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Chapter 273 - Crystal Dragon’s Magic Circle

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Chapter 273 : Crystal Dragon’s Magic Circle

Crystal dragon was a special dragon race as it’s fully immune to magic, but it was relatively weaker in strength.

The crystal dragon, Jacob, was the nemesis of the fairy dragon, Zola. The fairy dragon was good at every magic, including the dragon magic that made Paglio dread. Yet, the crystal dragon was exactly her nemesis.

2,000 years ago, to compete for the mysterious silver box, Zola had a grudge with the crystal dragon, Jacob and the blue dragon, Ranieri. Later, Zola joined the poison dragon, Paglio, who was also a rival of Jacob and Ranieri. In the end, the blue dragon, Ranieri died; while Jacob was seriously injured and escaped from Paglio by luck.

However, under the temptation of the silver box, the morality of the stubborn dragon became negative. He didn’t care about the promise to research together. He attacked Zola sneakily and took the silver box away. However, Paglio didn’t end well too. Eventually, a mysterious powerhouse found him, sealed his strength with ancient runes and left him in the Blue Lake for 2000 years.

That was karma.

Chen Rui never thought the one he was facing was actually Paglio’s enemy when he was at the peak of Demon Overlord – crystal dragon, Jacob!

Crystal Valley… crystal dragon? No wonder Manu once said that Jacob is the owner of this Crystal Valley. Chen Rui’s brain started turning at high speed. Both of them are Demon Overlord powerhouses, and my excessive emotional fluctuations will be detected. I must think of a solution.

Manu frowned when he saw Jacob’s movement, “Didn’t I mention that an important guest is coming? Why are you still like this?”

“The guest you’re talking about is this Higher Demon?” Jacob didn’t raise his head. Instead, he concentrated on playing with the plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the maid while speaking with extreme disdain.

Manu was proficient in magic, but the crystal dragon was not only stronger than him, he was also completely immune to magic. Thus, it was reasonable that he didn’t bother. Manu was unhappy, but he didn’t show it on his face. He was about to introduce Chen Rui as the trio-specialized master when he suddenly heard the “master” said, “This manor and this room layout is too horrible!”

A cold light flashed across Jacob’s eyes as he was playing with the maid. The maid screamed as there was a burst of blood from her chest. Jacob sat up slowly, waved his hand and the maid retreated while covering her chest in pain.

Feeling Jacob’s murderous intentions, Manu was worried. Manu specifically asked the master to pay attention to his words. Unexpectedly, Chen Rui immediately triggered Jacob’s greatest taboo.

“This chair is actually made of blood crystal! Why not use gold crystals? I thought the furniture inside should be more imposing than outside, but it’s much worse than expected! Also, why not put sparkling gems on it?”

“This lamp is big enough, but the firelight stones must be polished more finely. Otherwise, it isn’t bright enough! Also, it’s better to have more gems on the wall. These are too small, not majestic enough. You need to put bigger gems up there, and they must be different colors! In this way, the aesthetic of the room will be much higher!”

Jacob’s eyes lit up and his murderousness disappeared instantly. He asked the stunned Manu, “This Higher Demon…… where is he from?! His taste isn’t bad!”

“This is the trio-specialized master who is most likely to become a grandmaster in the Demon Realm after 10,000 years. At the same time, he is also a genius in magic circles…”

For the first time, Manu saw someone criticize the furnis.h.i.+ngs here, but he was still praised by Jacob. However, the master’s performance was really shocking…

“No wonder!” Jacob glanced at Manu, “I thought you taught him to say those words, but now it seems that you’re far from his level of appreciation!”

f.u.c.k you level of appreciation! Jacob’s words made Manu completely speechless. He secretly criticized the taste of these two monsters.

Chen Rui tried his best to recall the image of the most rustic upstart in his mind and commented on the whole furnis.h.i.+ngs of the room. Although Jacob didn’t agree with some of the opinions, some of them were on point. After talking about the room layout and display, Chen Rui changed his topic to women. Similar to the stubborn dragon, the crystal dragon also had a common eccentric preference for women, which he could tell from the maids outside.

Chen Rui said something like “beautiful, tough skin, clean and sharp teeth, tall and plump body”. The taste was so heavy that even Manu couldn’t stand it in his heart, but Jacob’s eyes were both lit up.

After some discussion, the Crystal Dragon had completely looked at Chen Rui differently. There were actually more than one master in the Crystal Valley, but a unique trio-specialized master like Arthur was the first. More importantly, the taste of the master was so “elegant” that he was simply a confidant of the dragon race!

Initially, Manu was worried that Chen Rui wouldn’t get along with this weird dragon or he might even anger Jacob and get killed. Yet, based on the situation now, he shouldn’t be concerned about that anymore.

A maid came in and bowed, “Master, it’s time to go to the magic circle.”

“Don’t you see I’m chatting with my guest?! If you dare to do that again, I’ll cut off your limbs!” Jacob stared at the maid and waved his hand from a distance. “Poom!” The maid was knocked back a few meters away and spit out a few b.l.o.o.d.y teeth.

As if nothing happened, Jacob said casually, “I’ll go to a special magic circle to train and restore power every few days. I can only chat with master until here today. However, since master has come to the Crystal Valley, you definitely won’t leave any time soon. You can rest a.s.sured that I’ll provide you with the best workshop and the most complete materials.”

“Thank you, Sir Jacob.” Chen Rui nodded, but his heart was secretly feared. This crystal dragon clearly knew he had to go to the magic circle, but he vented his anger maid for no reason. Besides, his means are so cruel. He is really moody as described by Manu. Fortunately, I made the right move just now.

That’s right! The crystal dragon was severely injured by Paglio 2000 years ago. The recovery he’s talking about now… is it related to the injury back then?

“Sir Jacob.” Chen Rui asked tentatively, “I’m always curious about the knowledge of magic circles. I wonder if I can take a look?”

Jacob was still smiling a moment ago, but upon hearing that, his face became gloomy instantly and a murderous intention flashed past his eyes. Magic circle is one of my forbidden places. Even my “ally” couldn’t enter without permission, but this guy actually asked to take a look!

Seeing that the situation was bad, Manu quickly said, “Jacob, Master Arthur isn’t only a rare trio-specialized master, but also a genius in magic circles. One of the reasons he joined us is that I promised to let him observe unknown magic circles.”

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Actually, what Chen Rui wanted to “observe” was the magic circle on the Illusive Demon s.h.i.+eld. Manu said that because he was afraid of Jacob might suddenly burst in anger. After all, Chen Rui was now an important person under his command.

These marks seemed familiar. Chen Rui recalled that every time he tried to go to the fifth floor of the ancient magic tower, some strange runes and marks would appear which made people unable to move forward.

Even [Deep a.n.a.lysis] couldn’t decipher those strange marks and runes. From the data of [Deep a.n.a.lysis], several marks around the stone pit had something in common with those runes.

“Master, you can watch at that distance, but don’t touch anything.” Jacob sat behind the stone pit and activated the Dragon Inscription. Chen Rui could see that Jacob used his dragon’s bloodline to trigger the inscription. In other words, no one else could use the stone pit.

After the inscription was activated, the complicated magic circles were activated one by one. Under the effect of the magic circle, the six-pointed star array flashed with a strange light. The marks at the six ends lit up, floating in the air. It was exuding a mysterious power, and it was slowly changing its shape as if it was alive.

The water in the pool began to pour into the stone pit. Under the effect of the magic circle, it turned into a flas.h.i.+ng mist and wrapped Jacob’s body as if it was a steam bath. The mist didn’t drift around but was “confined” within the scope of the stone pit.

“Sir Jacob, what am I seeing? These magic circles… what a marvelous miracle! It seems that I have too many questions to ask sir in the future… No! I can’t wait to ask now. I wonder if sir is free to talk at your current state?”

To be complimented by a genius in magic circles, Jacob felt at ease and nodded, “Feel free to ask if you have any questions!”

“Please excuse me for being straightforward. This spring water and magic circle seem to have a healing effect. However, even for me, there are many parts that I don’t understand in these profound, mysterious magic circles. Since sir is an honorable dragon, there must be the legendary dragon’s most profound knowledge within – the Dragon Inscription?”

“Master is indeed insightful!” Jacob nodded approvingly. He seemingly said casually, “Master’s means are quite incredible too. Not only did you win my favor the first time we met, but you also knew a lot of my secrets. I have a small request now. I wonder if master is willing to be my servant?”

There was a faint creepiness when he said the “request”. It was obviously a threat.

Chen Rui was secretly being vigilant. These BOSS-cla.s.s enemies are definitely hard to deal with. However, I have a good answer to this question, which is [Soul Shackles].

Those who had [Soul Shackles] could no longer form or accept contracts. This was the reason why Old Gauss failed to form a contract with Kia.

“As a mechanic, my own combat power is only at Demon King-level. Besides, I want to develop and improve my craftsmans.h.i.+p, so I must rely on the strong. Accepting [Soul Shackles] is a helpless act. Otherwise, how am I able to come to this Crystal Valley today?”

Jacob naturally knew the power of [Soul Shackles], so he grumbled in dissatisfaction, “Manu always uses these sinister tricks. That Azgalor isn’t any better than him! Master, if I have a way to force Manu to release the [Soul Shackles], are you willing to subdue to me?”

Chen Rui’s heart was moved. Jacob’s words revealed a message. The three Demon Overlords, Manu, Azgalor and Jacob seem to be in a discordance.

Well, causing chaos should be one of Chen Rui’s best trick. Not only that, with the dragon’s weird personality, Jacob should be easy too fooled with, right ??

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