the black potion that has been lost for 7,000 years. Adding the 2,000 years in Silent Night Wetland, it should be almost 10,000 years!

Not only that, even Rosenberg, the famous pharmacy grand master more than 9,000 years ago, was said to only reach the Eternal series potions. The Resurrection Potion which represents the highest achievement of pharmaceutics appears in the enemy’s hands now!

Other than the inheritance of the ancient grand master, the corpse necromancer could not find a more reasonable explanation.

Once this guy announces his achievements in pharmacy, he will shock the entire Demon Realm and become the most well known grand master level character.

But Guradam didn’t know that Chen Rui’s other ident.i.ty, the trio-specialized mechanic master, had already shaken the whole Demon Realm.

Guradam’s gaze to Chen Rui had slightly changed. Demon Realm’s first grand master pharmacy in 10,000 years has gotten the inheritance of the ancient grand master… No wonder even the powerful dragon recognized him as a partner. So that ancient undead magic element is true? So…

His remark of reviving the glory of the ancient undead magic is not a lie!

Guradam felt that there was a fiery enthusiasm in his heart. His previous intention to die had already been reduced by half. If I can inherit the ancient undead magic element and develop it to a greater height, then I will truly become the first undead magician of all time.

After a moment of silence, Guradam finally made a choice. Now that he had been forced to a dead end, he would not be able to die together even if he self-exploded. It would only be a worthless death. Moreover, the ancient undead magic element was too tempting for him to remain unmoved.

“Powerful dragon, I can sign a contract with you.” Guradam murmured, “Not the master-servant contract, but the equality contract. According to the guy, we can have a cooperative relations.h.i.+p.”

“In your dreams!” Paglio snorted coldly while exuding a murderous intent, “Skeleton, you are not qualified to mention the “equality” with the present situation! If it wasn’t for my partner’s sake, I would’ve already destroyed you. I, the master, hate the stubborn guy the most. Since you are so persistent, then…”

As soon as his words ended, the power in the poison dragon’s territory suddenly doubled. The oppressive force made the corpse necromancer’s defensive circle smaller and smaller. In fact, Paglio was also a cunning guy. Knowing that Chen Rui had other plans, his tough att.i.tude was just to cooperate with Chen Rui by playing the role of a bad guy.

If it was the previous corpse necromancer with the determination to choose death over dishonor, he was likely to explode the life box entirely. However, with the intimidation and temptation of Chen Rui and Paglio now, the idea of ​​survival in Guradam’s heart occupied a dominant position. It was difficult to revert to the previous death-insisting mentality. He quickly said, “Subordinate contract! This is my last bottom line. My life is longer than the dragons. I can spend endless time studying the undead magic. I will not let any accident discontinue this.”

The subordinate contract was a high level contract; it was second only to the equivalent contract. It was equivalent to the restrictive relations.h.i.+p between a ruler and the ministers. If the two parties signed the contract, the subordinate, Guradam, could have his own will. He still had to obey and couldn’t betray the general orders. However, Paglio couldn’t control Guradam’s life and death. Once Paglio was dead, the contract would be terminated. It would not be like the master-servant contract where the master could control the life and death of the servant. Moreover, if the master dies, the servant would also die.

Paglio showed a deep pondering look. He looked at Chen Rui’s gaze and replied, “Alright, but your contracting party is not me. It’s him.”

“Him?” Guradam was taken aback. If I signed a subordinate contract with the powerful dragon, I can still accept it. However, this guy is just a Great Demon King. By the way, he was only a Demon King last time…

Guradam remembered it vividly. Last time, this person had not reached the Demon King’s peak level. How did he reach the Great Demon King so quickly? The time in between…

“Yes, it’s me.” Chen Rui knew the reason why Guradam hesitated, “I’m the inheritor of the ancient grand master. Similarly, I am the only one in the entire Demon Realm who knows about the ancient undead magic element.

In fact, it is beneficial for you. My life is definitely not as long as the dragons. Even if I die at an old age, your contract time is only a few hundred years.”

Guradam thought about it quickly. His last sentence is right. If I sign a contract with the dragon, I will probably submit for tens of thousands of years, while the time is definitely much shorter if I sign the contract with this “demon”. Moreover, this person has inherited the teachings of the ancient grand master. At least, he is already a pharmacy master. His potential is quite terrifying. In just a few months, he has soared from the Demon King level to the Great Demon King level. He is very likely to be a Demon Overlord powerhouse in the future, so it is not considered a humiliation. Judging from my current pa.s.sive situation, signing a contract with this person is the most perfect result.

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Eventually, Guradam made up his mind and signed a subordinate contract with Chen Rui. Poor corpse necromancer didn’t know that he was tricked. Due to the symbiotic contract, the time of this subordination would be at least tens of thousands of years under normal circ.u.mstances.

When Sheikh thought of the legendary frightening experiment of the undead magicians, he hastily crawled to the side of Athena while trembling, “Madam Athena, I will say it all! I beg you. For Saiful Family’s sake, don’t let me become the experiment subject of this sir undead magician!”

Athena looked disgusted while Chen Rui stepped forward, blocking in front of Athena. He shouted, “Hurry up! What is the truth about the disappearance of the townspeople and Seman?” As Sheikh lowered his head, his eyes were rolling. Obviously, he was thinking of an idea. Guradam’s cold voice sounded, “It can be seen that this fat pig is a stubborn type. There’s no need to ask anymore. I will extract his soul later and we will know the answer.”

Who is the stubborn type? Sheikh was so scared that he almost peed in his pants when he heard the soul extraction. How would he dare to lie any more? He immediately revealed everything.

It turned out that as the mayor all these years, Sheikh, relying on his background of the Saiful Family, had ruled Town Yankou with his partner-in-crime, Garrison Captain Seman, with b.l.o.o.d.y and violent means. In this remote place, he was like a local emperor.

One day a few years ago, several townspeople accidentally discovered a green crystal mine in the west of Rocque Mountain. Sheikh identified it as a rare magical material, jade ice crystal. After exploration, Rocque Mountain was rich in jade ice crystal minerals. In order to keep this huge fortune to himself, Sheikh not only did not report this matter to Dark Moon City, he even sealed the news and killed all the people who first discovered the minerals.

However, this incident was discovered by Garrison Captain Seman. Sheikh also knew that he could not own the huge wealth by himself. Hence, he simply got Seman to join him. The two shared the wealth together. Many townspeople who committed petty wrongdoings, or even did not commit any crime at all, were imprisoned and controlled by Seman under various pretexts. They were forced by brutal means to go to Rocque Mountain to mine minerals which were then sold to the two great estates, Blue Lava and Red Spirit, through various channels. In the past few years, n.o.body knew how many lives were killed. Every piece of jade ice crystal mine that s.h.i.+pped out and every black crystal coin in both of their pockets were covered with blood and howling.

In order to conceal Rocque Mountain’s black mine from outsiders, the two also fabricated an excuse that the undead appeared in the Rocque Mountain. They spread the rumors, making it a “haunted land” that no one dared to approach.

The fish which nibbled at every bait would be caught. Unexpectedly, a powerful undead really appeared in Rocque Mountain. This affected the two people’s long-term financial source, and they were unable to find a solution.

At this time, Athena took over as sheriff and vigorously restructured the defense forces. Garrison Captain Seman was asked to return to the Dark Moon City. Seman secretly thought that if he returned this time, the jade ice crystal mine would probably be monopolized by Sheikh in the future. So, he proposed a huge sum of money as compensation at that time. Firstly, Sheikh was not willing to pay the huge sum. Secondly, he was afraid that Seman would repeatedly blackmail or even report the matter directly. Thus, he simply killed Seman by poisoning him. He then announced to outsiders that Seman was missing and put the blame on the mysterious event of the undead appearance.

Sheikh couldn’t get over the jade ice crystal mine in Rocque Mountain all this while. He could not destroy the undead even though he had sent people there several times. Only then he reported to the Dark Moon City. He wanted to use the power of Dark Moon City to clear the undead, so that he could control the treasure mine again.

“Thump!” After listening to the truth, Athena couldn’t help containing her anger, and slammed the black stone table. The solid stone table suddenly shattered, and Sheikh felt terrified witnessing this.

“Madam Athena, since he has told the truth, he doesn’t have to do the experiment subject of [Corpse Explosion] anymore.” Chen Rui walked to Guradam and looked at Sheikh, who thought he was spared from the ordeal. Chen Rui suddenly smirked, “However, Mr. Guradam, don’t you think the most suitable experiment for this fat pig is decomposing zombies?”

Guradam nodded and smiled wickedly. A red light flashed in his eyes. Sheikh screamed in horror at the words of decomposing zombies before he fainted to death.

Guradam really thought he had made a good deal, but it was still under Chen Rui’s control.

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