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Chapter 281 - Challenge and Freya

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Chapter 281: Challenge and Freya

Chen Rui didn’t move. He seemed to be astonished by the prompt of the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] that Sabrina was right behind him.

Surely, a light blue mist appeared in time to block the black smoke. The black smoke was constantly eroding the fog, but its own power was also gradually weakening. Soon, it disappeared.

Chen Rui felt the shocking breath of the two confronting energy, which was indeed not what he could handle now. Sabrina’s strength seemed to be slightly more powerful, but it didn’t rule out the possibility of Izola retaining her strength.

“So mighty, Izola.” Sabrina’s soft laughter sounded,”Want to kill someone the minute you return. Are you trying to show off to me?”

Izola snorted without refuting. Her arrogant expression seemed to be saying, what if I’m showing off?

“I was just being kind lest you make a big mistake.” Sabrina was indifferent, “Do you know who this is? If you really hurt him, not only Sir Manu but even Sir Jacob won’t let you go.”

Izola frowned. At that moment, Horford walked to her and whispered a few words. Izola was moved slightly. She took a few more looks at Chen Rui and said, “It turned out to be the top genius master in the Demon Realm. Izola was being rude just now.”

Chen Rui clearly just “woke up” from the brink of life and death. With a terrified look, he nodded angrily. Izola wanting to kill “master” the moment they met was out of Sabrina’s expectation, but it was going according to Chen Rui’s plan since the greater the hostility between them, the better.

Izola knew she was careless, but she didn’t want to admit defeat in front of Sabrina, so she said, “I’ve long heard about your accomplishment, master. I was going to invite you, but unexpectedly, you’ve come here in advance.”

Without waiting for Chen Rui to answer, Sabrina said, “By the way, Fatilu, you haven’t met Aunt Izola right?”

Fatilu walked forward from Sabrina’s back and sneered without calling Izola her aunt, “Is this father’s concubine? I thought it should be a beauty, but she looks quite ordinary.”

“Fatilu, be careful with your words.” Sabrina smiled, “This is your father’s favorite aunt.”

Fatilu said disdainfully, “She is just a woman that knows how to charm men. Besides, no matter how good she is on the bed, she is still an inferior demonic bird that can’t lay eggs.”

Those harsh words made Izola’s face pale out of anger. It was difficult for the powerhouses to conceive a child. Although she was favored by Azgalor, her lack of fertility had always been her greatest regret. Now, being called out by Faitlu in the public made her murderous intentions rose suddenly.

“Fatilu, you’re too rude!” Sabrina pretended to scold, but there was no hint of reprimanding her. She stepped forward to the front of her daughter and faced Izola’s murderous intentions without showing any sign of weakness, “I forgot to tell you. It was because Master Arthur accepted Fatilu’s invitation that he joined the Crystal Valley. Currently, he is the talent that Sir Manu’s values the most.”

Izola suppressed her anger and said coldly, “Sabrina, what the h.e.l.l are you trying to say?”

“I remember… You took the control of Mystic Valley from me with your schemes back then, am I right?” Sabrina’s eyes fell on the group of mechanics behind Izola, “Every time, you pretend and boast. but there’s still nothing. Whatever that you can show are my previous results. Now… it’s time to return it! I’ve obtained the consent of Sir Manu and Sir Jacob on this matter already.”

Izola’s eyes narrowed slightly, but her eyes looked even fiercer, “Are you trying to solve this with the old rule?”

“If we don’t go according to that old rule, do you have a chance if we compete based on strength?” Sabrina sneered. Her blonde hair fluttered, and her coat blew without wind as an intimidating breath spread out. Izola’s face got even paler. She took one step after another step backward. Her body was full of black smoke. Clearly, she was performing some kind of dark magic to withstand Sabrina’s breath. In [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Sabrina’s Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment had reached what Chen Rui expected, early stage of the Demon Emperor!

Sabrina didn’t exert any more power and slowly withdrew, “Since I lost to you in that rule the last time, I’ll naturally take it back unscathed now!”

Izola took a deep breath and calmed her mind. Her eyes glanced at Chen Rui, who was behind Sabrina and said coldly, “Do you think recruiting a so-called genius can win Norris?”

“Say no more.” Sabrina laughed lightly, “Capabilities are everything. How about we invite Sir Jacob as the judge? The time will be set as 7 days later.”

“Fine! If I lose, the control of the Mystic Valley will be returned to you.” Izola sneered, “What if you lose again?”

“Then, the Mystic Valley will be yours forever, and I’ll not fight with you again.”

“Not so easy! If you lose, move out of the blue house in the Devouring Hall!” Izola said with a cold face.

Sabrina stopped Fatilu who was about to jump out to start scolding. She calmly replied, “Alright!”

“Sabrina, you said it yourself! Don’t regret it!” As Izola said that, she was about to leave, then Sabrina’s cold voice sounded, “Freya, has the wound on your hand recovered? Is it fun to go sightseeing with Izola this time?”

Kia’s mother, Freya shuddered suddenly. Izola suddenly turned around and sneered, “It was me who healed her wound and I was the one that took her out. What do you want?”

Then, Sabrina said with a smile, “She’s just a lowly servant. I don’t bother that much. However, going out with you this time, she must’ve obtained a lot of information right. I should reward her handsomely later!”

A cold light flashed in Izola’s eyes. Then, Freya groaned as her palms suddenly spasmed violently, and her ten fingers were broken off entirely, “Hmph! I’ll return to you in its original state!”

Izola’s move made Chen Rui’s initial good impression from her protecting Freya suddenly turned into disgust. Although fingers were connected to the heart, Freya clenched her teeth tightly and didn’t dare to cry in pain. Obviously, she often suffered from this kind of inhumane torture.

Chen Rui could tell that Freya was the victim in the fight between these two women or just a performance tool. One of them intentionally treated her while the other treated her poorly. Izola cured her wounds earlier not for sympathy or compa.s.sion, but it was to break it again on this occasion.

Izola confronted Sabrina for a while, but she lost interest and left with a group of people.

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“Such a vicious woman.” Sabrina chuckled lightly, “Come here, Freya, I’ll heal you when we reach home.”

Chen Rui only found out that the forbidden place where even Manu’s badge couldn’t enter was hiding such a secret. He was more curious about what was inside. Since he was here to work as an undercover, he must definitely strive to destroy the power of Crystal Valley to the maximum extent. I really have to be in the limelight this time!

“Madam, may I ask what was the content of the last challenge?”

“It’s hard to explain at once.” Sabrina groaned, “What about I’ll take you to tour the Mystic Valley tomorrow. Although Izola is in charge now, entering and taking a look is still fine. On Sir Jaboc’s side, it’s better that you let him know in advance. It’s not that I don’t trust master’s capability, but preparing something in advance can prevent the other party from doing tricks. Do you understand, master?”

Seeing Chen Rui nodded, Sabrina smiled and said, “I’ll leave this to you, master. It doesn’t matter if you go to Sir Jacob a little later. You should go back and take a rest first. There is a feast waiting for you. After staying hungry for so many days, it’s time to eat a ‘full meal’.”

Fatilu snorted with dissatisfaction. Chen Rui smirked and walked toward the Nightmare Valley.

In his house at the Nightmare Valley, Freya was waiting. Her ten broken fingers were indeed not treated, and there was a lot of cold sweat on her head due to the pain. Yet, she endured it and didn’t dare to make a sound.

“All of you can retreat.” Chen Rui said. Then, the maids retreated and closed the door.

To be honest, although Freya’s appearance wasn’t as good as Kia, she was definitely quite charming. She was definitely one the best among the succubus. In the Demon Realm, their concept of age and seniority were messed up. Freya didn’t look that much older than Kia, and her submissive look made people want to abuse her.

In this plane, “marrying both the mother and daughter” wasn’t a taboo in both the Demon Realm nor the Human Realm. Due to the long lifespan of demons, many n.o.bles were proud of having mother and daughter concubines. There were even messier and higher seniority relations.h.i.+ps.

Chen Rui did have feelings for Kia, but he really didn’t feel the same for Freya. Although he had already integrated into this world and he could do anything he liked to Freya, his taste hadn’t yet reached that powerful “level” unfortunately.

Freya only knew that she couldn’t escape from being tortured and defiled. Over the years, she had almost been numb. It was only when she heard Kia’s name that the little hidden hope in her heart would be lighted again. No matter what price she had to pay, as long as she could learn about her daughter’s news, it was worth it.

That Great Demon approached slowly. Despite her psychological preparation, Freya’s body was still tight. She bowed stiffly. Strangely, the guy didn’t act as she expected. Instead, he took out a bottle of potion, pulled the stopper and handed it to the front of her mouth, “Drink it.”

Is it some kind of aphrodisiac or psychedelic … Freya was puzzled in her heart, but she didn’t dare to resist. After drinking it, she felt a warm current. The pain from her hand was immediately reduced by half. This is clearly a healing potion. Besides, its effect is even dozen times better than the one Izola gave. No! Even more!

Immediately afterward, her palm was held by her opponent. After waves of severe pain, her broken phalanges were actually connected. Under the effect of the healing potion, her injuries were recovering at a rapid rate.

“Thank you sir.” No matter what her opponent wanted, Freya showed her grat.i.tude and bowed at Chen Rui again.

“From now on, you’ll be my maid. Now, pick a room to rest. Without my permission, no one is allowed to disturb and don’t talk to anyone if not needed. When someone asks you, tell them it’s my order.” Chen Rui’s words were out of Freya’s expectation, “Don’t ask why. You just have to follow the instructions.”

Freya felt like she was in a dream. She finally responded in time, bowed and left.

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