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Chapter 308 - Undead Magic! Dark Clouds that Shrouded the Town

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Chapter 308: Undead Magic! Dark Clouds that Shrouded the Town

Town Yankou used to be a famous ancient battlefield with countless corpses buried there. There was also a vast Heroic Spirit Cemetery. This time it was the Heroic Spirit Cemetery where many strange things happened. The tombs were excavated, and all the bones were stolen. Immediately after that, there was a series of missing residents in the town. The whole town was shrouded in a horror atmosphere. Due to the missing and fleeing residents, the population decreased sharply. Even the new guards sent there disappeared.

“It is said that some people have seen several walking skeletons outside the town, while some people have seen former acquaintances become unconscious zombies,” said Athena. “The people in Town Yankou are feeling panicky now. This matter must be resolved as soon as possible. ”

Sheriff was not only responsible for the security of Dark Moon City, but also for the safety of all areas in the estate. This should have been Chen Rui’s responsibility, but he could not make public appearances at the moment, so it became Athena’s shoulders.

“Zombies.” Chen Rui frowned. Although the zombies immediately remind him of incidents like the Racc.o.o.n City and the T virus, those were just the movie plots of the original world. In this realm, only the undead magic was related to the undead beings.

Even in Demon Realm, undead magic was not a popular magic. Generally, researchers would choose secluded places such as deep mountains and forests. It was rare to directly start in a densely populated area of ​​an empire.

“There is no doubt that there must be a guy who is proficient in undead magic behind all these.”

Delia groaned, “As long as we get rid of this magician, then Town Yankou’s problem will be solved naturally.”

This sentence was agreed by everyone. Athena nodded and said, “Yes, I will now lead the guard to Town Yankou to find and kill this magician.”

“I’ll go with you.” Chen Rui, Delia and Roman said in unison.

Paglio said, “Delia, you have reached the crucial moment of advancing to the Great Demon King. I think you may break through at any time in the next few days, so you must stay. Roman, you should also stay and protect Delia, just in case. I am almost sick from staying in the Dark Moon lately. This time, I will accompany Athena and Chen Rui. With the master’s presence, the magician will become ashes with just a wave of hand.”

Due to [Soul Shackles], Delia’s advancement had been very challenging. She was stuck at the peak of Demon King for a long time. Roman was originally below her strength, but he had broken through to the Great Demon King now while Delia still failed to break through this hurdle. Fortunately, in the original underground cave of the Mellon Family, there was the wonderful Aurora Frost which made Delia one step closer to the breakthrough. As long as she could reach the Great Demon King, plus the role of IIlusive s.h.i.+eld, the danger of her [Soul Shackles] would be greatly weakened. If she could go beyond Broc’s level, [Soul Shackles] would disappear automatically, but this was very difficult. The best way was to kill Broc.

As soon as Roman heard that Delia had reached a critical moment of breakthrough, he immediately stopped insisting and agreed.

Therefore, Paglio, Chen Rui, and Athena set off with 50 guards to Town Yankou. One or two was actually enough to deal with the magician. The purpose of the guards following was to maintain the order of chaos. Arux stayed in Dark Moon City to continue to train soldiers and organize the battle ball training. In order not to affect Delia, they also brought along the boring Dodo and the little black horse who disliked Roman.

Initially, Delia and Athena wanted to name the Incubus Beast, but the Incubus Beast was used to hearing Chen Rui calling it “little dark horse.” It actually recognized this low-cla.s.s name, leaving everyone quite speechless.

Chen Rui naturally would not use his true ident.i.ty, so he camouflaged to look like a magician. Paglio’s ident.i.ty was a swordsman. Both of them were generals from the Wales Family of Warlock Fortress.

4 days later, this team arrived in Town Yankou. Due to the economic depression of the Dark Moon City for decades, several towns in the country were generally poor and backward. They could not be compared with other estates. The population of Town Yankou was originally small, but after the incident, it was obviously more dilapidated.

The first thing Athena did upon entering the town was to find the Mayor Sheikh, a big fat Great Demon. The estate sheriff was equivalent to the real power figure after the lord, and the sheriff; even commanded an army. Mayor Sheikh was under the Saiful Family. Knowing Athena’s background, his att.i.tude was very flattery. Athena was too lazy to chat with him, so she directly asked about the incidents in Town Yankou.

Sheikh was stunned. He seemed afraid to be blamed. He stuttered while talking about it. About two months ago, many graves in the Heroic Spirit Cemetery were excavated. According to the men sent there, those graves were dug inside out. It meant that the corpses were resurrected and came out of the graves by themselves. At that time, Sheikh wanted to report to the Dark Moon City, but Garrison Captain Seman stopped him, saying that further investigation was needed before reporting. Sheikh considered that Mellon Family and Saiful Family were fighting fiercely at that time. This matter might be used by Mellon Family, so he adopted Seman’s opinion. As a result, the situation intensified. Not long ago, even Seman himself disappeared. Sheikh didn’t dare to hide anymore, and he quickly reported to the Dark Moon City.

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Athena frowned. Sheikh knew about the incident, but did not report it. He had an uns.h.i.+rkable responsibility. Although she was not good at politics, she also understood that the Saiful Family was a strong supporter of Princess Royal Shea. This was not the time to hold him accountable, but to kill the magician as soon as possible.

As night came, a black shadow appeared in the woods at the foot of Black Rock Mountain. It was Chen Rui riding on the little black horse.

In order to be cautious, Chen Rui had already put on a set of equipment. He had always worn Thunderous Sound on his neck. The attribute that doubled the undead damage should play an incredible effect in this kind of battle.

At this moment, there was a sudden movement in the front. A set of white skeletons appeared within the two’s vision. It was immediately followed by another one. As more and more moonlight shone through the forest, it revealed a densely-packed, rugged land of bones. It was very creepy.

Race: Skeleton (Undead), Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: E-. Physique: E-, Power: E, Spirit: F-, Agility: F.

The skeleton men felt Chen Rui and the little black horse’s non-undeath breath. They slowly surrounded him. The skeleton movement made piercing squeaks. Their comprehensive strength was early Intermediate Demon. This strength was useless to Chen Rui and Paglio regardless of its quant.i.ty. Chen Rui punched in the air and struck a skull in the front. Its body shattered suddenly, but its lower limb was still walking. However, it was quickly destroyed by the surging wave repercussions.

Chen Rui remembered that Paglio said that the undead magician liked to use huge-crowd strategy. It was best not to waste power and time in vain. He immediately urged the little black horse to go. He punched fists speedily along the way and smashed all the nearby skeletons. The speed of the little black horse was very fast. Before the skeletons approached them, they had dashed out of the enclosure and pa.s.sed the woods soon.

Despite the ruggedness along the way, the little black horse was galloping like it was on the even ground. The mountain path of Black Rock Mountain had been completely occupied by undead. The combat power of these undeads were not strong. The highest zombie leader only reached the early stage of the Higher Demon, but the overwhelming number made Chen Rui secretly frightened. These undeads probably totalled to thousands of them. If they formed an army with their immortal characteristics and clashed with the Dark Moon’s guards. Even if the guards could win, they would suffer substantially.

Furthermore, thousands of undead were not necessarily the maximum limit of this magician. Once it reached a sufficient quant.i.ty or even quality, it was enough to threaten the safety of the entire Dark Moon Estate.

A zombie army? Was the magician someone from the capital? Or did he not belong to any faction?

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