Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 299 - : Information and Shock

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Chapter 299: Information and Shock

Tonk’s request made Tommy anxious. He had not figured out the potioneer’s background yet, and Tonk had handed over his trump card first.

If the other party is interested in the crossbow, he can immediately kill the two of us with that terrifying poison and s.n.a.t.c.h the crossbow. If he is not interested, what is the use of pleading?

Chen Rui was really curious about this crossbow. In his original world, there was a ten-shot Yuanrong Crossbow as early as thousands of years ago. It was said that the crossbow was later modified into a fifty-shot crossbow. Unfortunately, the craftsmans.h.i.+p was too complicated. Even the arrows must be custom made. There was no ma.s.s production, which led to the loss of transmission.

However, Tonk’s subsequent story aroused Chen Rui’s interest. This crossbow was made by his brother, Tieke. The brothers’ father, Old Buck, was a blacksmith in Town Sam. Old Buck wanted to let his son inherit his business. However, although Tieke was a minotaur with blacksmith talent, he liked to make gadgets like dark goblins. Buck deeply despised his son’s ignorance toward the proper business.

Something happened more than a month ago. Danzell, the little leader of the border fortress defending army, was interested in a magic sword from the Buck Family. He severely wounded Old Buck and forcibly robbed the magic sword. Old Buck later died of serious injury, but the town’s guards protected Danzell. Not only they did not pursue the matter, they declared Buck guilty instead.

Tieke could not tolerate such a shameless man who robbed treasures, killed his father, and even tarnished his father’s reputation. He vowed to take revenge. But his strength was only an Intermediate Demon, while the enemy, Danzell, was a Higher Demon. Tieke had his own way.

His solution was those “gadgets” that his father disdained and hated. A three-shot crossbow with arrows smeared with deadly toxin. It would explode after hitting the target. Finally, Danzell was killed with this crossbow.

Tieke, who avenged his father, failed to escape the pursuit of the border forces. He was taken down on the spot, and was supposed to be executed on the spot. It was rumoured that for some unknown reason, he was escorted to Town Moling. Tommy was an orphan adopted by Old Buck, and he was close to Tieke and Tonk like brothers. He was always smart and alert. When he learned that Tieke was in a trouble, he escaped the defense force’s search with Tonk.

After discovering Tieke’s whereabouts, Tommy exhausted every possible means and took Tonk to the carriage. They planned to go to Town Moling to rescue Tieke. This was originally a near hopeless thing, but the two initiated the trip without hesitation. When they met “Richard potioneer,” the hope seemed to be bigger.

Chen Rui finally understood the real reason why Tommy was being friendly, and even wanted to recommend himself as an apprentice. A potioneer with powerful poison might play a key role in this matter.

“Unfortunately, I have no interest in this crossbow… Chen Rui shook his head.

The dark elf kid had been observing the expression of this potioneer, but he found that there were no fluctuations. He seems to be an extremely cold guy. I originally wanted to build rapport with this potioneer who is a “dangerous person” so that we can get his help. Building relations.h.i.+ps is the same as asking someone to go against his own interest, since we have no more bargaining chip that can attract him, it’s better not to waste my efforts anymore to avoid further complications.

Tonk was anxious, “Sir, as long as you are willing to save my brother’s life, I am willing to… be your experiment subject”.

“No”. It was Tommy who interrupted. Tonk actually said what Tommy was most worried about.

The potioneer showed some interest indeed, “Really?”

That kind of expression made the minotaur’s heart chilled, but he nodded despite Tommy’s objection. Of course, Chen Rui wouldn’t really want an experiment subject, but these two teenagers were quite interesting. Since Snowden was in Town Moling, the minotaur’s matter was not a trouble at all. Furthermore, Tieke who could make a triple-shot crossbow might still be worth meeting.

“How about you be my experiment subject for two years? If you can survive, I’ll let you go… A paper roll with incomprehensible text appeared in Chen Rui’s hand. “To prevent you from backing out, we’ll sign a Secret Art Soul Contract. If you violate this contract, you and your loved ones will be destroyed by the destructive power of the rule.

The two youths’ power were just Lesser Demon, so there was no way to condense a real contract. Nor had they seen the so-called “Secret Art Soul Contract” before. They revealed surprised expressions on the spot.

When Tonk gritted his teeth and was about to sign, he was stopped by Tommy, “Sir, if both of us become your experiment subjects, then it only takes a year, right?”

Tonk showed a moved expression, “Tommy, you…”

“Following this sir may not be a bad idea. At least we have enough to eat. I can’t let you enjoy this kind of benefit alone…” Tommy forced a smile.

Hence, according to Chen Rui’s “secret art”, the two teenagers bit their fingers and signed their names on the so-called Secret Art Soul Contract with their blood.

“With this contract, I’m no longer afraid that you will back out. Otherwise, I can tear up the contract in advance, then you will all die. From now on, you must listen to me. You shall not disturb me without my permission…” Chen Rui’s hand moved, and the scroll disappeared automatically. The two looked even more in awe. Then, Chen Rui threw out a few pieces of bread and barbecue, “Oh, since you are experiment subjects, you must maintain sufficient physical strength and a healthy body.”

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The long-lost food aroma made Tommy and Tonk, who had not been full for a long time, temporarily forget the future fearful life. They began to gobble up.

Chen Rui seemed to think of something. Dark Moon’s important dark elf, Skye? Impossible, then it’s only… Aldas.

Royce once said that in order to recruit Master Aldas, who might be advancing to grand master level, Joseph was doing his best to obtain the whereabouts of the master’s younger sister. They had been separated since childhood. Unexpectedly, after Joseph succeeded, she was kidnapped by accident arising from many causes to Town Moling!

Aldas was an experiment lunatic. Besides showing the roaring “style” from time to time in the experiment, he was not good at expressing his feelings normally. He was sometimes dark elf-style cunning. Chen Rui was well aware of the stubbornness of this dark elf. The capital repeatedly threatened and lured him, but they could not shake his determination to repay her grat.i.tude to Shea. Similarly, Aldas had always kept in mind Chen Rui’s help and grat.i.tude. Every time, he spared no effort to help him in pharmaceutical aspects. Aside from the fact that Chen Rui needed a master potion as a cover-up in order to avoid revealing the grand master potion, Chen Rui basically didn’t need Aldas’ help very much as he could exchange black potions now. However, he always remembered his kind intention.

He happened to encounter this matter now. Whether for official or personal reasons, he must not let his sister fall into Joseph or Kanita’s hands as a threatening bargaining chip.

“Snowden, is it possible to rescue this female dark elf?”

“Kanita happens to be away for an important matter. My confidant, Ivan, is now one of the chiefs of the secret prison. It should not be a problem to inquire about the news, but I’m afraid that it’s impossible to bring this dark elf out directly.”

Snowden was influenced by the puppet mask, so his intelligence and decision-making could only maintain a certain inherent “mode” before being made a puppet. His adaptive skill was not very agile.

But Chen Rui was beaming. Who says it’s not possible. It’s easy when we have an insider!

“Master should be careful of the prison warden, Samuel. He is a new Great Demon King level powerhouse recruited by Kanita.”

Great Demon King? Chen Rui shook his head nonchalantly. He killed Sabrina while she was extremely weak, and he also used the power of two artifacts. In particular, the last fatal blow almost made him fail on the verge of success. With his current strength, plus [Scorching Dragon Possession] and [Dark Star Territory], it was still not enough to deal with a Demon Emperor at normal state. However, a Great Demon King level should not be a problem.

Of course, the precondition was that his injury was fully healed.

At this moment, Snowden’s words shocked Chen Rui, “There is a secret. This Samuel is human.”

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