Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 295 - Heart Was Destroyed

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Chapter 295: Heart Was Destroyed

Manu walked over calmly and surrounded Christina in a triangle with Azgalor and Jacob. He bowed gracefully, “Beautiful Ms. Christina, I am honored to see you again.”

“Have we met?”

“Certainly.” Manu smiled slightly, “At the lord’s mansion of the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine City, when you showed the empress’ order to mobilize the army, I had the honour to witness your grace. I still haven’t forgotten until now.”

Christina examined Manu for a while and shook her head, “I remember there were few outsiders present when the order was presented.”

“I’m not an “outsider”. I remember that you’ve once pa.s.sed the empress’ condolences, asking me to rest well.”

Christina’s calm voice finally revealed her surprise, “You’re… the father of Lord Eddie, Famore!”

Manu’s smile was a little weird, “My name is Manu, Manu Leviathan.”

“It turns out so.” Christina sighed, “It seems that Famore has been replaced by you. If that’s the case… is the Lord Eddie City also under your control?”

Manu nodded, “To be precise, the real Eddie is dead.”

Both Chen Rui and Christina knew that for Manu to confess all these things, he definitely wasn’t planning to let Christina leave alive.

Christina calmed down again, “Then, is there something wrong with the army sent by the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine City this time?”

“That’s right. These troops are my elite forces. They should’ve eliminated the men you brought.”

“All the things you want are with me.” Chen Rui said suddenly.

“It’s useless, master. I’ve heard everything when I was lurking aside just now.” Manu interrupted what he was about to say. “Sabrina and Izola are dead and the Mystic Valley is destroyed. Even if the army of the Dark Shadow Empire doesn’t come to eliminate, the Crystal Valley has already been severely damaged. If I didn’t detect the capital’s movements with Famore’s ident.i.ty and rushed back in time to wake Jacob up, coupled with Azgalor’s coincidence return, your plan would have succeeded.”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly. The plan was perfect, but I never thought Manu would rush back to the Crystal Valley and wake up Jacob. Now all my efforts are wasted. Things are truly unpredictable.

“I have to admit that you’re truly a genius no matter in terms of talent, capabilities or intelligence! Even Demon Overlords like us have been tricked by your scheme.” Manu complimented and his tone suddenly changed, “However, you forgot one thing, that was you’ve accepted my [Soul Shackles] in order to gain my trust. The injuries you just suffered had a little reaction in the [Soul Channel]. With the shackles, even if you want to self-destruct, you can’t do it.”

Hearing that Chen Rui willingly accepted the [Soul Shackles], Christina’s calm eyes also inexplicably had a trace of uneasiness. Both Jacob’s and Azgalor’s eyes lit up at the same time. Jacob said with dissatisfaction, “By the way, I’m almost blinded by my anger and forgot about that. Why didn’t you mention earlier?”

“If I came out earlier, I’m afraid this n.o.blewoman wouldn’t appear.” Manu smiled slyfully. “Ms. Christina, your beauty and temperament fascinated me deeply. I wonder if I can have the honor to marry you? I’m the master of the Leviathan Royal Family, so it’s not humiliating for you too.”

Manu’s threat in that “request” was obvious when he had absolute advantage in strength – According to my intel, Christina is likely to be the heir of the Dark Shadow Empire. If I can control her, it’s much more valuable than killing her.

“Such an overbearing guy. What do you think I will answer?” Christina’s veil revealed a faint laughter that was full of sarcasm and disdain. The crystal imprisoning the golden puppet suddenly shattered, then the golden puppet came to Christina’s side, looking like it was ready to fight.

That reaction was part of Manu’s expectation. When Manu waved his hand, Chen Rui’s heart suddenly sank as if his heart was caught by something which was very uncomfortable. At the same time, his body suddenly backed away involuntarily and wrapped by thin threads like a pupa, only showing his head.

“Master, I’ve already cast control on the shackles. You can no longer have suicidal thoughts. Also, these ‘threads’ are to protect you, so don’t try to struggle. When this woman is captured, let’s have a nice discussion okay?” Manu’s gentle smile was as kind as an old friend, but Chen Rui felt chill in his heart.

The effect of [Soul Shackles] was truly magical. Chen Rui couldn’t produce any suicidal thoughts now. Now, he understood why Delia and Kia were as good as dead after they were imprisoned by [Soul Shackles].

After Manu dealt with Chen Rui, he saw that the number of golden puppets next to Christina had increased to two. He was slightly surprised, “You can actually control two golden puppets at the same time. Your potential and talent are really amazing. Are you really not going to consider my proposal?”

Christina replied indifferently, “Is every Leviathan Royal Family as verbose as you before they start attacking?”

If they weren’t hostile, the crystal dragon, Jacob really wanted to give this woman a thumbs up. Manu, the self-a.s.sured guy, who always thought he is clever, just loves to talk. Is he fighting with his mouth?

“Then, please forgive me for being verbose for a bit more.” Manu’s smile remained unchanged, “If you think you can escape with the two golden puppets, then you have to be disappointed. That’s because… my [Soul Territory] happens to be the nemesis of all spiritual puppets. My territory is probably the only one having such a characteristic in the entire Demon Realm. Unfortunately, you’ve encountered it.”

As soon as he finished his words, the surrounding scene suddenly changed. There were silk threads crisscrossed everywhere like a spider web. The texture and arrangement of these threads contained an extremely mysterious rule. It was as if the s.p.a.ce had been divided into countless fragments.

Manu wasn’t bragging. The golden puppets showed a very unnatural twist in the territory of threads. They seemed to be wooden puppets being pulled by countless invisible threads, and they couldn’t be controlled by Christina’s spirit. In contrast, they had the sign of attacking Christina.

Christina frowned slightly and kept the puppets.

Unless they were hostile, territories generally couldn’t be used together. With Manu’s territory that could restrain the opponent’s greatest combat power, neither Jacob nor Azgalor activated their territory to avoid conflict. At present, the strongest talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family, [War Puppet], had been limited; whereas close combat was Azgalor’s and Jacob’s strength. Christina was already an easy target.

Azgalor took the lead. A buzzing red lightning appeared around his body. He flashed and started attacking Christina. Christina waved one of her hands and blocked Azgalor’s fist lightly, but her body shook slightly.

Manu’s annoying voice sounded again, “Azgalor’s attack is part of his mutated talent, but it is not an elemental force. Your [Element Weakening] talent is useless. I forgot to introduce them. This is Mr. Azgalor, the king of Beelzebub Royal Family. That one is a powerful dragon, Mr. Jacob. Both of them are powerhouses at the peak of Demon Overlord. Any one of them can defeat you!”

Although he thought Manu’s talkativeness was very annoying, when he heard that he was described as a “powerful dragon”, he still felt very pleased and proud. Yet, he didn’t attack together with Azgalor.

It’s just a woman. How does she qualify for Sir Jacob to ignore the dragon’s arrogance to joint attack her together?

Actually, Manu didn’t mention that Azgalor’s fist was also blended with the devouring talent of the Beelzebub Royal Family. It could continuously absorb the enemy’s strength from the attack. At once, Christina was suppressed to a disadvantage.

Chen Rui was extremely anxious. Christina clearly saw the two Demon Overlords underneath just now yet she still impulsively rushed down. Now, there is even Manu. Besides, there is such a territory that restrained [War Puppet]. She has no chance of winning. If she falls into the enemy’s hands, the consequences are unbearable.

He exerted his strength, trying to break free from Manu’s “thread”, but it was useless no matter what he did.

In the territory, Azgalor turned into a red whirlwind that trapped Christina firmly.

The whirlwind was mixed with the sound of electric current from time to time. The hidden figure in it was constantly moving in the thread territory. It was obviously Christina who was trying to break free from the control, but the whirlwind was constantly wrapping around her as she moved, so she couldn’t succeed.

Seeing Cristina’s critical situation, the scene of Freya and Lafar being killed just now appeared before Chen Rui’s eyes once again. Do I have to watch Christina…

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The biggest threat to Christina now isn’t Azgalor nor Jacob but Manu that can restrain her [War Puppet]! If I can weaken or even destroy Manu’s territory and let Christina use [War Puppet], she can definitely fight for her time to escape!

Christina was shocked and blurted out, “No!”

“Go!” Chen Rui yelled fiercely as his remaining strength exploded. His fingers deep inside his heart exerted force violently. A blood flower immediately bursted out. It was gorgeous yet burning hot.

The blood-stained hand slowly pulled out, then his entire body fell to the ground as if he was drained completely.

Manu cried while covering his painful chest. His face was pale, and his territory’s power was suddenly weakened by half.

While he was covering his painful heart, he suddenly felt that the connection of [Soul Shackles] was terminated. That strange recoil made him even more hurtful. This was the aftereffect of [Soul Channel] being forcefully removed.

Manu’s distorted face was full of horror. He never thought that someone could directly cut off [Soul Shackles]. No wonder this man accepted the shackles so frankly previously. It turns out that he has such an incredible means!

Given that ability, why did he make such a crazy move… of crus.h.i.+ng his heart?

Maniac! Scary maniac!

Actually, the [Soul Shackles] wasn’t ineffective. Unfortunately, when Chen Rui made the “suicidal” move, he truly had no will of death in his heart but hope.

However, Christina didn’t run away. Instead, she looked quietly at Chen Rui who had fallen to the ground. She was looking at the blood that was expanding quickly on the floor and the anxious eyes that signaled her to run away.

Unconsciously, her veil was already wet.

She closed her eyes slowly. The scene at the Silent Night Wetland seemed to have appeared again in her mind. This stupid man, even with his last [Teleportation] to survive, he insisted to take Broc with him just to keep me safe.

Stupid, stupid as always…

“Both of you worked together to kill that woman!” Manu endured the pain and yelled. “Then, find a way to save that maniac!”

Azgalor responded quickly. That’s right. There are too many secrets on this maniac including the G.o.d-Eating Mask that just disappeared. He can’t die!

Azgalor flashed and appeared again next to Christina. His violent force containing red electric spark surged out again. That blow was already all of his strength.

Jacob was also anxious to interrogate the whereabouts of Fountain of Resurrection and the ancient runes. Therefore, he couldn’t bother about his dragon’s arrogance. He leapt and attacked from the sky.

Christina’s eyes opened slowly. With Azgalor’s and Jacob’s speed, they should’ve hit her countless times. However, it was only when she opened her eyes “slowly” that they came to her side respectively. That was a mysterious law.

Behind the veil, there was a rare intimidating vibe flowing in those star-like, beautiful eyes. If it used to be a tranquil, lake-like starry sky, then it was now a flame-like meteor shower!

Did Christina finally realize her own territory?

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