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Chapter 268 - Missing

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Chapter 268 Missing

The news of Master Arthur’s disappearance in the capital shocked the entire Dark Shadow Empire. Empress Catherine was furious and ordered the relevant departments to thoroughly investigate the matter and “solve the case” within a time limit.

Under the investigation of various parties from the justice and dark forces, something gradually surfaced.

Master Arthur was indeed a male Great Demon who was known to be dissolute. He soon alienated the beautiful succubus, who he had an intimate relations.h.i.+p with, and began to get close to Ms. Celine from the Custer Family. Although the dual-specialized mechanic master, Horford that Ms. Celine supported, was defeated by Master Arthur in the mechanic contest’s finals and it caused a huge trouble, the third lady caught Master Arthur’s attention instead. Their intimacy rose sharply.

Initially, the patriarch of the Custer Family, Croz, had decided to have his eldest son, Dior to be the heir. However, the relations.h.i.+p between Master Arthur and Celine had changed Croz’s mind. There was a faint trend of him preferring Celine and that sign undoubtedly caused Dior’s strong dissatisfaction.

Master Arthur was before the final. Falamo and Celine were the main suspects. Yet, at that time, Celine had Horford, a dual-specialized master which was a sure win. She didn’t have to take that risk. Therefore, the Falamo couple was most suspicious.

These things were just superficial messages. The Custer Family’s three siblings must be investigated carefully. Soon, the investigating officer serving under Empress Catherine brought some men to the Custer Family and took Dior, Falamo couple and Celine away in front of the patriarch, Croz.

Two days later, the four returned to the Custer family, Dior and Falamo couple looked bleak. Even for the second general’s sister, Marianne, who had always been dominant was the same. It was only Celine who seemed calm and easy.

At the same time, a result of the interrogation was sent to the patriarch, Croz, which had the detailed plans by the Dior and Falamo against Master Arthur. Some of the terrifying conspiracies even targeted Croz which made him looked gloomier. The only thing that surprised him was Celine. Originally, this girl had already shown extraordinary strategies and vision in the mechanic contest. Yet, this time, she didn’t have any special “flaws”. Although some of her means were harsh, it was for the sake of the development of the entire Custer Family in overall.

The result of this interrogation wasn’t publicized, but Croz knew that if the master didn’t disappear, these were only internal family affairs. Besides, which family struggles didn’t have conspiracies and harming between siblings? However, this matter involved the most dazzling mechanic master of the Demon Realm, so it wasn’t an internal affair of the Custer Family anymore. Her Majesty attached great importance to this matter. If there was still no news about the master, Dior and Falamo were likely to become scapegoats for this event.

Even if master returned safely, the two sons who had left a bad “impression” on the empress weren’t suitable to be the heir of the Custer Family. Although Celine was a daughter and she was still young, her ingenuity and means were surprising. Coupled with her close relations.h.i.+p with the master and the results of this investigation, she was indeed a better heir as compared to Dior and Falamo. Therefore, Croz secretly made up his mind.

Within the Mechanic Alliance, the incident where Master Arthur made a record of deciphering two high grade magic circles in one day had been spread. People were amazed by the miraculous genius, and they were even more distraught about his disappearance.

When the capital was searching up and down in panic for the whereabouts of “Arthur”, the master was lying leisurely on a carriage. Beside him was a beautiful blue-haired girl who fed him fruit from time to time. She looked dedicated in serving him.

If someone who knew the blue-haired girl next to him saw that scene, he or she would definitely be surprised. When did this savage and fierce lady become a good girl?

Although the capital was completely sealed and thoroughly searched, their carriage had already left the capital before the storm surged. Even the occasional checks on their way were easily pa.s.sed.

Even if Chen Rui didn’t use [Camouflage] to change his face a little bit, with his intimate and easy appearance with Fatilu, who would recognize that it was the “kidnapped” master?

Chen Rui’s disappearance was obviously planned and the opportunity for Celine to ascend was only incidental. Besides, Empress Catherine could also use this missing incident to clean up part of Broc’s side forces. The most important thing was clearly following Fatilu, who had become a puppet, to a place.

After Fatiro was made a puppet by G.o.d-Eating Mask, she explained many things. Controlling the Custer Family was only a small part of her mission. Horford was found by Fatilu, so she could use him to get close to Celine. Initially, she thought that with Horford’s capabilities, he should be able to win easily. Unexpectedly, not only did he expose his capabilities as a dual-specialized master, but he still lost!

In contrast, the Custer Family was just a tiny fish. Even if she missed it, it won’t hurt much. However, the trio-specialized mechanic master was definitely a big fish and she couldn’t miss it. She must “capture” it in advance before this big fish was attached to any other strong forces.

Currently, Fatilu and Chen Rui were going to go to the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine Estate in the southeast direction of the capital. The current lord of the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine Estate was Eddie Rick. Both Eddie and his father, Famoore, were strong supporters of Empress Catherine. The father and son had made contributions in the battle where Catherine settled the royal war. As a result, they were given the family name, Rick and declared as the lord of b.l.o.o.d.y Vine Estate. Famoore was seriously injured in the royal war and was unable to heal, so he soon gave up his lords.h.i.+p to his son, Eddie.

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It was worth mentioning that, as soon as Broc used his relations.h.i.+p with his father-in-law, Florence, to enter the military, Eddie had a bad relations.h.i.+p with him. Later, Broc became the head of the three generals of the Empire, Eddie was still having some conflicts with him. However, the b.l.o.o.d.y Vine Estate was very big, so maybe Eddie was also hoodwinked. The truth was still waiting to be investigated.

After coming to the Dark Shadow’s capital, under certain circ.u.mstances, the feelings he acted became increasingly difficult to control, especially when Kia confessed about her miserable life to Chen Rui. He had an inevitably strong will in his heart to protect this woman for life so that she didn’t have to cry by smiling anymore.

Although due to the limitation of succubus’ physique, they didn’t do the real deal. However, that special “treatment” gave Chen Rui a taste of an indescribable wonder, so his desire that had been suppressed for a month exploded violently.

After that incident, Kia had been officially included in the harem roster. When the plan to infiltrate the enemy was completed, Chen Rui’s ident.i.ty should be revealed to her. At the moment, there were only three people on the roster: swordswoman, n.o.blewoman, and seductress.

The circ.u.mstances of life were really unpredictable. In his last life in that world, his greatest wish was to find a woman who loved each other and stayed together for a lifetime. However, he eventually became a spare for someone, and his dream was shattered and failed.

Unexpectedly, after being reborn to this strange world, he could actually live happily with a few women that he liked. Demon Realm, a good place with excellent traditions and customs, was simply heaven for realizing otaku’s dreams.

Up until now, the banner of his harem had begun to fly uncontrollably along the wind. Urm… the swordswoman and seductress are basically settled, but the difficulty of the n.o.blewoman has reached S-level. Am I going to end up with one on each arm? Can’t I carry one more on my back?

He remembered a saying, “the altar of the harem will only be effective by wors.h.i.+pping the protagonist’s corpse”. Even if he could fulfill his perverted wishes, the justice of the swordswoman, the wisdom of the n.o.blewoman, the deceit of the seductress and perhaps even the arrogance of the iceberg woman, they could never be as peaceful as described in the novels. Even if the man had [Damage Absorption] and [Astral Form], together with the dragon’s superb ability, he would probably be torn apart again and again inevitably…

“Master, we’ve arrived at Town Pascal.” Fatilu’s words woke the protagonist from his fantasies. It seemed that his comfortable days were over. The real challenge finally came.

What kind of danger awaits Chen Rui this time?

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